Sunday, 25 July 2010

Paper Trails

Given the daily dredge I take through the newspapers, it comes as no surprise that the liberal-left seek to take issue with what is reported in the media. 

If I can be bothered, or upon worthwhile request, I could try and dig out some links - but for now, take my word for it, they have aims and ambitions both in this country and in Europe to curtail certain ways of reporting the news. 

It is not just the NUJ who issue guidelines, but there are also a new glut of pressure groups and lobbyists who seek to effectively silence the media when it comes to "controversial" subjects. 

These people aim to try and alter peoples perceptions of what is taking place around them - by making it harder for reporters to inform us about things which the liberal-left would prefer not to be happening (because they shatter the nation's illusion that their liberal-left objectives are working). 

Given the sheer amount of material that can be frisked out of the pockets of the media if you look hard enough, it must make these organisations froth at the mouth at the "racism", the "hate" and the "bigotry". 

Already, I know of a few places on-line which direct venom at the Daily Mail and the Daily Express - and I have seen those annoying chain-mail messages (perhaps part of a campaign?) to poke fun at those papers, suggesting that according to the Mail, we should never go out, etc. 

The chain-mail purposefully missed the point though - as the Mail doesn't make it all up from fresh air - it is based on reports and studies, medical journals, whatever, and then slants it for its own readership. But it is easy to use such techniques to try and undermine peoples perceptions of a whole political slant.

Nobody seems to campaign against the Guardian though.....well, not to my knowledge.

I am no fan of the newspapers. I am not going to start defending them, or what they do. They are selective, biased, and certainly no friends of decency and no friends of Nationalism. They are often equally safety valves and indoctrination outlets combined. However, we can use material for our own ends - I certainly do. 

This is what the opposition hate, especially seeing as the BNP website has for years backed up it's stances from mainstream media reports and various studies. It drives the opposition mad! They used to tell everybody that we created "lies" about the country and the state of affairs, and now, in the advent of the internet, we have been able to show and prove we tell the truth - it is just a truth that people don't wish us to speak about or piece together for our own purposes. 

This is why I feel the next target is the reporters and newspapers, to prevent information that can be used against immigration and multiculturalism reaching the public domain.

Instead of "Illegal Vietnamese Cannabis Farm Raids" - it will be a small section saying "Drug raids in Suburban house, 9 males arrested".  For the silencers, they will claim that if the reporters mention it is Vietnamese it is "racist" and "inciting hatred", and that they were illegal immigrants (sorry "irregular citizens") it is xenophobic and "targeting the vulnerable".  

It is already happening. Things like "Man shot in face, west London, two charged".... "Woman assaulted, assailant is male, 6ft and wearing jeans - police appeal for witnesses".....Why bother wasting the ink?  

The way in which Rod Liddle was hounded for expressing his views is testament to the way in which the Press Complaints Commission will uphold the virtues of the lobbyists and make other reporters and journalists scared of broaching some subjects.

It is already at the point where controversial reports are issued by non-names like "Political Correspondent" or "Daily Reporter". Fear of being identified and made a figure of hate is already having an effect on what people report. We know the media higher up the chain has an agenda and will sanitise much of the subjects and "choose" what makes the news anyway, but still, even that has become curtailed. 

At the moment, we sift through the papers and find a lot of material they would wish banned.  This weeks instalments include:

The school with 30 languages where teachers talk to pupils through a computer translator

A school where 60 per cent of pupils speak English as a second language has invested in electronic translators for every child so they can communicate with teachers.

Manor Park Primary in Aston, Birmingham, which has 384 pupils of 32 different ethnicities, is the first school in Britain to provide translators for all of its children and to make the tools an integral part of every lesson.

The technology enables teachers to type messages to pupils which are then translated into the 19 native tongues of children with no English.

Another 11 languages are spoken by pupils who have some English. And with figures showing that one in six primary pupils speaks a different language at home - double the number ten years ago - the technology could soon become a permanent feature in many more schools.

The 'Talking Tutor' can verbally translate English into 25 languages including Polish, Urdu, Pakistani and Chinese. A further 200 languages can be translated on-screen. Teachers type a message into a computer and the virtual tutor then reads the message out to the pupil in their native tongue. The pupil types a response which is read to the teacher by the tutor.

Headmaster Jason Smith said the software had transformed his school and given staff the opportunity to communicate with children.

'We have a very diverse school - at any one time there are upwards of 30 different languages,' he added.
'We have always found this the biggest barrier to integrating a child into the school.'

Dawn Holt, a teacher at the school, admitted she had struggled in the past to communicate with pupils who had recently arrived in Britain.

She said: 'You could never have a who could speak all those languages, so I think this technology is probably here to stay.'

One father of two, who did not want to be named, said: 'My boys say teachers are spending more time using the computer than teaching. 'They came home last week and said they felt pushed aside. The teachers are neglecting the English kids.'

Latest figures from the Department for Education show that 905,610 children do not speak English as their first language.

This figure has risen by 42,750 in a year, and accounts for 16 per cent of pupils in primary schools and 11.6 per cent in secondaries.

Council's £400k taxi bill to take teenagers through the ganglands

Gang violence in cities has reached such high levels that councils are ferrying teenagers around in taxis – because they are too scared to walk through dangerous areas.

One inner London authority spent nearly £400,000 of taxpayers’ money last year putting youths into cabs because of fears for their safety.

The local council in Hackney which has one of the highest rates of shootings and stabbings in the country, ran up a total bill of £440,000. Of this, 88 per cent – an average of £1,060 per day – was accounted for by ‘vulnerable children’.

Finn Greig, a former social worker in the borough, said the high bill reflected the large number of children aged between 13 and 19 who were given taxis because they were too scared to walk between the ‘territories’ used by gangs.

Hackney has long been a hotbed for gangs such as the notorious London Fields Boys and the Hoxton Boys.
In April, 16-year-old Agnes Sina-Inakoju was shot and killed in a takeaway restaurant in Hoxton in what police said was a case of mistaken identity. A month later, an innocent festival-goer in London Fields was caught in the crossfire of two rival gangs. He suffered life-changing injuries.


My misery among the migrants on Britain’s factory frontline

Donna found that she was one of only five British workers among 120 on the factory floor – the great majority came from Eastern Europe. It is a situation which, as The Mail on Sunday has previously reported, is common in the meat-processing industry. 

And while there is legitimate concern about the effect this has on British employment prospects, there are also serious implications for the well being of the ­foreign workers, as well as for the handful of Britons who work alongside them.

So alien was her mother tongue at Con­tinental that Donna’s induction session at the company was held in Polish and she says she was asked to sit it out because she could not understand what was being said.

She believes she came across breaches of health-and-safety rules at the plant and that her bosses seemed indifferent to the well being of staff – never more so than when work was ordered to continue even though a woman collapsed to the ground and died.

Foreign labour accounts for a third of the permanent workforce in the meat and poultry business and for 70 per cent of agency workers.

‘I am disgusted by the way we were treated,’ she says. ‘The managers’ behaviour amounted to bullying, in my view. It is incred­ible that, as an English person, I wasn’t able to make myself understood in my own country. Communication in an environment like that is essential and I had no option but to resign.

‘With a recession on and with so many people looking for work, I find it hard to believe that there weren’t Britons who would gladly have accepted a job there. ‘I think my former employers prefer hiring foreigners because they are easier to bully and will be grateful for the opportunity to work in Britain. I still speak to some people who work there, and they say it is still going on.’

Hearing a commotion on one of the production lines, she looked over to see that a young Latvian woman, who had been packing 5kg boxes of chilli beef for pizza toppings, was sprawled on the floor, her blue overalls unbuttoned.

An ambulance was called and a health-and-safety worker attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before the woman was taken out of the factory. No one seemed to know her name.

It was obvious that she had died,’ says Donna. ‘I told this woman’s line manager that the production lines should be stopped. He said, “Why? Life goes on.”

Several workers were in tears but they weren’t allowed a break for another two hours, and then it was for only two minutes.

 It just goes on, and on, and on, and on. 

People call me, and other Nationalists 'cold hearted', fascist, haters, vile, odious, xenophobic, racist....... 

.......but personally, I do not honestly know how these "liberals" sleep at night. They disgust me. 

They are responsible, in my view, for misery, degradation, people trafficking, hardship, slavery, slave labour, prostitution rackets, increase in crime, (to name but a few!) and the total collapse on the abilities to get this nightmare in check. They are also responsible for the deaths of thousands who try and get here from Africa. Yes, I do mean it. 

They will not advocate any measures to stop immigration, stop asylum seeking here to Britain, and delight in telling us all how lazy we all are and "thank god for the immigrants".

Look at the results of their actions and their smarmy, sneering rhetoric. It makes me sick. They should be disgusted with themselves. They have more than helped engineer this society we live in.

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