Friday, 25 June 2010

Well, who'd have thunk it?

I am greeted today with the not so shocking news that the Conservative-Liberals are starting to flake out on their election wheeze/promises of being 'tough' on immigration.

Having been around long enough to take a plot line through the history of both Labour and Conservatives (and the same old rhetoric and sleight of hand they engage with on this matter), I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before edges were tinkered with, boundaries moved, involvement with "external bodies" to "advise" them on the immigration issue would start.

I wish I had kept a record for the last 15 years of all the announcements and policy plans from various home secretaries, immigration ministers, opposition MP's to such positions, prime ministers, etc (for both Labour and Conservatives). I did collect a few about 10 years ago from the various newspaper archives on line, but sadly I do not have them any more.

It would probably be a long list now. Comments made by William Hague and Michael Howard for the Conservatives - especially when they campaigning against Anthony Blair - and with Labour, many have had their fingers in the immigration/media pie. To name but a few: Jack Straw, David Blunkett, John Reid, Ruth Kelly, Charles Clarke, Tony McNulty, Liam Byrne, Phil Woolas, Alan Johnson.........

.....Is your head spinning at the sheer amount of people they have switched around?

Mine has been spinning like Alastair Campbell on steroids, but more often than not, I was more akin to the character in "The Omen" - not being possessed by the devil, but by the compelling desire to top myself over their unbelievably sinister actions - and partaking in some projectile vomiting (around a full 360 degrees) due to what they were doing to this country at every stage.

It seems the old phrase "A change is as good as a rest" was Labour's motto when it came to ever 'sorting out' immigration. If they changed the speakers and the ministers enough, a perpetual cycle of conning the public could be engaged in. At every turn, the newly appointed ministers were 'really going to crack down' on this or that.

Often,the complete opposite happened. It grew, and grew and grew. Even in the case of bogus work visas and bogus college students, their "legislation" to "limit" it taking place eventually tripled the volume of what was already in the papers as being scandalous volumes. 

Why?  We all know why, that is because Labour wished to completely trash this country as a nation of indigenous people. They did it for spite, for hatred of what we once were, for future ideology, for business, for their own reward, for staying in power with an imported voter base.  They were not incompetent, foolish, misled. It was orchestrated and allowed to happen.

But where were the Conservatives in all this? - often deadly quiet and tip-toeing  around what might be deemed acceptable to say. They stopped having principles long ago and would rather throw them in  the bin to avoid being seen as the "nasty party" - especially since they became Blue-Labour. They effectively allowed it all to happen. 

Whilst there were mutterings towards various election run ups about immigration (and even that being sanitised and stage managed vagueness), the rest of the time they hardly made it into an issue in the house of commons. They hardly fought legislation or made grandstanding prophesies about it. Totally useless.

During the recent election, the people of this country were conned yet again about immigration. Time after time, like stupid children, they fall for the same tricks. "We are listening, we understand your concerns....." just like how Maggie Thatcher nipped the National Front in the bud with her ""People are really rather afraid that this country might be swamped by people with a different culture" speech in retort to the news at the time about the numbers of Pakistani and Commonwealth immigrants in Britain being set to double before the end of the 20th century. 

Nothing ever happens. Nothing will change. The numbers of immigrants got so ridiculously large throughout both Conservatives and Labour that even if the present coalition government reduced it from say 275,000 per year to 220,000 per year it would be hailed as a success! 

Once again, the British National Party were ignored and people were duped into believing the Conservatives would be tough on immigration and sort the problems out. Dream on, dreamers.

Michael Gove (who often seems to not have a true Conservative bone in his body), David Willetts (former  shadow secretary for work and pensions, now universities minister) and Oliver Letwin have come out to challenge their own party's policies on immigration caps today, and they have been joined by what the media just often calls "business leaders". Who are they, whose interest do they work for, and what influences do they hold over our country? Gove and Willets are now involved in the education roles, schools and universities.

Theresa May, following on from the 'talks' with these people, has announced a "wide-ranging consultation over the planned cap". Will it be the electorate she asks and acts on the behalf of? No, don't be so silly. She may want to hear what ordinary voting people have to say, but there is a difference between hearing and listening. She will "ask business lobby groups, company executives and university leaders for detailed recommendations on how many people should enter the UK each year". 

Which, let's face it,  is like asking a pig how many cherries they want. I will have a stab at the figure being around the mark they reckon will be under the threshold of British National Party gains, serious unrest and national instability.

"Business" doesn't give a crap about our people, our nation, our hertitage, our race, our civilisation. All they are interested in is consumers, profit, new market shares. Cheap labour, readily pre-trained (poached) staff, covering up lack of investment on equipment by depressing wages and for example doing things manually on cheap labour (or inefficiently) which could and should be done with mechanical automation.

Universities desire an increase of foreign students - as they pay more money. Wasn't it in the papers only this year that numbers of places for students in this country were going to be cut, and that more foreign students were needed to prop up the universities? What do you think they are going to tell Theresa? "No, we don't want any more immigrant students or generally more younger people coming to this country"?  Dream on.

That leaves the other external bodies, the immigration groups, business sector lobbyists and the type of 'clinical' executioners that are the plump belly of this pen-pushing nation. What do you think their positions are likely to be? Does anybody think any of them would dare say immigration is a bad thing for our future as a people and as a nation, that it should be cut even more than what was allegedly planned, that it has been a mistake.....  Of course not. Nobody will mutter a disparaging word about immigration - ever.

You have to raise a wry smile at the sheer front of it. We all know that the government of this country - no matter who is in charge - can't do a damn thing about EU immigration. Seeing as Europe is as leaky as a sieve when it comes to its borders and how some nations give away passports like confetti or allow mass migration through its land to solve their own immigration problems (by letting them then move on to elsewhere like Britain) this whole "immigration clampdown" is all a complete farce to start with. 

The "cap" they did have in mind were for the nations which are outside the EU - ie the third world and developing world, which accounted for something like 2/3rds of immigration to Britain since 1997. It was the only thing they could actually control, or pretend to control. Now, it seems from the news today that this 'cap' is being questioned.  The usual ass-clowns are coming out the woodwork to say "we need these vibrant and skilled people". Exactly the same kind of crap we have endured throughout Labour.

When will people realise that the country and the economy need to adjust to the people residing inside of it, not the other way around? We should not be managing our country or the economy on the cycle of dependency from immigration. If that means readjustment, hard times, restructure, and gradual change over 30 to 40 years to adjust - so be it.  We cannot carry on like this.

Also, if we have not got the education or skills - why not? Sort it out!. I thought under Blair etc we had seen the highest amount of Grade A students for decades, that thanks to the aim of getting 50% of people going to Univerisity it has led to a more educated and well trained  Which is it, we are too dumb and unskilled - or we are the most educated and highly skilled generation for years? One of them must be bullshit, surely, we can't have it both ways. What they really mean is, they need vast pools of exploitable manual labour and unskilled workers to depress wages and keep inflation down. They desire an ever arriving pool of underclass.

Besides, if people from the third world, outside the EU (not accounting for other Occidental nations like Canada, America, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia) are better educated, better disciplined, have a better work ethic, have more skills and ingenuity than we do - doesn't that say something truly awful about our country and the liberalism which has rotted this country down for the last 50 years?  Why should those people be better trained, better educated, whatever else, than what is supposed to be a "first world" nation?  It is a disgrace and an insult.

Call me a double-cynic too - but there has been a lot of media noise this week about the raising of the pension age because the populace is getting older, where some statistics decry how we are getting older as a country much more rapidly than first thought etc. Now comes the potential news that we allegedly need these immigrants to 'boost the economy' (despite every serious investigation on the matter saying immigration is null or of negative benefit economically), attend universities, blah blah blah.  Are they anchoring for the old "we need them to pay for our older age" line again, subliminally?

Theresa May, according to some newspapers, has said that the cap will go through anyway - despite the opposition from some ministers.  So it might too. But what will be the nature of the beast?

The Liberal Democrats fought against the policy during the election, but it is now 'Deputy Prime Minister' Nick Clegg who chairs the Cabinet committee pushing it through. Very strange. 

According to the Guardian today "The concerns expressed within the Conservative party, coupled with the Lib Dems' ideological opposition, have raised the prospect that a rigid cap could be replaced by a more flexible system that might end up resembling the existing points-based system introduced by Labour."  - Which is something we already know to be as much use as a chocolate tea pot.

I do still think that immigration will fall, but there are a whole lot of people who do not believe in it falling -  including influential people inside both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties.

At the moment, any substantial fall would be a godsend - but we want more than a fall, we want none at all - and a policy of removals and reversing the damage.

If you are in a tank of water and Labour has tied you to the bottom and turned on the taps at the top so that it is gushing out and you start to have water lapping around your thighs and a sense of fear kicking in that you are about to drown - it is perfectly reasonable to feel a bit more relaxed when the Conservatives come along and reduce it to half the speed, even though you know you will drown in the end anyway.

There is only one party which will drill the much needed hole in the tank and undo the handcuffs - and it certainly isn't Labour, Conservatives, Liberals, Greens or UKIP.  They are all ideologically biased towards leaving those taps running, for whole manner of different reasons. 

The British National Party is the only one which grasps the nettle.  The only good thing about the Conservatives possibly watering down their immigration policies and embracing the whole platform of the "third way" is that when they catastrophically fail - people will start to look for answers elsewhere.  Labour will still be mud in people's minds, and the Tories will not be trusted for long either.


  1. One of the best articles I have read on the subject. Thanks!

  2. How wearily inevitable it all is and as usual the excuse given is the economy. A glance at the unemployment by ethnicity statistics exposes that particular lie.

    How these people live with themselves is beyond me.

  3. Cheers for the replies lads. :)

    @ Cygnus, I think your reply might have gone in the wrong article, but I have added it anyway, thank you.

  4. True BA, only the BNP has the policies required to deal with this problem. I just hope that the party manages to get itself together as it's in a sorry state at the moment owing to the bitter factional infighting.