Monday, 2 August 2010

All aboard the Merry Go Round

 "Around and around and around we goes, 
when it will stop, nobody knows".

Following on from the last post, this morning, I have taken my regular look through the papers........ here is a sample from just one day:


TOP Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s burka outburst could see “rivers of blood” on Britain’s streets.  The TV loudmouth caused outrage by claiming Muslim women wear G-strings under their burkas on last Sunday’s show.

And hate preacher Anjem Choudary warned Islamic fanatics will “go to war” to protect the honour of their women.
He declared: “Clarkson may think he was funny or was telling a joke when he said these things. But this is not funny to everyone. And by making fun or disrespecting the burka and Muslim women he has deeply offended many people. It is a grave offence to disrespect a Muslim woman. People have gone to war to protect the honour of Muslim women. And they will go to war again.

“Clarkson has stirred a hornets’ nest among young Islamic fundamentalists. He has fanned the flames of their cause. I believe that one day Britain, and indeed every part of the world, will be governed by and under the authority of the Muslims implementing Islamic Law. 

“And it will happen. It may come peacefully. But it may come through a holy war that will see rivers of blood on the streets. Clarkson has brought this day closer.

Clarkson, 50, confessed he gets distracted by women in burkas when driving, because he recently discovered what undies they wear. He claimed a woman in a burka “fell head over heels” in front of his taxi in London’s Piccadilly and revealed her “red G-string and stockings”.

British-born Choudary, 42, said Clarkson could be in danger unless he says sorry.

He said: “Clarkson’s comments may not have been directly against Islam but he has upset many people – and actions have consequences. He has angered many young believers of Islam and he may face repercussions. There are a growing number of young Islamic fundamentalists in this country and many are ready to cause violence to protect Islam.

I would urge Clarkson to make a full and public apology to those he has mistakenly offended. Otherwise his safety could be at risk.

People like Choudary have been made into cartoon characters by papers like the Star and the Sun. Whilst I do not particularly "fear" Choudary and his band of Koran juggling ass clowns, people need to realise that the ideology behind his message is not funny, and not to be made light of.  This is the attitude we are going to be faced with, whether people like it or not.

He states that it is already a "grave offence" to disrespect a Muslim woman. No, Choudary, not yet it isn't, not legally anyway. In your Islamic mindset and ideology it is probably punishable by death, but as yet, Islamists do not run the UK. Well, not officially any way. 

I actually watched that Top Gear episode, and found the comments about the burkha quite funny. Clarkson dared to take the piss out of it, and that is the way it should be in this country, just like we used to be able to joke and mock everything else. Perhaps Clarkson just doesn't understand what he is dealing with - in fact, I will gamble that he doesn't have the first idea of where Choudary is coming from and what Choudary's words really mean under the surface. 


350,000 in on 'student' visas

A THIRD of a million foreigners were invited into Britain on suspect student visas last year - despite new rules to slash their numbers.

Home Office figures reveal the total of visiting "students" and their dependants rocketed to 344,396 in the 12 months to April. That was a whopping 84,321 more than the previous year - a rise of nearly a third. 

Student visas are notoriously abused by illegal immigrants who never set foot in colleges. A new points-based system came in two years ago to try to stem the flow.

There are no checks to see if the students attend courses - or even whether they go home afterwards.

Thousands also cheat by applying for visas to study at colleges which do not exist

Tory Immigration Minister Damian Green said of the new figures: "This is proof that under the last Government, the number of student visas rocketed. Labour allowed this system to get out of control."

He added: "This Government will work hard to bring the number of student visas down while also addressing the problem of bogus colleges." 

Meanwhile Migrationwatch UK's Sir Andrew Green said: "There is growing evidence that the new points-based system has provided a back door to Britain for bogus students."

The new figures were revealed by Home Office Minister Baroness Neville-Jones in an answer to a parliamentary question tabled by Ulster Unionist peer Lord Laird.

It also emerged yesterday the UK Border Agency overpaid £13million in benefits to asylum seekers in the last two years.

£13million missing after Labour's 'crazy' attempts to bribe illegal immigrants to go home
Labour squandered millions of pounds on 'crazy' schemes to bribe illegal immigrants to go home, it can be revealed.

Home Office papers show how the last government was so wasteful with public money that £13million has gone missing  -  with officials having no idea how it was spent.

The accounts also reveal how Labour:
  • Paid £1.2million in bribes to people who never even set foot in Britain 
  • Gave repatriation grants to migrants from wealthy countries  -  including the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand
  • Lavished thousands on teaching foreign preachers about life in 'multi-cultural' Britain
  • Sent Afghans on year-long holidays to see if they would like to go home permanently 
  • Bribed Poles to go home in the same year their country joined the EU, meaning they became eligible to immediately return to the UK
  • Handed almost £50,000 to the Ukraine to build a 'migration advice centre' n Wasted £25,141 on a cancelled project to support 'artisans' in Afghanistan
  • Paid £68,235 to China  -  an industrial powerhouse  -  to strengthen its migration controls.
The accounts detail how Labour spent almost £80million on schemes designed to encourage failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants to go home.

17,000 immigrants told to leave UK won right to stay on appeal after Home Office failed to attend hearings

Thousands of rejected immigrants are being allowed to stay in the UK because the Home Office is not bothering to defend the decision in the appeal courts.

Immigrants whose applications to stay in the UK have been rejected are routinely winning appeals against the decisions - simply because no Home Office official has turned up at court to defend the rejection.

The number of immigrants winning leave to remain in Britain at a hearing when no official was present jumped by almost 50 per cent last year.

More than 17,000 won appeals in such cases - a figure which stood at less than 1,500 just five years ago.

In some instances the Home Office has later decided to counter-appeal the decision - a procedure that comes at a significant cost to the taxpayer.

In the absence of home office officials, migrants have won appeals against refused asylum applications, deportation orders and refusals of entry to the UK. Last year 17,473 migrants won their appeals at hearings at which the Home Office was not represented by an official.

A further 23,997 won appeals when the Home Office was represented, a parliamentary written answer revealed.

A migrant is far more likely to win an appeal if there is no official present to defend decisions.

But the UK Border agency is struggling to cope with a massive rise in the number of appeals to Asylum and Immigration Tribunals over the past five years and cannot spare the staff to attend all contentious hearings.

Richard Simcox, of the Public and Commercial Services Union, said the department did not have enough staff to cope with the number of appeals. ‘It will get worse if there are cuts in staff,’ he told the Times.
Tomorrow, there will be something else. The day after that, something else. All are enough reason for a massive uprising, as far as I am concerned. Yet, it just wraps peoples chips and gets thrown in the gutter. 

Recently, we have heard that the courts rejected the scheme to send failed asylum seekers back on a 'fast track'. We have heard how they have managed to get the rights to work, despite being failed. We have heard how Cameron wants Turkey in the EU, how Vince Cable and Cameron were trying to shield off the issue of immigration to this country from India on his recent trip, that the "cap" they wish to introduce will only cover about 1,300 people per year (see Newsnight) and that it will not include companies bringing their own staff over. We have also heard how the government has been stopped from limiting student applications, where they cannot speak English - because it would be unfair to students who might be coming here to learn English.......

When will people realise that the governments are not going to do a damned thing, and increasingly they cannot do a damned thing?

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick......minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years, years turn into decades........slowly, every day, we see it, hear it, know it must be ticking away, or silently progressing like grains of sand through an hour glass.  

Are we really a nation of complacent frogs being boiled alive in a pan of water?

If I told my friends any of those news items above, they would have not heard about them, wouldn't have read them, wouldn't really grasp the significance of it as individual stories. They, like the rest of people, go to work, come home, see to the kids or have a beer, play on a playstation, watch some TV and then go to bed and do it all again, and again, and again - as things progressively get worse around them.
It makes it hard to bother wanting to care, when ordinary citizens are too timid or plainly not interested enough to care.

What is important for us, is not necessarily important in their lives, and that is what can be hard to remember.

I don't know what newspaper headline could ever wake these people up! It could be "Martians land on Earth and Suck peoples' brains out!"......and they would turn over the page, muttering "typical". They would fold up the paper, feed the dog, put their shoes on, go to work, and just hope their  own brains wont be sucked out. lol. Madness. 

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  1. There are those clever people within society who read the signs and there are those stupid people who do not.
    It reminds me of Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy with the Dolphins hitching the nearest lift to get of earth before it was destroyed to make an inter-galaxy bypass, who said before they left "So long and thanks for all the fish."

    People never learn. What will happen will happen and will only be averted when people take full responsibility for their actions and an active interest in creating a better society for all.