Friday, 10 February 2012

New Video - You Aint Seen Nothin' Yet

This is a new little video which I put together the other day, set to the song and tune of Bachman Turner Overdrive 'You Aint Seen Nothin' Yet".

Whilst I acknowledge it is a bit crude and extreme in its position (and therefore not particularly designed as a recruiting tool!), it reflects what has been on my mind in the last week or so from within the bubble of that mad-thinking nationalist world we tend to live in at times.

It is intended to be a little bit humorous in parts, in a kind of tragic and mocking way - but the fundamental message itself is of course a serious matter. The video description text on YT explains a little more. 

Thanks for watching.


  1. Very good BA! It's nicely put together and deserves to go viral. Are you planning on allowing more people to see it should you get positive feedback?

  2. Thanks buddy!

    I have been a bit flaky lately (to say the least) so I was a bit unsure about how sane it actually was to other

    I thought it was perhaps a tad far fetched in order to labour the point of worst case scenarios.

    I had hoped to watermark the thing and properly put it on my main youtube channel - but no matter what I did, every time I transcribed the video formats with the watermark on, it 'shifted' the audio slightly in relation to the video - so it made the sync really bad, and it was important to me that they matched.

    I tried about seven formats and seven converters with no luck, some going one way, some going the other, to the point I was sick of hearing the BTO soundtrack and decided to just put up the raw one lol.

    Then, because I have some long documentaries on my channel - which I do not want to lose by having my account banned - I thought it was too risky to put the B.T.O audio file on there. Perhaps I am over cautious.

    So, I thought I would set up another channel to push this video out(for the purposes of testing a reaction) - and in the process I inadvertently used some of the same details as my existing account, so at the moment my accounts with YT are a bit cocked up now and being a bit schizophrenic!

    It's never straight forward is it?! lol.

    I thought I would see how it went down with people who come here before I majorly push its existence elsewhere.

    I think it is still embeddable and linkable in the meantime though. If not, I can give you the link if you want it.

    I suppose anybody can link it, embed it, or even 'take it' for their own channel with one of those down-loader tools if they wanted to.

    I do not know what the YT option I selected really means, but I think it prevents it showing up in the main YT site and you have to be "shown it".

    I thought that may be safer from it being detected and flagged. Maybe not.....

    It is a shame I cannot watermark the thing (and have the ability to claim credit for it if it does go viral) - but perhaps that is also a blessing, as I cannot be tied to it if it ever risks coming back to bite me on the backside! lol.

    The main thing is whether it is good, good for the cause, realistic, sane, usable, right, worthwhile, etc I suppose. If it is deemed to be, then by all means I guess it will grow wings.

    I should perhaps persevere with the new YT channel and, if need be, make it fully public.....

    Glad you liked it anyway,


  3. You're welcome BA. Credit should always be given where it's due. It seems like you've put quite a bit of effort into this, and it must have been frustrating when it kept going out of sync. As for its content, I don't think that it's alarmist. If only it were far fetched! After all, did you see this particular story in The Telegraph yesterday?

    With it being Bachman Turner Overdrive you could have done with a Smashie and Nicey intro. It's good that you're testing it with regular blog readers first. I certainly wouldn't cross post it unless you were absolutely happy for this to happen, so take some time to see what other feedback you get. You're also right to be careful about Youtube and not getting your channel banned. Keep up your good work and don't lose heart! I know that it's hard to keep going at times, but someone has to. Just look at how many nationalist-inclined blogs have fallen by the wayside in the past couple of years and consider how many of those that remain have reduced the amount of material that is posted.

    Naturally, this decline in activity is to be expected given the situation, but just how much worse can things get politically? We must be nearing rock bottom now, surely? Something will turn up, and if it doesn't, we'll have to ensure that something does!

  4. Another shocking article there, not only in terms of content, but with reverse thinking.

    As you say in the comment section there, the best way to solve this problem is to stop and reverse the ethnic cleansing of London and give whatever is left something to integrate with!

    London is no longer an English city. Quite frankly, we are well and truly stuffed.

    This is probably why many sites and blogs are dropping out - the temptation to switch off, mete it out, eke out an existence (because there is nothing much we can do about it) is quite high.

    We are past the point of no return, really.

    The comments and articulation on that blog comment section is much better than when I first got started with all this stuff, so perhaps times are finally changing. The comments are getting a little more stark and panicky in their tone - and they are right to be.

    Unfortunately, vast swathes really do not seem to give a toss or are opponents of what we have to say. Only a monumental and determined effort of epic proportions - including mass resettlement of people from Britain - could save us now, and I do not really fancy placing my bets on that.

    When I first started, people said it was crazy to say we would be made minorities. Some of those same people are saying now that it is "too late" and saying "nothing we can do now".

    That is perhaps an indication of how fast it has come within my own little sphere.

  5. Excellent video! Although I am in England, saw it via an American friend and Durotrigan.(..!

  6. Thankyou for the feedback Juniper!

    Yes, Durotrigan has been kind enough to link to it, so thanks for taking the extra time to pop by here and make a comment :).

  7. That was brilliant - can I copy it to MYT, where I have a blog, and not guilty.

  8. MYT? I'm not sure what that is, lol, but yes, you can link it, embed it, etc in the usual ways that you do with youtube videos. :).

    Glad you liked it,



  9. I had a strange thing earlier, it was saying it could not be embedded due to BMG records blocking the linking of it.

    But right now, it seems to work.

    If it becomes a problem to embed it or link it, I will try and find another place to put it.


  10. Cheers BA - MYT - blog site on the daily telegraph web - where we can debate and argue.

  11. Hi BA Dave here in Ozz ,you and I had abit of a natter over on BR when you posted HOLST'S JUPITER SWEET by the Japanese orchestra, amazing. Top vid by the way [yours], it's no different here, were just a bit behind you, assylum seekers coming in by the boat load, and get everything thrown at them , dental ,medical,housing etc etc etc . We've got 10s of thousands of people living in cars and on the streets, including families , can't even get a look in at public housing, seems to be one of the very few that are on the case down here, hope you don't mind me comparing but we are all part of the anglosphere and are all under attack,I am expat Brighton and feel greatly for what is being done to old blighty. Whitelaw is having a right rant about immigration at the mo ,he'd probably post your vid , he did a good article on Emma West. Anyway on a lighter note ..YT....JIMMY NAIL BIG RIVER... one at the top , one of the commenters wrote, British by birth, Geordie by the grace of god,with all the commenters you can feel the pride, that's what we need to tap into.... stay with it BA and thanks Dave

  12. Oh yeah, I do remember that, Dave.

    You are dead right about it all being under attack - no stone seems to be left unturned in this destructive process.

    Simply put, as a whole, it is a bloody nightmare. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and maybe, eventually, nowhere to carve out a survival at all.

    Hopefully things won't be as bleak as that.

    I had heard that things are going crazy, well crazier, in Australia.

    Unfortunately, it probably won't take all that long for you to catch up, because the size of the Caucasian demographic of Australia as a whole is pretty small and likely to be just as stacked as ours is by age-ramifications.

    One of my work colleagues is heading out for a new life in Australia somewhere pretty soon. Their bags are virtually all packed, in fact.

    I do not know if they are at all interested in nationalism - I try and keep off the subject in my professional/job capacity - but it is a shame to see them (and their children) go.

    I suppose it will help at your end though! lol. See, there is always a positive somewhere.

    They have not citied much in the way of specifics of why they are going, but it is the same old story otherwise - ie, better house, better lifestyle, one of them has already secured the job and the other is a fully trained specialist engineer who can turn their hand to anything. He is a grafter, I cannot see him struggling for employment.

    I think life here has just got them down. The grind, the gloom, the taxes, the "silly antics" of the governments etc which we all know about here. Just the general stuff.

    In addition, they are at the age - and their children are at the age - where they fear for their future because of the degenerate nature of their children's friends and peers.

    "Chavs", Asian gangs at school, excessive drinking, even drugs being rife at schools these days, etc etc - they want to take their early teenage daughter and younger son away from that environment they are currently growing up in and around before they get any more corrupted by it.

    I am sure Australia might have the same kinds of problems, but perhaps the change of moving and establishing a new life will be enough to keep them out of harms way until they are properly matured and away from all that kind of thing.

    Regarding the Jimmy Nail song - yes, it is a gorgeous song.

    When I was an opinionated lefty teenager, I cursed at the "pop" industry and I used to hate Jimmy Nail and stuff like that because it was "commercial dirge" etc.....

    .....but as most people do, I have mellowed, expanded my tastes, and I can now count that particular Jimmy Nail song "Big River" as one of my favourites.

    I wish he had done more, I do not really understand why he was not much "bigger" because he seems a good singer-songwriter.

    It is a beautiful song, very emotional, solidly British, very well sung and very poignant.

    It makes me proud to be a Geordie - even though I am not one!!! lol.

  13. Having a social conscience is hard work. Have a break now and again but don't give up and walk away. We need people like you.