Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Scottish Sun & Irn-Bru call on Scots to "breed with Brazilians".


I do not usually do "contemporary" news articles, but this one really got up my nose earlier. Not only are they advocating and promoting the destruction of Scottish genes as a bit of "fun", but they are insulting indigenous Scottish people too.

What have they done it for? Well, I have my own deeper views on the media pumping this crap out for a reason - but to take them at their word for it, it is supposedly to boost Scotland's football chances. 

Harmless fun, some would say. Perhaps, but I certainly do not see it that way.

I find it to be insidious propaganda, part of the general multiracial/race-mixing brainwashing process which filters through the media like poison, whether it be commercials for beds, deodorant, or John Lewis - who also has got in on the subliminal messaging ticket lately with the ending to their new advert ( 

I make no apologies for saying I do not like race mixing. Given the scale it is already at, and given the plight of the country and the wider 'indigenous Europeans' within Europe and the Occident, I find it to be a destructive process and something which I could never support or condone. I believe it is part and parcel of an agenda, an agenda for the world which I find unacceptable.

I have little against any individual, I would not support any state sanctioned rules and regulations to dictate people's lives, and I will treat anybody as I find them - but it is a matter of wider principle for me, and I do not like it, and I do not like it being normalised, encouraged and glamorised, especially when it slaps us in the face like this campaign. 

This following Sun article reads like some gutter "lads mag" porn trash.


"When We Have Kids in Brazil, they'll play for Scotland"

SCOTLAND has sent out an urgent SOS to Brazil - save our soccer. The Scottish Sun is backing Irn-Bru's cheeky Bruzil campaign, which is calling on Scots to BREED with Brazilians.
We want to boost our stagnant soccer DNA with Brazilian genes so we can produce the footballers of the future to help Scotland qualify for World Cups again. 

Here we catch up with some Rio de Janeiro-based Scots who are already blazing a trail in Brazil... 

 "Doing their bit ... Helen and Rafael"

BLONDE babe Helen Trouten's doing her bit for the Bruzil campaign - by getting hitched to samba hunk Rafael Torres later this year. And Helen insists any children they have that are good at football will play for her homeland of Scotland. 

Helen said: "Rafa's agreed that if we have any kids that are good at football then they must play for Scotland." And generous Rafa, 29, is happy to use his loins to help a nation in need.

He laughed: "I'll do anything to make Helen happy and I know she's pretty depressed Scotland aren't good enough to qualify for the World Cup."

"All Brazilians are born being able to play. Our babies find it easier to dribble with a ball than down their bibs."

"I already consider myself half-Scottish so it would be a great pleasure for me to help the land of my wife-to-be's birth. We have been thinking about trying for three kids but maybe we'll try for a full team if Scotland really needs our help." 

Former youth support worker Helen can't wait to tie the knot with Rafa and get started on boosting Scotland's future World Cup hopes. 

"All my family's coming over and Rafa will be wearing a kilt. The meal will be a traditional barbecue and we're going to have a samba band playing and also a piper."

"It's funny because the next day he phoned my dad to ask his permission and because he was so nervous and is just learning English he said, 'I'd like to marry your son'. My dad was wondering, 'Has Helen had a sex change? What's happening there?'" 

Rafa visited Helen's family in Scotland last August and bought his beloved kilt. Helen giggled: "The day he bought it in Edinburgh he was dying to put it on. We were having lunch with my parents and he went into the bathroom to change into it straight away. Then he was walking down the High Street and all the tourists were taking photos of him because he's so tall and obviously not Scottish
 {Och Aye the noo, wee man!}
"My mum was saying, 'He's got a good swing in his stride, that's a good sign'." 

Helen believes more Scottish women should hook up with Brazilians. She said: "Brazilians are like Scottish people. You know if somebody likes you here if they start taking the p*** out of you. They have the same sense of humour as Scots folk. They know how to have a party and how to have a good time."

"They are just as passionate about football as Scotland - the only difference is they are good at it."


For crying out loud. All very tongue in cheek and a pot-shot at the poor football performance in Scotland - but what else could it be? I put my 'not all that amused' hat on, and put my (albeit pithy and slightly paranoid) spin on what they are weaving with this campaign and story.

So, first off "Stagnant" Scottish DNA apparently needs a "boost" from Brazilian genes to be successful. That there could be other factors for not attaining the football acumen, such as training, funding, management, etc goes completely out of the window from the outset - nope, it must be genes and DNA of Scottish men. If I dare suggest the reverse when it comes to other races and some of their detrimental attributes to society, I would be hauled over the coals for it.

Scottish women should therefore "breed"/race mix away this 'stagnant' Scottish genetic heritage right into the history books - so that overpaid numpties can kick a bag of air around a field to please their corporate bosses interests.

Helen is all too happy to "blaze a trail" for this "DNA boost" in Brazil, by finding herself a samba "hunk" {Much better than those nasty "wimpy" Scottish men eh......Brazilians=Hunks=Good - - Scottish men, wimpy, with their "stagnant" DNA = Bad}.

Helen is "doing her bit" for the 'good cause' by marrying the said "hunk" and having his children.

Are you paying attention to the {not so} subliminal messages ladies?

The "generous" Rafa, 29, is all too happy to use his "loins" to come to this Scottish woman's aid. 

Brazilian supremacist Rafa apparently believes the ability to play football is inherent in ALL Brazilians' DNA, claiming that they are ready to play brilliantly from birth.

Failing to miss the sheer stupidity of his comments, he goes on to be even more retarded when he states he now considers himself to be half Scottish. Such is the happy go lucky idiocy in this overall dimwitted article by the Sun, he jokes he would like to have a whole team of football players with Helen to lend a hand to Scotland. I am sure you do, too.

At Helen and "Rafa's" wedding, they are going to have a "traditional barbecue", a "samba band" and "a {bag}piper" (whilst Rafa takes the piss out of Scotland by wearing a kilt). Bless their little cotton socks, temporary multiculturalism in action eh? *Sigh*.

Helen, who seems deficient in finding a partner at home, recounts when Rafa phoned her father in Scotland to ask him for her hand in marriage.  Rafa though, it seems, is only just learning how to speak English  some ten months since his visit to I guess Helen and Rafa have not been doing all that much deep conversation up to now - other than body language, of course.

But when he asks to marry the man's son, that is not the funny part. The funny part is how the father did not initially say to Helen last year "You're doing WHAT?!!!!".  I guess he must be one of these 'new and trendy' Scottish fathers, who really don't give a rats ass that his grandchildren do not look anything like the rest of the family - something which is normally the inbuilt/natural human desire.

Did he really think that Helen has had a sex change? Of course not, it is just one of those made up "funny" anecdotes that fit this kind of trashy article. If he did, we would know where Helen gets her sense from.

What is even funnier, is how Rafa looks a grade 'a' pillock in the tartan. I wonder what clan it is, and I wonder what that clan would have made of seeing a Brazilian in Scotland dressed in their family weave. I will leave out Rafa and Helens stereotypes of Scots being up and down in kilts, which is a bit like asking a Spaniard if they have any straw donkeys with sombrero's for sale. Their racist drivel about stagnant DNA and how every Brazilian is genetically good at football is quite enough stereotyping nonsense for one day.

Helens mother, who appears to be suggesting something quite stereotypical herself, says she sees that Rafa seems to have "a good swing in his stride" in a kilt - What do you mean exactly, Helens' mother? Do you mean what I think you mean, relating it to what would be generating the "new DNA Scotland"?  Are you paying attention to the stereotype ladies?

Helen believes more indigenous Scottish women should whore themselves out to Brazilians...because, well would you believe it, aside from superior DNA, Brazilians have arms and legs and a head, have a sense of humour, and know how to party and have a good time.

Tell me one race and culture which you would not apply those attributes to Helen.....besides the 'stagnant' British of course.

You will soon find more video's from the series here:

Perhaps an over reaction, but believe me it has been one of those weeks this week ,where everything just cheeses you off.


  1. This is simply more propaganda brainwashing from the NWO, this time using the biggest drug of the nation as its main reason.

    Ironically, my fellow idiot Scots simply don't realise that the reason they're sh*te at 'fitba' compared to the Brazilians is because the population of Scotland is under 5 million people compared to a population of 186million in Brazil. Hmm.... do you not think they'd realise that for every say one good footballer in Scotland, Brazil will have 37? More so, because of this the skill factor will be far higher because the not so great footballers in Brazil will automatically raise their game when around a larger number of better footballers. In Scotland, the footballers are in general poor to mediocre. They always have been. I mean, how sad is it that they have to go back to Archie Gemmil in the 70's to find a great goal? Every year the Brazilians produce hundreds of better goals that we can in the 70's. LMAO!

    Does the paper state all of the above? Of course not, it's the Scottish Sun, a paper I'd use for toilet roll, if it weren't the fact I can get softer, cheaper roll in Tesco.
    The Scottish Sun is for people who have a very low mental capacity to think. Critical thinking is something they'll never, ever know about.

    As I've said to you in the past, our society has been completely and utterly changed due to successive years of subversion. Our youngest generations are predominantly 100% globalists. They are also exceptionally materialistic and Scottish girls aren't interested (nor English) in their own people when given a choice with some sexy, Brazilian, tall, dark and handsome male. It's why I've stopped blogging for the simple reason that to quote from Babylon 5 I watched yesterday: "The Avalanche has started and it's too late for the stones to vote!" What a great saying. In a nutshell, you can't stop globalisation. It's destined to happen and I am now seeing massive changes in Scotland as I saw in England, hence why I left. It's only a matter of time and you can't stop it.

  2. Cheers for the reply Winston. The pressure against us all never seems to stop does it?

    It is a shame about your blog, I wondered if you had just needed some time-out, but I do know what you mean regarding how you feel.

    It is like banging our heads against a brick wall dealing with these people who seem to have slipped into a comatose state a long time ago (born into one in fact).

    They show no signs of even twitching an eyelid, never mind waking the hell up and caring about anything that is so fundamentally important.

    I know how it feels to just think 'f&ck it, let's pull the switch' and leave the whole lot to their fate. People are making their bed, and they are going to have to start lying in it.

    They had the chance in the last elections to make a smoke signal, but they did not. Many did, many more than is given credit for, but it seems most people are still dribbling from the corner of their mouths whilst being looked after by the (imported) hospital nurse within the compound of what feels at times like the worlds largest open air mental asylum.

    My town was approximately 32% Asian in 2005, but walking around the local Tesco the other week I must have seen only five other true British northerners.

    The other three whites I saw otherwise were some kind of Eastern European gypsies. One of the few white northeners I did see in the frozen food section was dressed up in full Islamic attire and tagging an half-Asian offspring along.

    In Asda, in the neighbouring town, the last time I was in it was even worse. I refuse to step foot in there any longer - as for a moment that evening it could have been in Bangladesh.

    Not only were all the staff that evening Asian, but 80% of the shoppers were too, and the Gents toilet was playing Asian style music as you take a piss.

    The other 20% of the shoppers were in what I could only describe as a "consumerist trance", they really did not seem to see anything at all odd with this wider scenario around them, whilst they decided whether to get diced carrots or sweetcorn to go with their (probably halal) chicken drumsticks.

    It really was akin to some horror film, like the original 1950's "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

    Creepy. Rather depressing too.

    It is not always so bad, that was just a bad experience where it all stacked up together.

    Other things I have observed this weekend have only served to hammer home my long established worst nightmare of how this country's story will end.

    I wish I could get hold of a full copy of the documentary, but I cannot find it anywhere. It was called "The Last White Kids". That is exactly how I believe towns like mine will end up, or more precisely, the white kids who are left will end up. In that documentary, it was focussed on the only white family living in an Asian enclave - but it is the same situation whether it be around Somalian youth cultures or whatever else, or all combined together.

    It breaks my heart.

    In the meantime, we have this Sun level trash pumped into society like a burst sewage pipe.

  3. Our society has predominantly turned into a nation of football, celebrity, reality TV obsessed, materialistic, selfish bastards, whom I don't give a flying monkey's poo whatsoever about. Their own satisfaction in their jobs they forget because all of them secretly wish to be celebrities. They'll never find peace. I've never been materialistic or selfish and gladly given what little I've had. I could have been successful in music but loathed the fact of having to give up my independence and privacy, as that's what it's all about. Also I had no intention of writing material and doing what my "new masters" would want me to write. Instead I educate myself and still play, but no intentions of worldwide fame, nor have I ever had either.

    To finish off, I used to always mention exactly the same as you regarding the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers film. I used to say that I felt like the hero of the old film that dies at the beginning of the remake with Donald Sutherland, knocked over by a car, after warning all "they're here."
    It's sad to see a race die and the white race is. People refuse to admit it and of course will continue to ignore the harbingers such as you, myself and others. Of course one day they will see reality staring them in the face but it will be short lived, sort of the same length of time as someone seeing a 200ft tsunami about to engulf them.
    I can't do anything to stop it and for that I'm at peace. I can only live my life and continue to educate myself, while chuckling at those who helped destroy the greatest civilization the world's seen, while believing they're actually doing their best to sustain it.

    I'll pass by from time to time and say hello, but like I said, there are far more important things in life to do than bang my head against the wall trying to find the solution to a problem that has none. This is evolution (or devolution as I like to call it) and it can't be stopped. Sometimes it takes serious economic hardship followed by massive blood letting to open people's eyes, but then, even still the people won't open their eyes and their ears, but listen to the siren song of those who herded them into this nightmare in the first place, feeding them their malicious lies, blaming everyone but themselves and making sure the circle continues to revolve. Education is the only defense against tyranny and ignorance is its ally.

  4. I must say that I did think I'd be back blogging full time, but really, having read up on much of late (and I still continue to do so) I've seen many things to change my perception on reality, so much so to simply say "f*ck 'em all, let them stew in their own juice." Sure people will say, "what about all the innocents?" to which I always reply willfull ignorance is personal choice, those who choose not to educate themselves and always be on guard for predators always make the same mistake of becoming prey.

    I said to someone the other evening while having quite a meaty discussion, that I was an "anarcho-libertarian-nationalist." Quite a mouthful. Part of me wants to see complete chaos, because hopefully that will wake up society.
    My break up destroyed me, but then so was London. My period of stay for the last year in Scotland has helped and it's time to move on again. I don't really want to stay in this country or England for that matter and watch as our culture is tilted slowly into the bin.

    Before I left London I was living in Camden. I noticed that the whole area really was becoming very Asian. The overwhelming majority of retail staff in the area were Asian and so were the schools, of course peppered with Afro-Caribbean and even fewer whites, whom I suspected were Eastern Europeans.
    You're fighting a hopeless battle and for me, I won't continue doing something in life that's completely pointless. As I said in my last reply, the subversion is too great to make any change. From what I've read of late I've learned so much on the way things are. It's sort of calmed me, realising that it's completely beyond my power to make a change and for that, I feel like someone's just blown the world from my shoulders and rid me of a great weight.

  5. It’s another of those typical nauseating pieces of prolefeed that are unceasingly churned out day in day out. How do you think the following opening to a story would play with the readers?

    Brazil has sent out an urgent SOS to Scotland – “better our brains.” The Santiago Sun is backing the Brazilian beverages brainy Scotland campaign, which is calling on Brazilians to BREED with Scots.

    We want to boost our stagnant mental DNA with Scottish genes so we can produce the thinkers of the future to help Brazil win Nobel prizes again.

    Helen laughed: "I'll do anything to make Rafa happy and I know he's pretty depressed Brazilians aren't bright enough to qualify for Nobel prizes."

    "All Scots are born being able to think. Our babies find it easier to think with their heads rather than with their balls."

    Dimwitted hunk Rafa didn’t know what to say, but then again, he wouldn’t would he? His inferior Brazilian DNA made sure of that! Thank goodness for Scots DNA and the generosity of women such as Helen who are willing to charitably debase the genetic currency of their offspring for the sake of improving the Brazilian genepool. Well done Helen!

  6. Incidentally Winston, I would like to second British Activism's sentiments with respect to your decision to cease blogging. Still, you gave it a good crack and I fully appreciate your reasons for making this choice. There will still be a few of us struggling on and refusing to drink 'Victory Gin', even if our struggle should ultimately prove to be quixotic. Still, nothing is ever certain; a glimmer of hope remains.

    Sorry to hear about the transformation of your town BA. The pattern sounds depressingly familiar. The documentary you mention was screened on Channel 4 back in 2003 and featured a single mother with her daughter living in part of Bradford (I think it was Manningham). It was a truly heartbreaking programme. I felt so sorry for that girl and occasionally think about what has since happened to her and her family. Did they ever manage to escape?

  7. Durotrigan,

    No need to worry that I'll ever start drinking the 'Victory Gin.' I may have stopped blogging but I'll never cease educating myself on what's going on.
    I've done what I've done for a simple reason, that being that change will only ever happen once people decide to change first within themselves. The badly needed change within our society will only ever come about when that change within people is the ability to start thinking critically, not trusting the rubbish in the media and weaning one's self off of celebrity culture.
    I must say that being out of London, has been strange but London sadly took away my massive trust I once had within people, humanity and life in general. I'm trying to get it back again and think, spending time amongst the people in my home city it'll come back again, albeit that most pretty much haven't a clue what I'm on about 'if' I decide to tell them.

    I may have a change of heart and start blogging again Durotrigan. However in the mean time there is much needed to be done. Although I'm not blogging, it certainly won't mean that I'll disengage in debate should debate arise on the subjects that all of us discuss. There are many youngsters, one whom I met last night, who will need guidance and a 'realistic' view on reality, not the propaganda pumped from the Ministry of Truth BBC.

    It's that time again, every 4 years when the brain-dead within society are all united watching 22 overpaid, prima-donnas, kick a bag of wind from one end of a park to the other. However, thankfully I binned the TV a while back, no longer listen to the radio and certainly don't purchase broadsheets, let alone tabloids anymore. I have a pile of books to get through, have just restarted martial arts again, so who knows, I may be in touch again in the near future to let you know that I've decided to get the old fingers back on the keyboard, to help educate a badly uneducated public.

    Thanks again and good luck with the blogging. I'll pass by from time to time and say hello.

  8. I have to say that i was genuinely saddened to read your posts winston. It sounds like you've had a terrible time of it recently. I agree with much of what you say but i came to a different conclusion. I believe that the majority of the population do have concerns but because of the way the media is controlled they never get to voice them or know where to go to get unbiased information, if there is such a thing. We're in the ridiculous position now that a tiny (albeit very noisy) minority hold the cards, so to speak. I've read hysterical newspaper reports that say people have complained about supposed racism or homophobia, only to find out that less than twenty people out of millions have complained. Yet it made the news! All engineered to keep us in that climate of 'walking on eggshells'. Interesting to hear that, like me, you're also a musician. What kind of music do you play? Anyway, i enjoy reading your responses and hope to read many more. As for irn bru, their pathetic attempt at a new edgy ad campaign and now the article in the scottish sun just means i'll never buy it again. Cygnus.

  9. On a bit of a tangent, the whole football world cup at the moment is quite annoying, especially the BBC coverage. I think the whole reason for it being hosted in Africa was a political/ideology driven choice to do with 'redistribution of wealth' and 'investment' to prop up the sheer failure of the place and the demise in general since exchange of power.

    The radio has been advertising a show where includes clips of Nelson Mendela being released, intermixed with some black woman being interviewed about how she once thought other black people there were mad to want to become doctors and lawyers.....because all she ever wanted to be was 'white'.

    Yesterday, after another 'good news' story about a train link being finished there in time for the events, the TV news included some footage of some 'scandal'where a black youth was shot at the end of the aparthied era, and how 'Nelson Mandela created peace and stability'.

    As far as I am aware, more black people died at the hands of black people and white people after the handover than what was the case throughout white rule in Africa.

    I am not even any sort of advocate of what happened over there, but the point is you do not ever hear the other side of the argument - what you get is lies and mistruths through ommision.

    It just seems like another whole 'bash the whitey' vehicle, and creating guilt amongst our people over things we were not even responsible for!

    Not related to the football, but Trevor Phillips is doing a programme on BBC Radio4 tonight asking why we continue to identify people by colour and race (and I presume how it is all a nonsensical societal construct)...... it is a two part series.

    BBC Radio 4 and Trevor Phillips? It is hardly going to be balanced, I expect.

    Where will the programme be scheduled to put forard the other side of the coin on its own terms? Nowhere.

    This, as you say, is in my opinion part of this whole 'permeation' through the society via the media. It never seems to stop.

  10. Thats a perfect example of what i was trying to say. Cygnus.

  11. Hi Cygnus,

    I agree with you fully that society is being totally dominated by a hellishly powerful minority, but then, look at the bigger picture - the reason I've got to how I'm feeling now is that an even 'smaller' elite minority has been pulling the strings for a very long time. Freemasons, Zionists, Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Skull & Bones, Trilateral C omission, Fabians, Club of Rome, Paris Club, Committee of 300....I could go on, have all been part of the domination over western society. My frustration over all of this is that it's the gentiles who work for them get my goat. It's a case of for me "[spoken to the gentiles]they're f*cking your society and your future liberties and freedoms for your children and yet you continue to take their pay and be in their service?"

    The more I read about the situation Cygnus, the more I the picture unfolds before me and lately I've just laughed. All I can say is that I have the feeling one does when they finish a rubick's cube for the first time.

    The situation we find ourselves in is very much the same position that the Russian, the Italian and the German majorities experienced when Communism, Fascism and Naziism was foisted upon them by the minorities. There is the feeling of total helplessness, as a politically correct, fascist doctrine is being thrust upon all, while a communist state is sculpted in the meantime around all.
    The problem with this 'albeit' minority Cygnus is that they may shout the loudest and they may only be small, but it's the impact upon society that they all have. I am of course speaking of Goebbel's lie theory in that tell the public a big enough lie and they'll soon be believing in it. I have read soooo much of all of it lately that it has greatly enlightened me, but in the process angered me beyond all belief (the massive amount of lies told and being told) that I've had to truly dig deep into myself to stop this overwhelming anger from manifesting into hatred and action, hence why I left London, now in Scotland and back into martial arts.

    I've been saying this for a long time now that when you put individuals from the minority into positions of power they will then start to force their views and beliefs upon the majority. I've seen this so many times in my life.
    The words homophobia and racism now mean literally nothing whatsoever to me. They are merely forms of prejudice and do not deserve any privilege on their own. There is no difference whatsoever to not liking someone who is gay compared to someone who has ginger hair or is fat. More so, prejudice is a natural phenomenon and a liberty. It is no one's choice but themselves to like, employ and associate with whomever they so choose. To punish people for doing so is nothing but the actions of a fascist state and nothing less. I always say; "who's the bigger bigot, the bigot or the bigot that calls him/her a bigot?"

    I'm a singer, of the 70's style soulful rock, jazz, funk, folk and blues, political in my lyrics, something very much amiss in today's popular music.
    Finally, to say "I've had a terrible time of it of late" is not the word, but then again "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" so they say.
    All the best

  12. BA,

    A couple of things:

    "because all she ever wanted to be was 'white'."

    The above really annoys me. It angers me so much when I see this "poor me, playing the victim" crap. Firstly, black people have been the sole people within society who have constantly broadcast their "skin colour." They have made it damn clear to everyone what colour they are and not to let anyone forget that.
    Had Africa put in a good law system to fight the overwhelming corruption within their societies, they could have then set about building educational establishments long before the Europeans ever arrived in the middle ages. Why didn't they? Why did they wait for us to land and do it for them? Again, you won't see these questions being asked by the MSM.
    Yet more propaganda from the MSM.

    "some footage of some 'scandal' where a black youth was shot at the end of the apartheid era, and how 'Nelson Mandela created peace and stability'." - more propaganda.

    It's odd why they didn't show the CH4 documentary of some liberal left journalist who went to S.Africa with his film crew only to find a very different story to what we'd all been told. We saw, as they call them in S.Africa, "coloureds" in their gangs, drinking beer and getting high, joking about how they'd killed people for their car stereo and how they fancied taking the equipment of the camera crew, which led to a hasty retreat. We then saw the journalist go to the shanty towns in Sowetto to speak to a family who told him that things were far better under the white Nationalist government - "We had jobs, we had healthcare, we had law and order and above all protection. Now we have nothing.." I'm parpahrasing, but the journalist was shocked to hear this, of course going against his no doubt Marxist "fight the white oppressor" mantra he was so used to hear.
    And now they have Zuma, the Zulu, who's going to harbour great feelings for the whites, especially after history isn't he?

    Your reply was one of the prime reasons I no longer watch the TV. It's nothing but a propaganda machine and I simply can't trust a word of what's going on. It's a brainwashing device and indoctrination machine and nothing more. It tells us lies and coats them as truth and sadly the overwhelming public is simply unaware of this. I was thinking last night that it's true - those peoples from the 2nd and third worlds are inferior to us. We after all live in the first world and it is for a multitude of reasons, above all compassion for our fellow man, no existent in the 2nd/3rd world. People will automatically say that I've made a racist statement and I'll simply say "if you regard the truth as racism, then it proves the word racism holds no water whatsoever."

  13. Thanks for the response winston, i'm also a singer in a rock band and an acoustic duo. And much thanks to british activism for allowing me to use your page. Cygnus.

  14. Heya, not sure if you are still blogging at all and or active fellow Scot.

    Get in touch with us, were getting on the BNP/European New Right bandwagon, and trying to save our country, and the SNP are the same bunch of Sadomasochists and Misogynists as the Labour/Liberal Dem/Neo Cons, pro-EU, pro-Multi-CULT, pro-Foreign immigration and ethnic cleansing of Scotland.

    Shoot us a msg on Twitter and we'll stay in touch, theirs many of us, more then enough whom are converting SNP/Lib/Lab/Con Bots daily, people are waking get in touch please!, for Scotlands sake.!/CelticAngloPres

    Can get in touch via both accts!.


      Shoot us a msg, keep in touch, new chan up. :)

  15. Hi there.

    Whilst I am still blogging, I am not too sure for how much longer. I am not fully sure how 'active' I am going to be with anything in the future.

    Whilst I am not Scottish myself, I fully support Scotland to remain of the true Scottish people. That is why I was annoyed by this Sun and Irn Bru campaign.

    I am English (Boo! Hisss! lol) but I probably give more of a stuff than most Scots seem to do!

    We are all in it together and fighting the same fight as far as I am concerned, the silly media hyped Scotland vs England rivalry is little more than synthetic 'divide and conquer' of our collective peoples.

    It is good to hear that there are signs of change in Scotland (when it comes to you stating they are waking up a bit to what the future holds).

    For too long, Scotland (and Wales) have been relatively distant from the cause of identitarianism and true Nationalism.

    It is therefore good to know that you are setting something up for your fellow Scots to get behind and disturb them from their (most often 'liberal-left' it seems) vantage points!

    Even better to know (going off your Youtube site) that you are looking at BNP/New Right, and that favourites include Artkos, Altright, Brimelow, Jared Taylor, Sunic, Bowden.

    The fusing ideas between British National Party and this New Right movement is where I have been heading in the last few years, rather than down the Lawful Rebellion/BCG route which many others seem to have taken. (Not that I am dismissing those, but that my heart and interest is not with them as much as our existential threat).

    I am afraid I cannot be of much use to you seeing as I am not Scottish or resident anywhere near there - but I do wish you all the best with your endeavours.

    If I do keep on with the cause, and if there is anything you need such as proof-reading a few articles or leaflets or doing some rudimentary video editing etc, (ie, anything electronic and anonymous based) feel free to get in touch.

    (I do not have a twitter account, sorry).

    I do know another Nationalist (only via the internet though) who does now live in Scotland is of the same opinions as me (to a fair degree) so next time we converse I will send him to this page so he can follow your links and see if he wants to make direct contact.

    I do still have a youtube and facebook account for my activism persona.

    "British Activism" on both FB and Y.Tube, and also BritishActivismTV on Y.Tube.

    Thanks :)

  16. Ps. I have also sent a message via Youtube. Cheers.