Sunday, 1 August 2010

Reality or Fantasy?

Is thee a'reet there Donald lad?!

In England, Scotland and Wales it seems we have moved into a rather bizarre post-multicultural mixture when it comes to state ideology. For decades we had suffered the disastrous deluge of “multiculturalism” (read: Multiracialism and Multi-Religiosity) and since the advent of riots in 2001 we have been upon the road of trying to put the Humpty Dumpty mess of our country back together again.

The discourse of the elite and the ‘left’ has recently been trapped somewhere between continuing with the ethos of their “multiracial and multicultural” visions – whilst at the same time trying to tell everybody about their “shared values” between these groups and to celebrate this general “Britishness” (although still “retaining individual cultures”).

Of course, it is all doomed to failure whichever way we have it. Especially as far as we are concerned.

You can barely fit a cigarette paper between the old and the new ideology; except for the new discourse of trying to pretend we are now ‘working together’. The overall atmosphere at the moment is somewhat schizophrenic – the old liberals still promoting diversity, and the new ones trying to recreate a civic Nationalism led unity and uniformity.

I found an example of this absurdity just the other day whilst sourcing material for a new documentary piece comprising of news clippings. Keith Vaz was explaining how he had just been to a delegation in Europe and he began saying how his city of Leicester was to be hailed as a role-model for other European cities. It came after a prompted recognition by the interviewer that Leicester was due to be an “ethnic minority majority” by 2010.

The news clip was quite a few years old, so I suppose I should look forward to hearing the confirmation of such news this year......

However, the basic reason for the delegation in Europe, and Mr Vaz’s appearance there was (in a nut shell) to show how well a European society has been invaded/colonised by non-whites with such little opposition, and how whatever they had done to achieve this was a “model” for other European cities (which are soon to be in the same boat).

Whilst prattling on about how harmonious it is in Leicester and how it is a “success” story which could be used as this blueprint for the rest of Europe (ie the smooth transitional ethnic cleansing of Europe), he starts to glibly rhyme off how somebody can “go down a street, visit a mosque, then a temple, a church, a synagogue...” Not likely Mr Vaz, unless that alleged person wears his religion or identity like a changeable jacket.

Yet that is the kind of glib absurdity these dreamers come out with in their fantasy world of “pick-and-mix” streets, of equality and diversity, much like a Disney Land microcosm of the world’s stereotypes pressed into ‘his’ city like an adventure playground.

They are like children who have never grown up and have never accepted reality, so they seemingly attempt to create the falsified fantasy in the hope it will be true or will “come true” if people believe in it enough.

Sadly, we Nationalists know that it isn’t Donald Duck welcoming people to the amusements, but somebody sweating profusely in a costume whilst being paid minimum wage.

Like a parent having to deal with puppy eyed children, we are cajoled into following the pretence so as not to spoil the fantasy. Nationalists get scorned by other parents in the queues to the attraction for being honest with our children and telling them that it is smoke and mirrors, false, a costume.

Indeed, how can we be so damned cruel and nasty? So, the pressure of pretence is maintained. The guilt imposed on us for rejecting this “dream world” vision is immense.

What do we do? Continue to battle on and say it how we see it? Or do we sit back like all the other tourists and learn to enjoy the ride? Start to call the characters Minnie and Mickey, Donald and Goofy because it is better that way than feeling bad about it?

....And by heck are we made to feel bad about it if we reject this future they have in store - or any way “discriminate” in the meantime.

Discriminate is an interesting word, a word which has been transformed by mental programming to mean something other than what it was intended to mean. If you say “discriminate” in modern Britain it has only negative connotations based around “religious and racial” hatred or bigotry. However, before the Marxists got their hooks into language, to discriminate meant to “To make sensible decisions; to judge wisely; to note or observe a difference; distinguish accurately” or in other words, to see the difference between things and have the ability to choose which you prefer.

Clearly, we have not been given that right, and legislation now makes it impossible to regain that right.

Now that total non-discrimination is an official state ideology, if a Muslim or non-white immigrant claims that a native British person has somehow discriminated against him, the native has to mount proof of his own innocence (rather than the reverse, as it should be). Similar laws and state ideologies have been passed down across much of Western Europe, encouraged by the European Union.

In addition, so as not to make the invaders feel uncomfortable (and to debase and degrade the European people’s sense of self and the ability to defend its self), we have been told for decades that we don’t have a history and a culture, and that we thus “gain” a culture when others move to our countries.

Yet, simultaneously, we are told that we do have a history and a culture – but it consists of nothing but a long line of crimes, bigotry, and nastiness and is thus nothing of any merit to preserve anyway. David Cameron’s recent fawning over India and repeatedly saying how “humble” he was is just the kind of powdery icing sugar that tops off an otherwise rotten cake of denigrating our history and feeling we have to apologise and bow and scrape for their acceptance.

This notion that we have nothing of merit, no history, no culture, even no race or right to call Europe ours is an insult to thousands of years of European history, to the Celtic, Germanic, Slavic and cultures and the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian heritage all Westerners share in.

When it comes to the Empire, I am quite unapologetic for it even though as a Nationalist I do not subscribe to such imperialism. I can appreciate the good things it did, and it did a lot of good things as well as the much reminded “bad” things the liberals like to bring up at every opportunity.

Perhaps this lack of “guilt” on my behalf came when I awakened to the real state of affairs for European peoples and my own nation, and when I finally comprehended the facts of why certain continents were poor, were chaotic, and will never amount to a civilisation that matched our own.

More to the point though, it is primarily because I refuse to have guilt for things “because of my race”, when it comes to things that are centuries old, of a different time, and a different country.

I do not believe in projecting the “sins” of our forefathers onto current times and the current conditions we suffer in, and I do not like the “collective responsibility” that is still attributed to all “whites” today.

Nobody would shriek at the Arab looking man who drives a London taxi for ransacking Constantinople (because of his ethnicity), but as whites we are to be burdened with guilt and accused of all manners of prejudices and bigotries for actions which occurred centuries ago.

When the “libtards” come to challenge me on these matters, I do not flinch in taking their own stick from them and beating them with it. If I (and my people) am still to be blamed for colonialism and every bad aspect (perceived or real) that white people have ever done, then by the same token I feel we should be able to take credit for their achievements too. It was European peoples, European racial stock who created the modern world and not anybody else! We were the sole civilisation, the sole race which has taken the biggest strides for mankind on planet Earth.

That this fact makes others feel uncomfortable, ashamed, insignificant, and in the case of the “liberal left” bitter and resentful, is not my problem. I am not going to start apologising for it. I am not going to cower down and be silent just because I was born white.

A recent perusal of the British National Party website once again shows all the evidence we need that we are being eradicated from this country, and the wider continent. ( Figures Prove Invasion ) ( Immigrant Fertility )

It is this sense of shame and guilt which has oiled the way for this nightmare to happen. It has to stop. I do not know any country or civilisation which has undergone such a transformation and it not resulted in complete change of the “nature” of the country and ultimately the eradication of both it and its people. Yet this is the pretence we are presented with.

To mention that this ethnic cleansing process is occurring is still “out of bounds” in a public discourse that is now couched around “shared values” and “celebrating the enriching”...... we cannot possibly acknowledge this eventual dire fate of our own people because it would be, shock, horror, “racist”.

Just because it is not being carried out with extreme bursts of violence, does not mean we are not suffering the process of ethnic cleansing and ethnocide.

So, in fits of delusion, people have either accepted the brainwashing and do not see it as any sort of loss – or are busily engaged in calling the characters by their screen cartoon name even when it is clearly a student dressed in costume.

Only now, we have reached the point of telling the truth being akin to (and as pleasant as) child abuse. We are just not supposed to “see it” this way. ........If we could only just pretend it was something else, pretend we do not actually exist, pretend it is normal and fluidity of society, pretend everything is fine - then there will be no case to ever have to answer.....

If you are against immigration and cite the flaws in the multiracial and multifaith agenda, you are by default “wicked” and “beyond the pale”. That is the way it has been engineered to be.

Given this country’s colonial past, it would perhaps (at a stretch) be more understandable if it was just something unique to Britain, borne from its relatively recent history. But, it is not unique to Britain. This scourge of a process (and all the accompanying tricks of being made to accept it) is commonplace in all European nation states, as well as Australia and New Zealand, Canada – the whole Anglo-sphere.

It is not, and cannot be, a “coincidence”. It is happening as part of a co-ordinated and well planned attack on the current world order, specifically European and European founded nation states, and the people who created them. This is probably due to our previous success in rivalling the new-order of the world, and us having the ingrained genetic wherewithal to construct something different. I do not believe the peoples of the Sub Sahara would pose much of a road-block for the ambitions of these people.

This is being organised by people with vested interests, and manifesting itself through the European Union and right through the conduits of Nation states’ politicians, media outlets and lobbying groups.

It really is one of the greatest crimes of our age that the indigenous people of an entire continent are systematically being deprived of their heritage, their history, their land and ultimately perhaps their entire physical existence, all with the active aid of the very individuals who are elected to supposedly protect their interests.

The only reason why this process is considered positive, “progressive” or even remotely acceptable is because the natives in this case are white. I see no other reason for this. I cannot see the same situation being allowed in reverse. People in the west refuse to believe that their government is actually at war with them to achieve other ambitions.

The tragic part about our culture is that in the process of “Globalistion” and corporatism, we are losing any sense of what actually comprises of our culture. It is the same story all over Europe. Go to Cologne in Germany for example and try and find something actually “German” to eat. Pizza Huts, McDonalds, Subways, Kebabs, Chinese Takeaways.......toy stores like ToysRUs, Costa Coffee outlets. I certainly had a hard time trying to find something, and in some places I had a hard time finding any true Germans.

Like the rest of the world, we all wear branded clothes like Nike, Adidas. We are all trapped into the system. When it comes to race, we are deluged and diluted through intermixture. When it comes to religion, we are lost sheep finding ourselves facing a new wolf at the door.

The longer it all goes on, the harder it is to grasp hold of the remnants of what we used to be.

Europeans like me, who are against free immigration, are labelled as “right-wing extremist.” Yet common sense surely indicates that giving away your entire country to alien cultures and races is more extreme than merely wanting to preserve it as it once was?

I’m fed up of hearing Islamic organisations wanting to destroy my civilisation being called “moderates” and our own clergy advocating some aspects of Sharia Law being described as “progressive” and “tolerant” - whereas we Nationalists are extremists if we resist any of it.

Yet that is exactly what our media and our authorities do to us. Nationalists are not extremists; we are being subjected to policies and ideologies that are extreme.

Is gradually reducing a people to a minority in their own land, without proper debate about future consequences, not to be regarded as extreme?!

The idea that every white person who desires self-determination and self-preservation is a racist, a white supremacist and a Nazi is complete nonsense. In addition, the vast majority of racist violence in Western nations is by non-whites attacking whites. The statistics in various European states are testament to this, including Britain when the racial attack statistics are deconstructed. I think you are something like 40 times more likely to be attacked by blacks than visa versa.

If we do ever manage to halt and reverse immigration, this process could even be described as anti-racism - because we are protecting our unborn children against racist violence. The leashes of the dogs of hell are going to be untied from their gatepost one day, and it our children and grandchildren who will suffer the most.

White people are currently the only racial group specifically denied the opportunity to defend their countries and their heritage and maintain their racial integrity. What we are actually advocating is applying the same equality which we afford to others, only making sure it is inclusive of ourselves.

We have all the evidence of our eradication we need. The hardest part is making people care about it, and making them see that Donald Duck in this Disney Land fantasy is not actually Donald, but somebody in a costume called Brad, working his semester break for funds for a car.

However, I know from personal experience that when I realised this fake-ness of society, from then on in, I could not see the world in the same light again. Everywhere I go I see the metaphorical plastic trees and the grotesque caricatures of what you once believed were reality.

Maybe I just wandered into the Freddy Krueger set at a different studio and have begun to jump at my own shadow........but it certainly isn’t a place I would wish to bring my future children to anyway, should I be so blessed to have any. 


  1. BA,

    That's a well thought out and well presented article on the demise of western culture and society. Again I take my hat off to you for your ability to capture, in essence, the bleak reality of our rapidly increasing demise.

    Keith Vaz celebrates that Leicester will Leicester becoming a non white majority city in Britain. I certainly don't and neither would my mother, herself born and raised in that once, beautiful city. What I find nauseating about this is that could you imagine were whites to say that South Africa or Pakistan were soon to be majority white societies? Of course you could and you'd also realise that right after, ever pro minority, pro non white, pro anti white, pro non white society peoples would be screaming blue murder at this. And worse still, there would be whites in the UK doing exactly the same, yet remaining silent on the exact same thing happening to cities within their own lands!

    Oh how easily our own society and peoples have been subverted, to utterly loathe their very own culture and traditions that kept them warm and safe and enabled them to reach for heights within excellence, no other society ever could. We've got our own stupidity to thank at allowing the incredibly dangerous School of Frankfurt, Marxist Critical Theorists, the freedom to leave Germany and to set up shop in the west, poisoning the very heart and foundations of our culture.

    As I've repeatedly stated, our youth are the products of the NWO. While many of them are actively aware of what they NWO is, they are 100% oblivious that their promotion of a multicultural and multiracial society is just what the NWO wants them to do. They are oblivious that the NWO's main goal is to divert and subvert a culture and our youth are unable to see that they are unknowingly pursuing these goals all in the cause of globalism and removing down frontiers. You will continue to hear our youth harp on about how we are really all the same and all equal when they are oblivious to the fact that the NWO wants to create a one world people, who all look the same, follow a monoculture, speak the same language and think the same. Yes, our youth are playing right into their hands, when they believe otherwise. It is, as I continuously state, our differences that must be promoted and treasured and not our similarities. I'm proud that I'm no clone, no sheep, no automaton of society. I take pride knowing that I think outwith the boundaries of most people's thoughts. I am different. One hundred percent so!

  2. (cont)

    So our youth are globalists. They are to the NWO as what the Hitler youth were to Germany. How many of our youth listen to English, Scottish or Irish folk music compared to American (Illuminati controlled) R&B and Hip Hop, or the hideous death metal? When I was younger the musicians I listened to were British, either from the rock or pop genres but I did listen to a lot of American west coast 60/70's as well. More importantly I also listened to folk, knowing it was my heritage and always learned a song or two.

    These are the peoples of tomorrow, who are unable to see that the non whites in the UK are most certainly not British. They may have been born here and may very well wish to live under our culture, but again, a labrador that lives amongst rottweilers will always be a labrador, along with the puppies it gives birth to (that is if it mates with another labrador). It won't one day change into becoming a rottweiler will it? And this is a good definition as the many breeds of dog can be comparable to the many breeds of humans, all with their pros and cons.

    The idea that white pride is racist means that black pride is racist also. Therefore Nina Simone and every other black artist who has taken pride in their peoples, must also be racist. After all you can't have one without the other.
    Of course it's not racist. I am now very much white and proud in my beliefs and I have a wealth of history to thank.
    The left immediately attacked the Nazis as right wing because they wanted to distance themselves from them. Queue Stalin. The left simply didn't want to be slurred with with the word Nazi as they conveniently forget that Communism was working class socialism, Nazism was middle class socialism and Fascism was very much upper class socialism.
    It's Goebbels lie theory. Tell a big enough lie, over and over until it becomes a mantra and people will believe it. So, when the media, for the last 60 years has said that Nazism is right wing, everyone will believe it. And they have. Far too many people simply do not stop and think that Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were all collectivists. This is the core of left wing belief and certainly not that of the right.

    Read this article here about Brits burning in the sun by the Daily Mail. Now have a read of this incredibly enlightening article here and watch the video to realise just how wrong the Daily Mail is and how everyone has been led to believe that skin causes cancer.

  3. (cont)

    If we eat the vitamins that we should be eating we could spend all day in the sun without getting burned. But the sun tan companies want us to buy their products don't they, when we don't need them! It's more propaganda, being perpetuated by the media in order for us to believe in nothing but a charade in order to make moneys. It's despicable.

    We have been lied to for years. People are unable to see this simle fact because they've all been conditioned, from a young age to trust the very people and institutions they most certainly shouldn't.
    Our media used to check political corruption, whereas now it's part of that political corruption. And that political and media corruption is happily dissecting the UK apart piece by piece. How many old biddies by the Daily Mail, looking to find a true British paper with British values when they are simply unaware that it's brainwashing them into a New Multicultural Britain, ever so subtly?
    What is the Mail's stance on homosexuals, transgenders and transsexuals for example compared to twenty years ago? The Daily Mail will confuse its readers, just as Brian Gerrish speaks of how Common Purpose is doing the exact same thing. It does this by printing one story and then printing another, its complete opposite but being in favour of both. For example, it will publish how terrible it was for grandparents not get custody of their grandchildren, instead given to gays and on the next page it will celebrate gay pride march and all the gays working within the establishments.
    I'm not anti gay, but I'm making a point here to show the hypocrisy and careful mind manipulation of the Daily Mail. It could be any MSM paper, but the Mail is sufficient.
    Also look on the Internet at the Mail to see on the left there are News articles about reality and what we should be getting told and then on the right, there's just mindless celebrity junk, such as Jordan out on a date with new boyfriend dressing up as Frankenfurter from the Rocky Horror picture show, or Cheryl Cole's unhappy life after break up with partner.
    We don't need to know this. It's none of our business, but it's the Mail carefully maneuvring us away from reality into the world of celebrity culture, of fame, sex and of course MONEY!

    I was a very avid reader of Mike James who wrote on the Truth Seeker website and much of what he wrote about was the demise of Germany.

  4. (cont)

    He was a brilliant investigative journalist, a true gnostic and an honest man, who exposed much in his writings, was hounded by Zionists for speaking out against them and eventually blacklisted. Sad to say, he saw the fall of Germany around him and wrote many an article on the fall of England also. I used to keep in mail contact with him and we'd share long posts as you and I do here. I learned much from him and sadly, last I heard he'd attempted suicide after life had simply got too much for him. From understanding about his life, he'd been a fighter and is was filled with such wonders but incredible sadness. I do hope he's managed to get over things, but I fear he no longer walks with us.

    I am always the realist, that is whom the optimist calls the pessimist. I believe that tipping point has already been reached and passed and there's no real way of correcting it. I'm trying to get out of society. I've been looking into Freeman on the Land/Lawful Rebellion of late and I'm doing my best to educate myself so I can rebel against the establishments, who seek to control me. This of course includes having my birth certificate destroyed, NI number and not having to pay any tax again regardless. It means taking your place on this land as God meant you to, free, with liberty and to control yourself, not be controlled by another.

    England is lost and Scotland is on its way. The subversion is too great BA. You can't change it and you'll only frustrate yourself more trying to do so.
    I woke up. I now no longer take part in the facade we call society today. It's fake and nothing more. It's the wizard of Oz being controlled by the little man behind the curtain. Sadly people are blissfully unaware, controlled automatons, unable to see or hear the people who warn them of their own demise and to wake up. They are unable to see that the Fixated Threat Assessment Law was created to shut up the likes of you and me from trying to smash the chains that hold people and smash the mirrors that mesmerize them.
    One can only understand reality when one chooses to look at it for what it really is and people won't. They've been sidetracked. They're happily dancing like rats behind the NWO pied piper to their doom. This is reality. It can only be changed once people wake up out of the dream they're all part of.

  5. I think you are right Winston, it is too late. The goose is already cooked, going golden brown in the oven. The vegetables are bubbling in the pan, and it is soon going to be time to serve the dish of our fate.

    To take up the theme on the Daily Mail, I too noticed those stories in the "side panel" yesterday. I was going to take a screen shot of it, because it was laughably duplicitous in its stances.

    One story was that of women sun bathing and putting them in danger for their vanity of a sun tan (in a nut shell) - and directly above it, I kid you not, was another celebrity expose of some actress which the Mail reporter thought looked very thin and pale, announcing she could do with a good sun tan.

    Don't they see that it is because of the latter kind of attitude, the former story takes hold in the first place?!

    As for general stuff, I think the biggest flaw in people not realising what's taking place is their awkward feelings of having to take actions against something, or somebody, because of their race or "skin colour".

    Like most of us, we do realise these are not all bad people, and at times they could be our best friends. It is that tear, the rip between overall situations and immediate heart strings, egalitarianism, guilt, politeness, unwillingness to judge or think in such ways, that lets it down.

    Is it nice? No, it is not nice. Does it make people feel good about themselves? No. It does not make people feel good. Is it easy to distance yourself from these people and create a divide? Not always, no.

    One of the most hurtful things about it, is that it is our emotions and our innate sense of good will to others and fellow mankind that is being taken advantage of and manipulated. It really is sinister.

    We are one of the most tolerant peoples ever, what we have put up with thus far is sheer unbelievable. Yet, our good intentioned nature is killing us.

    It is this manipulation that I probably loathe the most. Psychological warfare waged against a portion of humanity itself.

    People are not going to support a cause which makes them hate themselves or feel bad or guilty, especially if they have not got the suitable tools to proclaim the justifications for taking a stand against it.

    Most people in this country are in that boat, they are casual observers, milling around their own lives, mixing with others, trying to pitch and join in, not wanting to judge or think anything bad. Life's a drag, so why make more burdens on yourself?

    This is why we will always have an uphill slog. This is why I think people will not revolt in sufficient numbers until we reach the stages where we have to fight, physically (and in law) for our own rights, in our own country, as minorities.

    I'm past pretending otherwise so I will admit that I do not like to be in situations where I am submerged with other races and customs.

    The thought of having to take a job in Birmingham or London, having to live there, be amongst it all, the sights, the smells, the people, the "culture" makes me extremely uncomfortable.

    That is not "Britain" any more, it is something else, something I do not want nor like. It is not suitable to me, it is not reflective of my own image or the culture and nature of my forefathers. I reserve the RIGHT to feel this way, too. It is just as valid and as justified as anybody else's views or emotions. I am not better than any one else, and nobody is better than me.

    But is not because I am "ignorant" or "bigoted" or do not know anything about other peoples or faiths, it is just that I really couldn't give a rats ass about them or their ways.

    I don't care, I do not want to live with it, or be of it, or see a replacement/supplanting of what is mine.

    That's just the way it is, and something I can never change. There's more chance of me going to a Hindu temple or mosque or learning Urdu than there is of me walking on the moon.

    I am just not interested in the slightest.

  6. Cont'd.

    I often ask people what they would do if there were two waiting rooms for a doctors....they enter one room and its 100% full of Asians and Blacks, a bit loud and rowdy but otherwise fine(as it generally comes with the territory)....they close the door and open the door to the next waiting room, which is 100% white, with a grandma sat knitting a scarf, somebody doing a crossword, some bloke coughing his lungs out and a few kids running riot with the toy box.

    I ask them whether they would, honestly, enter that room of whites - or close that door and sit and wait in the other room full of blacks and Asians.

    To be honest, I would sit in the second room full of whites hands down, every time, no question. I am sure it would be the same for Blacks and Asians, to choose option one rather than two.

    For me, it is just human nature, inbuilt, ingrained. Is it necessarily "rational"?, perhaps not. There is nothing "wrong" (per se) with the first room OR the people in it, but without doubt I feel I belong and feel more at ease and at home in the second room.

    This country is my home, but it is being turned into somebody else's, it is being turned into the first waiting room and I do not want to wait in there.

    I think most people, deep down, would be the same. That's what scares the opposition shitless, as I think they know that when it comes to the crunch, it is true and can be extremely powerful.

    In the meantime, our people do not have to make a decision between rooms, and thus do not concern themselves about it.

    Even if they did, many would sit in the first room just to try and prove to themselves and others that there is not "a problem"!

    People are just not going to realise what's going on until its too late. The younger generation get weaker and weaker, a pathetic shell of our former selves. I have little hope for them.

    We awakened, Kieron Trent who was on the Ch4 documentary awakened before he was 18. But it is not enough, most are lost to the dogma.

    I too had been reading the Freeman stuff, and watched a few videos of the court cases they had taken part in. It is all very interesting. I watched (again) the Lawful Rebellion talks "its just an illusion"....and I wish I had the patience and ability to be able to take a stand.

    However, I do not. I do not understand the law, and I struggle to learn. I am not sure how I would cope and carry on as a renegade from society.

    My dream house at the moment is building a little cottage in the middle of nowhere, up on the fields. Away from it all, away from everything and everybody for the next 40 years. Growing my own veg, listening to my record collection, not bothered by state or the state of the country.

    Is that really healthy though? lol.

    The other decision would be to shut down, "buy into" the mainstream again, look for some kind of wife in a town or city and become one of those plasticated families plugged into the matrix.

    Neither really appeals I suppose. So, I sit in limbo land once more.