Saturday, 3 July 2010

Immigration on Newsnight - June 2010.

Newsnight – Immigration Measures.

There was an interesting article the other day on the BBC’s flagship politics show “Newsnight”. Upto present, I have been very surprised that it has not been covered much on the usual Nationalist blogs.

Not only does the newsnight feature article have some disturbing figures about the percentage of white decline for the area the film was shot in, the numbers coming in to the country and an exposé of the paltry effect the proposed immigration cap would have - but it also, by its very nature, shows footage of what is becoming of Britain.

Those of you who are from outside of Britain and have never been here, take heed – the days of the quaint ‘white’ Britain with its picture postcard cities, red telephone boxes and whatever else the stereotype holds are dead and buried.

The “new Britain” (emerging faster and faster) is what is shown in the video clip, as are the type of people pushing it, such as the (in my own confined opinion) vile ultra-leftwing racist and colonisation advocate Diane Abbott MP (Labour). Listen carefully to her choice of words and how she couches the debate.

Lord Pearson does quite a decent job of exposing the EU on the matter of immigration policy proposals, whilst Damien Green slithers around between being hoisted by the EU petard and facing off the clearly smug and distorted cliché ramblings of Diane Abbott.

Now he (Damien Green) must know a little of what Nick Griffin and any other BNP members are subjected to, for she is effectively calling him and the proposed policies as being racist and “anti immigrant” – not anti-immigration. The difference is really quite important, and she clearly knows it.

All this for a cap that is not even going to work anyway. She must still be reeling from Andrew Neil's jugular thrust on the Politics Show last week.

It seems to me, that the Diane Abbotts of this world are revelling in the fact that Great Britain lay broken on the ground and that the “ethnic minorities” will soon sweep this nation and send us into the gutter.

I would propose that she be termed an anti-white racist and an advocate of ethnocide, that she be identified for hatred of white people for trying to proclaim that any form of immigration control (thus part of white people saving themselves, or at least gaining some time!) is racism.

Her policies and her attitude to debase the British people and eventually strip the white indigenous population of their homeland (which would one day lead to persecution of whites as a minority group) should be called up on, and she should be exposed for her sinister and sinful acts.

The main reason why I wanted to capture the clip was the interview with a man from Kenya.

He has lived here for a number of years and explains how we should have listened to Enoch Powell all those years ago – because, to paraphrase – “no nation has done ‘this’ {looking around} to itself, nobody”. He also says that Cameron should “shut the door” and say it is enough, and that he should look after “his people”.

Not too dissimilar from BNP policy then....... I wonder if Weyman Bennet and his travelling troupe of ass-clowns will be out to track this man down for giving us such a gem to work with...... See, even Kenyans think we are insane to have let this happen to us - and that Enoch Powell was right all along!

From memory, none of the immigrants in the clip thought more immigration was a good thing. Yet, we are told, especially by Abbott, that it is only we “racists” {ie, we who wish to not see ourselves eradicated in our own homeland} who have a problem with immigration.

Other pearlers she comes out with is that people don’t have a problem with it in her areas {which are extremely high ethnic areas}. Is it really any surprise there is not a lot of Conservative and “far right” support there given the demographic? Is it really possible to say that somewhere like Tower Hamlets is “anti immigrant” when perhaps 85% of the residents there are ethnic/immigrant? Nobody knows each other, so nobody is hardly likely to be against it, either.

She also claims that we wouldn’t have a health service without immigrant labour. That’s a completely astonishing thing to say, and filled with more argument holes than a colander. Do we really need to refute this old chestnut again Diane? It is one of those mantras of the far-left that roll of the tongue but are totally unfounded.

I could run rings around Abbott all night. However, she gets free reign to peddle this garbage to the masses whereas I don’t get to take her to task over any of it. She can freely brainwash and inflict damage to the nation without even being challenged by the programme host or Damien Green. Why do they let her spout off all these far-left catch phrases unchallenged? Ignorance? Fear?

Anyway, I think it is quite an important piece of film (or slice of modern history). I would advise caution to British Nationalists though when listening to Diane Abbott – I wouldn’t stand too close to anything that could be broken.

The figures are also interesting when it strips down the actual pie chart. The best part for me, of course, is the Enoch Powell part, followed by Lord Pearson making Damien Green fluster on the EU Treaty of Lisbon - which he quotes directly from the document itself.

I don’t know if “Enjoy” is the right word, for it is not an enjoyable situation or topic to have to witness – but it is there to be viewed anyway.


  1. I caught only part of this Newsnight report the other night so missed the Lord Pearson, Damien Green, Diane Abbott section, but I did see the interview with the chap from Kenya which was enlightening. At least he can clearly understand that there's a problem here and was able to voice this freely in an interview with the BBC without the latter shooting him down for 'racism'.

  2. Hi BA,

    As you know I no longer watch TV or pretty much divulge in the MSM. I watched this though seeing it on your site.
    It was interesting to see the Kenyan state we should have listened to Enoch and guaranteed that 30 years down the line it will become a catchphrase used all over.

    I do however find it ironic when non indigneous state "they should close the doors" such as the woman born in Jamica and the other in Kenya. I understand that they came over to be brought up under a British culture but still, they have to interview NON INDIGENOUS to understand the anger, thus showing yet more contempt for the British as it's racist from them but not from non indigenous. Frankly it makes me want to vomit.

    As you know I left London a year ago now. I really hated it. It was multicultural hell hole and some parts were simply no go areas for whites. And yet the media still likes to promote London as the 'Cockney Capital' yet newspaper reports (and life experience) prove that Jafaican is now the official dialect of London.
    I know we've differed on a few things in the past and very possibly with what I'm going to say now, but realistically, it doesn't matter if they close the doors, the horse has already bolted. The effect that 13 years of uncontrolled immigration under Labour has done to England especially can't be turned back. Immigrants now have their foot in the door, many can't speak a word of English, some even residents at her majesty's pleasure in prisons up and down the country, but regardless, all will have their British passports.
    Bottom line is YOU CAN'T STOP THE ROT! It's too deep but I will add that the liberal tossers out there who welcomed all this will be the first to suffer from the consequences of allowing immigrants who are completely alien to your way of life. Sure, they may pack their kids off in their 4x4's down to the SW but I'm sure the people in the SW are cottoning on to the fact, those who are selling out their country are making a break for their homesteads, to continue shitting all over the place as they did in the SE, Midlands and North.

    And as for Dianne Abbot, I'd like to see her dropped from a Hercules, over Afghanistan with no parachute. Her and Yabba Brown have to be two of Britain's worst anti white racists, currently playing love in with the main stream media.

    I never enjoyed it BA. I never will enjoy watching a beautiful land like the UK turn into a sh*thole because of its planned destruction by communist bastards.

    There will come a time when the SW starts to get large influxes of ethnics into it. This will be the turning point, because in all reality, it's the only place left for the true English Indigenous to go to that's still English, heaped in traditional English customs and culture.

  3. I'm glad i have found your blog.

    You've highlighted the issues that have irked me most over this last week i.e Govt's new policies - more from the angle they are stepping on our toes and trying to lead voters into thinking they are actually trying to do something, while we know they are just paying lipservice and nothing in real terms.

    Also, the despicably racist Diane Abbott on the Newsnight programme. I didn't find many that had seen it at the time.

    You've given me more food for thought. Thank you.


  4. No problems Jane. Nice to hear from you. :)

    Whilst I have been glad to see the ID cards scrapped and such like, I do get that uneasy feeling that the "men behind the curtain" are still working the levers that will bring it all around eventually, after tapping into the anti-establishment movement which the BNP has crafted for itself via its nationalist principles.

    As for Dianne Abbott - Blaughhh! I cannot stand the woman or what she stands for. Can you imagine the horrors she would bring if she was Labour leader or god-forbid, the actual leader of the country.

    Maybe it would be a good thing to have her as leader though, for it will probably irk the ordinary white populace into realising what game is afoot.....

    ....but I think Winston will agree with me here that the Labour leadership is already a done deal.

    My bet would be on David Milliband - just because he is a "chosen" one, via mixing in particular circles and has a particular ideological background.

    Ed Balls might have had a shoe in the door as a Bilderberger attendee though - but he is definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer, unlike David.


    Winston, I am glad to see you are still popping in from time to time.

    Yes, the fact they interviewed only ethnics was noticed by me, also. It looks like even they don't wish to live with each other - never mind us. They want to come in, but don't wish any more to follow them, which is beyond irony.

    The idea of the young black woman saying we have had tight controls when she arrived - how utterly ridiculous. It has been slack for decades, otherwise she wouldn't even be here.

    She is probably referring to the last 12 to 15 years under Labour though.

    As you say, that Labour term in office has REALLY hammered those nails in the coffin, and whilst I don't usually tend to swear, they really are set of utter utter bastards for doing it.

    I could have been stronger in my choice of words, but I wouldn't wish to write such profanities in front of a lady readership!

  5. (Contnd)

    I do not disagree with you at all about the horse already bolting.

    When I first got into this 'awareness' of the situation I genuinely believed that with some careful controls and some fancy footwork we could stop the rot, root out a few hundred thousand for deportation and learn to manage what we had left.

    Coupled with a birth incentive for indigenous people, in the long term I hoped something would be salvageable even if it took a century or so to sort out.

    After Labour though, and what those bastards have done, I share your view that it is far, far too late.

    We are stuffed, really stuffed, and stuffed where the sun doesn't shine.

    There is nothing really much I can do apart from continue to support Nationalism "anyway", even though in my heart of hearts I think I have come to accept it as being totally futile.

    I do not really do much at the moment though.

    If there is one thing, I suppose it is the saying "nothing is inevitable" - even when the odds are so stacked against us.

    There actually are things which could be done - given the will of the people - to rescue ourselves.......

    .....but to be honest, they are growing to be ever more horrible, heartless and potentially gruesome.

    Things which I had always hoped (and still continue to hope) would be avoided.

    If the oppositional ('left-wing') forces in this country had let us have some 'levers' to work with in the last 35 could have been so much different than the future course things seem to going down.

    We could have been allowed "long term" self rectification through entirely rational and sensible measures.

    If Enoch had been listened to, and if his later policy for repatriation (and damage limitation) had been taken up, most of us would not even be reading this site, as it wouldn't have had to exist.

    But alas, we are aware there is a higher chess game being played - and such measures could never have happened. It was not part of the plan.

    For me, if there is any future backlash, the blame would lay squarely on their heads, not the people who would be backlashing.

    I just hope it never comes about, and that salvation may come through the other routes which I have always had in mind.

    Now the oppositional course is plotted though, they are even trying to destroy the only sense of genuine National identity we have left and the only mainstream voice of the indigenous people as a collective.

    They are absolutely determined for us to "self extinguish" with a whimper, rather than a bang.

  6. Ah, the people of the West Country have already suffered hugely from the exodus of affluent Londoners, for locals in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset have already been priced out of the housing market. It's nauseating. To add ethnic incomers to the mix would deliver the coup de grace to these poor folk.

    If the significant influx of ethnic minorities breaks out of its current confines in Bristol (what the hell are thousands of Somalis doing in Bristol? Brunel must be turning in his grave) and smothers the West Country, then we'll know that we're finished.

  7. BA,

    You're welcome. I've actually been doing quite a bit of debating on YouTube of late and of course being attacked from all sides by nothing but sheer ignorance, but I've learned to accept (and ignore) it.
    From the first time we met (on the DT blogs) I've changed so much in my views, not because of hatred for non whites (as I'm frequently told) which I most certainly don't, but because I've always followed the path of truth. I can't help it, I'm honest, brutally and can't stand about and accept falsehoods. It's caused me great harm and distress in my life for doing so, but I'll never succumb to ignorance and doing the wrong thing in order to fit in with the rest of the sheep.

    Of late my arguments have been on defining Britishness. This of course has caused great anger amongst many but simply put, any argument they have to give is destroyed by the following:

    "If a labrador mates with a labrador and gives birth in a room of rottweilers does that mean the baby no longer is a Labrador but instead a rottweiler?"

    Of course my other one is:

    "If a sheepdog gives birth in a field of sheep, does that make its puppy a lamb?"

    To be British is simply one who is white, of Anglo, Saxon, Jute, Celtic, Norse and Roman ancestry. In a nutshell anyone who doesn't share common ancestry with Europeans is not, nor ever will be British. To classify oneself as British they must not only be racially but culturally also. To be British means to be of Britons the ethnically white peoples of this land. This of course has grown to accept the other European peoples who make up the UK. Thus unless you share ancestry with these peoples you will never be British.

    You and many will note that many indigenous children growing up in the UK are racially British but not culturally. Therefore they couldn't be classified as British either but what I call Globalists. They are many and inhabit every land on this planet. Then we have the situation of non whites who are born here who are not British racially but choose to adopt our culture as their own. Again another dillemma as no matter how hard they try they'll never be British.
    The same goes for White South Africans, who regardless will always be White Europeans living in Africa. The same goes for whites in India, will always be white Europeans living in India.

    I used to be one who never used expletives in debate but now, my anger at the truth being sidelined for deceitful propaganda has begun to make my blood boil. As you know I have a mixed race child, whom is British because of his father's ancestry but it's up to him if he chooses to be so culturally. I highly doubt it, especially growing up in London. Sad to say but I fear him growing up to be a "yo yo, blud, yi git me" youth, pertaining to Jafaican dialect and West Indian/African culture.

  8. (Part 2)

    The overall situation within the UK is a bleak one. WE have not even begun to see the damage of immigration non policy of NuLabour. It is safe to say that some 5 million non Europeans have come to the UK, whom in ten years if they all have 3 children on average will mean a population rise of another 15 million. Within 20 years you can triple that again meaning a rise in population of non whites, within 40 years 55million people.

    Then take into consideration the end of peak oil and the fact that most products we use involve oil, then we have massive economic collapse and a country that will not be able to sustain its population. I highly recommend the following video:

    Collapse by Michael Ruppert

    He's an incredibly well educated, honest and just man. In a nutshell regardless of immigration or not the UK will, along with the rest of the west completely collapse as there will be no oil to sustain our oil dependent society. The future's grim I'm afraid to say. Maybe Britain could survive, if that was there were no immigrants here, but not only will we be fighting to protect our culture, they'll be fighting to promote theirs and of course blaming the white man for all their problems, as they take their usual victim mentality status.

    BA, my stance has changed because I've become wiser through much reading. I suppose part of me just wanted everyone to live peacefully together but through experience I realised this would never be so and individual cultures must be respected and allowed to flourish in their respectable lands.
    I remember writing a long article on Britishness, regarding Melanie Phillips and Lawrence Auster or a View from the right put it on his website. I got a lot of replies and although I received praise, much of it mostly included that "why should I accept every Tom, Dick or Harry as British when they're not? Why should we give British passports out to people who will never be British?"

    This of course got me thinking and set me down another path. Therefore much of what you've said and written about regarding ethno Nationalism I agree with 100%.
    Moreso, I now no longer feel guilty when I speak to non whites and tell them they're not British because not only do I explain it to them fully but I actually imply that they're the ones who are being prejudice and forcing themselves upon a people and culture they will never belong to. I simply state that their wishes are nothing more than total disrespect for the indigenous peoples of the UK and that they believe the way they do because of 40 years of state indoctrination, instigated by anti white Britons and non indigenous who attained positions of power within the establishments of this land with which to change it from within.

    I stand my ground. I won't be swayed and I'm still very much the Libertarian, if anything moving more towards anarchy than Conservatism.

  9. (Part 4)

    And when someone calls you a bigot you reply:

    "Really? Tell me, who's the bigger bigot? The bigot or the bigot that tells them they're a bigot? If you happen to look at what land you're living in, it's the land of the white people, the indigenous of this island and part of the world. This is our ancestral home, not yours nor will it ever be. You are in effect attacking me for protecting my culture as you quite happily promote the colonization of it without my consent. You are therefore doing no different to what the white Europeans did to your lands in the past, thus you are the invader and moreso a hypocrite of the highest order. More so you are attacking me for being proud of being white, when all you've ever done is promote Black/non white pride. Ignorance, arrogance and prejudice follow you around like a bad smell. You should think more carefully next time before you say what you do."

    They're calling our bluff. They know they're in the wrong hence why they shout the loudest, but no amount of shouting and noise can drown out the truth. I am quite happy to whisper back facts and truths to some shouter of nonsense and deceit.
    This is the stance that needs to be taken. It's about educating oneself so they cannot be defeated in open debate and sadly, the BNP, although they have their intelligent speakers, there are many on the ranks who are complete nincompoops, terribly illiterate (thanks to NuLabour state education) and don't paint a good picture for Nationalism, when up against intellectuals from the liberal left, who are so because they realised that intelligence always defeats stupidity and ignorance.

    I like to remain hopeful BA. Without it there is only despair. I like to think that there will be a huge upheaval within society. i like to think that the Labour party who have left office are tried for their crimes. I like to think that Blair is attacked in his house one night along with his wife and executed by armed attackers, his price in the deaths of millions of Iraqis and Afghans, British soldiers and the destruction of the UK.

    One can only hope and it's what I do, as well as continue to educate myself on many world affairs. I no longer allow people to stigmatise me, because I know what I say is 100% honest and completely correct. That way I will always hold the higher ground in any debate where victory is always assured.

    As I said, we have to change our mindset and embrace the hate and hypocrisy of the liberal/liberal left. If we do not they will ride roughshod over us. we must also be prepared to fight and I'm more than capable in that field, but I suggest that all others learn a martial art, boxing etc because once the economic collapse happens, it is those that form communities that will survive, not lone gunmen, no matter how strong and tough they are.

    All the best.

  10. (Part 3)

    There's some complete f*ckwit who follows me around on YouTube, after my postings on WW2 and the Holocaust. His name is NEUTERALLREDNECKS and he's like a puppy following me all over the place, insulting and attacking. He's the typical, left wing liberal fool, no doubt Jewish and very much of the ilk who set about destroying the west from within, of the School of Frankfurt ethos, of those behind the destruction of white South Africa and of course the creation of the civil/gay/feminist/pro black rights groups.

    He does not believe that the white population is decreasing. He is unable to see that the whites will be a minority within the UK and Europe by the third part of this century. He is unable to see that our population teeters on the 8% mark of whites in the world and unable to realise that we will drop to 2% by the end of the century also. This is ignorance for you and something that made me realise that I could no longer take the stance I was taking. Sure it's alienated people around me, but I don't care about that. My culture is far more important than lies and deceit, especially being promoted by an anti British establishment within the UK.

    (Just caught your reply to Jane about Labour leadership and David Milliband. I think we'll disagree on this in that my bets are on Dianne Abbot for the simple reason that Blacks and Asians will vote for her because she's the first non white candidate with a chance of success and anything to poke a dig at "whitey" they'll go for it. She's a loathsome bigot and would be no different to governing the Labour party (and to whites) as George Wallace in Montgomery Alabama (was towards blacks) in the 70's USA. A Zionist in control of the UK, f*cking it up even more isn't nowhere as near as bad as a black woman Prime Minister, who will never be British and worse still is an anti white racist who would do her utmost best to completely destroy our culture and promote a multicultural one. I'm sure she'd instigate a tax on whites as well, to be paid to non whites, just for the hell of it).

    I hate sounding negative but really draconian measures are needing to be taken, massive repatriation in order to stop the whites becoming a minority. This is all because of draconian actions taken without the consent of the British people. Thus a draconian reaction is needed to balance it out. It's that simple - physics and equal force!

    They will continue to use liberal slur words to destroy any vestige of Britishness and white pride left in the UK (and west) while hypocritically promoting non white culture and pride classifying the former, but most certainly not the latter as racism, xenophobia and bigotry.

    The only way that the indigenous and therefore British can ever hope to fight back is to embrace and take these liberal hate words for themselves and utilise them to their full effect.
    Thus when someone calls you a racist you say:

    "Of course I am! I love my culture and my people and wish to promote it to my offspring as you do your own culture. I'm proud to be white as you are black/non white. But I hate to disappoint you but I don't hate other cultures or peoples as you incorrectly imply."

  11. Thanks again Winston for a most interesting reply.

    Naturally, I concur wholly.

    I wouldn't have had you down as a YouTuber though lol - but maybe you will bring a new found articulate nature to the place, something which I tend to find lacking on such outlets.

    I once tried activism across Facebook.....and it was dire. A total waste of time.

    It was like debating with babies - and the ones who were generally "on side" were so ignorant of the real situations and such failed products of the education system that it made my efforts even more a waste of time.

    For example, how can you make an argument for even something simple like employing British people instead of immigrants (in the midst of a debate going on like "they cannot speak English" etc etc....)

    ....when you have your "own" side going...

    ....."wll they cum ovr ere n tek all us jobs n stuff it aint gr8 is it, n cumpletli takin piss"


    Half of those (if pressed with a tricky "leftwing" question) used to flake out and look like complete idiots, or back peddle and contradict themselves.

    Unlike yourself right now, I do admit I have periods where I get completely battered down by my own thoughts, start questioning myself, looking at myself from an outer body experience and I almost lose all faith in what I feel I stand for.

    I have a friend who is more aligned to communism, although he doesn't particularly like to be "labelled" in any way.

    I would loosely say he was a liberal fascist, authoritarian, a cultural marxist, a racial and cultural relativist, ultra egalitarian.

    Not "active" with it really, or on purpose, he is just going through life like a "rolling stone".

    I say to him that he is totally plugged into the matrix. That irks him, as he likes to think he is balanced, open to debate and different, but I do not really care any more if it irks him. His attitude can irk me.

    It is often like talking to a new born child experiencing new things for the first time and seeing them trying to understand. Once some little new issue has passed, they move on to the next immediate thing at hand and forget the first.

    Given that he automatically treats (and has to treat) everything and everybody as "equal" - and his job involves working "up close" in the view of local society - he completely fails to understand where I am coming from or why it matters so much to me.

    His world is up close and personal on the streets, whereas mine is grandiose and over arching in the bigger picture, even things which will be well after I am personally dead and buried.

  12. (Contd)

    The most often reply I would get would be along the lines of:

    ..."Look, they are not all bad, you would get to like them if you tried. If you worked with them daily or went down to the mosque I am sure you would find it all perfectly fine and they would answer any of your questions. After all, they are all just the same as us, no matter what race or religion, they all go home at the end of the day and put the kettle on for a brew - just like you do"....

    I'm sure he is right in some ways. For I am not saying they *are* all bad people, I am not saying the local mosque is a hub for wrongdoing or extremism, I am not saying they are different to everyday humanity we experience ourselves..... but he can never grasp how there can be separation from individuals (and local ethnic groups who may be perfectly "law abiding")on a one to one basis - and that of the bigger picture.

    With him also being a staunch advocate of social engineering and him coming out with phrases such as "for somebody to say such a thing is wholly unacceptable in society" - you may gather the type of discussions we get into!.

    If we had not been lifelong friends, I am sure I would have walked away years ago.

    Often, I really have to start from "scratch" and try and present a "case" for why I believe in Nationalism or say the things I do. It is not always easy to "reach back" to the start.

    Usually, he will pick at some piece of it in isolation or try and "catch me out" by applying some sort of double standard.

    I never do fall for that trap, lol. Mostly because I do not apply double standards.

    Then there is the whole 'make you out to be a misfit' air about things...."well, you look at things too much, perhaps if you were married and had kids you would change your outlooks and have something else to think about" (In a nutshell).

    When you are bombarded daily by what I see to be propaganda, when you are submerged in a society that is alienating unless you "fit into" the "matrix" - it can get hard to not just go with it, to try and reject what you know or what you feel. It is much easier.

    For him, he just says "nothing is constant, things always change". As long as we "learn to understand each other" and that any hostility is neutered one small incident at a time so that nothing "bad" ever happens - he really doesn't seem to care.

  13. (Cont'd)

    But that is the trouble with these people - they don't care like we do, but they STILL try and prevent others caring and acting against the system.

    With the people you argue with, I cannot believe the moron who doesn't believe we will be minorities!

    It has been a long time since I dipped my oar into the waters of complete retardation - but I do remember such people and their attitudes. Blurrgh.

    Luckily, I am sure you would rung rings around such numpties. :).

    Good for you, we need to get out of the habit of just talking to like-minded individuals.

    That said, it is always good to hear what you have to say Winston, it helps keeps me on the ball.

    Regarding the ethnics and their bluff, I was only saying to Unrepentant the other day that I cannot wait for the day when some minority tries the whole "guilt trip" on me.

    They are going to be in for a shock, because I would take the same course of action as yourself! I stopped caring about what they would do or think a long time ago. Same for any liberals.

    I just wish I still had the unflinching self belief of 100%. I know what my argument is, and that it is wholly valid, but remembering it all and countering everything chucked against me right from basics can get quite tricky at times when I am in an "off guard" moment.

    We have to stand up to these people, challenge the so called "orthodoxy" and "conformity". I also advocate the idea of turning the tables on them and hoisting them by their own petard.

    Patience is a virtue, and a well based calm and considered argument will always show up the real "haters" and "ranters" for what they are. The "ad-hominem" attackers usually end up losing the argument and biting the dust.

  14. BA,

    You're most welcome. Reading your articles also eases my mind because I know I am far from alone in my views, at time a complete social outcast, but only due to state brainwashing of society via the MSM, who quite happily see left as right and up as down.

    I've been posting quite a lot on YouTube and you're very correct in that it's full of exceptional dead heads completely ignorant on so much yet shout and shout, believing their shown lack of wisdom to be the gospel truth. how little they know. I have those who agree and many who disagree but it's to be expected. The only thing I dislike about YT is after so many posts you have to keep typing in a word verification bollox. That tends to annoy after a while and as you know, I have always liked to 'express' myself!

    On the contrary BA, I too have periods where I get completely battered down by my thoughts. I too question myself like you, wondering if they're right and I'm wrong, but then I always manage to pull myself back down to earth from floating away into oblivion, safe in the knowledge that I don't allow myself to be brainwashed by the MSM and happen to read a hell of a lot either books or many interesting articles I see on the WWW. You stand for intelligent, common sense logic and nothing more. You can look at yourself and take pride in knowing that you do not allow emotion to cloud your thoughts and distract you from your very correct beliefs. You are not a hater, far from it, as am I. You merely choose your people to be accepted as a people rapidly dying out and to deserve the protection status it so badly needs. You merely see the hypocrisy in liberal protection of 3rd world cultures while they happily promote their own one's immolation.
    You are not alone, thankfully.

    Your friend, really sounds terribly confused with life, torn between reality and his ideas of a Utopian dream of everyone getting along. He clearly misunderstands humanity and no doubt, along with many, blames the 1st world for the 2nd and 3rd world's demise. It's ironic you say what you do because my father, a staunch conservative capitalist, had a friend who was a rabid communist. Always amazed me how they got on but they did. They even went to Russia together circa early 80's, when it was still the U.S.S.R.

  15. (Part 4)

    No one ever said life was going to be easy. Hell it isn't. Life for me at the moment is really tough, every day a battle against my own sanity but I always come to the conclusion that I'm right and my views are concreted many times over from many articles I read all over the internet. Where I live, I am unable to have deep intelligent discussion. I happen to live in a city of socialists, so you can understand my situation. Writing my feelings, expressing how I feel helps me greatly grab on to reality. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I'm sure you know that feeling very well.

    We are persecuted for our beliefs because subconsciously they know we are right, but consciously those who pillory us are nothing but NWO globalists, mindless brainwashed automatons, a complete contradiction to their beliefs.

    As I said, life's tough but I think you're tougher.

    All the best

  16. (Part 3)

    Our reality is a bleak one (see my post here on Unrepentant British Nationalism). Unless our society wakes up, rips apart the newspapers, switches off the TV and actually takes an active interest in the promotion of their culture (and people), due to their wilful ignorance our we will lose it all. Then they will understand, through an epiphany just why their ancestors did what they did, that is take the role of hunter over hunted in order to elevate their culture (and people) to the top of the culture chain. To ignore this will mean complete persecution and worse still serious remorse at why they remained ignorant while Rome burned all around them.

    Life isn't easy. I don't make friends with many of my views which is a complete change to how I used to be. Making friends was as natural for me as breathing but in my quest for the truth it's hurt many, of which I should say I'm sorry, but I won't apologise for telling the truth. They just have to come to terms with reality and accept it. Much of the time though when I look people to blame it's ironically the very people who continually blame the nationalists, firstly for their ignorance and secondly for their continuing promotion of humanism, cultural and moral relativism, stating quite clearly that their beliefs will only lead to massive persecution and oppression, the complete opposite of what they truly believe they're doing.

    Just the other day I was with a friend speaking to an oil rig worker trying to explain the very fact that our society was about to collapse because it's been built on Oil and that we have no system in place to run our society when it runs out. I just received my "Collapse" by Michael Ruppert, a brilliant man who has had a life time of being knocked down and shut down by the American administration, but he still plows on, because what he's doing is right, a whistleblower, an honest and a just man. If you need inspiration read about his life story and see the utter nightmare he's had, all for being an honest man!

    I'm glad it "keeps you on the ball" reading what I have to say, but you're already in it, clearly seen from your posts. No also that you do no wrong in loving your people and culture, it is just sadly others have been told it is so, hence why we see the abhorrent picture of indigenous whites protesting against their own people and culture in support of those non whites and others who wish to destroy it.

  17. (Part 2)

    I've had my debates with communists, but always rip holes within their arguments. But then it's not very hard because they're walking hypocrites most of the time, blissfully unaware that Marx was a satanist and in his writings proved how he wanted everyone to fall into the abyss, he himself fell into.
    Communism is the religion of the NWO. It was the ideology they created to obliterate the west. The Zionist battering ram chosen to destroy everything good in humanity. Many are blissfully unaware of what communism is all about, hopeless lovers of Marx as some messiah who will set people free when his intention was clearly the opposite.
    I have no time for communists and if truth be told (as it always is when I write and speak), there are many now within society who think that another crack at it, will create a better society unlike previous attempts before which have done nothing but bring about total state control over people's lives and the decimation of millions.
    Now if in company of communists, I do my best to make a quick exit. There's no point in debating with people who see black as white, clearly oblivious to the end-goal of their Marxist mantras.

    There are many people who to say to me also: "Look, they are not all bad, you would get to like them if you tried. If you worked with them daily......" however what they tend to forget, or should I say, never seems to dawn upon them, is that I hold no ill feelings whatsoever towards them. I do however have a basic understanding that should you allow multiple cultures into your land it's only a matter of time before they demand that their ideology is the best and that we should all adhere to and follow their teachings and ways of life. This seems to always be the 'small print' that your liberal loons always seem to miss. The sheer madness of their belief in cultural and moral relativism truly beggars belief, but as said many times before, liberalism is a double speak political ideology, created by elites to destroy and create disharmony. If liberals truly respected people, then they'd respect their own indigenous peoples and the culture that allowed them to grow up in relative safety, while rough men did, bad things so they could sleep safely at night, over any other. Yet the 'other' big problem with Liberalism and Socialism is that it attracts those from the non indigenous minority, whom will rightly so speak up against an indigenous people who choose not to associate with them. Things are far better in the west than in their lands and the only way they'll continue being allowed to stay here is to infiltrate the establishments and change society within. And they have done just that.

  18. Are you two trying to set a new record for verbosity? LOL

    You can view the whole of that documentary at the following link:

  19. Seeing as verbosity requires "unnecessary and excessive" use of words, I do not believe we are aiming to smash such a record ;)......

    We are not all brevity monkeys like you LOL, although I do wish I could transfer my thoughts and feelings telepathically or into such a concise manner that people will actually read what I type lol.

    Just because you happen to have a knack of pinning it all down in two paragraphs when it takes me two pages, doesn't mean you need to gloat!

  20. Besides, we are also continuing the "verbosity" challenge on another topic now. In fact, I was that busy verbose'ing I did not see your reply awaiting approval. LOL