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Merging Schools

Like many Nationalists, I tuned into Newsnight on BBC2 last night to watch the piece they were doing on the new "Academy" for merging two schools together. See School Race Merger .

Once again, I was pretty shocked at just what can take place in this country without anybody's say so or desire. For a democracy, it is frightening how little say the population get on anything.

Essentially, Oldham (home of the 2001 race riots, along with Burnley) has two schools in a particular area. One is 90% Asian, and the other is 90% white. So, in a fit of meddlesome liberalism they take it upon themselves to set about closing the schools and "introducing" the pupils into a new school, mixed up together. None of the parents seemed to want it, on both sides of the divide - yet it still rolls ahead regardless and gives the parents absolutely no choice as the current schools are closing.

Without looking into it, I would hazard a guess that the "academy" will be a BSF project (Building Schools for the Future). If this is the case, it should be duly noted that this is a scam - a money making racket from which certain individuals/companies would be getting rich upon. They have been scrapped in the future by Gove in the new coalition government, but many are still set to go ahead (and I foresee whatever the Conservatives have in mind for their academies will be doing a similar thing).

The same has happened in Burnley and Nelson, where they have pulled down three or four perfectly good schools and made "super schools". Despite years of denial that this BSF scheme was about social engineering, bit by bit it has come to plain sight that this is exactly what it was about. We heard a lot about "better facilities" and so and and so forth around this area before they did it, and claimed that it was about "better education for the future" and only very partially about "integration".

So, it looks like it is the same in Oldham. Only there, they have had to be a bit more forthright about their aims and objectives. That is, to subdue and brainwash the indigenous children to accept their fate willingly. 

Watching the "Newsnight" programme just reinforces the point for me. I know I see things which other people may not see - and admittedly I have a very bitter attitude to it -  but non the less, lets put it into context. I will say it how I see it.

In the clip, it says that the two schools are being closed. There is nothing wrong with these schools as far as I know. Like the ones around here, they are not collapsing, they are fully functional schools in working order. I do not know what the exam results are like, but I am willing to bet they are 'fair to good' for the all white school and 'fair to middle' for the Asian school.  I would think they are doing fine, academically, just as they are.

I think it is a complete waste of materials, time and money, to knock down perfectly good schools which the students and parents alike (going off the video clip) seem to like just fine as they stand.

Large schools and large classes have been shown to be highly damaging for pupils learning, yet we keep getting these massive schools built - schools which used to house two or three schools worth of pupils separately.

Bricks and mortar do not make an education, and whilst at an "election hustings" in Nelson before the elections earlier this year, it made me sick to hear how much money the main parties were gloating to have spent on "education" in the area.  

Wrong. What they have actually done is blow multiple millions on buildings they probably won't actually own (and are on lease), on facilities which often already existed at the original schools - and students are still coming out unable to compete in the workplace, and often more ignorant and ill educated than ever. See English Language Too Difficult for Pupils and GCSE Passes Farce

Now, before I get criticised - I fully understand that students work hard at school and do masses of course work etc. I have done it myself. I am not saying they are lazy, or do not deserve some reward for the sheer volume of work they have to do. But, like it or not, it is my belief that volumes of work, working hard, on material that is numbing the population is not advancing academia standards in this country.

Which leads me to other things about why this is happening.

In the German video I posted earlier this month, it can be seen that a significant amount of school time and energy, including class time, is devoted to the sole cause of "integration" and "understanding" each others races and religions. I am sure this will be the case at the new schools here - where they will lay on thick with a trowel the pro multicultural and multiracial propaganda. Is this really helping people advance their prospects or advancing our civilisation and human beings to new heights of success? I do not think so

If anything can be said to be a contradiction of the last two government terms is that on the one hand we are "better educated than ever before" - whist on the other, they are telling us we "need immigrant staff as Brits don't have the education and skills base employers are looking for". 

It has been the case for a while now that we have had "cross curricular" learning in this country too. This means that, for example, in a "Maths" lesson as part of a students course they could be subjected to learning how "Arabic" and the "Muslim faith" had propagated Algebra and how lucky we are to have Islam, Muslims and such in our society.

Not only is this a sop to the Muslims, who like to play on these credits (despite them stealing Algebra from people they conquered and replaced) - but it helps subvert the brains of our children to feel guilty or to be thankful for this state of affairs we find ourselves in, or at the least, confused about what they should be thinking.Their own greatness is not told - they are probably only told mundanely of the "overall" achievements of this country and told of of their shameful history.

I do not know what the curricular will be in the new schools, but I am pretty sure some of this kind of stuff will be part and parcel of the schools approach - much like visits to mosques and dressing up/praying like Muslims, which has happened across the UK in the last decade.  They would not dare do it yet in Oldham, it would blow the whole house down, but mark my words, it will come at some point.

What is even more absurd about the desires of the local schools in my local area, is that they claimed they wanted to achieve a 50/50 mix at the various new "super schools". 

Come on, it cannot take a genius to figure out where the fundamental flaw lay with this aim and ambition. Is it the same for Oldham and elsewhere?

Do I mean that I think people won't go? No. Do I think it is because they will not be able to force the intake in the future, so that the drift occurs again later down the line? No. 

What I mean is that in this area, it is soon going to be demographically impossible to have a 50/50 mix anywhere in any school, unless you live in a tucked away village on the fringes - and eventually their day will come too!

In the Newsnight programme, it mentions that both schools in Oldham were once white (No shit, Sherlock) and that through immigration (and such) one school ended up 90% Asian (and the other 'just' 10% Asian). 

I am sorry to have to break it to people, but what makes them think that the other school would not eventually become 15% Asian, 20% Asian, 30% Asian, and again 90% Asian? Is it not just basic mathematics, a look at the trends, a look at maternity units and nursery schools?

Given another few generations, all these schools will have been for nothing.

In the meantime, our nations children are being manipulated, programmed, socially engineered to accept their sealed fate - even shielded from it, by having the real issues twisted and contorted to make sure they never really realise what is taking place. 

What do I mean? Well, I mean 95% of the half baked "multicultural" PC claptrap they get filled with.

For example, liberals and white westerners believe that every problem is based on "ignorance" and "misunderstanding". 

When tackling a topic like this one, it is exactly the same. They think "If we taught the Muslims a bit more about Christmas and how Jesus was a prophet, they would feel more included in Christmas celebrations"...."If we explain why Muslim girls wear a head scarf and what it is for, that will make the white children less afraid and judgemental".

Whilst it may be true, it misses the whole point monumentally. Probably on purpose.

What this will do is subdue the white children to feel bad about not accepting the Asians, and con them into not thinking there are any differences to worry about, con them into learning about Islam and accepting its ever increasing  role in society. They are being blackmailed, manipulated, programmed to become bonded with them so that in the future they are rendered incapable of defending this country and themselves. The logic is that they will not ever attack their 'friends', as they may otherwise do if they are "the other". Understandable, but essentially forced colonisation through psychological warfare.

The demographic writing is on the wall - only these children will not be told that or shown that it perhaps does matter. They will not be told anything about being global minorities, how this land is their only homeland, that Islam is a pernicious and pervasive all encompassing way of life that intends to smother the whole world under its whims and wishes - (be you Muslim or not). (See Mainstream-Islamic-organisations-share-al-Qaeda-ideology  for a recent 'wow!, bears really do poop in the woods!' revelation of this). 

They will not be told about their right to a homeland and racial preservation. Quite the reverse.

All the authorities are interested in is a smooth transition from one race to another, from one nation of people to another, from one religion to another, without any flare ups or riots.

They will not give a rats ass when all the schools in this area (and Oldham) are 75% Asian, 80% Asian. What are they planning to do then? Offer incentives to whites to have 8 children each to drive back up the "balance"? No. They do not care one jot.

Once the transition has completed smoothly with no major disturbances, they will be happy and hail it as a success story. 

The transition vehicles are these schools. The people of Oldham probably do not see it for the long term eventuality of what it means for this country. 

They probably see it in terms of "integration" or trying to achieve "racial harmony" and take various views on either side of that sole debate.  

One little lad on the clip says something about being friends with anyone if they are all right enough.....Commendable, but in the grande scheme of things, hardly the issue. 

He, like all the other white children who pass through these schools, is just fodder for the future collapse of White Western Civilisation, and Britain as a European Nation (Or as the BBC often puts this long term race replacement process - "The changing face of Britain").

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