Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Clash of Civilisations in Germany

Another example of nature taking its course in a German school. It was apparently broadcast on German mainstream TV last week, and kindly translated by "Unreinestier".  It is the same situation as us, but slightly different. We will end up the same way, if not already the case in some areas. 

The piece where the German girl, who was aged 17, and had been dating the Muslim youth for year or so, reminded me very much of the Channel 4 documentary "The Last White Kids" - especially when she described where she lived and "the way it was "where she was brought up, and how she had come to take up the culture and the faith. Very sad.

Similarly, the arguments about a very decadent and immoral "liberalist" western society and the allegedly pious and "superior" Islamic control of society ring true to this country too. Islam there, like here, is asserting itself and taking over society in terms of attitude. We Nationalists condemn both the "piss head" drunk excesses that now represent our society and also reject the Islamic takeover. Rampant liberalism has rendered us weak on both scores.

There seems to be no solution to this problem, no matter where it is in Europe. 

Other than some mutual agreement to part ways, which I cannot see as being likely, we are either going to have to stick it out and have our children suffer and suffer until we eventually dwindle and snuff ourselves out like a candle - or we are going to have to grasp those poisonous nettles which would have to be grasped to avert this situation. 

There is little, if any, middle ground. 

I really do not know how the so called "liberals" sleep at night.

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  1. Like Communism, Liberalism is very much a Jewish phenomenon.
    Of course the NWO is an incredibly complex organisation, with many tentacles, no doubt originating from the Babylonian/Mesopotamiam/Sumerian, lucifarian cult that has infiltrated every major religion, establishment and institution of this world today.

    However, the plan of Jewish Liberalism is quite simple and that is to destroy Nationalism, in order to protect the minority, which they are part of and destroying the indigenous majority of that land they reside in. The question one has to ask is do they do it out of malicious intent or willful ignorance, or is it just simply the way they are and have been throughout time, that is happily f*cking up every society they've lived in and having been evicted from everyone they've lived in?

    You'll find the following article rather interesting as will you find what the author has to say of not just Jews, but nationalism, white nationalism/survival and libertarianism in general.

    Conspiracy Theory, Liberalism and the Jews - by the late, great, John "The Birdman" Bryant.

    Simply an incredible man who will be sadly missed.