Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Vatican: "Muslims will be majority in Europe"

Article from the Telegraph

Muslims will become majority in Europe, 
senior Vatican official warns

European Christians must have more children or face 
the prospect of the continent becoming Islamised, 
a senior Vatican official has said.

While many European Catholic bishops often defend the rights of Muslims 
to worship publicly others are more keen to protect the Christian heritage of their continent

Italian Father Piero Gheddo said that the low birth rate among indigenous Europeans combined with an unprecedented wave of Muslim immigrants with large families could see Europe becoming dominated by Islam in the space of a few generations.

"The challenge must be taken seriously," said Father Gheddo, of the Vatican's Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions.

"Certainly from a demographic point of view, as it is clear to everyone that Italians are decreasing by 120,000 or 130,000 persons a year because of abortion and broken families – while among the more than 200,000 legal immigrants a year in Italy, more than half are Muslims and Muslim families, which have a much higher level of growth."

He said: "Newspapers and television programmes never speak of this. However, an answer must be given above all in the religious and cultural fields and in the area of identity."

The priest blamed Christians for failing to live up to their own beliefs and helping to create a "religious vacuum" which was being filled by Islam.

He predicted that Islam would "sooner rather than later conquer the majority in Europe".

"The fact is that, as a people, we are becoming ever more pagan and the religious vacuum is inevitably filled by other proposals and religious forces," he said.

Father Gheddo also said that Christians who lapsed were also making themselves vulnerable to attacks by secularists. He said when "religious practice diminishes in Christian Europe and indifference spreads, Christianity and the Church are attacked". "If we consider ourselves a Christian country, we should return to the practice of Christian life, which would also solve the problem of empty cradles," he added.

The comments of Father Gheddo come just months after a Czech cardinal also blamed lapsed Catholics for the Islamisation of Europe. On his retirement as Archbishop of Prague earlier this year, Cardinal Miloslav Vlk said Muslims were well placed to fill the spiritual void "created as Europeans systematically empty the Christian content of their lives".

He said that unless Christians woke up to the threat to their culture they would soon find they no longer have the strength to make their mark on society. He called on Christians to respond to the threat of Islamisation by living their own religious faith more observantly.

While many European Catholic bishops often defend the rights of Muslims to worship publicly others are more keen to protect the Christian heritage of their continent. Last year Cardinal Jose Policarpo, the Patriarch of Lisbon, warned Catholic women against marrying Muslims.

Italian Cardinal Giacomo Biffi has also urged the Italian government to give priority to Catholic migrants over Muslims in order to protect his country's religious identity.

The Vatican has also opposed Turkey joining the European Union partly because the Muslim country does not share the continent's Christian heritage. 

Whilst I am not a deeply religious person, of course I fully appreciate what the man is saying. 

We are wide open for a drip-fed alteration of societal attitudes and our historical societal norms, coming in the form of a "solution" to "liberal" based problems (like excessive binge drinking and antisocial behaviour which are the bane of many people's lives).

I would not personally want to see the swapping of one form of ultra-religiosity for another - but we have to be aware that the more Islam and ethnic minority populations grow and change our country, the more influence and permeation it will have throughout the country and the way it thinks and operates.

Through the doctrine of "multiculturalism", "political correctness" and "multiracialism" - our younger generations are almost totally detached from our historical identity. This means that there is generally a flapping about in the wind, and a "pliability" in the air for them to be shaped in any direction they are led - be it for global interests or for religious adherence, or both.

Nobody in my fathers generation would have seriously looked at converting to Islam - as when my father was my age, Muslims and Islam was still the stuff of "adventure books" and tales of far off lands recounted by his father whilst in the military fighting for this country, or from 'travellers' - no, not those, but people he knew from college who "took a year out" to travel on a shoestring.

It is foolhardy to not think that many of our own folk will not eventually end up Muslims in the long run - not only because of the saturation of it in our society now, but also because the church and the establishment here in this country are essentially useless in all fields of defending our civilisation. (Anybody who saw the documentary "The Last White Kids" in 2003 will know exactly what I am talking about).

In the case of our most notorious bishops, they are almost so entirely about "embracing" other faiths that they hardly state a case for their own faith any longer - and probably wouldn't dream of announcing they thought their own faith was better than anyone else's.

They have even gone to the stage of advocating Sharia law, and in my little town they have schemes like having the small church "community" going to "look around" and "visit" the newly built mosques which are springing up all over the place like mushrooms.

These "Interfaith" hippy mindsets shuffle around these said mosques' open days and their ethnicities - which are happily and steadily rendering the church and the indigenous people in this area dead and gone.

Rather than them having "understanding" and trying to "build bridges" for some fabled "harmony" and "equality" dream - they should be understanding that this is the end of the road, the last throw of the dice, and that in probably less than 30 years from now the Asian Muslims in this immediate area could give even less than a hoot when witnessing the final dying breaths of the Christian faith in this area.  

The "kindness" of these 'good intentioned' Christians up and down the land is literally killing us all, as part and parcell of the rest of the mechanism waged against us.

Why is there such schizophrenia in the Church?  On the one hand (in our country) they are peddling the doctrine of social Marxism and soft Communism - especially when it comes to Islam and the immigration invasion - yet some of the upper roles in the international church, especially in Italy, are warning with increased frequency that we are facing the end of ourselves if we do not snap out of our lunacy. 

What makes this warning more pertinent than usual is that there is actual talk of "indigenous Europeans" and the matter of its part as an "identity" itself in Europe. Often this aspect is purposefully missed by the Church, who tend to skip the role of recognising indigenous ethnicity of Europe and solely concentrate on faith. 

The latter part probably explains partially why the Church in this country seems to love immigration - as without it, the churches would be continuing to empty. The massive influx of Africans and Poles, for example, has helped boost the flagging coffers, flagging attendance and the flagging role of the Church in this country. 

They surely love immigration for much so that we have vicars conducting hundreds of scam immigration "weddings" between these immigrant groups. 

As the Vatican official suggests, demographics is destiny......and we are losing our destiny. We are losing it not only from lack of births (as he suggests) but via massive immigration and higher birthrates of not only Muslims - but everybody else too.We should all already know who and what is to blame for this state of affairs.

What is interesting though, is that more and more voices are starting to speak up. We are getting doctors, German banking experts, religious leaders, etc starting to talk openly about the threat that is coming. This subject matter used to be pretty much the sole preserve of Nationalists who were deemed to be "cranks" - and people such as those starting to speak up would have not muttered a word.

We are reaching the point where, literally speaking (and "stepping back" for a moment), a simple proposed burning of a collection of printed paper reaches an international diplomatic crisis. 

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of that particular issue, the point is that things are definitely escalating. Countries are starting to get restless and throwing off a few shackles.

The question is, will people be lulled into taking false roads once again - like the recent turn of events in America's "Tea Party" direction, or thinking "faith" alone (not racial identity) will be the salvation?  

It still remains my view that only (ethno-)Nationalism can be the remedy if we seek to survive as a people and as a cultural civilisation. 

This is a game, or perhaps more accurately, a "war of ideas" which we have to win.


  1. It's a well written article as I've come to expect, but alas, the future is already set. Many people will say that the future is never fixed and can never change, when alas that is a lie - we're born, we pay taxes and then we die.

    Father Gheddo may speak out and state that Christians need to have more children yet what will that prove? What about the non Christians, the indigenous who will partner with the Muslims and the Jews?

    The seed was sewn over 50 years ago by the socialists. They have subverted a generation, who have had offspring, whom they've indoctrinated and have had offspring also, to the situation that we find ourselves in today - a society of indigenous Britons who not only hate their ancestry and history but have removed themselves, their roots from it, believing this to be their liberation, when they've signed their own death warrant. They have ignored the warnings from their elders. They have laughed at those whom they call patronisers, but alas, 40 years from now they will regret doing what they have done today, for they will see what they've happily discarded, knowing there's no way back and they've slain the goose that laid the golden eggs.

    The goal of socialism is complete. You cannot indoctrinate the already indoctrinated. People are oblivious to realise that we live in a country that may have children born of indigenous blood, but they are most certainly not of, nor pertaining to our culture, our ethos and way of thinking.
    The Destruction of the Britain has already happened. It is in it's final throes of its swan song and any fool, who knows Britain can look at any media manipulation on the TV and see that it paints an altogether false interpretation of life in the UK today.

    You cannot re-change society. We're talking 50 years of indoctrination via the state, the education system and the judicial system. The main protagonist has been the media, dominated by Zionist control and whose journalists were if not political communists within their youth most certainly socialists. I look around me and see the filth of the likes of Pat Condell, leading the war cry against Islam & Christianity, while he rims Judaism and performs oral sex on multiculturalism, yet has seen the destruction NuLabour, although a lifetime Socialist, has wrought on the UK and now distances himself from it, realising that his future's fucked thanks to his support for the very people who have made it so.

    I've accepted what is. I can see the massive brainwashing going on within society and laugh. I look at the situation and shake my head in dismay, but in gladness knowing that I had no part in this destruction. True Brits are now seeing what it must have been like for the Romans who watched their civilisation crumble overnight. Our civilisation as I have said is already dead. It's time to move on Independent British Nationalist.

  2. It is interesting that I already have (in the 'draft' post panel) some material pertaining to aspects of your reply, regarding lack of children and how we no longer really have an identifiable way of life, especially when it comes to cherishing our historic rights of freedom.

    I was in the process of writing it earlier this week, but I did not finish it properly (and was at two minds whether to publish it at all). But that is by-the-by.

    I think, harbinger, that you may already know that I have come to roughly the same conclusions as yourself about the state of affairs.

    About four or five years ago I still believed something could be turned around. If the policies of the political party were carried out, and if the atmosphere created was such that people would take the incentive to leave, that anyone committed of a crime whose origins not belong here sent home, etc, coupled with a high birthrate incentive for indigenous people, throw in about 50 to 60 years of reversing the trends, and I reckon we could have been back on track.

    Knowing a little bit more about the sheer scope of this problem, plus the insane amount of damage which has been inflicted demographically by Labour since 1997, I now cannot see there ever being a happy ending.

    I too have had to accept that we are in fact shafted, up the backside, with an extremely large object. It is not a comfortable assessment to have to make either. Definitely no lube at all has been applied.

    It has only taken 1000 illegal Roma being (rightfully) deported from France for it to be likened to the Nazi era. The prospect of anything more deeper happening against this kind of backdrop is minuscule.

    However, the interesting part is the vast majority of the French (and people here) thought it was great. I think more people are quietly 'on side' than we like to give the "sheeple" credit for. This goes for this country, but also France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and a few others.

    However, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" is an old saying, and no doubt has some relevance in its origins - but it is true. Only we have essentially allowed the importation of the cradle contents *and* proceeded to let others rock it for us.

    The only difference between you and I at the moment is perhaps that I cannot just sit and fester or go further down the plughole which I have already thus far gone down.

    I do sit and fester rather a lot, I have to admit it, but sitting reading (and writing) about the why's and wherefores is just further punishment and it does not even start to put up any defence.

    The battle may very well be lost, but some of us intend to help our comrades if we can - carry on doing whatever we may do and carry on supporting the (metaphorical) troops who are being slain.

  3. (Continued...)

    It may be foolhardy, but alas, in a historical war context it really is the British way. We stay in line, we defend our fellow men, we go right up with our bayonets until we see the enemies eyeballs - even though it is certain death to do so.

    There are some exceptionally smart and well read individuals out there, people who are good writers, good communicators, good researchers who know the history of both sides of the threats we face, but sadly, most reach the point where they do not use their knowledge to help (in real terms) for the greater good.

    Rather than using their intellect and skills to try and counter the threats (by analysing every possible strategic route and concentrating on what can be achieved on the foundations of their knowledge rather what cannot be achieved), many essentially put all their knowledge to misuse by only serving to prove concepts to themselves and looking further and further into things which are ever more alienated from the public's general understanding.

    Very much like my blog, I think doing this only serves as a read for those already aware of the problem. I am more than aware that my blog here only serves that purpose - as there will not be that many "converts" leaving these pages.

    I am not smart enough to wrap all this up into a neat package, or apply ideologies and strategies based on how best to counteract the process taking place.

    I am now somewhat a skim reader these days when it comes to investigative work. I have lost a lot of patience. I did all my investigations years ago but I can no longer hold an in depth argument about the ins and outs of the specifics of communism for example. I have got stubborn and short handed. I learnt about it, rejected it, then moved on with it under my belt as part of the artillery.

    I know that others, however, are much more well versed at being able to run those "deeper" rings around opponents.

    I can no longer engage in those things, but instead stick to the simplicities of immigration debates, or libertarian minded principles.

    At the moment I am not able to do anything much other than moan and whine from my keyboard (and make crappy attempts at video documentaries from compiling TV clips) to try and stake a 'case' to the general public for their rejecting of the current liberal hegemony hanging over this country.

    (I have another one of those compilation clips ready for publishing this weekend)

    I know my limitations, but there are others out there who really could be doing something a bit more positive.

    You know, I have wrestled for some time now about how to proceed with my own life in the knowledge that we are (unless a miracle happens) completely stuffed.

    I am talking about the last two years especially.

    The rift within myself has even come to the point of deciding whether to carry on even thinking about it, or whether to do a 180 degrees turn and force myself to learn to shirk all my insight - and simply follow the rest of the herd for the sake of my own sanity.

    This would be an ideological return to the worldly uneducated leftwing buffoon which I was as a teenager.

    After all, as my sometimes thinking goes, if it is all so doomed, why not just accept it and say it is "silly" to worry about being ethnically cleansed from the Earth?.

    Not because I still find it silly as there is no differences (like I believed as a teenager), but that it's silly because it's futile to "care" or to "harbour hostility" to the process taking place.

    Bread and Circuses, or in my case probably Beer and Circus's does indeed sound a like a tempting offer - like plugging back into the matrix and just laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all.

  4. (Cont'd...)

    I cannot say how long I will be carrying on mentally tormenting myself over these issues - but I am often reminded of the mad people with the sandwich boards.

    You don't seem to get them much these days, but they often walked around miserably day after day warning that we are all doomed and that the end of the world was nigh.

    The people who were walking with those boards in the late 19th Century look a bit foolish now. The end of the world has not arrived - but admittedly the end of the world as we have understood it to be has arrived.

    It has been shaped over this period by small actions - all to foster change as a whole.

    The question I, and maybe yourself, have to ask ourselves is.....what are we going to choose to do?

    - walk with the sandwich board day after day rambling about things people find cranky and crazy and how it is the end of the world?,

    - or are we going to choose to (at the very least)try and make a few small changes in the real world in an attempt to help foster a less bleak outcome?.

    At the moment, I still prefer to do the latter. I know most of it is no doubt futile, but at the moment that's how I feel.

    This is why I look at the Geert Wilders's, the Pat Condell's, the Peter Hitchens's, the Melanie Phillips, etc and take them for what they are and just use them for my own ends.

    The clever thing to be doing in my opinion is to use them, to draw people in, but crucially to make it set out our agenda as a whole package - not theirs.

    It is my belief that we have to weave a web of our own, or create our own hand picked paint brush with which to paint out our picture with.

    If we casually reject all the materials we have available to us, the picture would never be painted.

    I just wish I was clever enough to weave that web and paint that picture.

    I know that others, perhaps like yourself, could grab hold of such a brush - but I think it would have to be a picture that people understand, and not an abstract painting which they cannot even tell which way up it is supposed to hang.

    Well, I am sure that's enough wild analogies for one afternoon!!! LOL.

    I don't do any crazy analogies for a while, then a whole lot happen to come at once!

    Thankyou for reading my article and the replies to your reply. I hope it can be taken in good faith, and that you may see why I have not let go just yet.

    All the best,

    British Activism.

  5. British Activism,

    Thank you for a most erudite and thoughtful reply. Drop me an email (look at my profile).

    You see reality and understand our inevitable future, however you still remain optimistic of a change when I do not for reasons explained.

    It is virtually pointless staying within the UK to piss against a waterfall as that's really what anyone else is doing if they think that the 50+ years of socialist indoctrination within our society can be changed. Well, it could be changed but it would mean imposing draconian measures over night (the immediate expulsion of all Muslims/illegal immigrants overnight, bringing back corporal/capital punishment, life meaning life, complete restructuring of the police, education, judicial and political systems, imprisonment of any communist orientated thinker, destruction of the bank of England and end of all usury, end of importing foreign goods and employment for Indigenous peoples, with no non indigenous peoples holding positions of power with which to do so as they did in the 60's etc etc) and this would never, ever happen in a million years. If however I am to be proven wrong, then the day it is actually decided to do so, it would be an impossibility to install for the simple reason that the public would be overwhelmingly against it.

    I can relate 100% when you say:

    "The rift within myself has even come to the point of deciding whether to carry on even thinking about it, or whether to do a 180 degrees turn and force myself to learn to shirk all my insight - and simply follow the rest of the herd for the sake of my own sanity.

    This would be an ideological return to the worldly uneducated leftwing buffoon which I was as a teenager."

    However, you know in your heart of hearts how impossible that would be BA. You are a truth seeker which means that honesty is a vital part of your makeup. You would find that lifestyle virtually impossible to live. I mean think about it, would you really be able to sit at work or in a pub with your associates while they harp on about how great Communism is, but just not been implemented properly into society? Would you be able to sit and listen to them while they whitter on about how wonderful multiculturalism is and that isn't Britain such a wonderful place now because of it? And these are only two of the conversations that would spring up.

    I've pretty much come to the conclusion that it's really best looking for another land with beliefs like mine with a majority society that wants to protect its culture and prepared to fight for it.

  6. (cont)
    If you are in a war position and the left flank is falling, it's far better to move those troops to bolster the right flank and guarantee victory than needless waste of life. In this I mean forget about the UK - it's fucked. I mean it's truly and utterly fucked.

    As I wrote in my last reply, our society has been completely and utterly indoctrinated. We are looking at not one generation but every generation from the late 50's onwards. It means that anyone under the age of 40 let's say has been completely brainwashed into believing in a multicultural and globalist society. Sure there will be people younger, who have been brought up by their parents to think like you and I but they are minuscule compared to the overwhelming majority who do.

    I read the hypocrisy in the papers, in the newspaper internet comment sections. The majority have no problem living in a materialistic, superficial fake society. They are happy to promote homosexual family over heterosexual. They have lost their faith in a creator and are happily allowing themselves to behave no differently to the idolaters of the past, who melted all their rings, necklaces and earrings to create a gold statue of Moloch.

    I am 100% against the church but I know in my heart of hearts I follow the words of Christ, the rebel of his day who spoke of peace. I also realise that in order to understand our future I must understand the past, hence why I read what I do constantly. I am trying to get hold of the Geneva Bible, for the answers lie within. The new (ancient) religion is on its way, that of Lucifarianism. It is coming in many forms, no more so than the New Age movement as promoted by the likes of Icke, Tsarion, Maxwell etc etc. They are all disinformation agents.

    The covenant is broken and chaos awaits our future generations, because they are going against the laws of nature and trying to play God. It will of course all come crashing down.

    Had you spoken to me over a year ago, I would not have dreamed I'd have gone down the road I have but one thing led to another and I did. It's all connected, our society, the corruption, the greed, the chaos, the faux terrorism, the false flags....

    I watched a film the other day called the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind and how a man, in serious pain from a breakup had his memory erased. I wish I could. I wish I could be a pig ignorant but I can't. I have come to accept the simple fact that I am not meant to be like the others. I am here for a purpose. I fell my life will be one of continuing torment, but I think it's there to be part of a bigger picture. I can't lie to myself. I can't live a false existence. I could most certainly not switch off and plug back into the matrix. I accept my role in life and learn. In doing so I do feel it will get better, although filled with torment, to understand balance and that I am making a difference.