Friday, 31 December 2010

The Melting Pot Cartoon

I found an old cartoon the other month whilst making my other blog (the reading room), it was usable but rather grainy and small. I do not know where the original came from, so I cannot give credit to the original artist. The idea is definitely theirs and not mine.

However, just for the sake of it, I thought I would reproduce it using simple silhouette graphics from stock photo's (which made it more of a breeze to compile, seeing as I am not a graphic designer!). 

It may not be as good as the original (which was a bit more tribal looking) but I think the message still rings true. 

Consider it a Christmas/New Year holiday interlude from the otherwise lengthy pieces I tend to write here!. 

A picture paints a thousand words after all.  (I presume blogger lets you click to enlarge)

Normal service will resume shortly! Happy New Year to all my fellow kith and kin, my fellow Nationalists.


  1. Interesting, though hopefully not prophetic. As I have said previously, there's still time to turn things around, but we haven't got long.

    Happy New Year to you, too.

  2. this country shits on its own indigenous white english population they bend over backwards to help eastern europeans, pakistanis drug dealing gun running blacks or single mother tramp chav with a string of multi colured sprogs dressed in a tracksuit eating KFCs etc. If you (the average ordinary white man) go to get somewhere to live from the council or sign on if you lost your job they say they cant abide you, however come back wearing a doorag turban or a niqab speak in some foreign lingo and apply some black shoe polish to the face and your magically given everything. This country has gone down the shitter it is now officially a cesspit and a third world unfair anti white english CUNTry Fuck the UK – United Kuntdom

  3. Sorry for the delay adding your reply, anonymous. I do not check into the blog dashboard that much these days.

    It's the same story in Germany, France, Sweden. We pay for them in their homelands, we pay for them here, we pay with our money, our lives, our futures.

    I am fortunate enough to not be in the dire situation of needing state help, a job, or housing. I am blessed.

    I feel sorry for those indigenous people who are thrown to the side, abandoned, left behind at schools, training, jobs, housing, whilst every man and his dog arrives from around the world.

    If the collective will was there, I think things could be turned around even at this late date - but the will does not seem to be there. People are conformist to the rules and apparatus of the state, mentally locked into it, even if they were fed up.

    If or when the collective time comes for action, at least I will know what side to be on and what it is all about. Until then, we can continue to try and convince others, be thankful for what remains, prepare ourselves mentally and physically for what may come.

    Things are indeed disastrous, but giving up entirely is perhaps playing straight into our enemies hands. We need to try and build something solid, worth salvaging, worth people's backing.