Friday, 4 June 2010

General thoughts on demographics and immigration. Part 2

What is going to be interesting is how the non-Nationalist parties are going to hide or obfuscate how demographics of the world are going to obliterate everything we cherish, and how they will sideline what the driving factors of policy changes are on issues like immigration, food and fuel prices, climate change, and how they will begin explaining increased political instability, deal with poor social cohesion (at home and in wider Europe), and how they will deal with/explain away our drop in ‘world power’ when pushed around from outside.

Just quickly, immigration – We haven’t seen anything yet. We can be expecting the 2.5billion third world population boom (who will be desperately poor, underemployed and increasingly driven to extreme measures) to arrive on Europe’s doorstep.

They will continue to arrive on ramshackle boats, on lorries, by walking through deserts, even swimming from place to place till they reach Europe, and I foresee in the future vast ‘armies’ of people storming the borders in such numbers that governments of the European countries (especially those which directly border the third world) will not be able to deal with it even if they had any inclination or desire to try and do so – which ideologically speaking they don’t.

All of this is of course ignoring the ever expanding “EU” and “Mediterranean Union”- which may facilitate them just walking right in freely in two stages! Add to it the whole “premise” of “climate change refugees” and the EU setting ‘targets’ of the volumes of these ‘refugees’ we should be accommodating. Some of this quota setting is already happening with ‘refugees’ now.

Food and fuel prices will continue to rise, for various reasons, but mainly through demand. That demand will keep on rising with a rising ‘westernised’ population. Pesticides which are needed for increased crop yields will also bump up the price, as they are often (if not exclusively) based on oil products.

In the case of Britain directly, we are already approximately double the population which we can grow food to feed and we are set for another 5 Birmingham’s worth of people thanks to Labour. Food and fuel imports to cover all of this are going to be required endlessly, and thus we effectively put ourselves at hostage.

When it comes to environmental policies – it will be interesting to see how far the absurdity of this concept goes in the newly formed government. I am not talking about the disturbing man made climate change swindle that is part of the NWO agenda, but ordinary and genuine environmental issues.

The addition of around three billion people to the world, many of whom will come to aspire to a middle-class western lifestyle, will turn our feeble “green” efforts such as recycling yoghurt pots, biking to work one day a week etc into a complete joke. We already need to embark on a house building programme in England that would last 30 years (day and night) to house and accommodate the immigrants who have already arrived and their future offshoots – not including those currently in the queue in detention centres or awaiting asylum clarification. 

They are still coming now, and coming, and coming, day in, day out - relentlessly.

How will any government possibly be able to avoid talking about the third world/developing nation’s population boom? How will they possibly con the public that more taxes and green-authoritarianism are necessary whilst at the same time importing third world populations to come to the west and thus undertake “our” way of life too - which they claim is the problem in the first place?

If people care about general green issues (like I do), they should care about population growth in developing nations and see the increase in pollution it would cause to shift vast quantities of the Third World into affluent parts of the world for “a better life”.

Political instability and reduced social cohesion will bring challenges to non nationalist parties too. High immigration rates from non-white Muslim countries are without any doubt going to transform both the ethnic and religious composition of this continent. It is already happening. We already see the EDL gaining massive street support in Britain as a direct result of this composition change in our nation (although I do not support them) – and I foresee further (justified) hostility in Europe to this same kind of racial and religious phenomena that is taking place, for it really is the start of a much bigger European-wide “Camp of the Saints” situation.

Add to that the factor of the possibility of assertive and aggressive Islamisation in the process, as muscles are flexed and boundaries pushed.......and well, it doesn’t bear thinking about. Maybe that is what the problem is, people would rather not think about it because it is much easier to just accept it.

Various European countries are sat on a time-bomb just the same as we are, and it would be foolish not to expect instability all over Europe at some point in the future. There are already “media blackouts” on what is taking place in France and the Netherlands – making most people in this country oblivious to the plight and state of affairs of our neighbouring nation states. The displacement of our continents inhabitants comes in dribs and drabs and spasmodic ‘events’ – never a whole identifiable event on its own. Thus we walk blindly off the cliff edge, step by step.

When it comes to world power, demographics again take some consideration. We need to remember that Europe initially rose to political and military dominance in tandem with its rising population. This was a highly educated, assertive and inventive indigenous white populace too. With a dropping population, our influence and ingenuity will wane – and thus so will our ability to defend ourselves from any aggression or invasion.

We already strut around the globe (just like Anthony Blair and David Milliband used to do in the Labour Party) as though we are still an empire and a superpower. We are not either of these things any more. We are hanging onto the tailcoats of our forefathers with our fingertips and selling off their assets and our nations’ family silver as we go. Who the hell are we going to be to say anything to anybody in the future world stage?

In terms of warfare, I have read military reports which directly imply that demographics dictate our abilities to fight wars and defend our western civilisation – and it is a component of war which we are losing fast. The age structure of Western Europe also plays a vital role in this too, as those of fighting age will be outnumbered something like 4:1 to our potential foes. Hopefully, such a necessity will not arise for us – and personally, I do not believe the future will manifest itself in such a stark way. I think we will just get quietly washed away in the tide.

Immigration and demographics is always the key to whether we win or lose in the fight for our survival, not just militarily speaking.

However, no non-nationalist political party can even raise the subject now. This aspect of immigration has become impossible to talk about for non-Nationalist parties simply because of the fact that so many citizens of the country are now immigrants, descended from immigrants and are basically "people of a different sort" to the indigenous - be it racially or religiously or both.

How can these parties ever, ever, broach the topic of how we indigenous people may not wish to become ethnic minorities and wiped out from our own nation now? How can they enact any laws or legislation's which would have the effect of reducing the problem, without being hoisted over hot coals by the liberal elites and ethnic minority groups and voters?

How do they intend to stop this process (or stop the ever gradual Islamification which will inevitably take place via disproportionate demographic trends) when they cannot even name these things as perhaps being a problem or concern to people? 

The same state of affairs is seen with all of Europe’s long established parties.

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