Saturday, 16 October 2010

Musings On A Recent Development.

As some of you know, I would probably loosely describe myself as a 'race realist', an ethno-Nationalist, a British Nationalist (and pick and choosy Libertarian within that field) who also values the wider Nationalism and self preservation of all nations, especially - and primarily - Europe and the Occidental world who I feel are my kith and kin.

This being said, I have to say that I am very despondent lately regarding where things are going in Britain. I have always supported the British National Party - and through lack of serious "other" things to throw my weight behind,  it appears that I will still be doing so in the future too.

I have kept a watchful eye on the 'background noise' in the recent factional split and tried to sort the wheat out from the chaff, but upon news of this new party formation, from what little I have seen and read from it courtesy of Mr Barnes,  I am already of the opinion that it is going to be chaff, rather than the wheat we need (via being ideologically unsound). {His ranting style and ramblings, calling everyone who disagrees 'nazi's' and 'dumb' isn't exactly winning me over to see their point either}.

When I have peeled back all the "attacks" on each side of the factional split over the last few months, washed away all the ad-hominem garbage, slander and counter slanders, there have been some good honest thoughts and suggestions put forward by this grouping about where problems are and what could be being done to advance the cause - and one or two home truths about the entire British Nationalist movement which should be widely acknowledged and tackled.

The spats and fights have never interested me, and like the last few times this has happened in the British National Party (EFP, NNP, VOC, BFP, BFP, and now a new BFP) I have kept out of it. I am not one for gossip or personalities, and nor do I think it is wise to permanently burn down bridges so much between people (especially people who are more "on side" than they are against our aims and ambitions).

Despite some quite well respected people being in the faction, one thing which originally put me off about the "Reformists" was that there was an ill-matched collective that seemed to comprise of 'patriots' (not nationalists), civic nationalists, and a few long established ethno-nationalists.

Surrounding it were also the loose cannons and utter liabilities which have previously brought nothing but bother and 'media gifts' to the movement as a whole, especially the BNP manifestation of it.

Ideologically, they were therefore, to me, always going to be unstable.

I searched in vain (at the time of the fighting) for their position and stances on racial aspects of nationalism - and did not seem to find anything satisfactory, and now I know why.

It is seemingly just as I expected, ie some blithering about "cultural nationalism' - which is, to me (even if it was pulled off), a slow death of a nation rather than a quick one.

Do they REALLY believe in this "cultural nationalism" garbage, or are they part of this whole naive concept of being wolves in sheeps clothing, saying one thing for "power" then doing another when they get it?.

No doubt many will say that is a "strategy" and a "plan"  - but look what happened to the British National Party when it chased the "patriotic" vote - it ended up being overloaded with people who genuinely believe in civic nationalist sentiment and glib slogans like "No more mosques!" or "Ban the Burkha!" or "Bring Our Boys Home!", where any talk of racial aspects to our plight were seen as dubious and a bit 'too far'.

When any party bulges with docile cash cows and "floating voters" for its survival, how likely is it that they can continue to push ideologies that no longer gel with an 'ungrounded' party membership base that props up its very existence? How will the new party be any different to this prospect?  

How the new party will ensure (should this all just be a "plan") that they do not end up being a vehicle controlled and limited on this ideology, thus ever more alienated from that core support base when they do actually 'transgress' into harsher ethno-nationalist objectives is a mystery to me - just like it has been for the British National Party dipping its toes into civic nationalism.  (Yes, I do realise it is now law, but that does not mean we have to advocate it and promote it as favourable).

Taking them at their word though, that they really perceive there is a distinction to be made between 'civic' and 'cultural' nationalism, and they believe in it....what future will that platform provide by the time they expect to gain 'power' in the country? By then it will be too late anyway.

If they get people to walk like a duck and quack like a duck, the more people will come to accept them as being ducks, thus perpetuating the cycle and the idea that there is no reasoned principle to reject a continuation of this "cultural nationalism" towards others in the future. How do they expect to steer such a boat away from the rocky shores?

Do they really expect millions and millions of non-whites to rescue us all in the long term, to work with them and their liberal apologists towards maintaining a white majority?!!! Come On!

In terms of demographics, it is fair to say we are already goosed. 1/3rd of Babies born in England and Wales in 2005 were non-white to mothers who themselves were born outside of the country. Therefore, this figure does not seem to include the birthrates of second and third generation immigrant families.

Given this fact, what makes them think that even a slight decrease in birthrates will alter this fate we are sliding towards? It might postpone it, but it will not solve it.

Cultural assimilation routes haven't worked out all that 'peachy' for America's white populace has it, nor France for that matter. The birth rates are still disproportionate, and banning the burkha in France, for example, will not solve that.

If they genuinely think that they can "assimilate" completely different societal structures and cultures (and religions) like Islam and Muslim communities (which rely on "Fecundism" to advance their cause), I think they are barking mad to even try, let alone think it would be desirable in the long term.

Plus, what do they intend to do with those hordes who do not conform in the meantime? What if they are "British" in many ways but still have more children and still anchor for certain things which go against the wider identity of Britain's heritage? Just what will the threshold of acceptability be? It is the same undeliverable dilemma we face now, just a different format.

In case they hadn't realised, time is short. This "assimilation" could only have worked in the 1940's and 1950's - and only with a limited non-indigenous population.

If anything, it is only a proposition that should be applied AFTER we have safely secured the future of our people and have marginalised (and deported/encouraged to leave) all those who will not fit in. It is the very least we should be expecting, it is not exactly a great goal to want to achieve in itself.

I can appreciate that if they think they can make them just as enslaved as we all are to the globalist cabal then they will have no choice but to have fewer children (and thus, as they suggest, save us demographically?).  But how realistic is this now? How realistic is it to break up the current invaded territories? We are about to lose three large cities to a non-white majority demographic in the next year or two.

Where does "culture" come into it - and what exactly IS "British Culture" in modern Britain?!  X-Box? American Soap/Drama? X-Factor? Binge Drinking? Caravanning? Tree Rubbing?

As our old culture is transformed into some globalist incoherence, and as they seem to wish to include 'established communities' as being part of the country now that 'need to adapt'....what does this mean? What will they fit into? What are the key aspects? Who decides? It is the same nonsense to which the British National Party is having to respond to and adhere to in court, so I realise they are not alone in the limited parameters of operation.

Further more, it all starts to open up that all-time can of worms about "how long is a piece of string?" in terms of rights and longevity here on the Island. When is the threshold crossed between being immigrant and being "British" and "customised" to "our ways" for this "cultural nationalism"? 

Have they got an answer to this without offending and alienating the "voters" they need?

How can they marry this off if they claim to still be ethnonationalist and have a desire to maintain a majority indigenous racial demographic? How do they propose to achieve this endless majority status for the future?

Can we safely ditch these standpoints in the hope that enough of our own people will come to save themselves without even knowing, all being part of this 'game plan'? Is the elastic notion of 'culture' enough to save us racially/ethnically and win enough support? I would have to be convinced about that. Can you really have a political party that is purely populist for gaining votes, something that just blows in the wind to whatever is expedient and popular at the time?

I know votes are crucial for a poltical party - but it cannot be incoherent and full of loopholes. Any serious oppositional party would surely just pull it to shreds, and it would hang itself through its own looseness. If it is not going to be loose and populist, then surely there has to be solid underpinnings from which it can defend itself. Talking about "culture" in this way is like plaiting fog though.

Culture, to me, is quite a bogus and illusive thing to cling around. Culture never remains static, otherwise we would still be wearing Banyans, Cravat's, stockings and big wigs, with the national pass time being tiddlywinks and marbles for the lower classes or fox hunting for the upper classes.

The problem for me comes in the realisation that we are pretty much stuffed. The British National Party is not exactly going to rescue us all either, so I wouldn't really count myself as a blind supporter. 

I think we are probably past the point of no return anyway, especially because of the demographic onslaught achieved via Labour since 1997. It was a wing and a prayer to expect salvation after the last 50 years of immigration, but since 1997, the task of self preservation seems truly unbelievable and undeliverable.

I also have to say that the British National Party is not the vehicle it should be. It still has the same engine and rusty floor that will always make it an old-banger that people will not feel comfortable travelling in. It has been tarted up and given a lick of paint, but people still recognise it for what it is.

Things are changing, but we just do not enjoy the slick organisation and 'movement' skills of some of our European counterparts. We still have to meet in rough public houses, with a limited audience and quite frankly find ourselves surrounded by burly characters and the occasional societal odd-balls.

Actions are not delivered, people (like me) don't really want to get involved with some of them or the hare brained populist publicity stunts. People who do get themselves involved are often finding themselves operating on a shoe-string and having to cover multiple roles they are not always suited for.

With the Zionist (and largely multicultural based) EDL movement getting ever more louder, and the intentions of Geert Wilders to set up shop in Britain and elsewhere for a kind of 'neocon' clad sense of nationhood against the sole issue "Islamic" threat (ie, ignoring all the other issues of globalism and race replacement) -  the saturation and diversion created by so many of these reactionary "patriotic" parties means we are at risk of them killing off any true sense of ethno-based Nationalist support in this country.

Instead, it will be being diverted to some kind of "inclusive" Tea Party - which is similarly being hijacked by the likes of Palin, Beck, and Jewish lobby interests (let alone Fox News) - steering any form of collective white consciousness into the cul-de-sac of doom, leaving things right where we all came in, but by then it will be even worse.

It came as no surprise to learn that one of the people involved with the new British Freedom Party has suggested forging ties and support for the Tea Party Movement. Are they even aware of what's going on, or what the differences are to British Nationalism at its core and these other types of 'patriotic' movement springing up? Do they even care?

Everywhere I seem to turn, I cannot find the exact vehicle I need to be supporting.

This new party seems like another one I will have to give a miss.

I am not interested in falling out with any of those people, I don't have an axe to grind and do not seek to be hostile to it either. It will just be that they will have to "get on with it" - and I see it just failing like all the other split-off parties. If they make headway, good for them.

However, I think it will probably tear itself apart through such divergent ideological backgrounds and the inept nature of some of those wild cards and long disgruntled loose cannons who clung to the reformist group for the purposes of wanting to give Nick Griffin and the rest a bit of a kicking. One of the current spokesmen for it is certainly doing a marvellous job of driving people away already!. Not a good sign of things to come.

At one time it showed signs of promise. In an early video I saw a more respectable middle class front that would definitely appeal to the wider audience -  but this "cultural nationalism" ethos is not something I can really get behind. They used to decry the British National Party as having a "hidden agenda" and then they go and set up one themselves, unless they really do believe in it.

Similarly, it is fair to say that the blind or blinkered support of the current status-quo in the British National Party is not going to deliver us to the required destination. It is keeping ahead and keeping going, but how it will end up, especially after the court case next month, I do not know. 

I was once going to write how the Bring Our Boys Home campaign was flawed and a waste of time for the party. In some ways I would have spoken too soon.  It has been popular and a good platform for the party to operate on, so on that score it is quite a shrewd campaign and something which the opposition cannot be anything other than silent on, unless they wish to suggest that they find our presence in these wars a good thing.

The only problems I still have with it, is one, that there is too much "patriotism" and not enough nationalism, and two, despite it being BNP policy and nationalist principle, it is more a publicity campaign than something which indicates support for Nationalism or the Party.  People who sign up a petition against the war on a BNP stall are not necessarily sympathetic to the British National Party or interested in its wider points.{Nor does the harvesting of petition signatures for potential political mail-shots really sit right with me}.

I only "woke up" to these problems we face about 10 or 11 years ago - and I am already worn down and beaten by them.

I am only in my 30's and I have wasted much of my life thus far worrying, writing, investigating these issues. Rather than wanting to involve myself further, I am now a hair width away from walking away entirely and just plugging back into the Matrix whilst I still have a chance of a life to lead.

I seem to get the impression that there are a lot of people like me, some of which may even post here, who are the same. We are respectable, have no criminal records, care deeply for the country and Europe, are intellectually sound of mind - but are not in any way involved in the real world activities or organisations. Partly because of the sheer ineptitude and ill feeling that seems to go hand in hand with the whole movement.

The 'dream team' of Nationalist thinkers appear to be internet based only. The ones we do have involved are falling out in lumps and splitting up the nationalist vote yet again. Lessons are never learnt, are they?

I know it is an uphill battle and that we cannot expect any leeway from the globalists and their cultural marxist minions, but just when will we up the ante and break free of the sludge that bogs us all down?

When will the fine tuned and well organised, presentable, back-able, 'on message' organisation or party spring up? When will people like me and others find a true home? This new party, from the first sounds of it, does not seem to fit my bill or fulfil this expectation of what I would desire.

I do not even expect any Nationalist party to win outright in Britain now, as the demographics are soon to make it impossible. All I support the party structure for now, is because it creates a movement and a challenge to the system. It wakes people up, makes them aware, and acts as a "bogey man" for policy change without us even having to be elected.

I watch at the fear in Europe, where ethno-rooted anti immigration political parties have made gains into parliament, and I want a slice of that here in Britain. But where are we? Bickering and marginalised, being squeezed by the EDL on the street level and the Conservative Party stealing some of our policies on the other, using them for their own nefarious multicultural civic nationalist aims. 

The will of the people is perhaps more important than elections though, and I think that if we are not reaching the population and providing them with a true message or true alternative, not making them aware or caring about the fate of the indigenous population in the future, then the movement is failing. I cannot see how a "cultural nationalist" party would promote that core message. They are running away from it rather than winning a respectable and rational argument about it.

For too long we have suffered at the hands of fools who stumbled around these issues and laid it open for "88ers" and the "HH" Brigade. There is a valid justification for direct ethno-nationalist arguments, but once again it is being shied away from so it doesn't scare the horses. If we cannot even put up an argument on the right of self preservation - and instead need to clutch at 'cultural nationalism' (whatever that is)  - then surely the argument is already lost.

You have to cultivate a rebellion over time, you can't just expect to flick a switch and suddenly people are "awake" and on side. We have not got the time or funds to keep reinventing ourselves to achieve this. The BNP has been doing a relatively good job in raising awareness and gathering a following for this purpose (and its own political aspirational ends).

At the moment, I still find the BNP policies and core ideology the one best suited to me and to this task. If was playing at "political games" and "politicking" to a higher degree than I already am with the BNP - just for the sake of 'power', I might as well urge everybody to vote for UKIP.

The trouble is, those pesky values, principles and ideological standpoints I have mean I cannot do this.

I will thus keep supporting the party and defending the strand of British Nationalism which it represents, even if I have to realise that is still a flawed beast and equally unlikely to fulfil what would be needed in the long term if we are to avert total catastrophe. I think I'd rather cling to a flawed party that kind of believed in the right thing, than a flawed party that didn't really seem to stand up for anything solid.  

I just wish that we were moving faster and developing a better image so that we can reach more people, an aim on which almost everyone has an alternative opinion on the causation of the lack achievement....and this is what goes around and around. I wish I had the solutions and the answers to all our problems as a nation, but sadly, I do not.

If we do not sort this movement out soon, I think we are at risk of being burnt and sidelined by people who wish to seek to divert Nationalist and "patriot" minded individuals into a Neocon (and purely "anti Islamic") route.

I get the impression that this new party that has formed will only serve to further that vague ideological grounding. I will have to wait and see I suppose. It is early days. Perhaps somebody can change my mind. I am not a particularly "stupid" person (although I do have my moments), but I cannot understand just where they think they are going with this venture.

It would be much more understandable if they were creating a pressure-group or lobbying group - but they appear to be creating a new political party with political aspirations.

We have enough fringe political parties than we can shake a stick at, why on earth do we need to have another one? Shouldn't they just get behind one of the other fledgeling parties? Does anybody seriously (in Nationalism) still believe we can gather the voting support of the population to such a degree that we can implement policies anyway?!!!

It would be much more effective for pressure groups and lobbyists to knit together a framework in which we can operate for the advancement of real causes. We need to bring people out of their houses and start to get them involved, people we need, like lawyers, accountants, organisers......people who are well versed in history, debate, arguments, the flaws of communism and how to spot it taking place.

We need people planted in the system to expose it and bring about change from within.

We need people who can be seen to be independent and acknowledged (like migrationwatchUK), people who can get Libertarians and others "on side", to get them to hold their nose at the things they don't like- but supportive of the general salvation of the country.  We need people who can set up a two tier society that renders the current status-quo redundant from the inside out.

These people probably won't ever come out of the woodwork to support the British National Party, but nor do I believe they will find a home in the new party that has been formed.

I have said time and time again that reliance on one political  party  is not enough. It can only serve as an information dissemination outlet and a weather gauge of peoples mood. We cannot have all our eggs in one basket and just sit back waiting for something to happen.

The real change has to come from ourselves, our communities, how they work, how things are seen and structured. On this score, I can appreciate the notion of "cultural reformation".

It is fair to say we have lost the "cultural revolution" war that's been waged on us since the late 1950's. Our opponents have changed society from within, without lofty intellectualism and tomes like this blog post. But now? Now that we are here in their mess, just what do we do? I still believe we have to argue the point of racial/ethnic preservation otherwise what's the bloody point? Why should I give a monkeys if we lose our civilisation when there are none of my own people left to have to suffer it?

But I do not think it is fair to say that the British National Party has clung doggedly to being a solely "race" based outlet at the exclusion of everything else. It has pushed "cultural" forms of nationalism and self preservation of our traditions and heritage for a long time. It has pushed agendas and Nationalist ethos/principles on all manner of issues throughout the manifesto. The difference perhaps comes where we are still not afraid to openly say that ethnicity matters and should matter, and that we actively defend that principle.

There are a lot of people, and I sadly include myself in this, who are longing for days that have passed - perhaps even times before we were even born. There is a sense of nostalgia and a knowledge that in many ways, we were once much better than we are today.

I never get too rose tinted about it, for example, you could die at the dentists, houses were damp and cold, workshops were nasty environments, the looms made people deaf., it is crazy to live in the past....but there are a lot of aspects which were superior to today. It is hard to snap out nostalgia for a time that's now passed by, but we have little choice other than to look around us as we are now and start to carve out a future for ourselves given the circumstances we are now in.

If we do not change society on the ground, in real terms that white society can appreciate, support, and aspire towards - how do we expect any "party" to manage it from above? It has to be bottom up, not top down.

We are losing our own voter-base and failing our own people. Take for example the three white youths jailed for kicking some poor man's head in so hard that he suffered brain damage and then later, death. How are we seriously supposed to say we wish to "save" our society and our "people" when a lot of us are alienated by what currently represents it?

Surely we need programmes and groups to fix "white" society and provide a model for better living. We keep pointing at others and forgetting we are rotting away ourselves. If we can bring about change that people support, wouldn't they be much more likely to be interested and supportive of the ideologies and groups that are underpinning that change, then vote for it?

Thats what, ironically, put me at odds with the old National Front supporters on forums many years ago. They would moan and whine about Nick Griffin and political routes and why aren't we all going to street marches and whatever else - saying politics is a waste of time, yet were themselves in a party and contesting a pitiful amount of seats!

I once asked some of them what they had done to 'better' white society in the last 20 years. The answer, in real terms (on the fabric of the nation level) was essentially nothing.  Not even a handbook or booklet  explaining Nationalism was made to give out to the public. Don't get me wrong, many would have stood up for their beliefs, battled with the opposition, tried to spread the word, whatever else.....but what is there to show for it now? I cannot see anything.

Besides, I have to think that most of them would have been on a ride into nowhere even when they did try. Like the BNP in the 1980's with supporters in their green bomber jackets and thin jeans, there tends to be an image problem and a clique mentality which fits into the Nationalist movement like a glove -something which turns it into a socialising and drinking club rather than a serious force of change.

The BNP has had it's fair share of this, and still does to some degree. The funny thing was, I was defending the National Front of the 70's the other night (at one of these socialising events!) against somebody who was running them down as all being meatheads, skinheads and grunts. Despite the media coverage, back then, I have come to appreciate how this was not true or accurate of the party or the movements ideology - although there was undeniably an element of it in the lower ranks. Anyway, I digress.

Just lately, there have been moves towards integration with other European Nationalist groups and talk of a UNN group here in the UK - which is said to want to act as an independent group for the advancement of European and indigenous people's endeavours. I have not worked out how serious this is yet, or what it will do exactly, or whether it will ever get off the drawing board. Then there is the BCG (British Constitution Group), the Freemen, and other Freedom related counter-culture groupings who are not Nationalists but are in tune to a lot of what is going on.

Those not of a political leaning should be trying to help these things along. Those who cannot do that should perhaps be aiming at bringing down our oppositional groups, NGO's, Quango's, Charitable Trusts, etc who work against our indigenous vested interests. There has to be a place for everybody in this struggle, and everybody should be put in their place.

I have, in the past, read people from the reform grouping follow-ship who were slating the involvement of BNP officials in Europe and being MEP's.  They had claimed that it is some kind of  "pan Europeanism" , Nazification, and not British Nationalism. They suggested that the BNP were wasting their time being there and neglecting their duties to this country and their electorate etc.

My personal position is quite the opposite. Forging ties with other Nationalists and like minded groupings is exactly what we need to be doing. Being in the stomach of the pit which drives our own parliament is surely important - or have they forgotten that it is nothing but a shell, nothing but a façade which we can merely tinker around with in this country now?

Unless the EU is destroyed or the Tories leave the EU, then I think it is arguable to say that European Union groupings in the EU parliament structure, EU parties and EU elections are possibly more important on a national level than the regular elections.

At the moment though, I do not feel that I fit anywhere - and may soon "retire" from everything altogether.

We have to turn a corner soon, but we seem to just peddle around and around, making gains, having losses, making gains, having losses - all the while falling out with ourselves and splintering the already limited support base. I have hardly done a damn thing in real terms, yet already I am getting tired of peddling.

Any thoughts?

Keep it civil please! They are just my musings, not attacks!. (I need convincing and winning over, not battering! lol) .



  1. Completly agree BA. If someone is to be a major player in a genuinely viable political party, how can they justify attacking those who disagree with them as 'muppets' or 'idiots'. Cygnus.

  2. Hi BA,

    I totally agree with you with respect to civic-nationalism, it is not the answer or the way forward. It is my belief that a people create a culture, and not the other way around. Race accounts for much more than our contemporary society will admit - J. Phillipe Rushton, Richard Lynn, and many other scientists acknowledge this. If you replace the people, you will alter the society. For example it didn't take long for Rhodesia the 'bread basket of Africa. to become Zimbabwe, a basket case, once they got rid of Ian Smith, did it? Besides this, the UK already has a civic nationalist party - UKIP.

    It is becoming my belief that the next decade will determine whether as a people we will survive, or whether we will continue to be usurped and replaced. Time will tell. I predict a gradual deterioration in our standards of living, an increase in crime and the realisation of Enoch Powell's predictions if nothing is done. But IT IS NOT TOO LATE! Things can change.

    I know exactly what you mean when you talk about plugging yourself back into the matrix - I have often felt the same. But, unfortunately it's not that simple. One simply must not become obsessional about things.



  3. Was I sleepwalking last night and did I write this post myself. Obviously not, it's eloquence is beyond me, but I echo every sentiment and support every proposition.

    So a question: please would you consider writing speeches for other Nationalists?

    I too was intrigued by BNP Reform but cannot follow them into the British Freedom Party, perhaps for the initials alone: "F" = Fascist (more later), "F" = f@@king, "F" = futile etc. I even posted on their blog as rhinoceros.

    Do you know the rhinoceros story/play by Eugène Ionesco? After the War it may have been an allegory for the rise of Nazism trampling all before it, but today it more describes the British people succumbing to the multi-cultural, diversity oriented, equality without acknowleging equals, based policies of the cultural enrichers. We could be the hero Berenger.

    So here's one suggestion. Let's form a nationalist theatre company to tour this play in support of the BNP.

    I also posted some other suggestions on the Reform blog.

    The BNP needs a vision. Slogans like "British Jobs for British Workers" and "Bring Our Boys Home" are all very well in their place but they do not describe the promised land for which we strive. The BNP vision should be :

    "To dwell among mine own people"

    Nothing else succinctly expresses ethno-nationalism. Some time ago, whilst reading about Churchill, I came across the phrase, which we can all stand behind to start the resistance to the country Britain is becoming. It's short, it's catchy and it's easy to remember, rather like the "To Serve and Protect" vision which appears on American cop cars.

    At first sight it may appear a racist slogan which the unelected and now bonfired quangos including the EHRC may jump on. No problem, the phrase comes from the Bible (King James version, 2 Kings 4:13), so they are going to ban the Bible and Churchill now. This is going to be some court case.

    Don't be down-hearted, keep your ramblings coming as I am sure yout have many followers.


    Mike O.

  4. Cheers Mike.

    Would I write speeches for others?.....blimey! I'm not so sure! hahaha.

    I often think I am on a different wavelength to everybody else, so I wouldn't say I'd be overly confident about penning a piece that would be delivered to others in a public meeting!.

    I suppose I would write the occasional speech if somebody asked me to do so (and if they provided a general outline).

    I suppose I tend to talk in generalities these days though, rather than concentrate on specific in depth investigative work. I seem to lack the patience these days for trawling through stacks of papers.

    People can always frisk down anything they find on the blog here and re-write it a bit if they want to, as long as they don't take advantage - and as long as it is for the good cause I doubt I would mind too much!. Better than it being sat here doing nothing. People should do their own homework though to make sure I haven't got my facts wrong!

    I have to admit, I have not heard of either the play or the author - unfortunately I have to concede that am not all that 'cultured' when it comes to this kind of thing.

    Most of my books are non-fiction - in fact, the only fiction book I have sat on the shelf here at the moment (still unread!) is "Invasion" by DC Alden - which I bought a couple of years back, especially seeing as it seemed quite hard to get hold of at the time - for obvious reasons when you see the plot-line!

    I do not know if the above book can be recommended, as I haven't even started reading it yet.

    I would have to look yours up and read the premise (as well as the character plots) to really appreciate what you are saying there.

    In terms of putting on a play or otherwise promoting recommended reading material to the wider public, I suppose many people you come across would mock the very idea of it.

    I mean, it is not very "nationalist" is it, to be staging plays?......BUT!.... even though plays are not particularly my kind of thing either, I do appreciate the notion to try and use different forms of media (fiction books like 'Invasion', plays, films, cartoons, music) to try and convey a subtle message.

    Perhaps there is a way of going about it that can poke a sly dig at current affairs, perhaps subconsciously change perceptions and help break down some of taboo's the PC Brigade have erected as societal constructs and constraints.....

    ....after all, it is what the "opposition" have been doing for decades! Billy Bragg and his chums are still using street style 'low key' drama to make a stab at the BNP and the notion of nationhood.

    If you mean it to be more specific and overtly towards the party, I am not quite sure how well received that would be, especially by the party itself to be honest.

    If you meant something which could be done (and tested out) to rally the ethos at events like a Red White and Blue weekend, then I can't see any harm in that as a free test run.

    I reckon it would be a bit more interesting to make a point at an RWB through entertainment than having somebody read out some massive speech that bangs on...and on...and on...(like my blog! LOL.)

  5. (cont'd)

    It may be a tad too late for permeating wider society in this way, seeing as it has taken them decades to wipe away the kind of stories and narratives that used to underpin our British ideas of libertarianism and self reliance, but as long as it's an 'in addition to' action and not an 'instead of' action, I suppose that it all helps to grease those wheels.

    I probably wouldn't even make it an openly identifiable 'Nationalist' grouping unless it was imperative to do so, whether it be book promotions, music, films, drama.

    I'm afraid I couldn't really comment further on the aspects of this or its merits, as it is not really my area of expertise.

    To pull such a thing off well, it would have to be really quite professional, and funding/promotion/attendance could be an issue.

    So on that score alone, I do not know how realistic it is or what kind of reception it may get from the public (or wider Nationalists for that matter, as it doesn't tend to go with the territory).

    It is sad, but there you go. It's always worth thinking "outside of the box" though I reckon.

  6. (cont'd)

    I'm not sure what the old slogan used be, or if we had an official one, although I do seem to recall "For Race and Nation" being on a lot of old banners.

    Perhaps in today's climate that is now a bit

    Now that I am awake and in favour of the ethos for race and nation, I have no problem with it, but of course, before I woke up to what's going on it would probably have put me right off and confirmed my worst prejudices about those "BNP types".

    I am not opposed to the use of slogans like the one you suggest, it isn't too bad. As you say, it has to be done carefully.

    My issue with general slogans is more that the ones I tend to see knocking about social networking sites etc are often undeliverable and nonsensical.

    They are slogans, and therefore catchy for people to rally behind - such is the point of slogans I suppose! - but if there is no prospect of it being possible to achieve what's behind the slogan, then I am cynical that it just sounds hollow and brainless.

    How can we have "No More Mosques" for example, when the Islamic demographic is bulging faster than everybody else in a *democratic* and "free" society?

    It cannot be realistically expected, and despite a lot of people having the hump with Islam and not really wanting mosques on their doorstep, a lot of people would still recoil at the general idea of "banning" places of worship in this country as a whole, let alone the problems we would run into with international laws - unless of course, we were in total command and could tell them to bugger off.

    Until that day comes, the promise or the statement that we would have "no more mosques" doesn't really make sense to me.

    I know I would get my head kicked in if I walked through certain areas of my town wearing such a T-Shirt from the Excalibur website, so I don't reckon they would have sold many of those - unless they were sold to people in the complete outskirts, people in towns and cities who are trained martial artists - or people who are built like Arnie.

    I fit none of those descriptions!

    "No More Immigration" works, because it is something we should be able to choose and control as a nation (as it currently stands), and something which can be realistically delivered - if people demanded for it to be so.

    I do have a simple four word tag line that I reckon would sit well underneath a British National Party banner (if they are already not being used, that is). But I will keep my mouth shut about that at the moment, in case somebody else picks it up.


  7. Hi, BA

    "Invasion" sounds interesting, but inspite of good reviews, Amazon say :

    "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."

    Now conspiracy theorists may believe it has been censored because of the subject matter. Perhaps it's because it was self-published. Either way, it sounds a good read, although over 600 pages may take some time.

    Me, I'm not cultured either, but at one time I was flying all over the place so had plenty of time for reading.

    However, lack of culture is holding back nationalism. Many classical artists, writers, composers, etc (let's start with Shakespeare) were nationalists at heart, but because their concerns were social conditions (especially the Victorians) the socialists have identified them with their causes. I cannot think of any advocating multiculturalism.

    The BNP need to address the lack of cultural awareness within the party, not in any snobbish way (think Covent Garden operas), but to show that although there is little support from today's cultural elite, historically it's quite differrent.

    Folk music just does not cut it! It's entertaining, but the BNP needs more than pub music to drink by.

    Just to clarify what I mean by "vision". It's management-speak, often called a "mission statement". Here is an example from the web :

    Walt Disney - "To make people happy."

    which is supported by a set of values describing the performance standards and the implementation of the mission. These are :

    • No cynicism
    • Nurturing and promulgation of "wholesome American values"
    • Creativity, dreams and imagination
    • Fanatical attention to consistency and detail
    • Preservation and control of the Disney "magic"

    An organisation should only have one "vision" but several "values". Slogans may be used to describe the values.

    Is there anything similar for the BNP, particularly something which has stood the test of time like Walt Disney?


    Mike O.

  8. I'm just off to bed, it has been a long day today.

    I just thought I would say that the book I mentioned was probably a short-run, small publisher as you suggest.

    I know it was eagerly anticipated and sold like hot cakes, then seemed to vanish!

    I remember having it on my bookmarks to buy, I waited a month or so, as I just never got around to ordering it, then I found it was sold out everywhere.

    It does come on the Amazon site from time to time, second hand. Mine was second hand, but 'as new'. I know another blogger who got hold of one just last month, so its one of those ones that do crop up.

    I didn't realise the number of pages in the book when I ordered

    I am not much of a big fiction reader, or am I particularly studious when it comes to having a nose in a book (I guess years of internet usage shortens the attention span?)...but when it arrived, I could have mistaken it for a brick LOL.

    Nah, it isn't that bad, but it looks a substantial read. It currently sits on the shelf, taunting me to make a start.

    Quickly, regarding cultural awareness, I know the BNP have done the occasional thing to point out some of our cultural history and literary heritage, and some of that was a good start, as was the website site they used to have about historical events.

    Unfortunately, those sites were destroyed (like the Land and People website).

    It would have been for the benefit of all if they were given back - and then perhaps expanded upon to push more of an awareness role, recommended reading, recommended material, whatever.

    Unfortunately, because of the nature of how things have gone, I doubt the material of the Land and People site or the British History site will be regained.

    It would be a hard slog trying to motive Nationalists to be more interested in these types of things though, unfortunately.

    Most of us are having our time and attention grabbed elsewhere, because that's one of the trappings of the internet - latest updates and news, latest headlines, latest articles, video's, whatever.

    We can get into a rut of playing endless catch up on this deluge of information, and just never get around to stepping back and reading about history or cultural artefacts, whatever form they may take.

    The lonely fiction book sat on my shelf is probably evidence of this....I just cannot seem to find the time.

    How to solve that problem and make people interested enough to break out of those kinds of cycles is going to be a hard task.

    I include myself in this, too.

    I would not automatically think of searching those things out or spending time that way.... I gather many folk are the same.

    Not only would you have to lead the horses to the water, but you would have to encourage them to drink!

    All the best,


  9. BA,

    You do rip out some good posts you know!
    You've hit the nail pretty much on the head, torn between nostalgia and a society today where our own white indigenous culture really isn't worth saving, but then that's been down to incredible subversion of society and the indoctrination of black role models such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela over literally hundreds upon hundreds of indigenous, home grown Brits from all walks of life. Can you really blame our society for being as it is? That's the point. You can't. Our youth are merely a product of their environment and any sod that started school back in '97, will now be a school leaver, head full of the mince of multiculturalism and Britain has always been a country of many cultures.

    You won't be able to plug yourself back into the Matrix. It's not possible, well, that is unless you go to a hypnotherapist who completely washes your mind, for you see, you'll know everything around you is false and you simply won't be able to get on with it. You have too much integrity within you. You're too honest. You can't live a lie and that's the problem, other can and they do, very well.

    I don't support the BNP. I'm an anarcho-Libertarian-Nationalist. The BNP are left wing. They're socialists, hence why I'll never support them. I have never believed in state control and the nationalisation of industry, transport and running of the UK. I believe in and always have minimal government, if any at all.
    I don't trust the BNP, I never have and I never will. They don't speak for me and never have, although I have agreed with their policies, I see them as a party of liars within.

    Britain is fucked but you're not. You have time to have a life, to meet a nice partner, start a family and leave this hell hole. Are things going to get better? Fuck no, never will. It's the way of things. We've been warned from time immemorial of the problems within society we face and we've continued to ignore them - TO OUR PERIL.

    British society isn't worth saving quite frankly. It's dead. The older generations once they've gone will be the last true Brits to have walked this land as our younger generations (predominantly everyone under 40) are globalists, many liberal minded, unaware to the their own assassinations they're currently laying in place. I really am beyond caring now. I just step back and see it for what it is. You asked me in an earlier reply why I still blog? My answer is simple, I enjoy writing and still try to overt disaster even though I can see the Tsunami less than 100 ft in front of me.