Monday, 2 August 2010

Too Much Information?

I have written recently about how we can use the media to stake a claim about what is happening to our country, and that despite the media already being somewhat controlled and sanitised, it is at risk of further pressure to keep its mouth closed when it comes to immigration, religion and race.

Also, just recently, I have finally decided to try and compile some news clips and documentary programmes into a long film - to just try and show that it really is relentless. I started recording the occasional broadcast a few years ago, but I stopped recording the news last year because, quite frankly, the sheer volume of information was getting too much already.  I was not even "dedicated" to it, I just occasionally switched on the TV card in my computer and captured random days events. 

Call me a hoarder, but I have also accrued thousands of newspaper articles which help chart our demise. I started to collect them in about 2006/2007 when I kept finding out that articles and such were "disappearing" from my "favourites" list in the browser.  "This article has been removed" or "Page cannot be found" was a common sight, so I thought from then on in I had to record the evidence for later use in online debates. 

However, as time passes, this sheer volume of information becomes a bit of a weight around the neck. What do we do with it all?.  Every day, there is more, and more, and more new news. The video compilation I aim to release shortly is the same - every day there are issues and items which in their own way, tell the tale that we are pretty shafted. 

Several years ago, I used to believe that the media were not telling us anything about our demise.......and, whilst that may be true in direct terms, I came to learn that in an "indirect" way they are actually charting it and it is there for all to see, should they choose to look and think about how it all fits together. 

This has got me thinking in recent years that perhaps we are suffering an overload of information in the endless news drive. We just cannot take it in any longer, people just skip over it, turn over the page like it is "non news" - almost as if it was endless articles about some inane celebrity and most people are just sick of seeing it and hearing about it, bored by the news and bored of the subject. 

It just absolutely relentless, and nothing ever happens about it. Nothing changes. There will be something else next week, the week after that, there will be figures for this amount of people or that amount of people arriving to this country, or figures about such and such millions of pounds spent stupidly to fund our own demise...... this is how it goes. 

The information is scattered everywhere. Figures come to mean very little when they are not collected in unison. The amounts of money being spent are never added together. All of these numbers are never easily able to be unified, because they might be to do with illegal immigration, asylum, ordinary immigration, student visa's, people leaving vs people arriving.......they money may be to do with policing costs, translation costs, costs to have people removed, welfare paid out, grants to charities, etc.  It is hard to read through the articles and come out with any definitive material that says "Right, this is how many we have, and this is what we spent". 

Are people really that indifferent, really not that concerned, not interested, not capable of putting at least some kind of semblance together regarding how we are completely and utterly shafted right left and centre? 

It seems that way.......but at the same time, we know that at least 75% of the population want to stop immigration. Something like 60% think it is damaging this country, and a vast proportion of those actually want to see a reversal process. 

When the BBC did a poll of a 1000 people a few years ago, they found that 3 out of 4 people thought there was "a great deal or fair amount of tension" between different races in this country. Out of those results, two out of three thought there would be violence in the future. A quarter of people interviewed for the poll felt that their local area no longer felt like Britain any more.

Yet, why is it that whenever the media and the politcians usually talk (down) to us, there is never such an indication of this feeling - and that we Nationalists are made to be the odd ones out?.  The above figures in the poll are quite astonishing! 1/4 felt their area no longer resembled Britain, 2 out of 3 thought there would be violence in the future. 

Why is nothing ever emerging from it? What the hell is wrong with people that they cannot even cross a voting slip in the right direction? 

Well, I actually know some reasons why. However, I will not divulge them here because it gives opponents tools to work with. 

In general though, it just does not make sense....and the more it doesn't make sense that this madness continues (despite such opposing figures), the more I get convinced that we no longer live in a true democracy and get more convinced that this is no "accident" when it comes to how the train keeps on steaming down those tracks. 

I might upload some more material in the next few days to the "pages" section on the right hand side of this site, and if I continue with the video clips I will try and have that done in the next week or so. But, it does play on my mind whether there is any point to it!  Will people watch it? What will people make of it? Could it just be denounced as selective nonsense, cherry picked to make a point?  I suppose so. Yet, I still feel a point needs to be made, so I will try and get something completed anyway. 

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