Sunday, 3 October 2010

Enoch Powell Prophesy.

Here is a clip of Enoch Powell and his prophetic words during the 1970 General Election run up.

What probably seemed absurd and shocking then, has now come to be common knowledge, plain reality and even more stark in numbers today.


Also worth watching:


  1. "It remains to be seen how the government of Heath will deal with this incumbent partner"

    Interesting, the last words by the narrator. And what did Heath do? Lol.

    As I said to you in my reply on my blog BA, the UK truly is finished. There will be civil strife but that civil strife will not be just against non whites, but will prove a nation divided.

    When you allow minorities into positions of power, expect great change resulting in persecution of majority views.
    Interesting to note the Pakistani man being interviewed, a communist for all to see, stating that England was not civilised. Interesting as well that he promoted violence and nothing was done to him whatsoever.

    This is the reality of the situation - minority control, enforced by Communism. The UK is no longer the UK BA and that's why I say for you to leave while you can. Stay on the sinking ship, do the honourable thing, but regardless there's nothing that will make it float again. I say the same really to all. No point in fighting and dying as that's what will happen. Leave and start a new life abroad. Instead of being a white people divided, seek lands with other whites to unite. Better winning in one area and holding it than fighting in many and ultimately losing.

  2. I am not sure whether there is much to say this evening, well, certainly not enough to warrant a properly thought out reply back to yours that conveys what I really want to say.....

    The thing is, I do know that you're right, I have definitely come to the conclusion we are effectively stuffed.

    Yet, to turn it around a bit - why do you write your blog and read up or study on what is going on? Surely something within you seeks to impart information to others so that a change can occur through creating awareness in others?

    Enoch Powell once said "People say 'this is not possible' and 'that is not possible', but whatever is the best for the people of this country is always possible!".... well as "People say you cannot turn back the hands of time, I say it is very easy!, you just take off the watch and wind it backwards to give the correct time!".

    However, times are indeed different. We really are, in my opinion, in the biggest peril we have ever faced.

    I don't think any previous combination of wars we have had in the last few centuries would amount to the losses we have accrued since the end of the second world war.

    Millions of men died in the name of this country, for right and for wrong. A tremendous loss of life in the most brutal and horrible of circumstances.

    Yet, in "peace time" we have suffered an irreversible strategic blow which has had a much more devastating effect, when looking at it from the perspective of maintaining a future as a nation and as a people.

    I used to write on some pretty hardcore websites when I was younger, because back then there simply was nowhere else to even speak about anything. There was no such thing as blogs or online Nationalist networks.

    One thing that always used to frustrate me aside from the crudity of language, was the futility expressed by almost all there.

    The powers were too great, they would say. Every event that happened they would claim to be engineered on purpose by these powers, no matter what it was.

    They would say that there was no point fighting it or making a concerted cause of any sort because the beast was just too big.

    Activism other than bringing about a race war immediately was seen as a bit of a waste of time, and the idea of using politics against the stacked system in the meantime was, to them, completely absurd and had no merit whatsoever.

    They would explain how these men in cloaks were behind all and everything, making it sound like some poisonous fog that cannot be grasped hold of and just disappears into the night air.

    Maybe that is actually true for the most part.

    Back then I did really know what they were talking about, and even if I did I would not have wanted to admit it.

  3. Whilst I know we cannot go backwards to regain what we once were, there is something within me, despite how overcome and depressed I get, that has to have a glimmer of hope.

    I would rather have hope that at least some kind of future can be salvaged for ourselves, even if it is not on the terms or in the locations I would like.

    Doing nothing, saying nothing, allow it to go ahead totally unchallenged just doesn't seem to sit right with me. Maybe that will change. I do feel a change coming on.

    My personal trouble at the moment is knowing just where to cease, and how to get back "on the road" to uptake more of a "normal" life (whilst I still have some time left). I have wasted enough precious time musing endlessly. A balance has to be regained.

    I have never liked the idea of living abroad, it is quite an alien concept for me to take as anything other than a wild idea. It just does not feel natural or desirable for me as a person, this is my country and I feel a bond to it which I just cannot describe, even when it is sick and diseased.

    Likewise, that might have to change.

    Maybe it is a bit of the David and Goliath story lurking in me at the moment, the desire for the "11th hour plan" that has so often saved our nations bacon.

    Maybe some spotted Baldrick will come up with the most cunning of cunning plans instead of us sat with underpants on our head and a keyboard and mouse shoved up each nostril.

    Maybe it is sad delusion which I conjure for myself so that I can continue with life relatively sanely because I will have something to try and work towards, something to try for seeing some betterment happen.

    We may be faced with the biggest, loudest, overwhelming machine we have ever come seems massive, powerful, indestructible.

    It is trampling over ground and squashing everything in its path. It has been set on course, and that's it, off it goes, building momentum as it travels.

    Yet, throw a little £2 spanner into that working engine, or pour some sugar in the tank and there is a good likelihood it could break down the whole beast, or break it down just long enough for it to be taken apart before it reaches its complete and final destination.

    I have thought a lot about our predicament over the years. I have certainly written a lot on this computer.....but in real terms, I have done next to nothing because I do not know what to do.

    It has therefore been a complete waste of my time thus far, other than finding out for myself (roughly)how the world operates and what the consequences are going to be.

    I think the latter part of your reply (on this site above) will end up coming true in a much wider sense - a geographical displacement and redrawing of boundaries and identities to rescue what is left of us in Europe when the time comes.

    People are already talking about and setting up the first rungs of the Pioneer Little Europe style plans, although I have never really subscribed to those plans myself. This kind of thing will probably be much bigger in the future, comprising of all of us who are determined to keep things alive.

  4. What is for certain though, is a move from my town in the next 5 years.

    As I found on holiday earlier this year, there are still places left which are a million miles away from the issues on my mind. They are not always that far away from my current location either. Happy little villages, small towns, very expensive but still a community and still cohesive through homogeneity.

    If I can find one that fits my work and financial circumstances, I should probably make the plunge and move. In the long term, when the shit really does seem like its going to hit the fan, I guess I would have to re-asses and maybe get on a flight.

    I've certainly got a lot of thinking to do yet - not only about what's going on, but what I do next and what I must do for the long term future.

    I can only hope that I have brought some people along with me this far, made some "converts", and that whilst I decide what to do, I continue to have the best of health and a good family.

    Compared with a lot of people, I have so much to be thankful for that I find it hard to believe I waste so much time being depressed about the state of affairs.

    Just a twist of irony I suppose.

    Cheers for the reply(s) Harbinger, I value the time it must take you to respond.

    British Activism

  5. H. Michael Barrett22 December 2010 at 21:53

    The culture of the existing type of White community is obsolete. Consider this point just for a moment, as it's where a people's survival skills must come from.

    In the 1920s German nationalists came to a similar conclusion, and in the 1890s the Irish Nationalists too; so each created a new model of the White community for their people to begin transfering over to.

    The new model of the German community was raised up in Munich during the 1920s, just as the new model of the Irish community had been created in Dublin between the 1890s and 1916.

    And if those two movements had not bothered to raise up their new models, which served as starters in the national fireplace, history would have been quite different.

    And what was going on in the East End, when the Suffragettes and then the BUF concentrated their supporters? It was the very same process; one quite successful, and the other nipped in the bud by wartime hysteria.