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Mind your language?! - The problem of Nationalist discourse.

Hey, this looks a good book!: "How to Win our Country Back" - By 'Alexandre Dumb-Ass'

Earlier this year I wrote an article about the culture of nationalism and how it is often (unnecessarily) detrimental to advancing our cause. 

I suppose I should re-read the thing to make sure I am not covering the same ground, but I have seen a spate of things both past and present (some very present, hence the article) which provide good examples of what irritates me and goes against what I find to be good discourse and behaviour - if we are to be taken seriously.

This time I will primarily focus on the language and nature of nationalist commentary.

What I will attempt to do is write an article scattered with typical terms and phrases in the hope it will reinforce the point of how it looks and sounds to the outsider, and even to nationalists like myself who wince at the substandard level of debate some people engage in. 

I will even try and write it in the same style, although for me that is going to be quite difficult.

It is getting like a contagious disease where people who catch it forget there is a filter and where the culture and bacteria of it spreads within a closed circuit of nationalist orientated sites. I sometimes wonder if they are even aware of what they are writing and if they could defend it - if what they were saying was ever put under serious scrutiny!

On occasions, the bluster and rhetoric is getting ridiculous and (in my opinion) making us increasingly distant from being able to attract the masses we need and to be able to sell our points and virtues.

So, here we go. A fictional account of a few events merging together: 

The scene is a man in his early 30's who has met an old high school friend for the first time since school. After exchanging some niceties and a general catch up, the man states he is a nationalist and decides to offer an insight into his life and views. We catch him mid stride, when he points out a Muslim woman in a burkha who walks past on the other side of the street.

"........You know I was seyin too my mate the ova nite that I bet them muzzie birds really gag for it, that they are proper up 4 it under them bukha things. He agreed and sed the taste of freedom for whatever minutes with a white man they can notch up rates high on their collection notches. Pity their men are still in the caves, we thought. 

But then again, like, julius ceasar said "when in rome" and i strongly believe that, so I have nuffin against 'em like, just like im not racist i just dont llke muslims because they hate the west. I mean, if they show no compassion for a 5year old child that's the men and just as guilty their women what chance do we have as Kaffers "None." Those politicians new exactly what they where doing cold and calculated.

Islam is nothing but pure unadulterated evil tho! i received an email last week which sickened me, a 12 year old girl being stoned to death, on the orders of a sharia court, this going to become the norm in britain in the future.

how dare the pc brigade call this disgusting ideology a religion of peace! They do not know the meaning of peace, they live in a world where the women allow the men free rein to do whatever they wish with little girls and their fellow women folk.

The reason they oppress the women is because the women allow them to get away with it, my wife said if any husband of mine killed my daughter by stoning her to death, he most certainly would never close his eyes again in her presence!! She said its about time the women dealt with these pond life males, and gave them no further illusions that they can do no wrong!!!

So on that email it shows they are allowed to murder children, I totally despise such evil, from a so called religion of peace. I can give you chapter and verse of similar attitudes towards women from the Qur'an if you want. 

You know, one day soon I could be imprisoned for this sort of talk, like this new 'islamophobia' crusade by Tory baroness Wartzi who is a right bacon dodger, even tho we can all see with our very own eyes that Islam exudes evil, intolerance and hatred of everything non-Islamic and barbarity.

It would seem that every aspect of muslim culture stinks of barbarity and lack of compassion and common decency. Them Sikhs are okay tho. They know whats going on. The Sikhs and nationalist have a common enemy...Muslim paedophile scum!!! When we are in Government, these said Muzzie paedophiles WILL receive the punishments they truly deserve and those hideous smirks will be well and truly wiped off their faces!!!

I was only walking past a building for the cult of the dead paedophile earlier today and saw a walking pillbox enter that venue of barbarity. I thought we really need to bring bring all our troops home from the Muzzie Third World, mentally retarded medieval throwback hell holes such as Afghanistan and re-deploy them to re-capture our own lands that have been stolen from us by Muzzie colonisers and occupiers.

I've had enuf of this DIE-versity. This is why I back the BNP and EDL because it is our last defense against a truely evil future that can only end with blood flowing and the way it's going most of it will be my generations blood, if the sheeple wake up. But soperific fluoride is put into our water supply to keep them docile. It's yet another tool adopted by our traitors in parliament from their hero Adolph Hitler. He used it in concentration camps for the same purpose.

Thats what we need tho, to fight them off with guns and bullets, its all they understand. Civil war, please. Now!

It was a good day to read Abu PorkZha is getting off our shores tho. No doubt there will be a backlash from the 'religion of peace' and no doubt all the bent libtard jihadist-type 'Human Rights' lawyers will still cost us many more millions trying for last-ditch appeals - God pray that they fail! 

Over to you USA - at least you are less likely to pussy-foot about like the dhimmi UK and Europe! Be ready to spend zillions on them - and be ready for the terrorist supporters of hatred and occupation to start blowing things up. Makes a change from them shagging blow up camels!

It wouldn't be a bad idea if we could kick out a few of our useless politicians with them too! But I'd rather just take them around the back of the building and...... !! Well, you know.

My mate said the only true crimes in Islam are those commited against fellow Muslims. I agree! What we call crime is Halal for the Muzlem as long as it can be seen to benefit Allah and the fight against the Infidel (us). 

Abu Porkzha will probably escape like one of those London train bombers escaped to muzzie land wearing a burka!

Will CaMoron and his dhimmi cronies not see how islamic dress is used to disguise all manner of crimes? We once heard something about the burka from the CONservatives but we still have heard nothing about any action being taken! This this entire so-called, un-elected 'government' of dhimmi Quislings and traitors. 

Pre the muzzie terror threats the world wide security industry was minimal but now it must cost billions.I cant help feeling that this situation suits the likes of CaMoron to the ground {cos he probably has shares in security}.

I had a proper go at some nutzi the ova day sayin CaMoron was a Jew, but a fake Jew, who was a Jew but wasn't a Jew - and that it is the Jews and fake Jews who are the problem, not the Moo-slimes! What a idiot! 

He sed that it all comes from ww2 and that Hitler was a good man and that he didnt kill 6 million Jews, that it was a plot by the Jews to fool the 'Goyim'. He ranted on about the verses in the Torah that explained it all! What a loon. He was a  complete nutzi. 

I was not just the Holocaust "holohaux" he called a fraud, but was going on about Lyndon Johnson taking advantage of Kennedy's murder and trying to get war with Egypt. Kissinger and Vietnam. AIDS being another fraud. 9/11 being a fraud. NASA moon landings probably being a fraud cos lots of Jews worked at NASA.

He said Hitler was the only one who EVER stood up against the Jewish Banking cartel and Jewish World Domination that we are seeing now, but I know Churchill was a top man and a real class act, a real patriot. He was spouting nonsense.

He said I needed to be educated and gave me some links to "Ju Tube". (I think he meant You-Tube). One was about The Hidden History of Jewish Bolshevism & Freemasonry! "How Masonic Wall Street Banksters Financed The Communist Revolution". What's that all about, bloody nonsense. He was being such a dick and being so swivel eyed I have no intention of watching it.

He wouldn't shut up though! He said I was moron with an empty cardboard box for a mind! But I said HE is the one who cannot see the moo-slimes in front of his nose!

He sees everythin as a waste of time cos he says everythin is preplanned against us. He was ranting about Jewish Banking, Media and Retail cartels, the warmongering NWO Zionist Jews and their bought and paid for western puppet politicians that he called ZOG
I don't know what he was on about, nutter. Must be something to do with the planet ZOG and David Icke Lizzards that must live there. But what's that got to do with invading dirty muzzie scum and burkha bombers?

So, that is what nationalism is about, that's what I think and what is dead important,  so why dont u join us? Too many Sheeple are lazy and lobotomised! I cant understand why we are not getting any support from them! I can trust you though right, old buddy?!....right?!"

..................The school friend has already walked away though, calling the number for the nearest lunatic asylum.

The saddest part is, a good 75% or more of the above content is copied and pasted from two of the most prominent nationalist websites comment sections (under different articles on each) and I have embellished some of them and generally shunted them together to make a fictional tale in order to make a point.

If you do not see a problem with the contents or approach of the above screed, then in my opinion you ARE part of the problem. 

I am sorry if I sound snobby or snooty or 'superior' in some way, but for frigs sake, what the HELL is going on in British nationalism these days?!!!! Where are all the 'normal' and rational people going?!

What a complete load of utter bollocks it is becoming. It is quite frankly getting to be an embarrassment from top to bottom.

Can people not see how foolish, idiotic, unreal, delusional, extreme, far fetched, far removed all this endless inane and paranoid chatter is from ordinary people's lives, experiences and understanding?!

It is getting like being in a cult from an alternate universe!

This is a reason why British "nationalism" is generally a joke - It is increasingly full of clowns.

Then, on top of all this, we repeatedly seem to have inane falling out and divisive pursuits between ourselves, whether that be over bloody paganism and Christianity, or attack pieces being written which are dredging up the insignificant gutter ends of nationalism - and often simultaneously smearing decent people (sometimes by very distant association) - people who do go about their nationalism in a good and professional way and are generally good ambassadors for our cause

Why the hell would anybody decent and 'normal' ever want to side with our cause or join our ranks? It really is a joke. 

I think it is about time some 'nationalists' and various followers of different parties and groups had a good long look at themselves and the overall output being generated in the name of our cause.  

When oh when will we rise above all this garbage?! 

The chances of winning our destiny back are next to zero as it is, so how sticking in these ruts and continuing blindly on (and even getting worse) with the same old routine is supposed to help, I really do not know. 

Nationalism needs tidying up, directions clamping down, discourse smartening up, movements pushing ahead. I increasingly seem to be witnessing the opposite.  

Either that, or I am just snapping out of the "cult" and seeing it for what it may have always been.

But I do not remember things being like this when I started and throughout my nationalist education process. Something has changed, for the worse.

The British National Party - for example - was never all that spectacular or our saviour, but since many of the "true" nationalists have left in droves (people who used to keep the party direction in check), we seem to have left a void for people to fill - people who are not nationalists but more 'populists' and knee-jerk reactionaries, people who are often inarticulate, shrill,and seem to have little concept of what Nationalism actually was in the past (and up until quite recently).

I am pretty sure John Tyndall would be turning in his grave if he saw what had happened to this movement and what was now representing it both physically and ideologically. Yes, he certainly had his own detrimental foibles and issues at times, but they pale into insignificance to what has gone on since he passed away.

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