Thursday, 21 October 2010

Take your suitcases and go back to where you are happy

"Take your suitcases and go back to where you are happy"

I found this video on the internet today, originally from the Russia Today news channel - which, for those not in the know, provides a more interesting and robust news service than our own nation's heavily controlled and sanitised media. It is on Freeview, so there is no excuse for not ditching the BBC News24.

I was interested in the Channel when the station first seemed to appear (when I upgraded my signal booster and had to retune the box). I watched it for a while, then kind of lost interest. I tend to be on the internet more than watching TV these days.

Lately, I have been tuning in a bit again to Russia Today. For example there was some good coverage of the fringe Tory conference and a lot of things said by spokesmen who are "Eurosceptic" that were essentially all the arguments we have been making for years. This alone was something I'd find hard to believe getting such air time from the good old Beeb. 

The other week there was an interesting story about the Polish kicking off about the increase in immigration and a new mosque proposal for the expanding Muslim demographic. Non-ethnic Poles were apparently getting to around 3% of the population, with Muslims at around 1%.

It was interesting to see banners being held saying they did not want Islamisation of Europe, and people out on the streets with what is to us, just a tiny percentage.

I bet many Polish people who have come to this country in the last few years have had their eyes out on stalks about what our cities and towns look like, never mind the problems and prevailing government attitudes - and they have returned home and hopefully issued a warning of what will soon develop there. That would never have been shown on the BBC news.

You only have to watch the Russia Today news for a day or so to notice the difference, and realise how plasticated and conditioned our own media is. RT is not perfect, but it does allow balance and two sides of a story to be aired. The BBC should take lessons from Russia Today about how to conduct a fair and balanced interview and how to retain general balance of tone for people to make up their own minds.

There is a lot of material which would never be broadcast here on the mainstream news. Again, why is this?. 

It should certainly make people think about what kinds of "news" priority we get here, and what issues are "decided" to be run for the day. Rooney? X-Factor? Strictly Come Dancing stars? they really deserve headline slots and all day coverage? Whether we are 'safe' to drink a glass of wine a day or not - something which seems to flip flop every single month!. Of course they don't deserve the coverage.

Just like the massive French rioting a few years ago, the recent trials of Geert Wilders, the riots in Sweden a few years ago where schools and places of of worship were torched, the massive rally against the Mosque in Cologne, Germany......where is it on our screens? Nowhere. 

It was not until the seventh or so day into the large French riots - where it was at the point it looked completely ridiculous not to be reporting on it - that the likes of the BBC started to broadcast it on mainstream TV. The intent to try and shield us from worrying ethnic situations in Europe, the desire to pretend it wasn't happening, must have been huge. When they did report it, it was "youths" from "deprived areas".

Anyway, back to the video. Here is a refreshingly honest assessment of the situation going on in one of our neighbouring countries. 



  1. BA,

    Don't you find it somewhat ironic that we have to go to a former Communist country (read still is) in order to get a far more impartial news service than our own? What does that therefore say about the UK? Correct, we are a communist state, controlled into what we are allowed to and not allowed to know.

    You have to ask yourself a question though and that is why? Who controls our media? Well you should know that by now BA, for it's as plain as the sun shines in the sky everyday. We are fed celebrity gossip because it keeps people away from the creeping multiculturalism within Europe and who's also behind that? Well, had you been reading any of my articles of late you'll have seen that I have used the following quote on a few occasions, that of Barbara Lerner Specter, who moved over from the USA, to start her activities in Sweden of turning it from the well known, overwhelmingly white country, into the devolving, multicultural shithole it can only be described as today. This is what she had to say:

    "Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Jews] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multi-cultural mode,and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive."

    Link: Organized Jewry as a Nation Dispersant

    And yet if we quote this, then we are immediately accused of anti semitism and racism for stating the multiculturalisation of our society is by Jews, even when we give them overwhelming evidence of JEWS SAYING THEY ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE!!!!!

    The further you dig the more sinister and despicable the situation becomes. Sadly though, although I agree with much of what the person in the video has to say, he mentions nothing of who's behind the multiculturalisation of Germany and this is the biggest problem that we face. Why? Well with Islam it's in our face. They're ignoramuses and will tell us what they're going to do before they do it. There will be conflict as is being planned and sadly, once there's been conflict and a future WW3 because of it, many non Jews within Europe will lie dead and no Jews will have died whatsoever. The state of Israel will be strengthened and the Jews will still be in charge of society as they always have been, planning the next atrocity upon the Muslims and whites, using the westerners yet again as their private army to fight for Jewish cause. Heads Jews win. Tails whites lose. It's always been that way because people are too fucking ignorant and indoctrinated to not see what's really going on, even though they've been constantly warned throughout history by many, many great people.

  2. Although you (and others) tend to go a bit further (or at least more robust) than I would do along those lines, of course, I do appreciate and understand the angles of what you're saying there.

    I saw the video you linked to the other month, or a few weeks back, and despite the focus of interest directly in the clip - it is oh so typical of the "general" kind of thing that's underpinning the media and various pro-immigration groups in one form or another.

    That one just happens to be a bit more stark, and from their perspective it is no doubt sold along the lines that their particular group (due to their widely held/told history) must have a role to play in preventing any sort of "us" and "them" society.

    My open ended media question about 'why is this?' - was meant to be a tad rhetorical lol. Sorry for the misunderstanding there.

    Yeah, the irony of Russia Today being more honest and trustworthy than our own media didn't bypass my attention. There's a lot of former soviets who seem to be watching with a knowing nod about where we are going in Europe, especially with the European Union. Of course, our own media doesn't like to cover that angle either - it may give the 'un-awake' some ideas.

    Your reply was sat in the "spam" moderation section by the way, so I will have to watch for that in the future. I gather it was meant for publishing?

    I am naturally wary about posts which may go too far in explicit terms for my intended readership, but I fished it out of the spam folder all the same. The other one was in the regular reply area of blogger, so I don't know why there would have been a difference.

    I still prefer to tackle some of those issues you raise in different ways and with different terms, but I know that you're past that point and like to lay the full hand of cards on the table as you see them. lol.