Sunday, 15 August 2010

Nationalists Proved Right Again.....

Since the elections, it seems we have a steady stream of people from the establishment  flicking through the British National Party gripe list. Already, to name but a few things, we have seen ID cards scrapped, BSF dropped, (an albeit fake) clamp down on immigration via this alleged wonder-cap, speed cameras dropped in some areas, noises about some kind of voluntary 'national service'.......

......and not so surprisingly, just a few months after the General Election, we seem to be having a whole raft of "revelations" - (I put it in quotation marks, because the only people any of it is a revelation to is liberals and non-nationalists) - ranging from crime figures, immigration figures, racial birthrates, effects of immigration on jobs, the "merging" of Oldham schools....and the list continued on this week with figures and revelations about the immigrant crime wave, the issue of not being able to control Europe's borders, PFI schemes and Asian grooming of young white teenagers.

All of these issues, and more, are what the British National Party have been banging on about for decades - and totally ignored or branded liars, xenophobes, racists, "fear mongers", ignorant, economically incompetent, blah blah blah.

Boy, what a difference a few months make. I am sure it is no coincidence that these racial statistics, immigration crime figures, Asian grooming (and conversely, the Tories pushing hard for Turkey to join the EU etc) are only just coming out now. Why not before the election? Or am I just being too cynical?.

Never the less, they are pouring out at a great rate of knots.I guess it is "allright" as long as the Independent and the Guardian report it, just not alright when we Nationalists point it out decades previously.


Sunday August 15,2010

By James Murray

SENIOR police officers are becoming increasingly alarmed by the high number of foreign criminals being arrested after Labour’s shambolic immigration policy left the country exposed to international gangsters.

While it is estimated that at least five are arrested every day, some counties are seeing double that. Figures for Kent are particularly high because of the volume of asylum seekers entering through Channel ports.

Tory backbench MP Patrick Mercer said last night: “There can be little doubt that crime is prevalent among a high number of foreign nationals coming into the country.”

Canterbury’s Conservative MP Julian Brazier blamed the influx on the Labour government’s failure to insist on immigration checks after Eastern European countries joined the European Union.
'£65bn PFI hospitals bill' for NHS

The NHS in England faces a total bill of £65bn for new hospitals built under the private finance initiative (PFI), it was reported on Friday.

Figures obtained by the BBC show that some NHS trusts were left with annual "mortgage" repayments accounting for more than 10% of their turnover.

Under PFI, private companies win contracts to build and maintain new hospitals and mental health units and the NHS pays off the "mortgage" over around 30 years.

The 103 schemes were valued at a total of £11.3bn when they were built.

But when rising fees and additional costs such as maintenance, cleaning and catering are taken into account, the NHS will have to pay back £65.1bn over the lifetime of the schemes.

According to the data, the NHS currently pays back a total of £1.25bn each year but this figure is expected to increase until 2030 when it will hit £2.3bn, the BBC reported. The final payment will not be made until 2048.

Sunday August 15,2010

By Roddy Ashworth

MILLIONS of outsiders are gaining European Union citizenship and with it the right to live in Britain through the back door, the Sunday Express can reveal – mostly from the Continent’s poorest countries.

Experts fear that a loophole being used in other EU member states may fuel anti-immigration sentiments in Britain.

And the loophole is also attracting migrants bent on crime.

The swelling of EU residents is being caused by existing countries allowing thousands of expatriates and their families living outside the union to apply for passports for their former countries, thus automatically giving them EU citizenship.

EU countries such as Bulgaria and Romania are already handing out passports to previously non-EU citizens who have connections with their motherlands.

People in Moldova, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey and the Ukraine, whose average living conditions and wages fall far below those in the EU, are most attracted to the prospect of moving to the wealthier conditions of the EU.


Historically, many Turks fled from Bulgaria to avoid the USSR enforcing an assimilation campaign during the height of the Communist regime.

Some 4.7 million people in total, including Romanian-speaking Moldovans, Hungarians and Slavic Macedonians, are now estimated to be eligible for EU citizenship under the new passport arrangements. These new citizenships could also apply to 300,000 in Serbia.

The possible swathe of new citizens could cause further problems to the EU, particularly the UK, which is already facing difficulties with its own inter-EU border and immigration controls during the continuing financial crisis.

The proposed “cap” on immigration put forward by the British Government would not affect the new immigrants as with European passports, they would be classed in the same way as full citizens of the EU.

The fear is that due to generous employment entitlements and wages, migrants could be attracted to the UK, which offers “rich pickings” to some new EU citizens.


Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi said that “no foreign minister has opened this subject”.

Other EU states have been careful not to publicly criticise Basescu and other countries’ government leaders’ policy of extending passports to outsiders for political reasons.

But one of the fears is that the UK could find itself with thousands of potential workers seeking jobs in conditions attractive to foreign workers, but where unemployment among the resident population is already rising and the country is only just recovering from recession.


Sarah Mulley, of the Institute for Public Policy Research think tank, said the passport giveaways could influence the already heated public debate about immigration.

And yesterday Sir Andrew Green, chairman of pressure group MigrationWatch UK, said: “This is another case where one size does not fit all. The irresponsible behaviour of some European Union member states in dishing out passports to anyone who even has a faint connection with their country does nobody any help whatsoever.”
Revealed: The horrific trade in British children for sex

The terrible plight of foreign women trafficked into the UK and forced to work as prostitutes has overshadowed a home-grown scandal

By Emily Dugan

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Posing for her first school photograph, Joanne was like any other girl at the age of five. She loved drawing and painting, and her favourite game was to play hide-and-seek in the woods near her home in Leeds with her five siblings. As she grew, Joanne liked to hang around, chatting and laughing with friends. But soon after she turned 12, while out playing, she met a gang of men who were to become her pimps. They took advantage of her freedom, gained her trust and prepared to abuse her.

In the beginning, the men who befriended her had seemed nice enough: they showered her with compliments, bought her a phone, and one of them – a 42-year-old married man – became her "boyfriend". Within a year, she was forced into prostitution.

By the time she was 16, Joanne would disappear from the family home for weeks at a time. She was transported between Manchester, Rochdale, Bradford and countless other towns, locked into rooms and made to have sex repeatedly with men for money – not that she saw any of it.

Joanne is only one of many young women who have been subjected to such horrific ordeals across the UK. She is the victim of sex trafficking with a twist: not women brought in illegally from abroad and forced into prostitution, but British born. Targeted on estates throughout the country, they are passed from gang to gang, and work from town to town.

Yet the information on the trafficking of young people for sex within Britain is so scant that experts say the first official figures confirming the trade – seen by The Independent on Sunday – are just "the very, very tip of the iceberg".

Campaigners say most victims are aged between 12 and 16, groomed by men to provide sex. Young men and women are typically targeted by one person, who wins their trust before pimping them to others and forcibly transporting them around Britain.

The case in court last month of a 14-year-old girl who disappeared from her home in Manchester after she was offered drugs and alcohol to groom her for sex is typical of the abuse experienced by these victims. Nine men were convicted of sexual crimes – though not for trafficking – and each was sentenced to jail terms ranging from eight months to seven years.

There has still not been one prosecution for trafficking Britons within the UK. And, despite mounting evidence of the scourge, a police report into trafficking to be released this week, called Project Acumen, chose not to assess the scale of trafficking of British nationals. Of the British women they did interview, they decided none exhibited "the dimensions of the trafficking definition".

Chief Superintendent Tony Blockley, head of crime at Derbyshire constabulary, tells a different story. He says: "We've always thought of this as a problem that comes from overseas, whereas this is actually happening on our doorsteps. The scale of it is enormous; Derby isn't a hotbed of this – it's just one town that's decided to look at this as a problem.

"This is a new area of policing for us. As soon as you lift the stone up, you start to find things, but people weren't lifting up the stone before. These are the kids that slip under the radar. Victims come from chaotic backgrounds; they are often in children's homes. As they get more involved in the network, the grooming lessens and the abuse increases."

After a year of being abused, Joanne started to lash out. "Virtually overnight she became someone we couldn't even recognise," says Christine. "Her attitude changed and she started to get really distant. After a while she got violent towards her siblings and me."


The gang that subjected her to this ordeal was Asian. The issue of alleged grooming of white teenage girls by Asian gangs is highly contentious. When the former Labour MP Ann Cryer said that Asian men were targeting white girls, she was accused of racism. With scant research available, there is no evidence that perpetrators or victims predominate from any one race.

Joanne, because she is now 18, is no longer of any interest to her former pimp, says her mother. The teenager is mentally scarred, homeless and drug addicted. "She's not a child any more, so they're not interested. They've used her up and thrown her out. One of them said to her: 'In five years' time you'll be a crackhead out on the street and I'll be cruising with another 14-year-old.' Five years down the line, she is on drugs, on the streets. He – like he told her – is cruising with another 14-year-old."

Sheila Taylor, chair of the National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People, said: "What we're seeing is the tip of the iceberg. This is happening in all cities and many towns. There has been no prosecution of those who sexually exploit children with trafficking legislation."

Like many parents of victims, Christine is frustrated that the issue has continued to be ignored. "They've known about this happening on my estate for a long time. It's not being dealt with because it's such a big issue. If you acknowledge that it goes on you have to do something and they probably think they wouldn't be able to cope with the sheer numbers."

Just when will they ever listen to us and what we are saying? What's the old saying?.....

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)


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