Friday, 24 September 2010

A Catholic School's Dramatic Change

In another sign of the times, there is an article in the Telegraph today featuring upon a school in Blackburn.

Seeing as I know Blackburn and the surrounding area well, it obviously comes as no surprise to me when I read articles like this

Of course, the newspaper's headline of "Catholic school could be run by mosque" is quite misleading - because let's face it, this stopped being a Catholic school years ago, and besides, when it officially changes hands it will no longer even be a pretend Catholic school being run by the mosque either. 

The figures in the article cite that "More than nine-in-10 of the school's pupils were Catholic a decade ago but that number plummeted to just three per cent this year". 

"More cause for celebration", I expect we will be told.  But the cause for celebration does not stop there, as we are informed that "The Muslim population in Britain soared by a quarter to around 2.5 million between 2004 and 2008". That is quite an astonishing rise, isn't it. Oh, what joy. How lucky we are -  we lucky, lucky people.

As the diocese says "it no longer believes it is appropriate to continue running the school as the number of Catholic pupils has dropped to just “five or six”.  Quite. 

Of course, the idea of a "Catholic" school where over 90% of the pupils are Muslim is hardly new around this area. I have long mocked the so called "Church Of England" schools and other such names like "St Phillips" - whose intake hardly match the label on the building's tin.  

I have often wondered what the true English people who founded and painstakingly built those solid stone schools today would think if they knew what had transpired in the last few decades. I get the impression that their eyes would be out on stalks if they saw the town today.

The high schools are getting to be no different to the infant and junior schools. Last month, on Radio 4 there was a special insight about what had happened to "Marsden Heights Community College" since it opened in around 2006.

This school is not all that far from me. It is one of the new "BSF" schools, where there has been the demolishing of two or three perfectly good high schools with half decent results (but self segregated along racial lines). This self segregation, of course, would never do......the students had to be engineered together.

To cut a long story short, I predicted in 2003 that it was going to be a waste of time because the stated goal of a "50/50" mix would come to be impossible to uphold. 

Of course, I doubt the people behind the schools cared about that anyway, and I really do believe the Head Teacher is that dumb that the thought process never crossed his mind. 

As featured in the documentary on Radio 4, he was obviously a bit bewildered why the intake of whites was so low and bemoaned that there is still 'free choice' for parents to send their children elsewhere than his indoctrination camp.  

Yeah, that must be it Mike, and nothing at all about it being similar to the fate of the Catholic School in Blackburn - ie. demographic change.

He is certainly dumb in that he has obviously never read or researched about how this same process turned out in America forty years ago (and up to present day). It is interesting that the exact same arguments that were being used in the United States for this kind of social engineering and school mixing are being used today in Britain.

I had already guessed before listening to the documentary that Marsden Heights was around 60 to 65% Asian presently, but as it turns out, I was wrong. It is already 80% and rising. 

It all seems to be school orientated in this area at the moment. The big news of the week is how Burnley College is banning face coverings. The usual nonsensical debates ensue about crash helmets and oppression, free choice, security.

The comments sections on the 'Lancashire Evening Telegraph' were filled with the overspill of racial tensions that saturate the local atmosphere. I bet the comments have been deleted or heavily moderated since. It is a disgustingly biased rag and does not allow freedom of speech or opinion.

The other news I heard on the grapevine is that the lovely old former Burnley College building is soon to open too, which is now going to be a massive Islamic girls school, including boarding placements. 

Meanwhile, over in Yorkshire, a new report has been published which (amongst other things) shows that the "ethnic minority" population of Sheffield has more than doubled in 20 years. The amount of people from ethnic minorities rose from 36,500, or seven per cent, in 1991, to 82,400, or 15.5 per cent, in 2007 and is set to grow further, as 29 per cent of births are in minority groups. See here

I remember it being only ten years ago when I was heartily laughed at on various music forums when I warned that we are going to be made minorities in this country. I had just woken up to the fact I lived in a dream world, and I was rather "bible bashing" my new found religion of truth. I was banned  from them shortly after (for being openly a BNP supporter).  I wonder if all these people are laughing now?

It seems we have gone from a society where it was deemed a ridiculous statement to make, to one where it is blindingly obvious. The Blackburn school, and the fate of my local Marsden Heights superschool is already sealed. What I find more astonishing is that anyone would still find it in any way shocking or a revelation. 

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