Friday, 4 June 2010

General thoughts on demographics and immigration. Part 3

(Part 3)
I think there is a perfectly reasonable objection to processes being unleashed by government policies (oriented to either liberalism, or oriented to labour market needs, rectifying deficiencies in the age structure, or any other reason) which, without saying so, have the inevitable consequence of radically changing the composition of the population, in respect of its ancestral origins and languages, its religion, its assumptions, its attitudes towards family and values of every kind.

It is not that the immigrants' values and attitudes are necessarily “all bad”, but they are often different from those of the majority population and they may be in conflict with the norms and legal expectations that have been built up in societies over centuries. This is already seen to be the case with Sharia courts being in operation.

Projections have already been made by eight or so European countries (for which official statistics are available) and all of them suggest that by mid-century between 20 and 30 percent of the population of those countries will be of immigrant origin, by which they mean persons who were either born abroad of foreign origin, or were born in the country in which they're residing in Europe with one or two foreign parents.

Oddly though, these reports tend to classify further generations as being ‘native’, thus becoming “Dutch” or “German” or “English” in the projection figures. This makes the true projections to be conservative on the truth in terms of the actual ethnic composition of Europe, and certainly provides a margin of error should the forecast be challenged.

Yet this entire issue is not even mentioned or openly recognised by Europe’s main parties. They are now trapped, as well as ideologically opposed to making them issues. This can be very dangerous.

They (along with vast swathes of the native populations) have come to think that a majority population's wish to remain the majority population is a selfish and, in most countries, an ethnically, culturally-based desire which doesn't have anything to do with virtue. This is where the dangerous course of dissonance comes into play – the almost schizophrenic dual currents which permeate social and political life.

It is possible to ignore what is taking place, and perhaps learn to see it as not being an issue – after all, why should anybody care about such things as long as we have health care, some form of law and order, jobs, education programmes etc.......but at the same time, what they ignore is the stuff that doesn’t always make sense to them because they are not based upon practicalities.

People do care about these things, but can often not express their own feelings articulately. In theory, it might not matter whether this whole country became an outpost of Africa – but in reality, people would not really like that to happen even if they cannot be strong enough to say why. They just don’t, and will eventually end up resentful of the fact it is happening.

There are many people who are not educated or informed in what is happening, let alone spend the time analysing their own emotions and thoughts about it. We nationalists tend to forget that other people are clueless, and if not clueless they haven’t the tools of argument on their side – which leads them to personal emotional chaos, guilt, and then shutting it out of thought altogether because they find it difficult and uncomfortable.

Most people have egalitarian and humanist liberal views – and they like to be seen as tolerant, that they are not ‘prejudiced’ and that they enjoy the ‘diversity’ of people from many different cultures (even though they fail to see that this process is destroying that very diversity). Therefore, when having to deal with the reality of being usurped as a nation, I think it causes most people moral conflict.

One of the reasons people are still not comfortable about talking about this issue is that we need to address something emotional that's going on. It's not just statistical; it isn't about numbers, or “schools” and “hospitals” and “housing”. It's about people and it's about the way people feel about each other – and people are held hostage to their emotions being seen as the “correct” ones. They are uncomfortable about expressing discontent, and uncomfortable even asking themselves what they really think and feel about it.

For many people it would be nice if we could think of each other as one big, loving human family, but that's not how we think about ourselves or each other. We belong to groups and that's not going to change. We have an ingrained, natural, inner sense of who is "us", and who is "them". It may be regrettable but factions are part of the way we think, and part of the way we feel.

One of the things that's happening in the occidental world is that we're crossing what I think is a mathematically identifiable tipping point where we have strained our natural tolerance, our natural welcome, our natural enjoyment of the interesting and new. Suddenly, we are experiencing what is akin to invasion instead. It's a sense of being colonised, of being taken over. Suddenly, our homeland is no longer our homeland – as it is being taken from us. We don't have a sense of having ‘interesting visitors’ anymore – as they've moved into our house wholesale and are sat clipping their toenails on the kitchen worktops.

Whilst most people cannot articulate ‘nationalism’ as being a solution because they are ignorant to its real agenda and ideologies, they could still potentially use a general democratic objection to these things that are happening.

People should be allowed to have a say about how this country will end up, no matter if they express it properly or not, because these issues do affect so many people in their daily lives and it does change the concept of our local society and our nations as a whole.

People ought to be consulted on these things, we are supposed to live in a democracy but we are never asked and we cannot raise the issue.

But again, demographics and democracy clash in an unholy alliance on our ability to do so now.

One of the complications of immigration for democratic countries is that it involves a transfer of power. When immigrants and descendants are ‘naturalised’ to the country they land in, they get the vote. Therefore we are handing over political power, not just space, not just a job etc.

In the United States there are whole states where certain parties could never get elected to office if they say anything negative about immigration - because Hispanics (for example) will control the state. “Ethnic minorities” increasingly control the swing vote.

This is becoming apparent in the UK as well, as witnessed in newspaper reports before the election, where the newspapers crowed about how the “Black Vote” and the “Muslim Vote” could be the deciding factors in key seats. I have no reason to believe it is any different in wider Europe either.

The various parties will court their vote, even when it goes against the wishes and interests of the indigenous population. We are thus losing power in our own country via the demographic-democratic combination coupled with the thirst for political power. We should be able to rail against immigration on this factor alone – but we just don’t feel able to do so.

Britain and wider Europe is now in a demographic transition - an important, once-for-all, irreversible change from one pattern of demographic behaviour to a different one. Since the 1960s there's been a radical change in values and attitudes towards a much more individualistic, post-materialist viewpoint, which puts an individual's “self-realisation” on a much higher plane than the older concepts of duties to God, Queen and country, parents and society etc.

This has led to a radical change in behaviour and a whole manner of attitudes – such as a retreat from marriage, a much wider acceptance of homosexuality, of abortion, of immigrants and a further drop in the birth rate as a result. A radical change in behaviour and in norms has occurred, and has thus magnified the problem we are facing. There are elements we need to blame ourselves for – or rather, the way we have been socially engineered to be this way.

Assertive Islamic populations, former colonies and such which have been made to feel aggrieved at us for the ‘sins of our fathers’ are bound to take advantage of our collective weaknesses. I do feel we are being taken advantage of, and to use a blunter term I really do believe many non-whites and Islamic fanatics are completely taking the piss. They would not have dared take the piss before, but now, they feel they have the upper hand. They do have the upper hand.

Our forefathers wouldn’t have tolerated it, and I truly believe they would have kick started a war well before now if they had been presented with the concept of what is happening now. If “liberals” think attitudes are “bad” in modern society, they should imagine what it would have been like a century ago!

Although we Nationalists should all know that Islam is an expansionist faith which seeks the establishment of Islamic dominance worldwide – it is not always easy to persuasively argue (to the general public) that Muslim immigration is partially being driven by a political ambition to take over the host country. What is more absurd to me is that they expect Muslims (or any racial group for that matter) to NOT act in their own interests and for their own beliefs.

Muslims, for example, believe in the Islamic system – obviously – so why would we expect them NOT to work towards making that system prevailent in the society they live in and then wider society later? Do they hate their own system? Do they not gravitate naturally to their own belief systems and structures? Of course they don’t hate what they believe in, and of course they WILL gravitate to upholding it.

Although we have heard many an Islamic preacher openly declare “population jihad” against Europeans, it does not need to be the utterances of Islamic preachers like that who make it happen. The ‘noisy’ preachers state that in the long run they will change the system from within once significant numbers of Muslims live here in Europe.

They are right. It does not need to be ‘ordered’ from imams or extremists; it happens organically though everyday people and society. Muslims are here in great numbers, as are various ethnicities with vested interests. Whether or not there's an organised effort to do so, they WILL change the nature of a country their very presence and their high proportion of the population.

In the meantime, immigrants and their descendants will become angry. They will be frustrated that they are still ‘disadvantaged’ from attaining what they desire, that they are still seen as outsiders, that they are not receiving what is due to them and how society is not yet how they want it to be.

They resent being seen as an “underclass” by both liberals and conservatives. The liberals especially love to give off this impression to ethnic minorities that they're not being given as much as everyone around them and David Cameron has suggested the same as the liberals.

This taps into the whole “You're spoilt, you're lazy, you didn't earn this. Big deal, your ancestors were born here, so you're lucky, but I work harder than you do, I deserve what you have and I don't have it, that's not fair" chip on the shoulder. When liberals puff their ego by saying that all these people are needed to cover “spoilt, lazy, British people” for example, they assert this feeling.

The liberals have helped create an underclass – a visible underclass. We're constantly told that immigrants "do the jobs that natives don't want, but if you look at what they are suggesting a little harder, that means that what they want is to bring in a large group of poorly educated, low-skilled workers to do all the country’s dirty work.

This then tends to increase immigration, because when certain roles become seen as “immigrant jobs” and low paid jobs which would be hard to secure a living off, people will not want to do them. “Empty bins? Clean toilets? Wait tables? That’s an immigrant’s job! No thanks!”

The immigrants themselves are bound to be conscious of the fact that you've brought them in to do such roles, and naturally they will eventually get angry if they cannot escape from being seen at the bottom of the pile which they have been needlessly placed on.

In the past, of course, the only people who did those kinds of jobs were the natives. In low immigration countries the locals still do them, and in some countries even where there are lots of immigrants the locals still do them. It is complete hogwash to perpetuate this mantra that we cannot and do not want the work. It is the system of society that is wrong.

The answer to a shortage of labour is to improve conditions and improve wages, not import millions of people to be taken advantage of and demographically altering the whole fabric of our nation as a result.

If that means that people who sweep streets get paid as much as teachers, then that is a proper recognition of the fact that it is not a very attractive job and needs to be compensated for that purpose. We managed perfectly well without immigration before, and there is no reason why we could not manage again. Hell, we used to own and run around 1/3rd of the globe never mind our own tiny nation.

Everything that has been done to us is wrong-headed, has been unnecessary and has not been voted for. At best it has been an ‘accidental’ chain of events which we have stumbled through from one crisis to another until we have reached the future scenario of our demographic eradication.

At worst, it has been a plan all along, borne upon vested interests and political/social ideologies. Given some of evidence, I believe it is a combination of both. Regardless of how we arrived here, we are here, and we are going to have to do something about it.


  1. BA,

    I didn't know where to post this so I'll do it here.

    I've been watching your "The Lost Voices of Britain" and I found it interesting. There's one important point that I feel I should make. About 38 mins into the film they speak with a pub landlady called Tracy Quinn from Dewsbury in W.Yorkshire. Of course she tells us about the danger people feel in the immigrant community and the safety in the non immigrant one. Understandable of course especially when later on she mentions "they expect to live by their lawlessness in England."
    However, what I found very interesting was that she said [paraphrasing] "I used to go on the Anti Nazi League marches and the rock against racism concerts..." Here we see the situation how it's changed. She looks as though she's in her late 40's early 50's which puts her youth around the late 70's/80's. This of course was the generation of children, after the war, when the subversion of society started to take place. She was a child of the 60's, without a doubt the most damaging time in Britain for British culture and nationality. It was when everything started to change, especially with the influence upon the youth of Marxist Communism. This was also when we gave our ignorant and unwise youth a voice and look at the damage it's caused and still causing today? It is the older voices who are forgotten for those of the young. We live in an ageist society, thus meaning that wisdom dies in order for ignorance to reign. This was of course the plan of the NWO, in order to completely control society - give power to the young.

    It's the same old story. I don't suppose you recall of the story I told you of the lad from Isle of Man, whom had been predominantly anti white culture as a youth, getting involved in all the things Tracy did, only 20 years later to realise how wrong he's been and how angry he felt? Well this is the problem. The natural commencement of British society broke 50 years ago and this came predominantly from the educational establishments which had been subverted along with a very non national, indigenous people loving governments. This was the time when politicians became involved in corporations and realised how beneficial their own circumstances would become if they played puppet instead of puppeteer. This was the time when the big businesses realised that there was more profit to be gained for them by importing cheap immigrant labour, but meaning a disastrous effect on the nation's indigenous then and of course in the future today.

    The word racism has been the shotgun pointed at society to stop them from speaking out. "Not happy with jobs going to immigrants well speak ou.." - out comes the racism shotgun to stop action being taken. "Not happy about the fact that you can see your country becoming colonised leading to a future white minority, well speak ou..." - out comes the racism shotgun.
    You'll also recall earlier in the programme when a Scotsman who called himself a Britisher, ex squaddie from the paras (airborne) and SAS, was down south protesting with those against the sacking of Enoch Powell and how he said the politicians had sold them out?

    We don't see this anymore. Our society simply no longer speaks out, more so because protest is illegal, as you need permission from the police to protest.
    How times have changed.

  2. Thankyou for watching my video!

    I did do a post about it, but as with the blogger format it dropped off the bottom. I then created a 'page' to various videos, which I gather is where you have now found it.

    The video is quite damning (albeit quite selective clips I have chosen to compile) - and you're dead right about the onset of the damaging generation.

    Although not related, I had to laugh today at a radio programme in which a speaker was bemoaning how none of the men get up these days to offer a pregnant lady their seat on the bus or train.

    Whilst it is a sad indictment of modern 'selfish' and insular society, and also of the fear of men to offer a seat to some woman who is simply obese, these people have to realise that society has changed for reasons - and part of that reason was the onset of the rebellious generation of "youth" in the era you cite, which took pleasure in overthrowing every good aspect of our society.

    The amusing part of the interview for me, was when the oldish woman complaining about the loss of manners, and how no modern men in the UK would help her with her suitcases at the airport etc, she admitted that back in the 60's cultural revolution she was entirely on the opposite side and thought such things were stuffy and sexist etc.

    She admitted she was wrong, and said something like "you don't really realise what you will miss until it is gone"......

    You're damned right there missus.

    The chickens are coming home to roost, only these older generations which set about our society with a demolition ball are then ones on their way out of the building and the newer ones will be the ones to suffer their moronic actions they have set into motion.

    I do remember you mentioning that guy who also changed his tune.

    I particularly like Richard North's comments in the video, and share his sentiments lol.

    Regarding the young, you're dead right - they are the easiest to be brainwashed and manipulated. They know nothing of what the game is until it is too late, and cannot remember a time when it was different to now.

    As they say, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" - and these people are laying some pretty hectic crazy-paving for what they often led to believe for the "best". They refuse to feel the heat increasing and the flames licking at their toes though.

    That's enough wild analogies from me for one night ;).

  3. BA,

    You're most welcome. It's an informative video, a mix of different videos that I think I saw on the TV when I watched it. Although I will say it's depressing, truly depressing and one can understand when they watch it why the support for the BNP is so high.

    As you know I'm finding things tough at the moment. I have a daughter whom I haven't seen for 10 years and a son, whom I haven't for a year, both from black women. I will say though that my last partner certainly is very British orientated in her outlook and came from a west Indian family that has now left to go back to Jamaica for seeing the mess the UK's now in. We don't keep in touch - bad break. Maybe it was because of what I was writing, but simply, I couldn't turn my back on my people, my culture and my nation, as she certainly wouldn't her own. And I know that for a fact. I realised, too late that intermixing was a stupid thing to do. I hate myself for doing it if truth be told and if I could go back twenty years I'd never have moved to London and been in the mess in my mind I'm in at the moment. I just always wanted everyone to get along, that was before the mass immigration policy of NuLabour and how I saw that integration was certainly not working, nor will it ever. White birthrate is far lower than black and asian. Do the maths.

    You will recall in one of my last postings I spoke of Britishness and what it meant. I explained my anger at politicians for shipping over immigrants, not caring about the problems it would cause. I felt sorry for the fact that no matter how long they stay in the UK they'll never be British for the simple reason they are not of British stock, ancestry or culture, that is unless they're mixed, but even then they still see themselves as black before white. You won't catch mixed race people calling themselves white before black.

    The British people (and Europeans) are becoming the same as the Aborigines and the Native Americans. This is our fate. The only possibility of ever stopping this would be massive civil unrest and what I believe would send a clear signal - a war against politicians and politics.
    Politicians are controlling our society. They are the ones who are reaping the benefits from immigration. They are the ones benefiting from cushy jobs in the private sector when their political careers are over because of what they did for their future employers while in office. They don't care for the British people. They never have (well not after Powell certainly).
    They control how we live. They control the police and the armed forces. The only way the people of this country will ever get their land back is simply to remove control from the politicians and back to the people. We will not be able to beat them politically. The political establishment, along with the judicial, police, educational and medical are all corrupt. They have become diseased from political interference for too long.

    Remove politics and politicians from the scene and we have a chance of stopping the UK from ending up in race riots and a segregated England within 15 years time. It's something that needs to be considered. We need a revolution, peaceful or bloody, either will do, but as long as the outcome is the complete removal of all political and non British control of our Island. It's really that simple. The sooner people see this the better. I personally don't care what happens to the politicians once their power has gone, hang them, shoot them, drop them out of an aeroplane, drop them in Afghanistan in enemy territory, lock them up for long as they're no longer in the position to destroy the UK the better for all of us. They're truly evil people and I mean all of them.

  4. BA,

    I'd like to say how enjoyable a read your three posts have been on demographics and immigration. I will of course finish off my reply on this post as I have the other two.

    Your articles could have been written by me, not just in length but moreso in understanding of the overall situation and the points you make of an ignorant majority, unable to see their own demise through their inability to put 2 and 2 together.

    "Muslims, for example, believe in the Islamic system – obviously – so why would we expect them NOT to work towards making that system prevailent in the society they live in and then wider society later?"

    If a country becomes full of Pakistanis and those who wish to promote Pakistani culture then your country will inevitably turn into a Pakistan. Remember your video and the talk they had with Muslims in Bradford - "in 20 years this will be Pakistan" I remember one Pakistani youth, a combination of black, rapper, I-don't-give-a-shit-about-you attitude. I also recall him saying "Man, if they don't respect our culture they've got a problem." The fact that people watching this programme didn't see their future was beyond me. As you rightfully say, how can we not expect Muslims to want to live in an Islamic society when they become the majority? To think otherwise means you've got serious ignorance issues going on there.

    "The liberals have helped create an underclass – a visible underclass. We're constantly told that immigrants "do the jobs that natives don't want, but if you look at what they are suggesting a little harder, that means that what they want is to bring in a large group of poorly educated, low-skilled workers to do all the country’s dirty work."

    No need to go into the NWO agenda on immigration as you and I both know about that but going back to your film we are told by a mill owner who pays £20 a week to the Asians "in order to meet the oversea demands for our products we had no choice but to emply cheap labour." This was a very important part in the film. Pakistanis earned £20 a year. Thus by coming to the UK and working one year they earned the equivalent of 52 years back home. Not bad eh? Moreso, in order to meet "oversea demands"? Excuseme? If a company is not able to meet the deadlines, because the order is too big it should not be accepting those contracts and paying the British workers a decent wage!
    I've continually argued this point that immigration has only benefited big business who have cut wages and increased profits.

    We have allowed in many immigrants from countries who used to and still do have issues with us. When they get to the majority then the persecution will begin. Maybe this is what's needed BA, to knock sense into the indigenous to see that like it or not, we're all different and regardless we will always be seen as so. No doubt when Africans are rampaging down the streets brandishing machetes and chopping off "whitey's" heads and arms they'll start realising how ignorant they've all been. This is why I wish for anarchy as regardless, it will clean the mess up that's badly starting to smell and pollute this country.