Sunday, 20 February 2011

A relatively recent joust


I have not published much on the blog site lately. 

This is partially because I have been busily writing in the 'draft' facility over the last few days, with something pertaining to my 'outsiders' view to the recent problems in the British National Party and the general difficulties we face as a wider movement. 

However, I have not yet decided whether to publish that material or not. 

In the meantime, I thought I would share a relatively recent joust which (at the time) I needed to get off my chest. 

An opponent came along for a bit of a challenge (on another site), and I could not resist having a go at re-sharpening some of my focus and getting back into a bit of dialogue with somebody who was diametrically opposed to most of our views. 

Seeing as I had not had such a joust in quite a long time, I admit that in some places I went over the top and wrote a bit too much - especially in comparison to their come-backs. Yet, I always did find it easy to get carried away. 

The issue was to do with the general 'far right', but in this instance it was more specific to the English Defence League - but for them, the challenger, I doubt they really knew what the differences were between the EDL and the British Nationalists anyway. 

I apologise in advance for such a long read, I know I write too much and it is a curse I have to bear. I hope people can find the patience. 

I repost it here for the reason of both updating the blog site with some material (unashamedly!) and to stop it from going down the plug hole - just in case anyone agrees with my views or has something to add or advise to make it more accurate.

I will start off with the opponents reply that led me to join in, and go from there, including the responses I received along the way.

I don't know whether to laugh at you guys or what? The things you say that you are 'defending' against - Sharia Law, - if you knew anything you'd know that first and foremost under Sharia you have to abide by the laws of the country you live in but also you only have to abide by Sharia if you are a Muslim and those courts he referred are only about money and family disputes for MUSLIMS! And as for how it's women are treated, we're treated just fine thanks, we don't need ignorant people like you who know nothing about us nor have you taken the time to find out about us to defend us! Absolute JOKE and the worse thing is people like you make the situation worse for evryone!
What you seem to be failing to understand is that the indigenous people of the west do not tend to desire eventual Islamic compliance nor do they desire being subjected to violence and threats should we not duly comply to Muslim demands in the future. It is already happening now, let alone later.

This is OUR country, founded on our own civilisation, ethos, and values - and we simply attempt to keep it that way and to pass it on to its rightful owners, our future descendants, like our forefathers did for us.

You talk of Muslims as a minority group, but we are talking of what it will come to when you are not such a minority group.

Whilst it is true that Cultural Marxists have promoted a rotting down of what passes as being our civilisation, most of us here in these circles do not subscribe to those values either and loathe aspects of what is presented as being our society now.

We once had our own way of dealing with this, and we do not need Islam to "fix" it, we can do it ourselves given the chance.

Islam is conquering machine which never stops. It will not stop until it bulldozes and supplants all systems of life which are not Islamic compliant.

From your (collective) perspective it is probably just gradual "improvement", naturally. Muslims will naturally work for their best interests as communities and what they see as best fit. Why wouldn't you, after all?

That is Islam's purpose as an expansive religious creed, that's what it does, that's what is striven for - albeit with the best intentions of those who follow the system of life. It is natural, not a "plot"!

You talk of us not knowing anything, but clearly you do not know everything, otherwise you would know that Islamic compliance must be adhered to by all people in an Islamic dominant society, no matter whether you are yourself Muslim or not.

We may well be afforded "rights" and arguably have "protection" as long as we play ball with accepting the Islamic rule of the roost, however, that is not freedom, it is servitude. It is an insult for our descendants to live like that, especially in our own historic homeland.

This is one thing which strikes Islam out as being different from other religions, because Islam is not just a religion it is a total way of life - one that tends to apply to all when it is the majority system in operation.

You talk of Sharia Law for family disputes being just for Muslims in this country.

Yes, we are aware that this is limited to Muslims and nobody is forcing the rest of us to use the courts - but that is not the issue here, and I think you are being quite short sighted when it comes to understanding OUR perspective of how this situation will pan out long term.

If you think that the pressure for change and compliance will stop at marriage and divorce disputes, then I believe you are delusional. The demands from your brethren will get higher and higher the more of you there are in our European countries, for naturally you will look out for what are your own collective interests and sensibilities- and what you collectively think is "best" for "fixing" society both amongst you and wider around you.

If you say this is not true, then clearly you do not believe in the Islamic system - or you would be trying to suggest that Muslims will not work towards a more Islamic compliant / Islamic sensitive/"improved" society.

Forgive me when I laugh in advance, should you say they will not tend to do this.

Not only will this "re-shaping" be expected of us, but I can guarantee you that the day will come where in heavily populated parts of this country, Muslims will be under threat themselves for not complying strongly enough to religious or cultural values.

It is already starting to happen in some areas. 

Look around the world, Muslim expansionism (and their sense of "victim-hood" when they are shunned from acting out this expansionist trait)is at the root cause of most of the world conflicts at borders, from Africa, Russia, Indonesia, China, and Bosnia/Kosovo to name but a few.

The list goes on and on, and spans back throughout time. Islam has never stopped, whereas we Europeans have stopped believing in the need to defend ourselves.

It is no different today than it was before, except this time the trojan horse is directly in the camp and thanks to psychological conditioning many have little enthusiasm for fending you all off.

Muslims are not an innocent party or bystander in this which is somehow "being hard done to" or "mis-understood". We understand the issues all too well, and that's why we are here.

Lets also not forget that whilst you may reply at some point about 'Bush' Blair and American imperialism or the previous imperialism of the British Empire, we are not imperialists here and not advocative of a new world order which seeks to undermine and nullify the Middle East, impose it's will, in order to sell product and exploit minerals, finance and whatever else.

Muslims can do whatever they like in their own states. I may not like some of it, but it is none of my business or concern. It is up to the nations own people to decide what happens, not for the "West" to get involved and dictate.

However, what happens in MY ancestral homeland is definitely my business.

We are protectionists who do not want to see our people and way of doing things put into the history books as a "once lived" civilisation - as countless other nations and civilisations have become, under the heel of Islamic conquest, saturation, or demographic displacement throughout the centuries.

The trouble in Sudan is probably a recent example of Muslims being established in to an area which is not originally theirs, then making it increasingly incompatible to co-exist with others. That is just the nature of it. It is what happens.

Whilst simultaneously expanding numbers and demands (of various sorts or another) the point comes where there is bloodshed and 'trouble' at the boundaries of expansion, or at the least, a partition has to be created so that an Islamic state can be established to 'solve' the problems.

Ergo, another chunk of the Earth committed under the ever reaching arm of Islam. Then it starts all over again.

We watch what happens, especially like Bosnia/Kosovo (in which this country fought for the wrong side in my opinion), so we understand what things will end up like here eventually, and we choose to refuse this future being foisted upon us. 

From our perspective we have to act now, to stop and reverse this trend which is developing.

You cannot say that "it will not happen" either.

It almost always happens, and as for all this "it only applies to Muslims" or "it is just this, or just that" - and that you might personally "reject extremism" (or whatever else) - it does not interest me in the slightest because it will not be *YOU* who is deciding what happens on a societal and national level 20 to 30 years from now.

Given demographic trends as a whole (non Islamic, general non Europeans too)- it will not be "us" true Britons who get to decide our fate either.

The meek amongst you will be overshadowed by the strong as always, and ask yourself, from *OUR* white British perspective, is this country at it's current demographic and social trajectory going to get:

(A) More like an Islamic/Non European natured country in the future?

(Seeing as that's exactly what's happened since the early 1960's to the present day, with every generation expecting more concessions and compliance to Islamic sensibilities, and more and more third world problems emerging in our society which we did not used to have to contend with before)


(B) Somehow become less Islamic in the future and more European in nature, appearance and values?

Obviously, you are a Muslim and likely not to be Caucasian too, so you would presumably quietly welcome the former on both counts - even though you as an individual may not overtly or directly push for it.

We, however, have the right to refuse this and the right to fend off this encroachment on our future.

In fact, it is not just a right, but a duty.

If a Muslim country was being permanently populated at a vast rate by "red neck" Americans who were opening strip clubs, hog roast bars, walking around in Bikini's, opening nudist and gay beaches, altering the systems of law to "improve" society this way to reflect their interests - and along with Hindu's, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Falung Gong Chinese, African Pagans, etc, they were altering the course of the future to the point where the original inhabitant's way of life was being altered, disturbed, and within a few decades completely reduced to such minority status that Islam and the original ethnic people no longer had their own country (or a society that reflected them) - what would THEY be doing?

I think they would be rejecting it, quite strongly, much more strongly and being much more hostile than we are being in this country right now.

What's more, I think they would be RIGHT to reject it. I respect their right and duty to do so.

Why not look at it from another persons perspective just for once, and take your Islamo-centric glasses off?

I am very hard line on this, and I am not an EDL supporter or a Zionist or a NeoCon - I am a British Nationalist.

Therefore, in my view, I welcome this resurgent (so called) "Far Right" anti immigration and anti Islamic sentiment which is on the rise in mainland Europe, and I for one will continue to welcome it if it helps cease and reverse what is going to come down the tracks.

If you don't like the idea of Europeans defending themselves, don't like the "bigotry" of some of us having the nerve to do so, find it "Islamophobic" or "racist" and "absurd" that we care about being ethnically and culturally supplanted from all directions - then I think you should find a suitable Islamic country and move there before it kicks off.

For I think it will kick off at some point, should the rest of the populace regain their balls and their senses.

It is not "personal". I don't know you. I don't want to know you. I have no interest whatsoever in Islamic nuances either. I really couldn't care less.

But make no mistake, I do not welcome Islam here, nor vast swathes of the rest of the world who are being allowed in for that matter.

Nor do I blame you for it, or hate you for what or who you are and what you believe in.

I hate the "situation" we are in, those that have done it to us without even asking us, and I hate what it means for the future of my country and my own people.

I do not hate the innocent individuals and their offspring who will unfortunately be manifesting this situation.

Hopefully you might be able to grasp this concept.

But, if I could wave a magic wand tomorrow, I would certainly have every last non European removed from this country to a non_European nation of their choice, no matter if they are third or even fourth generation.

I would even settle for 75% of them! Those of my own kith and kin who have converted to Islam will be free to join them, too.

It is an extreme position, but in this game there are no acceptable half measures. Either we regain our country and our destiny as a people and civilisation, or we will lose it in all senses of the word.

I do not personally like the EDL or how they go about dealing with this issue. I don't particularly like how many of their followers think or speak on social media I see. Believe me, on occasion, I understand why you would take issue with some things and be bemused at what they are saying about "your life" as an individual. I appreciate that the Mainstream Media hypes up "Muslim" issues too. I know what their game is.

However, I haven't the slightest bit of interest in dancing the dosie doe and endlessly debating over hijabs and whatever else whilst the country is being lost.

I do not care about what you feel towards your hijab or niqab or whatever else. I am not interested in trying to tackle a wide ranging issue on a "one to one" level, nor am I interested in "understanding" your issues as "diverse Muslims".

I'm not interested in "inter faith dialogue" or "community cohesion" in any way shape or form, either.

Like many other people in Europe I have had enough, and we want our countries back to the way they were before mass immigration and Islam arrived here unasked. Nobody voted for it, nobody wanted it, and those who did voice up and still voice up about it are made into hate figures, sacked, silenced and tried for prison.

I will not stop until I see signs of this reversal happening, and I will support any party or group which properly and humanely as possible works towards this goal.

Anti immigration and Anti-Islam is just the start for me, I ideally want deportations and removals (starting with illegals, criminals, fanatics, bogus asylum seekers), and sanctions on the rest to make it clear they are guests which are not really welcome here.

We can be friends and have mutual respect and understanding from afar, but living in the same house is not a viable option. It never works out. Immigrants and Islam have over stayed their welcome as far as I'm concerned, and it is time the (gatecrashed) party was ended as amicably as possible before it escalates into something that is quite out of control. 

@ who wrote the long essay. Nobody wanted mass immigration? I think you'll find Enoch Powell wanted it when he needed a work force but later changed his mind when it didn't suit him. And I believe what you are referring to is ethnic cleansing.
And your statement:
"It is not "personal". I don't know you. I don't want to know you. I have no interest whatsoever in Islamic nuances either. I really couldn't care less." Just about sums up everything that is wrong with people like you. And I'm interested to know what way of life the indigenous people of this nation are trying to preserve? I also like how you use your own opinion as that of an entire nation! We're not going anywhere - we were invited in because of the mistakes that 'your' nation/people have made and then tried to make up for so get used to it! 

I believe you will find, if you care to look, that the ordinary populace of this country never wanted nor asked for the immigration that happened. At every turn they overwhelmingly rejected it.

I am not talking about 'ministers', those ideologues with an agenda to wreck this country, or those people in the upper chambers in the house of commons back in the early 1950's who bemoaned that it was "getting hard to find people to carry one's luggage" at the station.

I know all about Enoch Powell, no doubt more than you will. You will surely also know that around 80% of the British public in 1968 supported Enoch Powell on immigration and the calls for repatriation.

Hardly a ringing endorsement of us "inviting" you all in as a nation.

Yes, you are right, what I am referring to is ethnic cleansing - of the British people.

Wake up. That is what is happening, "ethnocide" of the indigenous Scottish, Welsh, English, and you are an innocent part of it whether you like it to be seen that way or not.

(Yes, I do realise that was not what you were driving at)
I have been in this a long time, and that is why I have no interest in picking and piking around debates such as Halal and Hijabs or dancing around all this "you do not understand" nonsense.

I know quite well enough what the situation is, what Islam is, what it does, how it works, what happens, why it happens, why people cover up, why they do this and why they do that.

I am not an idiot, I am not some uneducated oik who hasn't the first idea of what is going on.

I also know that there is absolutely no point in talking to you to make you see your religion and presence here in anything but your own perspective and narrative, much like somebody trying to make you "leave" Islam would be wasting their time.

My position is principled and honed down through sheer exasperation to the point that I realise what a waste of time those kinds of "topical" debates are.

That's why I am so blunt, that is the reason I am past caring and why I am not interested in hearing the usual dialogue any further.

It is generally just a stalling process within the public arena for me now, by which nothing ever changes and things (for us) only continue to get worse.

How many times, for example, has the Hijab been debated since 2001? If it isn't every 6 months I would be surprised, and guess what, it will come around again, and again, and again, whilst more of this country is transformed and colonised.

What is the point of this endless chatter and media driven circus when the long term writing is already being put firmly on the wall?

Do you think I, and others like me, will be "comforted" to know your individualistic views and explanations, and that we will suddenly fling our arms wide open to welcome our fate? ie. "Oh, she wears a hijab because she wants to and not (yet) because she is forced to do! Oh well, that makes the Islamisation of this country and the ethnic marginalisation of the indigenous population fine!"

This is why I cannot care less about nuances of Islam and playing these silly games of trying to dissect it's multiple faces.

I am not ignorant of it, I am bored with it, that's the difference.

I want none of it, and I want a future country rid of it all as much as possible and rid of it ever being in a position to be dominant in the future as a system of life - just like I do not desire non-whites to dominate and eventually wholly consume my European ancestral homeland. 

Of course I project my opinions onto my nation, and I emphasise MY nation. Do you not project your own views onto explaining your 'Muslim' community?

I think you have already alluded to do so. Do you speak for all of them then? Of course not, so don't be ridiculous.

Again, you were not really "invited" in.

You were shovelled in, often by people who had an ideological agenda (which is a deep subject) and by big business interests such as those Mills in the North of England.

The latter were financially losing their power to other countries and sought to exploit cheap immigrant labour to adjust their profit margins and lower wages, even though they knew full well that the industry was collapsing and no longer viable in the long term.

Well, funnily enough, they folded very soon after didn't they, as we all knew they would, lumbering the people of this country with the swathe of unwanted folk they had brought over, washing their hands of the 'problem' - of both unemployed whites and unemployed Pakistani's.

My own town is over 33% Pakistani and Bangladeshi already, whereas in 1961 it was less than 1% - just like it was in Bradford at the time.

Look at them both now, from our perspective.

Are you seriously trying to suggest that we "asked" for this? and we "wanted" this society we are now lumbered with?! That we actually "invited" it with open arms?!

Are you seriously trying to suggest that what was once the most powerful nation on the planet "needed" what was often illiterate Pakistani and African immigrants to help run it for us, and that, given time, we could not have recovered from the second world war ourselves?

Are you saying that we are not capable of being doctors and nurses etc, when it is clearly evident we did perfectly fine ability wise before you all came along?

Do not mistake "financial" based collusions and "quick fix" short-termism of political party politics with genuine national "necessity".

This country wasn't exactly a backwards Haiti before you all arrived, was it?

You will be telling me next that we "wanted" and "invited" all these immigrants which Labour flooded the country with since 1997!

That is the logical extension of your argument as I see it. What a laugh. 

Can you understand that what Tony Blair, Mandelson, umpteen foreign secretaries and the umpteen immigration ministers, international business elites (who promote mass immigration but would close down their factories here in a blink of an eye when it suits them) did, was not in any way acted out at the request of the ordinary British people?

Was it in their manifesto? Was there a debate about it from which "democracy" could be adhered to? No.

They, like others before them, were acting for self interest, ideological reasons, globalist business models and for covering up their own incompetence at properly governing a nation's long term needs.

Do you think that the people of this nation as a whole supported the war in Iraq?, or that we wanted to be bedded so politically into Europe? or that, as the press had it, "Britain supports the establishment of an independent Kosovo" (- with David Miliband strutting around like some world authority figure on the issue at the time)?

Are they speaking for me? Did anyone ask the public at all on that matter, or listen to what they had to say?

I think you will find they did not.

Did the media even properly inform the public on these things and let them know what was really going on so they could make their own minds up? No.

This is how it seems to work.

Don't confuse what a clique of powerful political elite "movers and shakers" do for being the will and request of the people.

There are two forms of democracy, and we have been turned into the wrong sort - where we elect leaders to do whatever the hell they want for 4-5 years at a time as a mild dictatorship, and do things "on our behalf" which we never asked for nor had a chance to have a say on.

Did the Cabbage Patch Kid (Cameron) tell us he was going to scrap off half the military capacity (and help set the stall out for joining it with France) before the election?

Did he say he was planning to sell off the forestry and very strongly lobby for Turkey to enter the EU in those stage managed "televised debates"?

What happened to the "cast iron guarantee" on a vote about the EU membership?

Where are Damien Greens immigration reforms?

Oh, is that them I see, in tatters, after a court ruling saying they cannot really do a damned thing about any of it? I think it is. 

The only mistakes that my nation has made include not deporting the first generation of settlers in 1968 whilst it was still possible (and whilst it had so much support), and making the mistake of keeping voting for the same parties over and over again thinking that a "corner will be turned" - only to find that they sell us out and shaft us right left and centre over and over again.

I think that immigration since 1948, especially since 1960, has been the biggest mistake this country and it's native people have ever made in their entire history.

Do not even start trying to pose the "well, what is this civilisation and way of life? Fish and Chips? Getting drunk in the streets?" kind of question, if that's what you are driving at.

I have had enough of that kind of stupidity and inanity for a lifetime. I do not have to justify and attempt to explain or quantify my own existence.

Immigration, multi racialism and multi culturalism has been nothing but a burden on this country, and we are still paying the price now in many ways, not just financially.

Even financially, the recent mass immigration boom under Labour was shown to be virtually of no benefit to the ordinary people of this country.

Cameron will let it continue, and almost every single sound-bite he and Damien Green have put together over "immigration" has been shown to be either lies or unable to be carried out.

Nothing will change, it just rolls on and on and on like a steamroller.

Immigrants, Muslims, ethnic "minorities" may very well not end up going anywhere - you might be right - but I long for a day when it will happen and we turn this situation around.

I will work for it, promote for it, campaign for it, vote for it, fund it, and if necessary fight and die for it. 

In the meantime, I am not going anywhere either. 

"I will work for it, promote for it, campaign for it, vote for it, fund it, and if necessary fight and die for it." And you end on the same principle that terrorists and extremist often use to justify what they do. The irony being that it has come from an extremist on the other side. Looks like you have something in common with them after all.
"The ignorant one does not see his ignorance as he basks in it's darkness; nor does the knowledgeable one see his own knowledge for he basks in its light."
People like you are the exact reason why the EDL should not exist because it gives you a hiding place from which to express your views. Why has no-one from the EDL on this forum stepped out and commented to Annonymous that this is not about race or ethnicity as has been so passionately said by your leader in the past? Perhaps because you don't actually know what you are fighting for yourselves! Regardless of this I have HOPE in the majority of people of this nation
 I have more in common with Muslims than you may know.

You see, I understand why they like to build their own schools, I understand their rejection of ultra-liberalism, I understand their rejection at the excesses of this awful society we have been turned into in the last 60 years. I understand their family values and often "wholesome" attitudes.

I may have 'extreme' views, but what you fail to see is that this is historically a white, non Muslim, European country and it is other people who are encroaching onto this territory, disrupting it and displacing it - not us indigenous people picking up a cause for the sake of it.

I am not doing anything but seeking to preserve and protect the future of my race, my ethnicity, my people, my culture in what is our ancestral homeland.

This is the right and duty of any people.

I stand up for this right.

You, Muslims, Immigrants, are the interlopers here - not visa versa.

The words "racist" or "Islamophobe" or "bigot" or "ignorant" or whatever else do not wash with me. None of them are true nor accurate.

Multi ethnic and multicultural societies never work, they always end in conflict and bloodshed, or if they don't, one group eventually overtakes the other and wipes it away.

My ancestors did not die in wars and battles for us to be ruled by Europe, willingly wiped out as a people and for this country to be at risk of being an Islamic dominant state by the end of this century.

I do not aim to hide my views, and I should be able to express my views at all times anywhere I like without fear nor arrest.

It is in fact a tragedy that people cannot speak their mind most of the time in the public and media arena - and from your reply I take it that you think they shouldn't be able to do if it upsets your own views and that views and organisations you don't agree with should "not exist" because they are "divisive" or whatever else. Who has the fascist tendency now?

I am far from ignorant, and that is why I find myself here fighting this cause.

If I was ignorant, I would be like all the other uneducated muppets out there swilling beer and jeering at football players and parroting the same media driven drivel "lines" about controversial subjects whilst the nation slips even further into hell. 

I have explained, at some length, where I and some people like me are coming from. I have been honest, upright, up front. There can be no other way if we are to truly understand the situation.

I am not being two faced with you, I will not smile at you with one face and stab you in the back with the other. I have not been nasty with you, resorted to jibes and insults or foul language.

I have calmly yet forcibly explained a different point of view to yours, in the hope that you can have a "revelatory" moment that there might just be a little more going on than you may previously have thought.

As for the EDL, I would challenge them equally robustly on the issues of race or ethnicity and what I feel the issues are to be about.

The EDL does not speak for me, and I'm sure that I will not be speaking for the EDL in all aspects of what my position is.

The EDL is flawed ideologically in my view and flawed in who it 'attacks' and confronts.

Going to shout and brawl outside a mosque is useless. Chanting about 'no more mosques' to be built is useless. Trying to dissect Islam into "goodies and baddies" (like Anjem Choudary) is completely futile. Some of their supporters talking about chopping hands off and stoning to death etc is, at this moment in time, utterly far fetched and detached from how this situation is rolling out in my opinion.

Islam is a symptom of a much wider problem affecting this country (and mainland Europe) too, not the problem itself.

Islam is an additional problem, and unfortunately for the indigenous people in a "democratic" system, something which is fecundist in nature (practices fecundism).

To save you reaching for the dictionary, it means the process (often practised by certain cultures and religions which pre-date democracy) where people of a particular culture gain influence and power through sheer numbers - via encouragement of a high birthrate and family structure (in comparison to the host) to consolidate their interests and alter political influence both locally and nationally.

Fecundism changes the nature of a society and it's political discourse/dynamics.

That process is already happening with Islam in Britain.

It is not going to "improve" either, from the indigenous perspective - and this is why tough measures and attitudes need to be taken now rather than later.

Again, it is not "your fault". This is a situation that has been allowed to happen and you are a component of it.

You, or more accurately, wider Muslims (and general non-whites too as it happens) are just doing what you always do and what organically comes along with your peoples and societies.

I have hope in the majority of people in this nation too, to come to realise what is actually at stake here.

Hopefully, the rise of the 'far right' (which is no such thing) in European countries shows that a tide is beginning to turn.

 "encroaching onto this territory, disrupting it and displacing it" This is what humans have done from the beginning of time because nobody has a God-given right over any piece of land. It's the way of the world. From the views you have expressed I hold no reservations in saying that no, you do not have much in common with Muslims, but you do with the extremists that commits attrocities in the name of Islam, there's a distinct difference.
And it is personal actually when you tell me that I don't belong here because I am ruining your way of life - well, let's face it if your way of life was that great it would survive regardless. The tide is not turning, it's just making some noise as those of the 'far right' tend to do, which will be drained by sense and common humanity.
"To save you reaching for the dictionary..." Thanks for being so condescending as you have done several times on your posts, assuming that only you have the capability to understand anything, you might want to start letting go of the white supremacist attitude, I don't care about what Britain was historically, I care about what it is now. History is being written as we speak and many before you have been as ambitious if not more and failed, I have no doubt that you will too in your delusion world of a perfect white society.  

@my sparring partner...

Yes, throughout the ages there have been movements of people around various parts of the world (very little here though until now), but the thing is, whilst you claim that nobody has a God given right to a piece of land, as a Nationalist I beg to differ.

What you will see throughout history is that when an already established civilisation is impeded onto or at threat from another seeking to overawe and dominate, the former usually has fought them off (or attempted to) in order to survive.

It is the west's own sense of fair play and liberalism which is its own death knell.

We do not even seem to have the "right" to verbally defend ourselves against a massive transformation of this country - let alone have the dignity of actually fending it off.

The bottom line is, as you yourself allude, either we fight for it or we lose it to those who will take it from us.

Do I need to go into the ideologies of what has led us here into such a situation in this country?

You seem intelligent enough, so I gather you are aware of these matters?.

You should surely understand that on a societal level, religious level, cultural level, moral level, all sorts of levels - that this country has changed in the last 60 to 70 years. (Ignoring the racial and cultural importations)

Is this accidental? Or do you think that some of it has been orchestrated? I think it is the latter, and that we are victims of it. A lot of is it historically documented.

That however, is a very deep discussion.

I should have said "save you all" from reaching to the dictionary, I admit, because that's what I meant. I do get carried away.

I meant it in a way to explain it to others whilst I was at it, in a general sense. I know I had to look it up when I was researching this topic and I do not mind admitting it.

However, I am not a "white supremacist".

Just because I care about my own ethnicity in my own homeland and continent, and feel closer tied to those people as my extended family than I do to others, does not make me a "supremacist". Every "people" feel this way when it comes to the crunch, it is normal and natural.

Nor does it make me a "racist".

I do not believe, for example, that "Muslims" are "worse than me" or "below me" or "inferior to me". I do not believe that in all ways Caucasians are "better" than everyone else, superior to anyone else. I believe we all have differences as groups which make us collectively what we are.

I am not hostile to black people, or Asians, or Chinese on this planet. Despite what it sounds like, I love the worlds diversity - and that's another reason why I am a nationalist.

World diversity is to be cherished, but we are destroying real "diversity" in the name of temporary diversity.

We are mixing everything and everyone up to be clones and "forcing" obedience to this design via law and perceived "common values" - whilst big business and governments work towards ever tighter single union politically and financially.

Go to some far out country and you will see coca-cola, the golden arches of McDonalds. Pizza Hut, ToysRUs. Their way of life is being altered for globalism and rampant capitalism, and I don't like that either.

Inside every European nation and beyond, you will now see mixtures of people from all over the world at the same time as all this happens.

Follow it all to its logical conclusion.

By encouraging "diversity" within nations, you are permanently destroying diversity between nations.

My attitude is not one of supremacy, but of self determination and self survival of my own people, in my own land. It is the first law of nature.

It is absurd to say that, for example, Asians or Muslims are a minority group in this scenario.

In this country they may be, but in this "globalised" world you probably dream of, there are more Pakistani's and Bangladeshi's in the subcontinent alone than there are white people around the face of the earth combined.

Only they aren't only there in the subcontinent are they, they are everywhere else too in vast numbers, like this country, America, Germany, Australia.

White people only make up around 8% of the whole planet, down from about 35% before the first world war.

Don't you think that the drop is quite startling, and that we are due to be less than 6% in a few decades is not something to be concerned about if you are white yourself?

If it was happening to Asian people, or African people - I am quite sure all hell would be breaking loose by the liberals, and saying something "must be done" to save this "diversity".

If the Chinese were making it so that Africa was going to have virtually no Africans on the continent, would that be right? Or do you think people would be against it?

But the thing is, we are not even being allowed to survive in our own territory here.

Conditions imposed upon us both societally, politically, financially and physically, mean we are in a situation where we cannot survive long term without action being taken to close the doors and address this situation now.

We are already destined to be ethnic minorities in most of our cities in the next two decades.

Come on, over 1 in 3 Births in England and Wales in 2005 were non-white to mothers who were themselves immigrants to this country.

This is not "normal" by any stretch of the imagination - and nor should it be expected that nobody should notice or care about this.

In 1951 we were 99.8% White as a country. That is a fact. By 2051 we are destined to be minorities via a process we have been unable to stop at every turn!

I think that only somebody who "hates" white people and craves a racial nihilist perspective will welcome it.

Also, those people with a vengeance to take, people with an attitude problem who gloat that our hands are tied.

Are you therefore a racist then? Do you secretly savour the moment of a tipping balance? Is your heart filled with hate and revenge for perceived and distorted ills of our forefathers?

Maybe you are a "supremacist" yourself - seeing as you will like to shape society to your own religious doctrine? After all Muslims believe Islam to be superior and the best way, do they not?!

Are you a racial nihilist? They are much more nasty and vile destructive force than any "white supremacist" could be.

Of course, I am being generally flippant. It is easy to put words into another's mouth and label them as being wicked isn't it?

I gather that you are immigrant descended, and you have stated that you are a Muslim, so on both counts I do not actually expect you to "care" about what Britain was historically or our collective ancestry.

You are not from here, so do not have the ties, and will only seek to serve the interest of yourselves and the propagation of your own wishes and desires for the future - which is no doubt an Islamic and non-white one which suits your own affiliations.

I expect nothing else from Muslims or immigrants, it goes with the state of affairs, just like those upper middle class Brits who jet off to some country or other and don't give a hoot or respect for the history of the people or nation they arrive in. It is natural, certainly not unique to yourselves.

I do however care for the heritage of this country, and what it will turn into in the future.

Again, that is why I hold the positions I do. 


Well, there you go. 

Sillyness? Wrong? Misinformed?  Hopefully not. However, it is a point of view I have held and continue to hold at the present time. I hope others hold a few of these views too both currently and in the future. 

I could easily have written twice as much as this, for there are lots of things I did not even touch on at all. 

However, I was clearly already over-egging the situation and I thought I'd save people the eye-strain or being bored to death! 

Maybe that's one way to see off all our foes - bore them to death!  Prop their eyelids open with matchsticks and cello-tape and force them to sit at the screen.......

Well, you have to laugh at yourself, haven't you?!.


  1. BA, your riposte was magnificent, and I greatly appreciated your intervention. I am glad that you had the energy and time to give vent to your pent up anger so that you could put that individual straight. I've grown tired of replying to such people.

    I am very much looking forward to hearing your personal reflections on how you see your current relationship with British nationalism and the BNP in particular. This will make a nice companion piece to that posted yesterday by UBN. In fact, I know that a regular vistor to both of our blogs - Cygnus - has also lately been thinking of writing a piece on this very same theme, which I have offered to post when he finishes it.

    As you've probably seen from my comment earlier this evening on UBN's blog, I like both of you have been feeling very dispirited about how the BNP seems to have squandered the momentum that it appeared to be building in 2009. However, for me it had become evident in advance of the General Election last year that it had run out of steam and that something was seriously awry in the upper echelons of the party. What comes next? I really don't know. It's a sad state of affairs. I'll keep writing and voting though, as I'm not giving up.

  2. Thanks for that Durotrigan.

    It's always good to know somebody reads my ramblings too, because long pieces do tend to turn off the audience - an audience which is hard to get the traffic of in the first place.

    I replied as anon, because (perhaps naively)I didn't want the the angry-mob banging on my humble abode here.

    They might find me one day, but I hope I could rise to a challenge if I had to. I have gotten to be a tad rusty over the last 2 years at sparring, hence sharpening some of the tools in the toolbox.

    I do not know whether to publish my material regarding my outside perspective thoughts on the BNP.

    I shall explain why I am reticent.

    First, I have a couple of bones to pick with the party which tend to annoy me but may just add more fuel to a fire of it's demise. I wouldn't wish to do that.

    Secondly, I am not "inside" the party or really that much of a 'detective' of who is who, whose been removed for what, whose role was what, what the real state of finances are when it comes to debts or the claimed lack of transparency etc.

    That side of things has never really interested me, I don't tend to look into it or remember it, so whilst I have a view on the matters I do not feel particularly confident in my assessments or accusations.

    Therefore I have to just call a few shots as I see it, from the perspective of the very little I do know (or get the impression of).

    I had written a lot earlier last week for the site in the draft mode, and another long one which I had prepared for another comment site which was related but on a slightly different theme.

    I have ended up with a new one that is half way between the two things, cutting a lot out of both and sandwiching them together - perhaps with more emphasis on the party than some of of the other threats we face as a movement.

  3. In case I decide to leave it alone, I will give a brief summary.

    As I am sure you may already know, I am more British Nationalist / British National Party than English Defence League - so with that in mind, I do still have faith and aspirations for the British National Party and it's reason d'etre.

    I have criticised some things they have been getting up to, but there are also good things that have been happening.

    As you say, some of it is now getting it's steam released - but I think there are a few factors involved in that which are not really a sole reflection of the upper echelons.

    Funnily enough, I came in tonight to view a BNP video that has just been uploaded to youtube from yesterday, featuring Nick, and he mentions the essence of a chunk of the planned article I had written last week.

    The problem is, hopefully without being too vague, how to make it more than a pipe-dream - because motivating people to roll their sleeves up is difficult, and I have room to talk (sadly) on this because I am not a type to get involved with the public or put myself forward.

    On that score, it's a more 'do as I say, not do as I do' - so I feel I am pontificating from a shallow grounding myself.

    There is a meeting due this week, and I have to decide whether to bother attending. I might go along and gauge the mood and perhaps re-edit the piece.

    I don't know what I am worried about, for I have been quite balanced and not particularly controversial. It is nothing shocking or revelatory. It is just more of an 'opinionated' piece.

    Whether it is accurate, valid, or helpful is another matter though, so I will keep a lid on it for now.

    I had noticed you had begun to champion or mention the BFP on your site the other week. I do not know if you kept up with the noise whilst you were away from blogging - but some of the stuff that has been going on with the people in that party has been quite farcical and by all accounts glad I did not switch allegiances at the time of its formation.

    I still remain a non-affiliated nationalist, and I do not hold any hostility or closed mindedness to other parties and other individuals (unless they are complete morons and bad representatives of course!) - but I have not been impressed at all with that particular venture so far.

    It is a shame, because I think some of those who have been criticising the party have a valid point to make - but at the same time, they have gone off in a different tangent and acted in ways which I could not bring myself to fully support anyway.

    I would like to see some of the things they raise brought to attention and worked on by the BNP, even if that means some ruffled feathers in the short term.

    But I do not feel the BNP is finished or a spent force. They just need to get their act together, stop doing silly things and stop burning so many bridges with people unnecessarily.