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The Way The Cookie Crumbles

This is article follows on from the last one, with a few links to news items in our mainstream press that have been published in the last 7 days or so. I am sure I could write extensively about the scenario and the situation, pulling a couple of hundred examples of similar things from my material archive - but I am not sure there is any point in doing that.

In the last article, I ended it by discussing the slow and creeping nature of our demise which is a process much like the often cited 'frog in hot water' situation - where we sit, and sit, as the temperature rises, oblivious as to what is coming.....and then, within a very short period of time, we find we are unable to escape and unable to get out of the boiling pan and thus suffer a terrible fate.

People who are in opposition to us (and I mean White people here, because I am not particularly interested in selfish non-white protestation at my views, seeing as a turkey is never going to desire Christmas) may think that what we say will not happen, that there is nothing to worry about, that things will carry on as they are now just a little different in complexion, and the idea that we are being "taken over" and colonised is ludicrous.

Some may just not care, some may just be in ideological protestation (no matter how ridiculously short sighted we see that position), but I suspect a vast majority of people are oppositional because they know no better, are not interested, cannot see far enough ahead or have not even begun to see where we are coming from. 

I think the latter will awake from their slumber too late - like the frog in the pan - whilst those in the middle who suggest it will not happen, that it is "scaremongering", etc will continue to accept and accept and accept the little stepping stones that get us to our sad and final destination. 

They explain things away, try and put them into "context", minimise them and prop them up one at a time with the usual social and political discourse of "well, why shouldn't it happen?".  They often refute that we are going to be wiped out, but perhaps fail to realise that the process is already happening. 

Some tend to refute it and ridicule the notion of it, but are disingenuous because deep down they actually do not care or are oppositional in viewpoint to ourselves - and thus attempt to undermine our message and undermine our arguments in order to pacify the gullible reader into going back to sleep.

I am not sure about what some newer nationalists think and feel, nor the more "patriotic" minded folk in our societies either. How do they expect things to roll out? Do they think a day will come when it is announced? Do they think some war will happen after a declaration by our invading hordes that they desire to "take over"? That some 'event' or 'situation' will break the camels back or be the last straw on the donkey? I do not know. Maybe they are like me and think that things will just slide away quietly.

Via living in my area, I get to see first hand how things change. It is a slow and agonising death, where the years slip by and gradually, hardly noticed day by day, things change. Streets get eaten up by demographics house by house. School intakes change pupil by pupil, class by class, year by year until the whole class is ethnic, the whole year is ethnic, the whole school is ethnic.  

Churches dwindle, buildings of all kinds get demolished or change hands, shops are run by ethnic minorities until the point you cannot find anything else. Mosques go up, small ones, then medium ones, then large ones, all in use at the same time. Pubs close, working mens clubs are turned into Islamic Girls schools, there is nowhere to eat or buy food 'on the go' other than Chinese Takeaways and Kebab/Pizza houses owned by Asian/Pakistani's. 

Radio station broadcasting changes, you hear special slots for Ramadan or other cultural groups, you hear their records and influence creeping into daily shows too. Not just black R&B of the "JLS" pop, but flourishes of Bollywood, interviews with Asian musicians, Asian presenters, or whatever is in your area.  We now have special radio stations for Islam and the call of prayer on local airwaves.

The smell of town changes, from a reassuringly damp and clear English town to a dirtier and spice tinged atmospheric. This is mostly in the evenings, when the row after row of terraces are cooking up curry - and where the street after street of takeaways and spice houses stink the town centre out. 

You remember the greengrocer you used to have down the road when you were a child, the corner shop and the sweet shop, all of them owned by whites. All of them are gone - one by one. The same with butchers and milkmen.  

Whereas once you saw milk floats and little adapted vans for selling and distributing milk and meats and pies to local shops and chippies - now you see deliveries of Halal pies to Asian shops, Halal meat to butchers, and milk vans from "Medina Dairies" with bearded Asian men driving them up and down. 

You see, it is the "same" yet "different". It is like invasion of the body snatchers. 

Drip, by drip, by drip, we get accustomed to it. The children at school are brainwashed to accept it as normal and 'right', then the process carries on to the next stages and also ever spreads out of its current containment area.

Society is changing in other ways all the time too. When I was at junior school, the concept of stabbing somebody or being stabbed was not even on the radar or peoples thoughts. You would not think about it or even think something so nasty could ever happen. Sex is what older people did, and you certainly did not aspire to have it as soon as possible -or at least I didn't and nor did those I went to school with. 

It seems that all that has changed, society has got to be coarser, more depraved, the safe and secure innocence has had to be lost. 

It seems that secondary schools are beds of propaganda and cultural brainwashing - whether it be race relations, religious studies, history, social affairs like relationships, environmentalism. It is usually nothing 'overt' and obvious - but a gentle push, push, push that "frames" the mind to mirror the goals and aspirations of those who set the agenda.

The Church has changed, from values and morality to acceptance of sin and immorality - from fire, brimstone and damnation to a cultural free-for all driven by social Marxism (or whatever better description there may be). The Church has purposefully been infiltrated, marginalised, transformed from within. Whether it be accepting 'gay marriage' to statements of there "not being enough Black clergy" - it has changed, for the worse. 

Churches are emptying and have been for a long time. Only immigrants, often Black or Polish I suspect, are propping up the faith. The rest of us only go there for births, marriages and death - or to sneak/fake our children into the local school.

Areas change, places change, the landscape changes. Not overnight, but month my month, year by year. You begin to forget what was there previously. When giving directions, you catch yourself saying "yeah, it is down there, past the halal butchers, down the next right past the Mosque, left at the Chinese takeaway and it is about half way down the block next to the Sari shop". 

Does that sound like Britain to you? Yet for each shop that opens, each takeaway, each mosque....there is no outrage, no is just "what is your problem?!" "Why shouldn't there be one?" "It is only one! It isn't the end of the world!".......and so on and so forth. 

Eventually, you are engulfed by it. It is too late!

Here are the promised links, hopefully they will be seen in their context, think of this article and (if you don't already) see how the cookie is crumbling the length and breadth of this land. See how things are accepted, how the established society deals with it, how it is covered.....and see what to expect when it comes to your own area, should you be fortunate enough to live well away from this process. It WILL come. 

My  highlighting in red:

Nick-Baines - Dutifully accepting our ethnocide and colonisation

Christians should learn how to be a 'minority' from Muslims, bishop says

Christians should learn from Muslims how to exist as a “minority” culture in British cities that are increasingly dominated by immigrant communities, a Church of England bishop has said.

The Rt Rev Nick Baines, the Bishop of Bradford, said some parishes in his diocese were 95% Muslim but that this should not be seen as “a problem”.

“This is a fantastic opportunity,” he told the General Synod, the Church of England’s national assembly, in York.

“It is a challenge, yes, but it’s an opportunity to rethink what it means to be a Christian community. We often ask Muslims to learn what it is to be a Muslim as a minority culture.

“Maybe we could benefit from learning some of the same lessons in some of our cities.” His comments came as Church leaders at the assembly were warned that Britain's increasingly diverse society could undermine the position of the Church of England as the “established” faith of the nation.

In some communities, Anglicans have become “beleaguered” because Christians are so outnumbered by members of other faiths, according to a report presented to the Synod yesterday.

However, synod members recognised that the Church needed to adapt to Britain’s increasingly diverse society and backed moves to recruit more ethnic minority candidates to leaderships positions such as bishops.

They voted overwhelmingly in favour of a plan to tackle the Church’s “pale, male and stale” image by using methods that have been described as “favouritism” and “positive discrimination”.

The move came after a report by the Venerable Daniel Kajumba, Archdeacon of Reigate, showed only 1.1% of bishops, archdeacons and cathedral deans posts are filled by ethnic minority candidates.

The four ethnic minority clergy in these roles are Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, the Rt Rev David Hamid, Suffragan Bishop of Europe, The Very Rev Rogers Govender, Dean of Manchester Cathedral, and himself in his post as Archdeacon of Reigate, he said.

This was in spite of congregations of up to 90% ethnic minorities in inner cities, and a growing proportion of ethnic minority worshippers in rural and suburban areas.

Schools full of 'enrichers' learn how to cope with their enrichment
Hackney pupils learn about stab wounds in first aid course
Hackney pupils had a crash course in how to deal with stab wounds last week, in an Emergency First Aid on the Street course.

Eight paramedics from the London Air Ambulance education team worked with the 14 and 15-year olds from the Petchey Academy in Shacklewell Lane on real life scenarios and life saving techniques.

Assistant Vice Principal Fiona Hattersley-Smith said: “It was brilliant, they thoroughly enjoyed it. We’ve always educated all our year 7s in first aid, but many of them do want to go into medicine in future and they have honed their skills.”

The school trialled the programme conceived by social enterprise LIFE - set up by paramedic James Rouse and lecturer Matthew Lane - which could be rolled out across London, with endorsement from London Mayor Boris Johnson.

England's changing street names: goodbye Acacia Avenue, welcome to Yoga Way

A survey of new street names shows they are increasingly being chosen to reflect councils' interests in the environment, health and safety, and diversity.

"New age" ideas are also influencing the naming of roads such as Karma Way or Yoga Way. Other streets are being given names which reflect Britain's increasingly multicultural society.

Experts said that local authorities were doing the same thing the Romans did 2,000 years {ago}: using names which reflected the nature of society around them.

Dr David Green, a geographer from King's College London, said: "Street names reflect modern culture and society and preoccupations. They now also show a worldwide influence."


Samsara Road, in Bromsgrove, and Karma Way, in Harrow, north London, both use phrases from Indian religions, dealing with concepts of reincarnation and cause and effect, respectively, which have become popular elements of "new age" western thinking.

Then there is Yoga Way, in Sutton, south London. In Brent, however, councillors chose the financial over the spiritual, calling one street Euro Close.

Among the new names which reflect Britain's multicultural society are Masjid Lane, in Tower Hamlets, east London, which uses the Arabic term for mosque. In Lewisham, south London, a development has been named Khadija Walk, using the name of the prophet Mohammed's first wife, the first person after him to convert to Islam.

In Oldham, there is an Allama Iqbal Road, named after Sir Muhammad Iqbal, the early twentieth century poet and politician from British India, who was a strong proponent of the political and spiritual revival of Islamic civilisation.

A nearby street is called Jinnah Close, after Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of the modern state of Pakistan. Neither man was noted for his close links to the Lancashire town, although the area does have a large Asian population.

There is also a Jinnah Road, leading to a mosque and a B&Q hardware store, in Redditch, Worcestershire, and a Jinnah Court in Bradford, which also has a Qureshi View and a Kinara Close, using an Urdu word meaning “at the water’s edge”.

In Peterborough, Salaam Court uses the Arabic word for peace which is a traditional greeting among Muslims.

Samira Close, in Waltham Forest, and Hussain Close, in Harrow, both use popular Arab names. Jamuna Close, in Tower Hamlets, takes its name from a big river in Bangladesh.

Other recently-named addresses reflect African influences, such as Ashanti Mews, in Hackney, named after a major ethnic group and area of Ghana.
John Wittich, an author who has written about London's street names, said: "Street names are a reflection of society. "The influence of immigration on place names has always been happening and it will go on and on. We've still got streets and places named after the Romans. There were streets named after Jewish immigrants."

Leading black figures past and present are celebrated. Martin Luther King, the American civil rights leader, Mary Seacole, the Jamaican nurse famed for her work during the Crimean War and Julius Nyerere, the first president of Tanzania, now have streets named after them in Huntingdon, Swindon and Islington, north London, respectively.

Desmond Tutu Drive, in Lewisham, south London, honours the South African cleric who helped to bring an end to the apartheid system. Sentamu Close, in Lambeth, is named after Archbishop of York, the Ugandan-born John Sentamu, who was a vicar in south London. Kwesi Mews, in Lambeth, marks Linton Kwesi Johnson, the Jamaican-born dub poet.

In Swindon, council officials have used around 15 Polish terms to provide addresses for new developments in the town, reflecting the rise in immigration by eastern Europeans. Oberek Lane is named after a folk dance and Piernik Close after a kind of gingerbread, while Polonez Court shares its name with a Communist-era car maker.
This is the way the cookie is crumbling folks.

It is NOT going to get any better unless something rather drastic happens where the vast majority of the public come to understand and support us in our justified view that we are losing our country and that it should matter to them.

This is it, the time is now, it is here, it is happening, it is going on, it is changing, we are being marginalised, our country is being transformed and even street names and statues are now rubbing "black power" and "communism" in our faces.

Switch off X-Factor, fold away the paper discussing Jordan's breasts, find out what is going on, support us in solving this and rectifying this situation as calm and peacefully as possible. I hope that something is launched or reinvigorated which will help facilitate this.


  1. Part 1


    First off, thanks for replying to my earlier queries.

    Generally speaking, something's got to give. Cliche, perhaps, but no less true. The evidence is all around. How else could Marxist politicians be forced to say this:

    Of course it's still the old "tell the public what they want to hear and then go back to the status quo once safely re-elected" shtick.

    But, it's coming to the point that the public will demand more than token words and gestures. The economic situation will inevitably worsen, the "Men (Jews) behind the Curtain" and their puppets will over-reach in their attempts to maintain the status quo, and then blood will flow in the streets.

    Ultimately, however, the course of events will be determined by the various characters and circumstances present in all the individual Western Nations. There will be no one-size-fits-all event or situation that will occur in all of our countries in exactly the same fashion, and at the exact same time.

    I forget if I have mentioned this to you before, but if so it bears repeating...

    Population density, I believe, will be a key determinant as to the likelihood of what may be termed a "Nationalist Uprising". The more people there are around you, the more one notices trends in certain members of the population.

    America, being the third largest country in both size and population, is at a disadvantage here.

    While Americans are better armed than the average Euro, we not only invented White Flight, we've turned it into an art form. This is because, even with ~ 310 million people (~ 104 million non-White) we still have a lot of room to run to when the going gets rough. Hence why we still carry on with this multi-cult BS and only quibble about immigration as a question of legal vs illegal. The risk being: by the time enough Whites realize that it's a matter of race-replacement, we will have lost a lot more ground than need be, both militarily and demographically.

  2. Part 2

    Most of Europe, particularly the UK, is a different story.

    Take your country for example:

    The United Kingdom has around 62 million people (officially). But this is in a country only a little bit bigger than the combined area of Arizona and New Mexico. You effectively have 1/4 of the US pop. in under 7% of the land area. When things get crowded, particularly when amongst strangers/invaders, tempers tend to flare.

    And you have three other distinct advantages that immediately come to mind.

    First, unlike with the United States, one can't realistically claim the UK, or any European country for that matter, to be a 'nation of immigrants'. Oh sure, some politicians in the UK and elsewhere have tried that shit, but it doesn't stick. The people instinctively know their ancestors hailed from this land called Europe and that they are the natives.

    Second, the people are waking up while still in a better demographic position vis. percentage of the population. Whites are still better than 4/5 of the population of England alone, probably still 90% in the whole of the UK. With the exception of the Dutch, all of the European Countries are either near or greater than 90% White. The likelihood of these countries maintaining these percentages before and after the future conflicts, is very good IMHO.

    And third, excluding Russia, Greece, and Bulgaria, Europe doesn't have a direct physical connection to a hostile country that can provide safe haven and extra enemy foot soldiers, much less one that shares a border almost two thousand miles long.

    So to sum up, it looks to me like Europe is going to be where the greater war to reclaim the West will begin. The whole continent, from Malta to Norway and from Portugal to Russia, is one giant collection of powder kegs. Sparks are going off everywhere, but none have yet to ignite anything but small pockets of powder. Soon enough though, a spark or two will ignite trail that leads right to a keg. And when one keg explodes, so will others, whether caused by unique sparks of their own or by the explosion of another keg next to them.

    Oh, how I await the day of that first explosion.

    Lawrence of Appalachia

  3. Hi again IBN,

    To follow on from my last reply, you can't change reality. It's an impossible task purely because of the brainwashing and indoctrination within society via the MSM and educational establishments. The subversion of the UK has been a long going process, something that in the past in Russia would have taken twenty years, can now be done in under five.

    The heat is being turned up under us but no one will notice. This is why I ask you IBN, accept it for there is nothing and I MEAN ABSOLUTELY nothing you can do about it. The more you try to do something about the more you will get angrier and angrier. Accept facts that the UK will become more non white and whites will become a minority. This will happen all over Europe and North America. The process will also happen in Africa, with blacks eventually becoming a minority to, I should imagine, the Chinese.

    Once you remove the culture of a people from them and they have no desire to live by it, then that culture is singing its swan song. While in my native Scotland, having thankfully moved out of that shithole megalopolis London, I ask the locals - "What is it that makes you Scottish?" And they say "because I was born here and I've lived here all my life.."
    They are unable to see that being born in a land does not make you of that land, especially when you do not promote that culture. They eat curries and foreign foods. They drink foreign beers in pubs. They listen to foreign pop music and watch foreign films and have no intention of living by their own traditional ways and practices. And yet, they get quite angry when you say this to them. Yet I am correct and I even say to them that I am really no different. I cannot call myself Scottish, like they because I was brought up under a globalist culture, the main culture of life today. I can say the same for you and the overwhelming majority of people around me. The culture that I should have been brought up under I wasn't and I am changing that by learning my history and speaking Gaelic.

    Lastly, I noticed you read Revolution Harry's excellent take on reality and the New World Order, with the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel. He knows what's going on and realises that there's not really anything that can be done. It would take serious draconian measures to take back the UK and turn it into a majority white culture and white populated land, but as I said this won't happen as any attempt to do so would be deemed racist. I know, it's unbelievable that enforcing measures to stop your cultural and racial oblivion deemed so, but this was planned as I've already said. Were some of the journalists, whom Harry quoted had said the same of non whites, they'd be out of a job, blacklisted.

    Our society is a globalist one IBN. Accept that and try not to worry yourself. You can help to educate people, but you don't have enough time to educate all.

    All the best