Friday, 4 June 2010

General thoughts on demographics and immigration. Part 1


In my previous article, I tried to demonstrate the scale of absurdity which has taken place in Britain since the Second World War, and the conjoined absurdity of its ideological continuation through a total ‘leftwing’ bastardisation of our Island history, bastardisation of who we are, and a bastardisation of where we should be heading in the future.

Demographics, again, holds the ultimate key to where we are heading. Without tackling demographic trends and demographic issues, all other policies and ideas Nationalists have for a better society are pretty much a complete waste of time.

In addition, you can call me stubborn (or selfish) when I state that I have personally come to care little about many aspects of the future (such as peak oil, famine, totalitarian rule under either Islam or the NWO or both) if there are no longer any remnants of my own racial group, own society, own cultures, own country ‘as we know it’ in the future.

I see little reason why Nationalists should break their balls trying to build a better country and take a stand against various forms of tyranny if we are simply going to evaporate and let others inherit it all (then ultimately destroy it again, as usual). 

That I loathe the idea of being taken advantage of in this way is another reason why I feel demographics is an important part of the picture in what I personally believe should be the ideological order of priorities.

After all, it is ridiculous to have a policy of “no more mosques” for example if 30%+ of the country is going to be Muslim. It is obvious to any right thinking person that it is the demographics which have to be curbed first (and somewhat reversed or marginalised) to even remotely think of us being able to uphold such a policy.

In the last article, I demonstrated that: 

  • In 1957 there were approximately 140,000 non-indigenous (‘BME’) people resident in Britain.
  • That in a matter of just 70 years from then – which is approximately one persons average lifespan – we indigenous British people are already being made minorities in three of our major cities.
  • That in 2005, 1 in 3 babies born in England and Wales were non-white British from mothers who themselves were born overseas, where despite some Eastern Europeans being in the figures, second and third generation non-white children of immigrant stock were NOT included in the figures.
  • That on current projections (which are quite accurate as they are quite short to mid-term as far as extrapolation goes) the people of “non-white” immigrant descent will start to become a general majority status across most parts of Britain by around 2050 – even if we shut the door to immigration and welded it tight tomorrow.

All of the above is what we currently have in store as we stand now, internally as a nation.

Personally, I think the time will arrive much sooner than predicted. I suspect that two of our major cities are already of a majority non-white composition and that they have been so for a few years now - only we are simply not being informed about it until it becomes ‘self evident’ to even the dumbest observer.

I think we are not being told of the true scale of affairs because of the fears of massive civil unrest – although judging by the way people are voting it seems officialdom and the various “leftwing” fanatics have little to worry about on that score (“We are a minority? Bloody hell! Ah well, never mind eh. Is East Enders on tonight love? Should we get a few kebabs in later?” *sigh*).

It could be perfectly feasible in the short term, in my opinion, to let this process happen in towns and cities all over the nation and let people continue to believe it is just ‘their’ area that has become so deluged, until it reaches the point where we have no option but to concede we have been lied to on a massive scale about the real figures - and face the fact that we will simply have to fall on our swords.

Call it paranoia if you like, but I really do believe it is already worse than we think it is – and certainly worse than what any “official” statistics say it is. I am sorry to have to say that it is not likely to get any better either. This article will try and explain why.

Although we have already evaluated what the ‘official’ situation already is in Britain (and the implications which that will unquestionably bring), we have now got to account for what extra lay on the cards for the future, especially in absence of a Nationalist government.

To look at what is likely to take place, we obviously need to look at the world as a whole and how it will come to affect us as a nation. We will also need to be prepared for the kind of debates we are going to be finding ourselves presented with in the future and work at the answers to them now rather than later.

They are going to be tough debates to win, we are going to have tough moral issues to deal with and we will see tough ‘empathetic’ driven things thrown onto our laps - things which any humanitarian (which is almost all of us as human beings) will find hard to resist.

I am wary of very long forecasts, especially as demographic projections are not an easy thing to get right, but there are some general ‘inevitable’ trends which are undeniable, and those who do dispute them often tend to argue over the time-span rather than the eventuality of what we propose, the morality of it or the ideological standpoint of it. 

All the factors in the last article and the start of this one are to my knowledge matters of documented fact and official prognosis. Not a lot of projection has taken place, it is but a simple analysis of what has already happened and where we currently find ourselves.

What about the future though? 

In a nutshell, Europe as we know it is dwindling, the “Europeans” native to it are shrinking in numbers to the point where we risk entering a demographic ‘death spiral’ from which it becomes utterly impossible to recover, no matter how much effort is made.

There is sometimes talk about how the population of Europe is increasing (and not declining into a death spiral as a continent) – but what is ignored is the ethnic factor. The increase in Total Fertility Rates in almost all European countries comes from the immigrant populations, predominantly those of the third world origin, and even more so amongst the Islamic variety.

Throw in to the mix how it is impossible for the remnants of our race to survive without a space almost exclusively of their own (which would thus obviously lower the risks of mixed races being our final death knell) and it looks even less likely of a satisfactory outcome - seeing as no ‘White’ nation is now left untarnished from the horrors of multiracial and multicultural dogma.

Europe has been said to be “depopulating itself at a rate unseen since the Black Death of the fourteenth century”. Only this time, we are not facing a disease in medical terms, but a disease of ultra-liberalism that has proved to be more deadly and hard to get rid of.

At the same time as our dwindling since the Second World War, Europe’s surrounding countries have been increasing and are set to multiply eightfold before the end of the century. Particularly high ‘Total Fertility Rate’ areas of the third world include Niger at 7.4, Mali at 7.4, Somalia at 6.7, Afghanistan at 6.6, and Yemen at 6.5.

In addition to this, the age structure of the world’s nations is crucial. The youth population of the West is typically under 20% (such as approx 14% in Germany and approx 18% in Britain for example, including ethnic minorities) while in Saudi Arabia it is approx 39%, Pakistan approx 40% and Yemen approx 47%. The demographic implication that this age structure has for the future is immense.

Throw into the mix the fact that almost all those surrounding countries are Muslim and non-white, and if you are like me and value the presence of a European race, a Western civilisation and the roles of Nation states in securing the future of these things, it is not one but two hells of a problem. 


  1. The demographic situation is truly shocking. I've attempted to discuss this with many people. They either bristle at the 'racism' (though I'm very careful of the language I use when doing this), glaze over and shrug (they just can't seem to contemplate what it actually means) or say worlds to the effect of 'what's the problem' (such is the depth and scope of the brainwashing we've al been subjected to, though not all have succumbed to).

    I can't see the 'Islamic' problem and the NWO agenda as separate issues to be honest. It's clear that mass immigration, including that from Islamic countries, is part of that agenda. Defeat the NWO agenda and the Islamic one will be much easier to deal with.

    At its core mass immigration is 'divide and rule'. A guaranteed distraction while the drive for world government continues unabated. That sets us (nationalists and anyone else who is aware of and against this) a challenge. How do we defeat the NWO whilst avoiding the damaging consequences of an escalated conflict with both Islam and the (largely) left wing dupes who support them.

    The main course of action has to be to find a way of explaining the role of Islam, mass immigration, political correctness, diversity etc in the NWO agenda. If only they (and many nationalists I might add) understood that we both have a common enemy. This has to be done in as non-confrontational a way as possible so as to maximise the effect. That doesn't mean a dilution of the aims is required, only that it is done in an open and honest way.

    Explaining the role of the Frankfurt school and cultural Marxism, the role of the secret society networks that control the Islamic world as much as that of the west and the broader aims of the NWO which will effect all regardless of ethnic origin. We also have to separate ourselves, the mass of native British peoples from the criminal, parasitical elites and their political and corporate puppets and dupes. We weren't responsible for the slave trade, we were little more than slaves (serfs, vassals) ourselves and still are to a large degree. It wasn't us who funded and created the Empire which was originally and largely still is a corporate enterprise. It wasn't the ordinary working class British male who embarked upon countless wars but we were the cannon fodder that died in their millions. In short we have to attempt to undermine the agenda in all its aspects, including the multicultural one, wherever possible.

    The person who said 'what's the problem' to me pointing out that 40% of Birmingham school kids under 7 are of Asian origin and only 39% 'white' British got me thinking. From a libertarian point of view I can't deny him his right to live in a society dominated by Islam but he has no right to force it on me. Perhaps a course of action would be to campaign for the right to live in our own communities free from the machinations of the NWO. This can be easily justified for numerous reasons and the moral high ground claimed. This then forces those who lazily or otherwise strive for multiculturism. Leave them to it and let them face the consequences of their choice.

    Anyway, I've read a few of your articles and I've bookmarked your site for future reference. Keep up the good work.

    PS I see you're a BNP supporter. I'm in the process of writing an article on why I think the BNP is controlled opposition (amongst other things Griffin's links to Freemasonry) and actually plays an essential role in the whole 'mass immigration to destroy Britain' game. I respect any ordinary BNP voter or member but I feel strongly that other avenues must be explored that have no links to the BNP whatsoever. I'll send you a link to the article when it's (finally) finished.

  2. Thankyou very much for your thoughtful reply, and thanks for reading my blog. I often wonder if anyone bothers to read through some stuff, as I know I tend to waffle on relentlessly.

    Regarding your reply, I think you are absolutely right for the most part.

    As I have discussed with Winston (and others around various forums/blogospheres in the past), I similarly believe we face a multi-faceted attack.

    Some of the things do overlap at times and as such prove tricky to deal with, but they are essentially (primarily)the two you mention.

    I suppose I have eventually taken the decision to try and work somewhere down the middle.

    This is mostly because I need to use things which I feel I can 'work with' and present to people easily. I suppose my aim is to gently coax people into understanding the world from a different perspective, and put it in quite simple terms without delving too much into the engine room. They can go off and find the engine room elsewhere if they desire to know more.

    I know from experience though that the deeper engine room style outlets can often frighten people off - and this goes for the engine room of both issue 1 and 2.

    Go off the deep end with the first one, and people will not even read what you have to say with an open mind. It is hard enough even with the basics.

    Go off the deep end with the other issue (such as spitting back and forth lines from the Hadith and banging on about 'terrorist threats' etc)is similarly a ride into nowhere, and besides, I don't really fret much about any of that media hyped 'extremist' stuff. I used to fret about it several years ago, when I first 'woke up' - but not any longer as I think I have grasped a more wider appreciation of what is truly "in the mix".

    I also avoid throwing myself too deeply into the engine room these days, because if I sink into either side too deeply in isolation, I fear for my sanity and my effectiveness to relay a message to ordinary people.

    I believe I have picked up the concept, the ideologies and the vested interests at play, and that is enough for me - as it is the concept which "does it" for me, more than digging up names or dates and places.

    I also took this middle-approach because I think we are now at the stage where both the causes and the symptoms need to be dealt with simultaneously.

    The effects of mass migration both racially and religiously mean that the generated issues are growing their own wheels now in this country (and Europe) - irrespective of the initial vehicle and concepts that brought them about.

    This is why I do not believe we can drop one issue to concentrate solely on the other. I think we now have to deal with both of the issues, those which are right in front of our faces as well as those which lay in the background.

    Living where I do, I see the permeating nature of how society evolves over time; and how it gradually changes to adapt for the worse - often without any further influence lending a hand. I believe what is directly in from of us does need to be dealt with and stood up to.

    However, at the same time, I also realise that there are things which have been put at play (and are still being put in place) for a reason - and that much deeper nettles have to be grasped if we are to end this whole NWO driven nightmare; preferably before it is too late, if that point has not already been crossed.

  3. I must admit haven't yet opted for thinking about any kind of "PLE" (Pioneer Little Europe) solution, although I am not ruling out the eventual need.

    Like yourself, I have realised that "politics" alone is not enough. I have spent numerous years arguing with people who did not support a political approach - but at the same time, I do absolutely appreciate that politics is not going to solve many ills of our real world society (as things stand right here and right now) and nor will it entirely cut off the strings which push and pull us like puppets. I often think that the overthrowing of the latter needs mass-people power to render it useless.

    I once outlined (quite in depth) an alternative batch of things which the non-politically routed people should be doing to try and achieve some of this, and try and achieve a better 'white' society we could be proud of instead of them sat on the internet griping about politics and those pursuing political routes.

    The people I came across in the past who used to spend so much time moaning and bitching about the country seemed to spend their life just bashing political routes and those who were inside of it - but did nothing whatsoever to come up any alternatives which were feasible, never mind put anything into real world operation which ordinary people could support!

    I threw down the gauntlet for them to come up with what they would do as a real workable alternative, and it was a big fat failure on their part. Some had a go, but overall it was pretty pathetic and totally delusional.

    It was soon after this, that I realised I was wasting my time in that particular forum.

    Without being in actual power, voting for the BNP (or any political party) will not sort out those African drug dealers making residents lives a misery down the end of the street this weekend, nor will it solve the amounts of rape we will see in London and elsewhere this month.

    Voting BNP will not magically create a better white society or country overnight. Voting BNP will not achieve many things like this - as it has to come from people themselves, from inside of them, from society.

    The political policies are a guide and framework of what we believe to be best and what we believe to help structure and bind the society that we want to see - but it is long term, and it would take decades to reverse the rot that has taken place.

    We have to create and shape a "resistance movement" which shows there is a better way and upholds a better way which people can support and get behind.

    This is why although I am a BNP supporter, I see the British National Party as an instrument (or vehicle) rather than a total means in itself.

  4. This is perhaps why I called my site the Independent British Nationalist, because like on another British Nationalist forum I used to co-run, we did not fit into any particular box, and I don't think I quite fit into a box either.

    I am not one of the new-generation "patriotic flag wavers" who are wet behind the ears and squeamish over racial matters, I am not a Neo-Con or Islamo-obsessive to the point of excluding everything else, I am not a "neo-Nazi" or "White Supremacist" etc, and nor do I feel the need to be a total sycophant to any party or individual within a party - which is often the list of situations elsewhere.

    If there is criticism due with a party structure, then it should be given - as long as it is constructive and not just 'bashing' for the sake of it (or for a 'leadership challenge' style campaign).

    I only seek to keep ships from capsizing - to provide stability and a forward progression. This is why I refuse to get drawn into the "spats" and factions. I have always avoided them so far, and will always try to avoid being snared into them in the future. They are damaging. We haven't the luxury of time to fanny about. People need to work together and find other ways to move ahead, not set up rivalries and dig each other into trenches in internal wars.

    Overall, I see that the role of "politics" and a political manifestation as a vehicle with which to garner support in the country, educate people to what is happening, to spread information, to gauge support levels, to create a resistance movement and something to focus on in 'real terms'.

    Do I believe the BNP (or any Nationalist party) could rule the country via the ballot box? No. I think it is far too late now, even if we had a chance to start with.

    Are we ever likely to get 330+ MPs to take control of the house of commons? I don't think so for a moment - even if the integrity of parliament was regained from Europe and there was a point to the place. I do believe we could have some effect though, I must admit. We have already shaped a few policies and debates without a single seat gained. But it is not enough.

    Some people, especially new supporters before the elections, really were dreaming that we would "storm" parliament and that by the next general election we would win outright.

    They were/are totally delusional in my view.

    When I mentioned their delusion in various places, I was just condemned as a nay-sayer. When I stood up for racial issues I was even told (by some newbies) to bugger off and join the 'nutzi's' in the National Front, and on issues of liberty (libertarianism for my country) I was always at odds with the latest wave of 'civic nationalist' inclined supporters who saw no irony in usurping the very freedoms we are supposed to be defending as a civilisation.

    In terms of liberty, freedom and pursuing other ideas, I have always been interested in the TPUC style stuff. I like the videos about regaining ourselves as a nation of people, about laws and statutes and their operation as such, about Common Purpose, about the "Case For Treason".

    Some of it isn't really my bag and although it can be interesting, some of it dips a tad too much into "conspiracy theory" land for me, but I take some of it in from a Nationalist perspective and try and put it into my own framework.

    So, that's a rather poorly defined description of where I am at at this very moment!

    I look forward to finding out where you are heading with things.

  5. I have to say I'm fully immersed in 'conspiracy theory' land. I've spent a lot of time reading many articles in order to come to my present conclusions. I suspect the 'rabbit hole' is much deeper than any of us care to consider. That said I keep an open mind and I'm always careful not to 'frighten the sheep' when discussing these issues. In short, it seems to me, that all roads do indeed lead to Rome.

    I too take a keen interest in the TPUC who in turn work with the British Constitution Group. I'm a member of it and their aim is to find a million people to 'lawfully rebel' (as is our right under Magna Carta) by creating their own communities, with their own banking system. Their approach isn't to advocate the removal of any democratically elected party but to say to others 'if you voted for them, you can have them'. You can find more out about this by watching this video of Roger Hayes at a recent meeting in Newcastle. I'd like to see nationalist communities become part of this, though I'm keenly aware that there are some nationalists who may only bring disrepute to the exercise.

    The above is still in its early stages but it is growing and may prove to be an opportunity worth investigating. The one sticking point is the role of the Monarch. Most, if not all, agree that Queenie is completely involved in all that is happening and as such will need to be removed. This may sound drastic but it is, I'm afraid, inevitable. Of course many nationalists still tend to view the Queen as a kindly old dear with our best interests at heart so you can imagine the problems that may ensue. The sticking point is whether a new Monarch is found. There are many who have no appetite for more of the same, me included. I've read quite a few articles on the American republican model of government (which has of course been usurped) and it seems a much better option than either a monarchy or a democracy (two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for breakfast).

    On the broader 'nationalist' issue I too fail to see how the BNP can ever hope to win power. It seems to me it's also heavily restricted in its ability to influence and educate. Rightly or wrongly it's become polarised and far too tainted for many to take any notice. There's an an interesting quote that I'm going to use in my BNP article that gives you some idea of what's going on there.

    "...a document released by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, on September 23, 1956 entitled, Propaganda and the Alert Citizen outlined the tactics reportedly used by the Establishment to discredit opposition.

    Quoting from this document, Perloff wrote, "The tactic used had a prototype in a directive issued by the Communist Party... It read: When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable build-ups, as Fascist or Nazi or anti-Semitic, and use the prestige of anti-Fascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them. ... In the public mind constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell."

    It's my contention that decisions taken by the BNP leadership have only further enabled these labels to be attached to the BNP. What is required is a broad based organisation that deals with many of the issues that the BNP discuss but without those labels being so easily attached. In addition the organisation would have to operate from the perspective of an elite drive for world government so as to nullify the inevitable attack from the left.

    Anyway, let's hope that if we all keep pushing in our own way that the agenda will fail. Once it does I suspect the role of the nationalist will become slightly easier.

  6. BA,

    Good article.

    "In addition, you can call me stubborn (or selfish) when I state that I have personally come to care little about many aspects of the future (such as peak oil, famine, totalitarian rule under either Islam or the NWO or both) if there are no longer any remnants of my own racial group, own society, own cultures, own country ‘as we know it’ in the future."

    I hate to say it but the problem is thus:

    1. NWO
    2. Islamisation
    3. Immigration

    We can only sort out the national identity of the UK (and Europe/western civilization) once we deal with the above. As you correctly state, it wouldn't matter if we shut the doors tomorrow, we are destined to become a minority within 40 years anyway or so down to simple demographics mixed in with emigration of whites to Oz, Canada & the USA.
    We firstly have to break the control the NWO has. It is the NWO that established the destruction of our land from the beginning and more importantly, via the EU, created the mass immigration into our land from the 50's onwards, rapidly since '97 under Blair's Labour.
    Once we've removed the threat of the NWO, then can we have total control over our borders and impose cultural rules upon all Muslims. These would of course be draconian for our own safety meaning:

    1. The removal of a large majority of Muslim from the UK back to their own lands.

    2. The immediate removal of all Halal meat shops and Islamic practice within the UK.

    3. The destruction of at least 95% of all Mosques, Madrassahs and faith schools with the education of all Muslim children into British culture and societal beliefs. This would mean that they would in essence follow a more Christian lifestyle and be the milder Muslims integrating into British society we knew of in the 70's.

    Immigration really goes part on parcel with the removal of Muslims. The simple message would be thus: "This is Britain, this is a white country and your continued growth, as non whites is detrimental to the indigenous white population's future." Thus the majority of non whites would be repatriated back to their ancestral lands there to follow their ancestral cultures as imposing our cultures upon them is not right, as are they to impose theirs on us.

    The job ahead is massive BA. People simply cannot even begin to fathom this. As I've said before you are fighting not only against the white population becoming a hellishly small minority and therefore under the mercy of the non white majority, but you are also fighting against an indigenous population completely brainwashed into hating their own culture and ancestry.

  7. From watching all of your film, notice the marches against the government? Notice the predominant white crowds holding banners depicting Stalin? Notice the indoctrination and when it was at its height?
    This is the biggest problem we face. Our society has managed to devolve into the dodo.
    You mentioned Liberalism and I've given you links in the past to read what John "The Birdman" Bryant has said on the subject. He, like me (and yourself and many others) see liberalism as the main culprit for the destruction of the west. He says simply that unless we destroy Liberalism we will be desroyed by Liberalism. I wholeheartedly agree with him. It's a weak, oppressive, anti fascist fascist, anti racist racist ideology that is spreading through our society like a cancer. It is of course the main tool of promotion of the NWO also. They just loooooove Liberalism.

    The situation is far worse that people think. The population of London is overwhelmingly non-white-British. I left because I'd had enough. It's a sh*thole. Really I mean it! Go anywhere in London and you'll see the same heavily populated streets of predominantly non whites, speaking every language imaginable bar English. And when you do see a white person, guaranteed they're either Eastern European, or from Essex on a night out on the town. Birmingham, London, Leicester are all majority non white cities. The papers of course won't print this because they know the panic it would cause as well as give the BNP even more support.

    People are scared to fight, those who do that is. They know if they make a peep they'll be on some trumped up charge of racism, inciting religious racial hatred or whatnot, possibly arrested, imprisoned and lose their job and mortgage and in cases such as this - the men, their families, as the wives go and look for the next parasite to feed off, seeing as their old partner now can no longer support them.
    The solution to the problems in the UK will not come peacefully. They will not come democratically or politically. People have to realise this. The NWO will not give up now when they are so close to their planned goal of a one world government and banking system. They are not prepared to just let Britain go. Britain is the main country for their control because it's the hardest nut to crack. Destroy the land that had the greatest Empire and the strongest of peoples and all others will fall around easily.
    Again, for reasons understood by yourself, I can't even go into plans on here on how I (for example) would take back the UK from the NWO. Fistly for legal reasons and secondly because what the enemy doesn't know is not only better for us, but bad for them.

    We really only have two choices and both those involve what war we will fight. Will we continue to be indoctrinated by the NWO and go off into WW3 against Islam? Or will we go against the NWO, find them and remove them all, thus creating another war, but the war for honesty, justice, integrity, liberty and our own survival? Let's face it, we're not going to get out of this diplomatically. It's not going to happen. It's going to take good men and women to lay down their lives just like our forefathers throughout time have done - the British against the Germans, the Scots, welsh and Irish against the English, the English against the French and Spanish, the Britons against the Vikings and the Romans...we can go on.

    One thing's for sure that when this is over, there needs to be a universal removal of all royalty and destruction of global corporations, not forgetting all secret societies. All hidden documentation would be revealed and there would be a massive trial in all lands for those who have plotted to destroy us. Their executions would be their punishments and there would be many. And lastly we would create a constitution for the people, by the people that would be the code of our law and rights as free men and women of this island that can never be changed.