Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Late Night Barking

"Oh no, there's another one of those ghaaaastly BNP types!! You there!
 Are you eligible to vote in this country? Have a Labour Leaflet, Quick!

I had been aware that there was going to be a documentary featuring on the British National Party for quite a while now. It was only last week though, between the interludes of other shows, when I saw the clips being shown to advertise the programme. "The Battle For Barking" was apparently going to be it's moniker.

It was from these previews (and selective footage) that I thought my fears about it were already being confirmed - a British National Party stall holder being spat at and verbally abused, selective footage of Bob Bailey exacting some self defence against some Asian hecklers, some tattered old flags fluttering in the wind of a "sink estate" or concrete monstrosity tower block.

Another "BNP Wives" meets "Undercover BNP" I thought, with a helping of "poor uneducated white scum classes, who are not aware of what they are doing and blame all the wrong things".

After years of this depressing combination of outlooks, I was expecting some more car-crash TV along the same lines. I said to myself and others that I wasn't going to watch it for that reason - but curiosity got the better of me and I ended up staying up late to see it right until the end.

Although there was a bit of a tinge to it which was not particularly flattering, I was actually quite surprised how even handed the documentary maker tried to be, compared to what we have been dealt before. 

It could have been a lot, lot worse - we already know what the media and camera crews are like. Good for her for at least trying to balance it out, it shows some sign of proper journalistic thinking (compared to the likes of the BBC).

It wasn't an ideal programme though, but that is perhaps more my opinion because I would like things to be a bit different in the British National Party (and some of its fellowship/voters). In some of those ways therefore, it was not all that brilliant, but still, it showed what appears to be real life down there in Barking - from a perspective that is well outside my own bubble. 

Watching the programme in general though, it couldn't help but confirm my recent feelings that there are just too many people out there who just do not "understand" what it is all about or just what is going on, or why they should care about any of it anyway.

Being in the Nationalist bubble for so long, as we all get, it is easy to forget there are people out there who cannot even grasp the basics and come at you with "what's your problem with x,y,z then?", often presenting you with a situation where you really cannot explain yourself without making a few blunt statements that make us look like complete monsters or raving lunatics. It is not an "individual person" thing either  - and that is hard to get across at times.

For some reason, my heart was in my mouth at various times too. Whether it was when the heckling was being done at the stalls, or such things as when Margaret Hodge and her team were seen to be watching the election video.

They gasped at the inclusion of the giant mosque in the video - but what on Earth do they expect?  Islam is not a traditional religion to this country and it's expanding prevalence here (that can command such a large venue) is a direct symptom of the massive demographic transformation taking place, something which presents problems all of its own.

They were then gasping at how it was said in the election video that the war dead fought to keep this country British. They did, and what's more, that generation would certainly have something to say about Britain today if they had known at the time. It does not take a genius to surmise this, because whilst not all of those people would be the same opinion as Nationalists, those views were much more natural and ingrained in the populace of that era than they are today. If they could see what parts of London are like today, I genuinely believe they would weep in astonished disbelief.

Another gasp was given at how it was said that millions are spent on asylum seekers whilst pensioners die of cold in this country. There is proof of this occurring, and the British National Party have used a phrase "heat or eat" before now to explain this plight. The clip in the Labour HQ was made to look as though we were making up outrageous lies. Of course millions are spent on Asylum Seekers too - the court costs and appeals alone spiral to the high heavens. It was generally brushed off though by the Labour team, as being nonsense on stilts. "Those BNP types being silly and outrageous again".

The thing is, those people who surrounded Hodge probably see it all as "opportunism" by the BNP, just being put out there in able for us all to "peddle hate" - as though it was a hobby and "something to do" because we "hate immigrants". That was said a few times too, that we "hate immigrants".

Yasmin Alibhai Brown says that phrase often in her own TV appearances, as does Dianne Abbott. We are not "anti immigrant" - we are "anti immigration". There is a large difference between the two, but these people very much like to amalgamate the two things into one.

What the gasping ones fail to realise is that much of what was said in the election broadcast is simple Nationalist ideology and common sense to generations now passed. 

We don't want involving in wars which have nothing to do with us, we don't want supplanting and our communities altered, we don't want another complete system of life setting up stall here and paving the way for partition in the future, we do wish to look after our own people first, we do wish to make sure our own folk, our own pensioners are okay - especially before sending billions to ungrateful countries around the world.

However, the gasping fish on the clip have no idea whatsoever about any of this. They have their own world, their own cosy friendships with Muslim and African colleagues, and seeing as they are "nice" then how can we ever be so against anybody like them or against what is taking place.....?

It is a bit like one of those magic eye posters - either you see the bigger picture or you don't. There is a giant elephant magic eye poster pinned up in the room - but people just cannot see it and are not interested to look either. It is an emotional struggle at times, not always comfortable or 'nice'. I realise that. In fact, a lot of it is horrible. Horrible to know, horrible to realise, horrible to acknowledge, horrible to live by. It is not always "easy" being a Nationalist.

Nick Griffin was, for the most part, very good on the clips, I have to say. On a few occasions he clearly rammed it home that we are soon going to be done-for as a people. This was quite an important piece of the documentary in some ways, as it gave out a serious message to a large audience. It will be up to them whether it resonates or not though. That's all we can do.

Even when they were booing at the result night, he gave a clear and present warning that Barking is now going to be lost - and that it is an indicator and precursor for the rest of the country.  It fell on deaf ears though. It reminded me very much of a few Enoch Powell clips I have put on the site before now. What was once mocked and ridiculed will one day come to be self evident.

At the end of the day, we can try and lead a few horses to the water - but we cannot make them go to the water side and we cannot make them drink. If those people in the clip cheering and clapping are happy about the extermination of the indigenous population and the eventual transformation of the whole country into a quasi-Islamic EU superstate that is itself a paving block to something even greater than that, then that is the way it has to be.

If we are on the path to being dodo's, we can expect nothing else than for a number of these birds to be flapping about now, not really too aware or too cared about what awaits them and their kind.

I also have to say that Margaret Hodge seemed to be only interested in making sure the BNP were kept out, and not really interested in anything else. 

She flagrantly rode roughshod over what democracy is, especially when claiming that despite what most people would want her to do (see immigrants removed from the country) that she was not even remotely going to do it or even think about why they wanted it to be done.

Her whole attitude was about how to "beat" the BNP - even resorting to pre-scripted dialogue designed to placate and nullify the electorate. That is not democracy.

She was clearly not going to do a damned thing about immigration, or the massive demographic transformation she had allowed into Barking. She has no issues with Islam, obviously, and no real concern for that child with nowhere to play. As long as they did not vote for the "fascists" and "Nazi's" - that's all that mattered. 

At one point she just stands there on a minuscule patch of land designed for minuscule patch of box-houses which you wouldn't even have the space to fart in, in stage-prop workmen's boots and shovelling a few grains of soil around for the pictures to be taken by the paper, no doubt with a headline like "Margaret Hodge, Labour's Affordable Home Builder" - as part of a media backed attempt to allay people's fears about the housing shortages.

As long as the truck of destruction can just carry on as it always has done, that's all these people are concerned about. Whether it be Yellow, Red, Blue or Green, it does not matter as long as things roll along just the same. 

I'm still not sure what to come away with from the documentary in the eyes of the rest of the British populace who watched it. I guess only two categories of people really watched it though - those who hate Nationalists and Nationalism, and those to are already swayed to be supportive of it. 

I'd like to give a special thank you to the man in the film who shed a few tears in bereavement. I will not say much more about it than that, other than it really was an emotional moment and I felt great compassion and sympathy. I am quite a cold hearted person at times, so that genuinely meant something to me. I wish you all the best my friend, whatever you may be doing now.

British Activism.


  1. Hi BA,

    I saw it too, and like you I thought it was quite objective. Usually when a producer has hundreds of hours of footage to edit they can portray their subjects in a good or bad light - I feel that on this occasion she was genuinely trying to document the election campaign in an impartial manner, and to her credit succeeded in producing an interesting and unbiased film.

    Like you, I believe Lady Hodge MBE, a millionairess incidentally, was simply trying to defeat the BNP at all costs. I believe she, and others like her, were frightened that should Nick Griffin win in Barking then the political class, who have worked so hard to destroy Britain over the last few decades, would have genuine opposition in Westminster and as a result their lives would be made much more difficult. This is particularly true given the state of the economy. That is why she used those expletives when hearing the news that he was standing, and immediately began soliciting for donations to her campaign. She certainly cares not for the white working class, in fact I detected a thinly concealed resentment of them.

    When Hodge and others saw the BNP broadcast, I don't believe they were genuinely shocked. If they really believe the BNP are crypto-fascists, then surely they would expect that and much more? I believe she was playing to the cameras. The whole ethos of political correctness is basically about stifling debate by suggesting that certain topics are 'beyond the pale' - that mosque is a symbol of modern British multiculturalism, it is a good thing, anybody who says it is not is a closet Nazi. As for Churchill, we both know what he thought about immigration.

    All in all it was an interesting film. Bob Bailey, Richard Barnbrook and Lawrence Rustem all impressed me, as did Nick (I also echo your thoughts regarding the father of the soldier). It's such a pity that the party has been torn apart since then.

    Finally, and this is something you have alluded to, the British people elect the governments they deserve. The people of Barking had the opportunity to send shock waves up and down the United Kingdom and give the political elite a bloody nose. They would have sent the message that we will not accept the colonisation of our land, that we will not succumb to political correctness without at least a fight. They had this opportunity thanks to the brave members of the British National Party who dedicated their own time to the campaign, enduring threats and vitriol as they did so. They spurned the chance, and they will not get another, IMHO. I just hope that the Bob, Richard, Lawrence, et al liked the documentary, for it is testimony to the fact that they tried.

  2. I too watched this programme, it was as balanced as we could hope for, not the hatched job usually aired.
    The section that really annoyed me was Hodge saying "You are having a go at me because I am Jewish, you hate foreigners, blacks and Jews. What utter tosh, using the race card in a totally inaccurate way. I know from personal experience that Jews are part of the British National Party in the UK and abroad. There is no distinction or difference to any other member in the party.
    Hodge needs a reality check.

  3. I think it is fair to say that there are general problems and attributes open to all identifiable groups of people all over the world, including ones which are uncomfortable to scrutinise - but hate is a strong word, and as you say, very inaccurate.

    She also said Griffin (and by extension, all of us) hated women. That too is absurd. Of course, when she paints a stereotyping brush about "women hating" misogynists, hating this and hating that - it is seemingly fine and acceptable to do.

    However, if any of us dare suggest a much more accurate and genuine flaw in one of the liberals' pets, how dare we ever suggest such a generalising thing?!!

    Playing with words is an artform of these people, hence the use of "hating immigrants" (as individuals) rather than "hating immigration". To the untrained ear it is easy to brandish the weapon as being the same thing. They know this, and that's exactly why they do it.

    They take something which is rational - ie disliking massive transformation of society and the usurping of your whole people, and immediately turn it into something irrational - such as, "Ishtak is a nice guy, his wife fries lovely Pakora's and he works hard, how can you be so nasty and so stereotyping?"

    We seem to constantly peddle in this mill of cross purposes.

    As far as I am concerned, I think a quote from GK Chesterton (English poet, writer, philosopher) sums up my own position thus far in life:

    "The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him."

    Obviously, in our case, the nationalist fight is the war and the soldiers are nationalists.

    Cheers :)