Saturday, 12 June 2010

Some Pages Added

For your reading (dis)pleasure, I have spent some considerable time uploading articles from my computer to the blog.

The first 'page' is probably the most useful, articles from different parts of the country and national newspaper articles regarding the demographic transformation.

I have put most of my collection (regarding that topic) on there on one long page, so I hope it may be of some use. I do have some more, but I think what I have added is enough for the time being........

I might make a start on some other categories, like Health, Community Cohesion......but they will definitely be work in progress. Some of them are verbatim, some are shortened or clipped for length and/or relevancy.

You will find them underneath the British Activism Video page, on the right hand side.


British Activism

** ADDED **

Full set of "Crime Invasion" series to the video reel page.