Saturday, 24 March 2012

CrossTalk - The Right Vote - From RT news

The Right Vote

Episode details: How will the shooting in Toulouse impact European political discourse? Will it unite different communities or will it strengthen the far-right agenda? Will Sarkozy continue to pander towards the far-right, and will the French find it acceptable? Will immigrants be stigmatized even more? And will Europe ever succeed in nurturing a multicultural society? CrossTalking with Roger Griffin, Mohammed Shafiq and Kent Ekeroth on March 23.

I thought it was quite an interesting discussion. Naturally, I think that Kent Ekeroth did a very good job of expressing himself and putting over a calm and cool response. Mohammed Shafiq only seems to want to repeat the emotional discourse of the "demonisation"of Muslims etc. He points his fingers, is belligerent, and has no true argument as far as I can see.

That he tells the people of Sweden that it is their fault for wanting to move out of their own cities (because of how they no longer feel at home in their own country) and that they should stay for the multicultural "understanding" and "cohesive societies" is astonishing. Not only is it absurd, but it ignores demographic (and mathamatic) realities of how that very aim for "cohesiveness" will never be balanced (equal), and is in fact a process which is a threat to the very survival of the host nation.

Kent Ekeroth made the point of Islamisation not being waged by violence or suicide bombings, but by the sheer fact of immigration levels and those communities wishing to live by their own faith and cultures.

Well said, Kent. He seemed a strong, educated, youthful and well balanced European who is able to debate on 'live TV' at these levels. I think it takes a skill, and requires a good memory for details. We need many more Kent Ekeroth types I think!

The host of the show seemed pretty 'liberal', Mohammed was obviously leaning to his side, Kent was leaning to his and Roger Griffin did his best to rationalise the two - although at the end he too slips into desiring/pushing the 'liberal' agenda.

However, it is still not the kind of discussion you would get on the BBC! At least Russia Today News knows how to try and host a show properly and let people have their say on these matters.

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