Wednesday, 14 September 2011

American Conference (NPI) Video

Although I am primarily a British Nationalist, I have always had an interest in America when it comes to some of our historical ties as a civilisation and our current joint plight when it comes to seeking some self preservation. We are both heading for the oblivion milestone of minority status within a matter of decades.

I therefore do tend to keep a keen eye on what American Nationalists and "race realists" are up to, because in some ways, even though their issues and their history and such are different to our own (in terms of population, civil rights movements, Hispanic issues, etc) I think we can learn from some of their wider positions and presentations that transcend the divide.

Many people who come to this site may already know of it and may already have seen it, but I wanted to make sure I shared this full uninterrupted and unedited video of the recent NPI "Majority Strategy" press conference featuring the wonderful author and spokesmen Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, Political Cesspool radio host and author James Edwards and the man behind the Alternative Right website, Richard Spencer.

As is usual for when any dissenting viewpoint being made, the usual rag tag Antifa style loons turned up to protest outside, even remarking how they would like to take an automatic assault rifle in there to deal with "the nazi's" and so on and so forth. They only numbered a handful, which was truly pathetic - and inside the venue the meeting took place without hitch. It was impressively smooth running.

So what were these horrible, sig heiling, fascist, nazi set of swines discussing? Are you not into Nationalism and have you ever wanted to know what kind of discussions are had at these "hate meetings" when these loony tunes Antifa/UAF type people are outside various venues around the world waving their placards and screaming that the baby-eating race haters are inside plotting a new Reich?

Well, now is a chance to find out. If you ever took those protesting types at their word, then you may be in for a shock! Bear in mind that this is the full press conference, unedited. I think it is worth watching the whole thing, even though it is explicitly American themed and orientated. There might be more videos coming from the full conference, featuring other figures such as Alex Kurtagic.....but I will have to wait and see.

The Majority Strategy — NPI Press Conference 9/9/2011 from NPI TV on Vimeo.

I wish them all the best in pulling off their strategy and saving themselves from the brink. Good luck.


  1. Hi IBN,

    It's fubar.
    The more I fall the more I see, the more I despise yet the more I rejoice at understanding reality in front of me, however, unable to really be able to do anything about trying to change it.

    While I was writing the Destruction of Britain blog, I came across the white nationalist libertarian John 'The Birdman' Bryant who opened up my eyes to alot, especially within the USA. However, no matter what he wrote about, it now appears flawed. Why? simply because America, was a land, taken by the white Europeans, under the command of the elites, in order to plunder natural resources and create the battering ram today that will smash the world and bring about this one world, melting pot, dystopian feudal, everyone's the same society.

    America was the test bed for multiculturalism. The American identity is a multicultural and a multiracial one, just that for most of its time, a white colony, it was under the control of white people, that today is drastically beginning to change.
    It's this bullshit of African American, Asian American, Oriental American etc etc that has now polluted the UK, which in all accounts is an impossibility. You are either white and British or you aren't. This Black British, or Asian British is merely the indoctrination upon the people within to turn the UK into the same state as the USA.

    So while the American nationalists prattle on about white European identity, they seem to forget that what is happening to them today, their ancestors did to the indigenous inhabitants in the past. The worm is turning as it always would, as it was planned to be so.

    If white nationalist Americans want to sort the problem out then they must cast aside this mantle of hypocrisy that currently adorns them. How can they expect to protect their cultural identity when they fail to see that the past will never be forgotten? How can they expect to keep hold of the reigns of America, when their population (again as planned) is plummeting faster than a meteorite through the stratosphere? But how can they expect to take any moral highground when the history of the USA was built on immorality?

    There are far too many people who do not see that this issue of black and white is black and white. You have a choice and that's cultural and racial protection or a multiracial world, meaning a death to all races and cultures. This is being planned as I've said many times.
    Mugabe's booting out whites. Amin kicked out the Asians. Maybe it's time that the west started looking at the bigger picture as well? Am I promoting racial segregation? I have to say that there are only two choices for the whites - sink or swim and the latter means draconian measures.

    My solution is a simple one - remove all peoples back to their places of ancestry. Allow tourism, most certainly but no work visas or non indigenous citizenships. And of course all the rest when it comes to smashing the New World Order. Their plan is a multicultural hell hole. I really don't want to see that happen, but sadly, they've tuned into people's heartstrings and indigenous society is protecting their own assassins of their race and culture as is always the case.


  2. I have not given much thought to this reply, I am writing it as I go along, so I hope that it is not too bad, seeing as it is a momentary thought and not a strategic or deeply thought one.

    I think that it is time to turn the tables on this scenario - even if we are deluding ourselves - in order to try and come out with something, even if it is not what we would wish in an ideal world.

    One of the articles I have been pondering over is from the above conference by the NPI, delivered by Alex Kurtagic and the wider positions and viewpoints expressed in the above video of the press conference.

    You can find the text of his speech here:

    Also, to put it in the context of why I have been pondering my own output and attitudes lately - in tune to that 'masters of the universe' article - was also this following article which I read last month:

    Both of them, put in conjunction, have given me food for thought, not only in terms of how we should perhaps be going about things (if we are to try and salvage something) but also in terms of myself and whether my depressive and 'woe be us' musings are actually part of the problem and holding Nationalism back.

    Jared Taylor, Alex Kurtagic, Tom Sunic, James Edwards, Kevin McDonald and various other activists, writers, and such, which feature more prominently on the American sphere of things have increasingly been giving me some underpinning which I have been lacking lately in hope and desire that changes can happen and that a racial awareness culture can be rolled out for white people.

    It may be flawed, and I know you do not believe there is any hope whatsoever (as did I, or as do I!) - but what do we do? Go away and slit our wrists and suffer the rest of our lives in miserable knowledge that we are doomed and not lift a single finger to try and avert it anyway?

    Are we such cowards, both morally and intellectually that we cannot keep such notions of self survival and properly thought out reasoning alive?

    Whilst my own enthusiasm and involvement is waning (and will wane further as I step back a notch from the saturation of my life this whole topic has soaked me with), I think that in general we have to carry on regardless, not make it easy for them to have it all their own way without a struggle of some kind.

  3. (Continued)

    The issue with the establishment of America has always been problematic for Nationalists like myself - as has Australia and South Africa. This is because I am not really a colonialist or empire builder - I simply seek and desire for Europe to be European, in all its rightful ways.

    Yes, there is a hypocrisy there in the case of America and Australia where the original inhabitants were pushed aside. The cartoon on one of my recent articles shows the irony of the situation.

    But here lays the rub......we are not (ie the Americans living today) responsible for what happened hundreds of years ago, and the guilt trip upon whites does not really work any longer for those of us who come to appreciate what the issues are and have come to have some 'identity rights'.

    In fact, as you may appreciate, the whole idea that America was colonised and taken from the people already established there has taken on such a guilt trip that few can muster a whimper to assert themselves in opposition to the same "terrible" thing happening again - only this time to the white population whose ancestors actually made something of the place.

    Therefore, two wrongs do not make a right and it is arguable that if if was 'wrong' for them to take the land (as a majority race) away from the 'native Americans' and their interests, then it is also 'wrong' for non-whites to take a majority and work against the interests of whites.

    The "immorality" of the white settlers (which was not deemed immoral at the time, but more of a duty to establish civilisation and propagate our race), in my view, cannot be passed on to those alive now, and nor should it ever be accepted that they should. You cannot apply such sins of the great-grandfather onto the new born child, and neither can you apply "morality" in terms of current liberalism and so forth in retrospect to different eras.

    The American Whites have an interest, and a right, to self preserve themselves and their way of life and pass it onto their children and grandchildren.

    Those who command a territory tend to keep it, and with this in mind, I find the importance of cultivating "White Identity" rights and "Race Realism" a strong one.

    Without re-establishing this sense of self and sense of kinship and racial solidarity nothing can really gain fruit in any other endeavour.

    Although there are flaws and issues to raise with 'colony' nations like America, I find that much of what is being said by these American White Nationalists transcends the Occidental world and also applies here.

    If what they say is true there, in their situation, then in my opinion it becomes even more powerful and instructive here in Europe, lands which are our native and indigenous homes. We have a greater stake to lose and a more righteous cause.

  4. (Continued)

    Of course, America was founded as a white nation - explicitly for white people - and had no desire of going "multicultural" and "multiracial" - but I do take your point about how, since around the 1920's and especially since 1965, it has been used as the test-bed for a so called "proposition nation of immigrants". Civic Nationalism.

    I doubt that the Americans can ever reverse the tide that looks set to sweep them away from demographic control of the landmass, even if an Idi Amin style expulsion was remotely possible.

    But, due to the size and diversity of American landscape and low population density, I suspect that - if nothing else - a retreat could be made and a splitting up of the current union.

    They would have to abandon the south, claim the north, and enforce some kind of system either overtly or covertly that ensures the non-white demographic lingering in the northern states is marginalised to an eventual near-zero or forcibly shunted into states outside of the dividing zone.

    Yes, Mugabe is booting out whites, Amin booted out the Asians, Kosovans are booting out the Serbs from their own homeland, Libyans are currently slowly booting out the Africans there (so I am led to believe), the Dominican are kicking out as many Haitians as they can get away it is not as though drastic action has not been taken before, or currently.

    The desire and will has to be there - and that, if such a resettlement was ever an option - is what we are lacking.

    I have often joked with Unrepentant that, should the white populace decline much further, that we arrange our collective affairs so that whites return to Europe on the condition that they help us consolidate and kick out the threat to Europe.

    Yes, we cannot decline in numbers and expect to hold onto whole continents like Europe and to large established land masses like America and Australia. Especially if the open borders remain.

    I would love to see our own people return and replace those who we send on their way.....but them again, I know the chances of such things are more than minuscule, they are microscopic! lol.

    You say there are two choices to whites (and our civilisation) - to sink or to swim.

    Maybe we should be teaching them how to swim, or, if they do not want to learn, throw them a lifeboat that means they have to do little except get swept along on a tide.....rather than shouting at them from the sidelines saying there is no point in them flapping their arms around because they are all going to drown and perish?

    This is why I have been thinking about my own dreary articles and the difference/contrast to that of "Masters of the Universe" by Alex Kurtagic, above.

    Am I one to lead people to drown in despair, or can I possibly be one who can help establish a life-boat?

    I am not sure yet.....but I am thinking about it, and what could possibly be done differently as a whole.

    Cheers, as always,

    British Activism.

  5. IBN,

    I think this must be the first time you've missed much of what I've said.

    You misconstrue what I write to be about blaming the sins of the father on the children. I do not. I do not believe in this ethos nor ever have, but my points that I made are not only fact but just to the overall picture.

    The white settlers, forced the indigenous peoples off of their territory and now find themselves on the same boat. I am not blaming the children for what has happened. I am merely saying that they have no right to any moral highground in America when it comes to who has what. Regardless, slavery brought in the Africans and the Asians. The wealthy white elites wanted their manservants and these predominantly came from the black community. It was they who opened Pandora's box on immigration. Now, most certainly the Jews played a huge part in the slave trade in the USA (and UK) overwhelmingly but my point I make is that the USA, regardless of the founding father's principles is a land of multiracial people and cultures. It is that which gives it its identity. "I'm an American" is what you hear all the time, from many different peoples. People do believe this preposterous belief that the USA was founded by whites. It wasn't. It was colonised by whites who subjugated the indigenous, drove them off of their lands, plundered their natural resources and turned it into the multicultural, multiracial hell hole that it is today. The USA was set up for many reasons, not the reasons we are told of escaping the British, but on the contrary, another part of the Empire, as it still is today.
    America was there before the white settlers landed, populated by the native Americans.

    Americans hold onto this fanciful belief that they are European Americans. Bull. They are American people who live by a totally different way of life to Europeans. They do not live by their indigenous cultures, but instead under a globalist one, as do our youth, all over Europe, live by today.

    I laugh at American white nationalism, because it's one big hypocrisy. They are merely cannon fodder for the elites, the same elites whose ancestors took the land for themselves and made their current cannon fodder's ancestors do all the work and hard toil then as they do today. In other words they don't give a hoot about the whites and any other people for that matter. Black, brown, white, yellow....they don't care.

    The American white population will be passed by the Hispanic one very soon. The black and Asian population is also growing incredibly fast. The whites are therefore about to become a minority and will soon see what it's like to be under the whip, by the current minority. Nothing can be done to stop this.


  6. "t may be flawed, and I know you do not believe there is any hope whatsoever (as did I, or as do I!) - but what do we do? Go away and slit our wrists and suffer the rest of our lives in miserable knowledge that we are doomed and not lift a single finger to try and avert it anyway?

    Are we such cowards, both morally and intellectually that we cannot keep such notions of self survival and properly thought out reasoning alive?"

    I think this part however made me shake my head the most.
    A coward? Morally and intellectually? Slit our wrists and suffer?

    I may write what people may construe to be negative, only because I happen to write the truth.
    When one is about to have their head blown off with a cannon ball, do they think "well never mind, tomorrow's another day?" of course they don't! They know that their end is very near and there is nothing that can be done, because they are strapped infront of a cannon with no way of escape.
    The optimist continually believes of a way out.
    The pessimist (realist) accepts their fate.

    Is the optimist right to think of a way out when there is none?
    Is the pessimist wrong to see no way out and accept his fate?

    When I write about reality I look at it long and hard. I see the bigger picture and that bigger picture IBN is children and the younger generations.
    What was 30 years ago, in the minds of many young then, when it came to culture and way of life, can no longer be found in the youth today. That is, the numbers then compared to the present.
    Globalism has taken over completely. I have said this over and over, but Americans, through years of indoctrination and brainwashing, not forgetting enforced white guilt by the educational establishments and the MSM, have surrendered what they were. The same is now rampant within the UK. When I was younger there was this "Glad I'm not a yank" attitude, whereas today, all are yanks through their choice of music, fashion, film, vocabulary, conversation and materialistic and superficial desires. of course not all are, but the overwhelming majority are where their beliefs and way of life was in contrast the equivalent of the massive minority within the past of the UK.

    What I'm saying IBN is whites are no longer white. Most young whites are white on the outside and black in the middle. Whereas blacks in the past tried to be white within the UK, they have gone back to who they are and whites have lost their own identity.

    You cannot stop what is, for our society, for want of a better word, has been 'contaminated' as the Russians would say. The infection within is huge. Our society has been completely changed. Nothing can be done to fix that. I'm a realist, not a fantasist.


  7. Hi Harbinger. I did state that it was not a well thought out response and was typing as I went along lol.

    The thing is, I do see the point of hypocrisy you describe - but perhaps the hypocrisy does not stop me supporting the white Americans to remain. The past happened, like elsewhere in the world throughout the ages, and now it exists (or rather, existed) as a white nation they (in my opinion) have as much right as the Native Americans to fend off what would be their complete demise.

    If it was wrong for whites, I think it is now just as equally wrong for non-whites to do the same. They may not be undertaking the same kind of overt warfare and violence, but there is plenty of raping, stabbing, shooting and such going on which is specifically harming the white society.

    America was founded by whites - in my understanding - where the term "founded" for me includes the act of colonisation and turfing the existing inhabitants off their territory and sucking up the lands resources as you describe.

    America (the land-mass) was of course there before they ever arrived, but I think "America" as a nation and as an entity of civilisation was not. They, in my understanding of it, therefore "founded America" as we have known it, turning it from teepees to townships and townships to cities, and a hub of western civilisation and invention - rightly or wrongly.

    From what I have read, it was explicitly founded as a white nation, for white people. Numerous quotes from the founding fathers and various presidents up until the late 1950's seem to be very clear in their meaning of what America was and what an American should be.

    It was not, therefore, in my understanding, founded to later become a multiracial and multicultural nation as we know it to be today, and nor do I believe the founding stock have desired it to become one.

    I suspect that particular aspect has been brought about by the usual suspects and the usual agenda - including the things you cite like importation of slaves and perhaps pivotally a agenda in the 1920's by Jewish people to self protect their interests by creating a multicultural and multiracial society in which they feel safer and by which they can push their wider agenda.

    The change of the 1965 immigration act, which had previously been more or less implicit in attempt to keep America white, was where I feel the speed really picked up in turning America into they hyphenated mis-match we know today. Wasn't it still over 88% white in the 1950's? I would have to check, but I believe it to have been so.

  8. Cont'd

    Although the situation my be hypocrisy, what, as whites, would we want them to do?

    Should they feel obliged to say sorry in hindsight, say they are hypocrites and thus have no right to survive?

    Should they apply negative moral virtues to themselves (in retrospect) and hold themselves up to a moral code of conduct which is of this century and not that of two centuries ago, then vanish into thin air in guilt and shame?

    It may not have been right, they may be hypocrites, but no other race of people would be expected to do that and play by these kinds of self-depreciating rules.

    If Americans want to salvage something for themselves, I think they need to imbibe a sense of racial awareness and command a good slice of that territory to themselves once again. The land belongs to those who occupy and command it, and I would prefer a vast portion of it to belong to the white Americans, for their sake and the sake of the wider global population of whites.

    It does not now belong to the Chinese, the Latino, Mexican, the African, any more than it did the European. That Chinese, Mexicans, Africans are now taking over demographically, is not really making the original stealing of the land from the Native Americans right, so why shouldn't the white populace there fend for a stake the place?

    But all that is of course why America, Australia, and other former colonial outposts are different to that of this country and other countries in Europe.

    This is why I look, sometimes, to the arguments and positions coming from America - because although they might be hypocritical from a nationalist perspective they have much greater validity and impact here - as this is our home, our indigenous people, and we have even more right than they do to fend off anything we see as a threat. That is primarily why I use it.

  9. Cont'd

    I agree with you that America, as an entity, is part of the problem. It has been imperialist and domineering for its (and others) interests and has been part and parcel of "globalisation" and transformation of cultures around the world.

    It is no doubt a driving force of the much of the agenda being waged.....but in general, of course, I would not think it fair to take every-day white American citizens and lay the blame on them for Americas antics at the top. Much like I cannot be expected to take the blame for Tony Blair, Cameron, Milliband etc help establish Kosovo or them going into various wars.

    Again, I am not suggesting you are - but perhaps the way I see it is that the survival of white Americans in America is not necessarily the same thing as saving "America", the construct and the globalisation agenda we witness today.

    You are spot on about the loss of our own identity to them. Television like CSI, Friends, corporations like McDonalds, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, KFC, language changes, thoughts, aspirations, culture in general has been contaminated and perverted.

    People in nationalism always fret and worry about "Islamisation" - but I have long shared your view on the other transformation that has been much more pervasive, that of globalism and the eradication of what made our nation states and people unique.

    It is like when I went to Germany a few years ago.....Tesco, Starbucks, McDonalds, Chinese Restaurants, Apple Mac stores, imported consumer items, dress codes (such as baseball caps on sideways), plus Africans, Turks, Chinese, etc, Kebab shops, Islam being present and all the usual dirge.

    Ironically enough, me and my friend had to find refuge in an American-themed bar (which was actually German and served some German produce and dishes) because it was one of the few "German" places we found in the local area where we were staying!.

    It was all rather tragic really. I came away quite depressed. I went to see Germany - and all I saw was the equivalent of Burnley or Manchester with the signage and language in German.

    My naive hope, in light of those recent articles I cited, is that the projection could be changed and that, over time, things would again diverge and go their separate ways. People build a culture, and I think that we could come to have our own once again.

    I hope I did not upset with my remarks (which you picked up in the second part of the reply you made).....for they did not mean "us", you and me, it meant our wider civilisation.

    I was not implying that you (or me) are cowards etc, but that our civilisation, our people, especially us who feel a great loss, should be able to assert ourselves and we should be able to keep some decent arguments as why what is taking place around us is bad news and that there are valid reasons to fight it off and reject the system being imposed.

  10. Cont'd

    Within my own life, I guess that in the last few days since reading the two Alex Kurtagic articles (I linked to above) I have had to think about things differently.

    It may only be a temporary fad though, like when you get something which 'jolts' you and occupies your mind for a few days.

    Since Nationalists like me are seeing the movement currently collapse and all sorts of charlatans and wanna-be's coming out of the woodwork, all sorts of splits and factions emerge, watching the nation slip further and further into free-falling chaos, further immigration, further Islamisation, with no hope in sight whatsoever....etc etc....

    .....I may have to decide whether I live the rest of my life (either involved, or at arms length) miserable, bitter, cynical and depressed that it is all futile, or whether I try and turn my life (and the cause) around in the ways which Alex Kurtagic recommends and (no matter how delusional it may seem) encourage others to aspire and hope for something new to transpire.

    Perhaps is is the selfish aspect in me which wants to stop being so depressed, so miserable, and saying nothing is ever possible to be changed.

    I look at the rest of my life ahead and I do not think I want to live like that or promote that to the rest of the nationalists or populace.

    Their heads may be strapped to the cannon, but even if it is a foregone conclusion that it will get blown off, what is better, leaving them tied there for weeks and repeatedly saying the end is nigh, there is no hope, how painful it might be, etc......

    ......or keeping them occupied, keeping them positive, telling them the fuse may not light or that the ropes may slacken over time if they keep wriggling away in resistance, so that either they do escape, or, so that when the cannon is being fired, they are killed off instantly in a way which is not exactly a surprise, but not one where they have been trapped in tearful fear and despair?

    That is what those two articles have got me thinking about, so please forgive me if I am being a bit "flakey" and generally a bit "blobby" at the moment. It is probably just a phase.

    Kindest regards,

    British Activism.

  11. Hello to the both of you!

    Having read your replies, I have to side with BA with respect to the situation in the USA. Though, Harbinger, you make a valid point with regards to the hypocrisy of White Nationalists, I believe that most Americans yearn to live in a safe, stable society.

    Stable countries with the highest standard of living, invariably tend to be populated by whites. The only obvious exceptions to this are Japan and South Korea. But besides these two East Asian states, the most prosperous are populated by people of European heritage, i.e. whites.

    Now of course it is no longer considered socially acceptable to state what I have just written, but it is something that is very obvious to those not blinkered by political correctness and Boasian anthropology. In fact it is these two dogmas that prevent people from "seeing what is happening and from saying what they see", to quote Enoch Powell.

    It is my believe that different races have different attributes - physical, mental and cultural. I am not a white supremacist and fully appreciate that, for example, black people make better sprinters and athletes, generally. However, I believe they are less inventive and innovative than whites.

    Additionally, I believe that a society that is racially and culturally homogenous is more cohesive and thus harmonious than a multicultural and/or racially plural one - which is why mankind has split into separate nations.

    Man's inherent tribal instinct has, throughout history, caused wars and genocide. Unfortunately, however, a shared passport and adhering to some sort of nebulous 'national values' is not likely to quell the tribal instinct. The propensity for internecine violence is always lurking beneath the surface of the US and, more recently, other Occidental nations. The only reason there hasn't been more racial strife is due to the ubiquitous media that has been used to manipulate thought, the material prosperity modern societies have enjoyed, and the imposition of subtle (and not so subtle) restrictions on dissenting opinions.

    The era of economic prosperity is coming to an end, however. Already the economies of the West look increasingly unstable and we are reaching, or have reached, Peak Oil. Very soon we are going to find living standards plummet, and then we will experience unprecedented social chaos.

    Perhaps this has all been engineered and 'out of chaos will come order' and will precede the creation of a global, totalitarian state where we are all serfs. Or perhaps it has all been a genuine effort at social engineering and creating a utopia without national boundaries.

    This World State may be attributable to Marxists driven by the ideology of the 'Brotherhood of Man' or corporations driven by greed and the desire to turn the world into one giant market place, free from the problems caused by tariffs, different currencies, languages and laws that nation states inevitably create.

    It is my contention, however, that the world is over-populated and the current living standards are unsustainable. Indeed if present trends continue the global population is predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050. This will not happen, of course. Before then, we will see resource wars and, as I have already stated, civil disorder on an unimaginable scale. Once again, we will see man's tribal instinct return to the fore, unless thwarted by a brutal, totalitarian regime.

    Whilst I concede that European-Americans have no right to occupy the whole land-mass of North America, I do believe they have the right to self-preservation and a land of their own. In that respect, I believe the best outcome for the States to split into three or four separate, but racially homogenous, nations.

    This is not so much about morality, but about the preservation of freedom and the unique races of the world.