Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A response to some 'ideological reformists'. Part One.

There has been a spate of article and comments on a well known nationalist blog site which I feel I need to respond to properly, and which cannot realistically be done via the comment sections. I will therefore try and explain myself here instead and perhaps drop a few links around in the comment sections so that anybody who is interested enough to wade through my mind on these subjects can do so. 

Dealing with the most recent one first, it was orientated around how we should "slay our sacred cows" and ditch various principles and policies in order to win support from the "mainstream". Once again, it smacked of an ideological reformation platform and once again I found the premise of it to be rather half baked. 

Perhaps I misunderstand what was trying to be conveyed, and if so, I shall try and be gracious enough to say I was wrong.

It listed a batch of so called 'sacred cows' - I do not quite know where the sacred cows were plucked from - and then proceeded to suggest that we should drop them in preference for a new 'electable' few. 

As such, I cannot really agree with the premise of their article although I do understand that we need to drive the right focus forward and prioritise.  Perhaps it is the lack of distinction between what we are officially pushing and what unofficially tends to be said at times that causes my concern.

When it comes to "sacred cows", I do not feel there that there are many official "sacred cows" left to be culled, and that some of those listed were are a bit of a stretch above and beyond what Nationalism prescribes at present in terms of our general party political platform.

For example, I don't recall there being anything about banning the Koran in prisons or the prohibition of interracial marriages in the last British National Party manifesto. I may be wrong about the Koran in prisons, seeing as the party is often trying to 'populist' - but I know for a fact there there is nothing in it about the latter thing. It is not official policy to make mixed marriage or relationships illegal.

Although I may dislike it happening, I would not advocate a policy like that - because despite what is often said about us, there is an element of nationalism that is traditional to freedoms of the individual and I would not wish to see interference by the state in what are for the most part personal affairs. We are not communists. 

I would prefer it if the chances of it happening were naturally reduced in other more obvious ways (such as demographics), rather than have the government dictate who people can and cannot associate with.

I therefore feel it is a bit disingenuous of the article (or anybody else) to proclaim such positions as being "sacred cow policies" we have to ditch, if they are not really officially endorsed or being pushed by a current party platform - a platform which some of the same people then suggest to have been the cause of "a failure"!!.

When talking about the British National Party platform (which some people are seemingly desperate to 're-cast' the positions of in order to mirror their own image), perhaps much of the failure is down to nationalists and the nature of the party itself (plus the hysteria of our detractors) - not necessarily the principles and policies that the party holds. 

The two things are separate in my mind and I think it is perhaps a bit of a straw man to allude otherwise.

Wayne Rooney could have the best world view and policy solutions known to mankind - but would people listen to him, vote for him, trust him and his boozy mates? It wouldn't mean he was wrong just because it is "Wayne Rooney" (and all we think that entails). 

We are perhaps therefore at risk of doing an "ad-hominem" attack and "straw man" assessment on ourselves and our values by conflating two different things.

The premise of the article (and some of the supportive comments that followed) seems to be to knock on the door of deriving some alternative "pick and mix" lists - plucked from the air as being a representation of some 'new' nationalism we *ought* to somehow remould ourselves into. 

This is something which sadly seems to be a common theme lately. I cannot say I like it. 

At the end, it states that: "Nationalists cannot afford the luxury of worshipping sacred cows while our country is destroyed around about us.  Let’s start killing those sacred cows." Yet confusingly tags on: We stand by our core principles, and we must agree to build a new political party founded upon those core values, but it will not be called the Pointless Baggage Party. 

So, what is it? Are we ditching sacred cows or not? We can't build a new political party on "core values" and "stand by our core principles" whilst at the same time distancing ourselves from those very same things. Perhaps they mean the "new" core values? Who knows.

I do not quite know what the "policy baggage" is that we ought to be dropping anyway. Perhaps we need to wade through the entire manifesto of our major political front platform (which is still the BNP) and look at it in depth. 

That is perhaps the real front point of nationalism as far as the public and our platform pathways are concerned -  not the unofficial comments and desires of individual people who surround it on this site and other blogs profess, including myself.

There is a wide spectrum of thought and thresholds on that blog site alone, but the general consensus of all of us seems to be embodied in the traditional positions we all know - and the manifestos we have held to try and establish those objectives. 

I doubt that one or two individuals who might say "those bum-bandits need executing for their perversion" (or whatever) epitomises the wider nationalist discourse. They certainly would not be speaking for me, or for the party platform we have held aloft.

We should therefore be careful as to what we define and understand as being representative of our views if we are to stray from the common ground and stray away from official outlines that we carry, especially if we are making up reasons as to why we are not elected or electable. We cannot lay the blame at the foot of policies and views which we do not generally push as a party platform - it is a bit disengenuous.

Only yesterday or the day before on the site I mention, we had some 'clever-clogs' who pushes for ideological reform trying to link us to "racial purity obsessions" and another one pithily talking about us wanting "seperate buses for gays". With such wild distortions about nationalism going on (to try and cause a sea-change of views towards their own methods) it feels like there is an agenda being waged by miscontruing both official poilicy and unofficial policy.

In my view, it is not a legitimate argument to be doing this. For so called nationalists to show such disrespect and such disregard for the actual positions we hold is very sad to see. It only helps convince me that they either know nothing, or were never on side at all, or even both. Such rhetoric and distortion is what we expect from our opposition, not our fellow travellers.

When it comes to baggage, perhaps the major baggage has been the moronic people doing moronic things in the name of nationalism - the kind of thing that has kept the general public well away. These historically include things such as music cultures, dress code 'scenes', bad attitudes, foul terminology, holocaust revisionism and WW2 discussions etc - all which (in my opinion) only seems to serve the image that our detractors seek to build for us. This goes for both the leaders and the members.

Perhaps some of these things once served as an 'identity culture' more than a political/ideological movement?

I do not know how representative it was, but the Cook Report footage of the BNP perhaps gives us an indication of what things were like before most of us were involved - and what we have rightfully moved away from. (See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X8QQwU00Jk). If the culture and image of nationalism was anything like that as a whole, then no wonder we were struggling to get ourselves heard and supported by a wider audience.

The strange antics, the quirkyness, the liabilities, etc, that continue on to this day certainly do not help us shed this kind of image and culture. That is the kind of baggage I would like ourselves to be distant from first and foremost.

There are indeed a few 'contentious' issues that are in our general nationalist discourse - even those such as the death penalty and the rights of gun ownership (for self defence of yourself and your property). They could be looked at and put into their context, just like the BNPideas site has been looking at the finer elements of nuclear energy policy lately. No harm in that, whatsoever. Especially as they are not fundamentals, and are secondary tier policies.

For example, if we were to give out guns right now, without having the society and laws and systems we have defined as desirable in the rest of the manifesto already established, there would no doubt be carnage. People are exasperated by the justice system, law and order etc, and would seek to enact their own justice because they know they cannot rely on the courts and the government. 

Also, the idea of gun ownership in the hands of the ethnic minorities in the future, when we slide to minority, is quite horrific. This is why we have to think about the context and order in which we have policies and what stage of things we could implement them. 

(Of course, this article is folly anyway seeing as we are not likely to ever reach a position of power, but humour me whilst I 'make believe' and explain my theoretical thinking anyway!).

People might look at the policy and think we are all crazed lunatics because it "wouldn't work" in the country that currently surrounds them, or because they have been trained to believe guns are dangerous and wicked no matter what the circumstance. 

Therefore, it is a principle which perhaps can only be established when society is more responsible and respectable enough to carry it out. Ie, after we have rescued our country from the brink via the rest of the policies. 

If it was deemed to be official policy to have a society that bared arms, I would not mind if caveats and such were placed on them in order to pacify critics (or put it into less "gung-ho" terms). It does not necessarily mean the position is flawed in itself or not desirable in the long term.

The problem I see with a "pick and choose" approach of what to keep and what to "cull" is that you cannot always take things out of what is essentially required to be a whole package of measures. Measures designed to work in unison. 

I think that people need a comprehensive package of policies that can be seen to work in tandem to others. They need a full solution, an alternative that is genuine and for the betterment of society -and to know how it could be made to work.

For example, foreign aid. 

People may very well ask us how we are going to implement this or that policy we have, such as leaving the European Union, providing programs for voluntary repatriation or the costs of firming up the border control systems. 

We may need to state that a lot of the money now spent abroad in foreign aid could cover this......so it would make little sense us "culling" the foreign aid policy even if it was deemed a bit of a "voter turn off", since we may rely on it being abolished in order to enact other things and explain how we would manage to uphold our pledges. I think we would therefore have to "sell it" to them, not just drop it.

Now that times are tight, foreign aid reform is looking much more feasible in terms of support than the policy might have previously received even a decade ago. In fact, it is looking that the pendulum has swung overwhelmingly our way and people are toughening up their stances in society.

However, there are still many people out there who perhaps 'hate' us for our policies of stopping foreign aid. They see it as our "racism" and our "callousness" to poor Africans, a "selfish" act that is "beyond the pale of humanity". 

But we know it is much more complex than that, and our policies should be able to be explained as to why it is good for us - and in the long term, better for them in Africa - if other things were done instead of aid.

I think we are failing to do this kind of explanation work, and thus remaining "misunderstood". The same can be said for a lot of policies that are perhaps even more controversial. 

The tide has turned on foriegn aid since I first got into nationalism, there is nothing to say other transformations of public's desires will not also manifest themselves in the future.

Likewise with forced deportation of criminals. Just saying "kick them all out" - is not really good enough. You have to "sell it" and make people see sense in it if you want them to actively support us. 

You have to explain how it would be done, where they would be sent, how the recieving country could be forced to take them back, etc. This could then give peope a justification, which they could then use themselves when speaking to others.

For us, it has the added benefit of removing whole swathes of foreigners from our shore and thus reduces our future demographic displacement. It is indeed a bit of a priority measure for us nationalists, and for those reasons I would not want to see it dropped. 

For the general public though, it helps establish what is expected behaviour in order to be part of our nation, sets a standard, makes the streets of this country safer, the nation better to live in, and saves us vast sums of money trying to deal with these people (and the "issues" claimed to surround and "explain" their activities - like the recent rioting). 

If they are of foreign born origin, they should be stripped of their citizenship - which of course is not a "right" but a privilege - and we need people to start to comprehend these principles again and feel justified in standing by them. 

I would preferably send criminal descendants of immigrant stock out of the country too - but of course, "first things first". That may indeed be a 'sacred cow' too far, and as such the forced deportation of foreign criminals is already a 'pragmatic' position to take for some of us.

Saying "Kick out the criminals!", "Ban the Koran!", "Stop building mosques!" - is not enough though, either way. It is simplistic sloganeering (and perhaps populist pitch-fork jabbing aimed at people who are already in rough agreement with us) but it is not enough to win a debate or gain trust that there is depth and reason to our policies and standpoints. 

If we are not articulating ourselves well enough, it should come as no suprise to us when the vast majority of everyday people do not suddenly jump out of their seat and support us.

Policies which perhaps do not matter too much in terms of priority, are the finer elements of societal order that are more orientated around a situation in which we have already achieved most of the other aims. There is no point jabbing those things into people's faces and discussing the feasibility of them whilst Rome burns - but I think there is a difference to be had between an order of priority that we ought to be working through, and that of abandoning them altogether.

There is also no point having idiotic policies like "Ban Mosque Building" or whatever if we can do nothing to stem the demographics of Muslims entering and expanding Britain. Like the recent "Ban Jeans" article on BNPideas, it is the wrong focus and will not make the problems go away. 

We should be getting the focus right and putting things in their correct order. The same goes for "Britain First" - where it is a complete waste of time "protecting Christian heritage" if they do nothing to stop Turkey joining the EU and millions of Turks arriving here.

I think it is our job to properly explain ourselves and put each and every concept and policy position into its proper context. If people do not understand our positions and why we may hold some of them, they are hardly likely to make an informed judgement on why we have those positions. 

If they cannot see any sense in it, then they will see no sense in us. It is often that simple. This is where I think we have been failing for the last 30 years, alongside the quagmire of nationalist culture we have been trapped in as a movement during this time.

I think it is also a misnomer to suggest that the majority of people are fiercely objecting to what we are saying, even on some of the "trickier" subject matters.

A few years ago, Sky News did a poll of British National Party policies and I think it was somewhere in the region of 80% of the public that supported them. This was because they did not know they were "BNP policies" from the so called "far right". When they were later told whose policies they were, the support for them dropped something like 15-20%. Even so, it was still a substantial amount of people - considering that Conservatives and Labour have achieved office with much less support.

The problem is perhaps the image we have had attributed to us and the image that some nationalists have sadly created for ourselves - not always the policies we have.

In my opinion, the majority of people do not actually know what the real nationalist positions are, and in the example of the BNP, they will not really have a clue what they stand for other than what the newspapers tell them they stand for - and the "reputation" that often gets stated as our policy when it isn't, such as "banning black players from football" or whatever else.

Another recent poll in 2010 for YouGov found that around 72% of people (out of around 1,100 anonymously polled) stated that it would be a "bad thing" if the indigenous population was made into a minority. Around 52% of those 72% "strongly" felt it would be a bad thing. Only 2% said it would be a "good thing" - and no surprises which kind of people said that. The remainder were of no solid opinion or position either way. 

This is surely what we have to capture and tap into- not run away from and help reinforce the notion that it is only "culture" that matters.

So even on the matter of race, ethnicity, demographics, perhaps people are not always THAT dislocated from our positions. 

What they perhaps fail to have, are the facts, the insight, the clear opinions, the skills to think about it from outside the general discourse of society, the skills to defend those views articulately and the skills to dislocate their inner desires and apprehensions from their day to day interactions with work colleagues and such of immigrant stock. 

Emotional blackmail and the "Acsh test conformity" programming etc is conflicting with their inner dismay at what is transpiring as a whole.

I think that they fail to understand exactly what is coming, what the real state of play is - and what it will look like in terms of a collapse of civilisation. I think that they are not in tune to the subtle "race realism" of their own behaviour, and are hemmed in to the current political and cultural hegemony whilst at the same time not liking what is happening as a whole. 

They seem a bit schizophrenic - in the one hand trying to uphold "good behaviour" and upholding the "right opinions"  - and on the other hand, they consistently desire strict immigration rules and do not like the idea of being made minorities.

Whilst I do not believe there is a vast army of secret nationalist supporters out there who are desiring all of what we desire, all ready to "rise up" and "reclaim the country" etc.....I do think that there is greater potential out there than what we have managed thus far - with all the current policies and principles as espoused by the British National Party (for the main example) remaining pretty much intact.

I think it up to us to pull our socks up, better articulate ourselves, keep things clean and tidy, avoid over the top rhetoric and commentary that turns people off or makes us look utterly crazy. Andrew Brons's BNPideas website is a good example of discussing and explaining the ideas and concepts of nationalism and why we take those positions.

Simply moaning about immigration and having blustering outrage and condemnation of "the elite" (often such venomous rhetoric that jabs into the general public's eyeballs like skewers) is not really going to help us win people over to our argument and standpoints - in my opinion. 

Nor is a daily diet of vilifying everything going on - without explaining why we find it so abhorrent to us. We should not take it for granted that the readers of the party political website automatically feel the same way we do or realise why we are saying what we do.

If it just looks like "bashing immigrants" or "'bashing multiculturalism" or "bashing Islam" etc for the "sake of it" - because we are "racists" who have "no real reason" for this focus we have, and are thus acting on "ignorance" and issuing a "scapegoat" etc...then surely we are losing a battle from the outset. 

Is the party platform for ourselves to talk to ourselves and whip ourselves up into a frenzy - or is it there to win over more support from those who are not yet nationalists but feel there is something sadly wrong with what is happening? We should be deciding these things.

There are many ways in which we are failing to win this battle, so I think dropping core values is perhaps a pretty shoddy solution to pin our hopes and aspirations onto. We have to reform a lot of other things first, because if we do not, we sill still not be taken seriously.

I think we must fix ourselves and the whole attitude and approach of the nationalist movement first, each and every one of us, before things can get better. A leader, a group, or a party can only do so much. They rely on all of us to behave, to be on target, be good ambassadors for our policies and viewpoints.

We are therefore nowhere near where we need to be, in all sorts of ways. 

I would prefer we worked smarter, had more focus, more restraint on our discourse and conduct, filtered and reduced our blustering rhetoric and properly mapped out some milestones to achieve, before we unnecessarily cull more sacred cows than a foot and mouth epidemic.


  1. The BNP have been infiltrated. How do I know, well, it's obvious to see when policies are drastically changed to become more mainstream friendly in order to attract voters.

    The BNP is already dead. It just hasn't accepted the facts yet. It's like cave troll that dies in Lord of the Rings -delayed death reaction.

    I'm not saying this because I dislike the BNP, as you know I've moved from conservative to nationalist, to Libertarian nationalist, to libertarian and eventually to anarchist, I'm saying this because it's simple fact. People do not realise that as the cities grow bigger with immigrants and the indigenous leave more and more to Europe, the USA, Canada and Australasia will mean a reduction in indigenous, increase in non indigenous and the situation where we know the Turkeys (immigrants) most certainly won't be voting for Christmas (BNP).

    People are oblivious to this simple fact. Subversion of the UK already happened back in the 50's & 60's. You cannot change what is. You've said it yourself that you disagree with the interracial marriage and mixing as it's an individual freedom, also correctly stating that there is liberty within nationalism, yet our controllers knew this overwhelmingly - flood the UK with non indigenous and let reality take its course.

    The British indigenous (Celtic, Germanic, Roman) are singing their swan song. Globalism will eventually create a world melting pot of all races, apart from the elites that is, who will be a separate race to all the rest and hence why they will be revered in the future. We will all then be the same and they will be different. Difference brings uniqueness.

    The minute you implement draconian measures in your manifesto is when you lose even more people to your cause and yet the only way to stop the demolition of the indigenous European Caucasian people is to remove non indigenous and stop migration altogether. However this is an unattainable solution. It simply will never happen because thanks to subversion the indigenous will not allow this, even though it will mean their inevitable destruction, simply because they've been indoctrinated and brainwashed.

    So IBN, it's futile to go down the road with the BNP. They're dodos on a delayed death spasm. What is no longer is and we cannot turn back the clock. My advice to you is to live out your life and enjoy what time you have left, for asking questions continuously and thinking of ways to stop the oncoming tsunami is a pointless waste of time. You're young, find someone to love and move away. Find some happiness in what's left of your life. If you must join a cause then join a realistic one like defeating the NWO, but for crying out loud IBN, nationalism is dead, as much as I hate to say it and banging your head against the wall, trying to find solutions will only result in a sore head.



  2. Harbinger, firstly I must thank you for your replies. I am grateful that you take the time to read them and the time to respond to them. It is often a pleasure to have your company and your input.

    I guess you must think that you are talking to the wall sometimes though! Perhaps you are losing patience with my endless bleating. I wouldn't blame you.

    The thing is, I know exactly what you are saying and maybe in the last two years I have been forced to come the conclusions you cite.

    As you know, it is not a pleasant experience to be be left with no hope at all, so perhaps in some ways I am still eking out the process of mourning for what has passed away.

    I think I have a few things I need to get done first before I ever "wind down" totally.

    I have been a nationalist for a long time now, 11 years or so altogether, and I think I need time to sort myself out and work my way through it.

    It has been such a vast and defining part of my life. I have lived and breathed it every day like an obsession. Stopping is proving hard, especially where there are ever more events and actions occurring to drag you back in.

    When it comes to this blog, I suppose I am still "playing the game" with it Harbinger even though I am aware we may well have lost the hand of cards.

    It is therefore not always what it may seem and I would not wish you to take it literally at all times because it is perhaps now more of a tool aimed at winning over arguments, winning people on side and protecting the kinds of ethos I associate with my nationalist positions.

    I do not know how wise it is to discourage everybody and tell them it is all futile - even though I may be drawing those conclusions myself. So perhaps I keep it ticking over in the hope that a general push will achieve something overall. I don't really know any more.

    This means that deep down, I know we are finished, I knew the BNP was never a solution before I even opened this blog, that major political wins were never going to happen to "save the day", and that the BNP is now completely on it's arse even more than it was before!

  3. Cont'd

    I also realise now that it could have been controlled opposition all along. Such a thing would previously not occurred to me before I opened up a few more of those alice-in-wonderland doors.

    When people poke my buttons though, riding roughshod over my ideals and insulting what I stand for (such as some of the reformists in this case) I still cannot bide to have my say and express what I think should be done - in an ideal world.

    Its perhaps a compulsion, like a sufferer of OCD lol.

    Perhaps I still yearn to express myself at some things going on, needing to get it out of my system.

    Perhaps I need to justify my thoughts to myself and tell myself I am the sane one on the right path in a society that no longer reflects my nature.

    Perhaps I need to feel understood and feel like I am bolstering others into at least trying to stand up or be aware of things.

    I don't known what it is, but something niggles at me deep down that means I cannot just roll over and die just yet.

    I hear a lot about how bad things are, how it is all stacked against us, that nationalism is dead and so on and so forth - that if anything, we need to deal with the NWO.

    You say it yourself when you say "join a realistic one like defeating the NWO" - and so do many others in some of the more cerebral and boundary pushing blog sites.

    We hear a lot about how it happened, what has happened, who might be responsible and why they might have done it - but what I never hear is how to try stop it, what is going to be the next logical step and how we can do something to avert it before it happens.

    As I say, I do not think it can be done any more, I think you are going to be right, but whilst I wind down and get my life priorities right I would rather be encouraging people to try and do something rather than nothing.

    Many people are much more learned and experienced in these matters than I am. I am just a "middle man". It perhaps needs people who excel at their game to try and give us something, give us something to work with.

    They know the structures and the concepts, they are smart enough to realise what is going on and how it works - but why is nobody smart enough to counter it?

    There must be something we can be doing to poke some sticks in the spokes even though it may not throw the project completely off the bike? Surely.

  4. Cont'd

    We have to live in this life and the effects "it" has around us. We are not detached from its evolution, no matter where we go. If nothing else we need to know how to minimise the effects and how best to navigate through problems they are causing for us.

    My only answer is perhaps steering and mobilising people into agreeing with us, supporting the tools available to us even if they are flawed individually, explaining ourselves, explaining what we think is going on, standing up for what we believe in...etc.

    This is not to say I think it is feasible to win or have us return to some heyday as a nation though.

    In the back of my mind, I also ask myself how can I move on with my life, settle into suburbia, get a wife and have kids - when I will be torturing myself that those kids will probably suffer a terrible fate, when I know that through inaction to get some plan sorted out my own prospects might not be that rosy, that things are going to degenerate and degenerate.

    Will it ever be possible to switch off entirely when the world keeps on turning like it is?.

    All sorts of questions and issues arise, which also give me headaches.

    Unrepentant his given up his site and given up much of his activism, but he still remains interested and watchful of the situation. I feel that I am on a journey at the moment of "change" myself and may one day follow suit.

    That I continue to go around and around in the same circles must frustrate the hell out of you Harbinger! I can certainly appreciate that.

    There will be a part 2 to this article, I have already written it on another site a few weeks ago.....but keep in mind that I have set aside what this blog is for and that I am not necessarily angry or as frustrated as I used to be.

    Again, thanks for your reply, they are always welcome.

  5. It's always a pleasure to read your articles IBN. You write thoughtfully and it's obvious there is no hatred in your heart for anyone and you wish no ill will on other races. It's overwhelmingly obvious that you just wish the freedom and liberty and continuation of your race and culture in your OWN land. I feel exactly the same. It's logic that you speak of most of the time. The only way to promote our race is to make sure that there isn't a mass intermixing with others (which will happen as more and more immigrants arrive) and that the number of immigrants from other lands is always kept at a bare minimum of the overall population. Something around 5% would be plausible.

    Although I have two mixed race children of my own and not growing up with them, I am part of the problem within society. Whichever way you look at it, it's innocent racial genocide. How can I say to others that they shouldn't mix inter-racially when I have? That would be hypocrisy to say the least. It is a hard part of my life to accept for had I known then, what I do now, I'd have never left Scotland and moved into the shithole known as London. I also would not be in the position of growing up not knowing my children either for they would not exist.

    Mongrelization of the races also what the 'powers that be' desire. The rebuilding of the Tower of Babel is very much the agenda. I just wonder who will be Nimrod? My guess is someone within the Saxe Cohburg Gotha Royal Family. Why? Well I'm beginning to realise that they may very well be Ashkenazi Zionists and related to the Khazars of old. The rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon on Temple Mount in Jerusalem is their plan and my guess is, Prince William may very well be Nimrod. Again this is traveling down the rabbit hole information. You should also realise that the Queen is very much part of the Agenda, an incredibly powerful woman, own 1/6th of the world's landmass I believe and has failed the people as well as committed treason. She has broken her coronation oath many times over.

    Of late I became involved in a debate with the blogger Old Holborn, running rings around his arguments and proving his hypocrisy. He states he is of the no borders belief libertarianism, loathes nationalism, yet believes himself to be English and the silly old fool can't see the disconnect. In fact have a read for yourself (click here)
    The fuckwit calls himself a libertarian and yet has banned me from writing anymore comments, because I smashed any argument he came out with. Old Holborn is the epitome of the socialism that's infested the libertarian movement of late. And he's got the audacity to call himself right wing. It's called indoctrination, while the old prick parades around in his V costume, promoting liberty. LOL

  6. (cont)

    If you choose to call yourself English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, German, Italian whatever, it means you believe in borders. It more importantly means you believe in nationality. Some people are simply unable to fathom that simple fact. Old Holborn is one. The demonization against nationalism is exactly what the elites want because it means the breakup of cultures and people freedoms. Old Holborn is therefore (and there are many like him) a fox inside the chicken coup. He's promoting the very thing the powers that be want and smashing the libertarian ideology into pieces. They're rewriting libertarianism. It's why I no longer am one. I no longer belong to the Libertarian party, not that it would have done any good in the first place.

    The more you travel down the rabbit hole IBN, the more you see what's really going on and I'll tell you, it stinks to high heaven. The control that's being (and already been) implemented upon all is horrific to say the least.
    I wrapped up my blog because I again was changing in my philosophy. I had moved from the anti Islam, into the anti Judaism (Zionism) and have now moved into another angle altogether, although I do realise the danger of Islamisation and Zionism, with the latter being a very big problem, far bigger than Islam could ever be.
    You'll stop when you feel the time is right, as UBN obviously has as well. We enjoy writing. That's why we do it, but you can only say so much without eventually realising what's the point. Remember that it's good to air your grievances and try and educate people, but your sanity is far more important than anything else in this world. Lose it and you lose your will to live. It's why, although I do write here and there, I took up martial arts again and getting out into the countryside. My buddies in London to miss me, but I've told them it's a shithole and I'm unlikely to go back, not just because it's a shithole but because I'm not paying £1k a month to live in some shitty bedsit as a council/housing association flat for white people is a pipe dream. Then there's the immigrants, the smells, the dirtiness, the overcrowding, the costs and the aggression and violence. And no need to speak about the latter eh?

    You say:

    "We hear a lot about how it happened, what has happened, who might be responsible and why they might have done it - but what I never hear is how to try stop it, what is going to be the next logical step and how we can do something to avert it before it happens."

    This is indeed true but then you also must realise why nothing is really said in how to stop the NWO.

  7. (cont)

    Firstly if we do discuss how to defeat the NWO, then we give our enemies our battleplan, which as you know is not a good idea.
    Secondly we also set ourselves up as targets for the elites to take us out either permanently (Diana, David Kelly, Murdoch whistle blowers etc etc), through some trumped up false charge of arrest and imprisonment (Norman Scarth for example and John Anthony Hill) or through internment in Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) which is simply one being sectioned without the necessary papers. We effectively become an enemy of the state and guaranteed, the MSM will have a field day, digging into our pasts and doing what they're there for and best at - bullshitting and printing lies to brainwash and indoctrinate the ever growing ignorant public.

    So you realise why you won't see any website that will give 'specific' ways in defeating the NWO. I have many ways and no doubt many in the truth movement do, but you won't see them discussing it openly on the internet, on the telephone or through phone text. All that is monitored and you make yourself a sitting duck.

    However, I will say that what the NWO/the powers that be/the elites/the illuminati etc etc is, is the system and if you want to defeat them you have to DISMANTLE the system.
    Were I to ask you, what's the best way to stop a car from running? Sure, some will say, take off the tires. Others will say, remove the spark plugs. Both good suggestions, but the simplest way to stop the car from moving is to not fill it up with petrol/diesel.
    The system was created by the elites to control. It was (is still being) built by the people. It is staffed by the people. It is also protected by the people. This is the problem. So to dismantle it all one has to do is see what makes the system run? What is the system's juice? Well, it's easy - MONEY! Therefore some of the easiest ways to bring the house of cards crashing down is the following:

    1. Remove/don't put any money in the banks. Let them crash.
    2. Stop paying council taxes and eventually taxes altogether. Sure people will be arrested and tried but when everyone does it, they'll have to stop, because there won't be the prisons to hold them and they'll have to release those already in.
    3. Throw away the TV. Stop listening to the radio. Put Hollywood in the bin and start reading the plans of the elite. Yes they're written down in many books. End the addiction of the MSM and don't give it the freedom to brainwash and indoctrinate.
    4. Take your children out of school and homeschool them.
    5. Start growing your own food and get involved with others to create natural food communities, thereby ending the food control of the corporations like Monsanto. You also stop the shite going into your bodies. The elite eat organic food. Do you ever wonder why?

  8. (cont)

    6. Stop voting and supporting political parties and I mean all. This is the face of the system. Politicians are nothing but lobbyists for corporations. They work for the banks. They will never and have never listened to the people and everything they do, every legislation they put into place is there to the destriment of the people. Does Griffin really care about his people? He's in the bloody EU parliament, making his millions ffS! Regardless, he's ok, whatever happens but what about the people? Him being in the EU is like pissing against a waterfall. Totally and utterly pointless. He's there to make money and play the game.
    7. Don't join the armed forces or the police.
    8. Stop taking vaccinations and medicine as I truly believe this is causing the problems and diseases in life, or acting as a trigger for certain chemicals in our foodstuffs from spraying.
    9. Start educating yourself on reality and read more. Know thy enemy as Tsun Tsu said.
    10. PMA - Positive Mental Attitude. I believe much of our physical ailments (refer also to point 8) are due to state of mind. Think positively about life and think about what you can do to better not just your own life but others around you.

    These are things that can be done to dislmantle the system. If you want liberty and above all freedom, you'll have to be prepared to make sacrifices. We should also start preparing ourselves for the future. We should understand how to work the land and learn good animal husbandry. We should learn how to defend ourselves physically and mentally. We must realise also that the more we dismantle the system the more tptb will attack us. We must also be prepared for massive loss of life, biological weapon attacks upon us, martial law and armed struggle and conflict. We must realise above all that the system will do whatever it must to protect and sustain itself.

    The first part to doing all of this is knowledge. Our elites use knowledge as their weapon and they have purposefully, throughout time kept it hidden from us. We must fight knowledge with knowledge and expose the elites for what they are - psychopaths who believe that the end justifies the means. And they will kill 95% of the planet's populous in order to achieve that end.

    This is the reality IBN.

    All the best


  9. Thanks again Harbinger for expanding upon things we have been discussing.

    Of course, I should have appreciated the notion that we should not be revealing all our hands and perhaps that is why we do not ever see a blow by blow strategy of how to subvert the process.

    I will try and take on board some of what you have suggested though. Some of it may fit well in to place as part of my semi-removal and semi-detachment from nationalism.

    I used to be into music - both buying vinyl (I have around 6,500 12" dance music records) and trying to make it myself using Cubase, synthesizers and so forth.

    Much of that has gone for a Burton in the last decade and I might try and set a bit of time aside to focus on that rather than the usual subjects. I only played by ear, so I suspect trying to play that keyboard again will take me quite some time!

    But not only that, I think I need to get fitter, get more active, learn to grow things, find that illusive house I need to get bought, pull my finger out and make more effort with the opposite sex (lol), learn how to handle myself a bit better in confrontation situations (as I know I would go down like a sack of spuds at the moment), and I have about 7 books I bought three years ago that I have yet to read.

    There is much to do. In fact, it is astonishing I have managed to waste so much of my time on 'nationalism' over the years. It has come at a price - the price being my life and my youth. But, it has not all being for nothing, life is a journey and we travel through different stages of it I think.

    I have reduced my TV watching by about 85% already. It has been a gradual and natural process over the years, but a determined and conscious effort over the last 8 months or so.

    I have to admit that in the last 15% I do allow myself the occasional film, the occasional documentary and when the occasional news grabbing stuff comes along that I feel is good for the cause or usable, I watch the news. But the latter is very minimal now. In fact, all of them are very minimal.

    When I use the MSM, I try and use it for my own purposes and cause - but I know what you mean, it is often folly to get sucked in to the daily bilge presented as news and 'fact'. If something can be stitched together to promote the cause, if something comes up I think we can maximise on and explain things with, I will tend to use it. The agenda is all there in the open, but scattered far and wide.

    I do not believe I can entirely detach myself from everything though, I feel I have to be at least somewhat aware of current affairs - and when it comes to films, I am now much more picky regarding what I watch - and for similar reasons. Sometimes I just need to kick back and live some life with the remaining few friends I have still around. If anything crops up in them that is obviously part of the agenda, I am at least aware enough to spot it for what it is now.

    I suppose that's where the education part comes in. Now I am aware of much of it, I see it, I see it for what it is, and it does not really have an effect on me. It has nullified the process they have tried to subliminally imbue.

    If more people were made aware of things, it would cease to work on them too. It is not realistic to convert everybody though, I know.

  10. Cont'd

    You really shouldn't beat yourself up over your history. What happened, happened, and it was not a conscious decision made upon views you have since altered.

    If you knew what you knew now and still did it anyway, that would be different I suppose. But that is not how it happened, and you should not judge yourself harshly on it. We cannot live life in retrospect.

    You say that "How can I say to others that they shouldn't mix inter-racially when I have? That would be hypocrisy to say the least.".

    Not necessarily. If you knew me in real life, I think you would come to see that you can still stand up for things you believe in even though you are somehow a product of the system or once of a different opinion.

    I will not say any more about my own situation, but in your situation it would not be hypocrisy - it would be a voice of real life experience standing up for what you have learnt to believe in.

    Either way, I wouldn't beat yourself up over it. I just feel sorry that things worked out they way the did for you and the trouble it has since put you through as an individual.

    When it comes to writing here, being wrapped up in nationalism and various issues, yes, I know what you mean about being wary of it driving you insane. Issues in life, the world, the things you are surrounded by, can make you lose it and yes, it can even make you want to lose the will to carry on.

    I have certainly had to step back a few notches, learn to relax, not drive myself crazy with it, and not open so many alice-in-wonderland doors for the sake of my own sanity and life expectancy! It is a protection mechanism where I can only go so far with things otherwise I know I will no longer what is truth, what is false, what is up, what is down.

    I am already a bit like that, where the great mass of things are piled on the plate like spaghetti and I cannot decide what is what any more. But every now and again I step back, take a grounding, otherwise I may indeed lose the plot or even do something silly with myself! It certainly can get depressing if you let it rule your life.

    The name Old Holborn does ring a bell. There is so much going on, so much to read, I forget who is who and who does what half the time. I have not yet clicked the link - but I will try and have a look shortly.

    By the way, you never answered my old replies from a few months ago - upon whether you were interested in getting much of your Harbingers Journal site back. Perhaps you did not see them - but I may be able to retrieve the majority of it for you, including many of the comments. If you are interested, give me a holler.


  11. Hi IBN,

    I remember that you spoke of being into music in the past. Likewise, I was too, as you may recall and had a good future in London, but got out simply because I loathed the industry as I didn't have what it took to remain - NPD and an ego. I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist and like you have recorded on Cubase and whatnot. Have a read of the following by the way regarding the NWO:


    It's a good article.
    I have practically stopped reading all MSM. I no longer watch any TV or listen to the radio (MS that is). In fact I learned of the riots via a blog. LOL
    By all means, watch what you enjoy but look at it from a producer's point of view. That is, don't get dragged into the predictive programming element. Look and see what the message is that's trying to be brainwashed into the viewer. I have quite a lot of downloads of past great TV shows and films. Many of the older ones, especially from the 70's and before really give a good insight into what the plans of the NWO are. It's also good to get back to reading as well.

    I know you say 'Don't beat yourself up over your history' but it's really hard not to. I'm still attracted to black women but because I'm honest I couldn't live with them (have a relationship) when I feel the way I do. Of course the attraction is purely a physical one, which I know will disappear in time, through proper understanding of reality. There's no hatred, most certainly not, but I couldn't be close to someone, knowing what I've written, which they would find offensive to their race overwhelmingly. It wasn't a case of go home to your own lands, as I never wrote that, but it is a case that I don't want to see my race disappear and many blacks see that as white supremacy, which of course it most certainly isn't, even though were I to say we should destroy the black race they'd be horrified. They fail to see the disconnect in their logic.

    I've always written articles that scrape the nerve. It's my honesty and that's why it's a problem to date black women. There is anger at the growing numbers in the UK. There's even more anger at their 'adopting' of being English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh, when they fail to see that's an impossibility. In fact I had a debate with a civic nationalist and told him that his belief was destroying the nationalist movement and he still failed to see this, believing that there's nothing wrong with non indigenous who want to live here and accept our culture as their own, which it isn't. He doesn't see the end result, when whites are the minority, having had their society stolen by people who have no right to claim it theirs.


  12. In the past, I wouldn't really have bothered so much. Had it not been for my traversing down the rabbit hole, seeing that migration is not natural but infact a plan by the elites to destroy culture and race, it's what really turned around my thinking. I realise that this was not natural but part of a huge agenda. It quite frankly disgusted me. And here's the rub, I'd have done exactly the same had I found out that the same was going on in Africa or China, which of course one day it will.

    Not growing up or knowing your children is a hard thing to do, but after the first time, I shut myself off. I never was a father to my first child and my second is exactly the same. In doing so you do end up destroying more of your compassion and empathy within by your defenses do grow. I cannot be a part time dad. It's either all or nothing and I feel no remorse with my actions, knowing fully that I was not responsible for the end of the families and did my best to keep them together. It's their mother's cross to bear now and should they wish to speak in the future (the children) that's their prerogative to do so. I don't do the broken family bollox that much of society is forced to do. I stopped hitting myself over the past a while back. It wasn't me who stopped being a father as said, but you can't guide a child when you're not there to guide. I don't love the mothers, but then again I don't hate them either. There is simply no emotion there for them. There was anger to my last x, for a good while as she knew how much the situation with my first child destroyed me and yet she did it all over again? That I can never forgive, nor forget.
    I'm stubborn, but it's a defense mechanism. I hope you don't experience what I have. I mean that. In fact I hope no one does, although I know they will, especially in our matriarchy we live in today.

    As regards to the blog, thanks for that, but another blogger sent me a copy of it and it's on my computer. I was touched that others should save it, to say the least and I have thought of starting up again, but I will stress the word thought.

    I think you know what to do IBN. You're far from stupid and you know that. It's just a case of understanding the bigger picture and not pointing the finger of blame at the usual MSM promoted subjects.
    Most of what the average Joe understands is a lie. Hopefully one day they'll wake up.