Friday, 14 May 2010

Is there something in the water lately?

As ever, I seem to have found myself stuck in the middle of two positions when it comes to "party politics" - which is something much more like "office politics" lately.

It should be no surprise that I find myself there I suppose, as I generally tend to sail right down the middle when it comes to Nationalism. Internal fights and spats have always bored me to tears and heaven knows how sick and tired I am of so many armchair' nationalists' who seem to live and breathe antagonisms more than they actually do anything to help this country. Some people's whole lives seem to revolve around making mischief, creating discontent and self defeating negativity.

It has recently been brought to my attention (truly or falsely) that a particular message which I was supporting this week may in fact not wholly be what I originally thought it to be. Therefore, I have decided to remove it from the site just in case.

Although I actually agreed to pretty much all it stated, I did not appreciate that it was possibly being used for alternative 'wider' purposes. It is for that reason alone (be it founded or unfounded) that I have removed it - as like I say, I saw little wrong with the suggestions that it put forward. The difference in my support comes, I suppose, when it is part of a suspected campaign building up - something which we really are better off avoiding right now.  

I am not going to speculate or otherwise deliberate on who said what to whom and who might be doing what - it does not really interest me, and I will certainly not be taking blind allegiance to any 'side' either. 

I am what it says on the tin at the top of the page - an Independent British Nationalist - and I will call my shots as I see fit, based on what I believe is best for our collective future. If people need to be criticised, including leaderships and others where appropriate, then I will do so where it is valid and constructive criticism to do so. If people are spreading nonsense about, or otherwise making it all "personal" and egotistical rather than for the good of the country, I will also give them a serve.

I am happy to admit that some of the suggestions which I saw in the correspondence the other night (and hence included on my blog) certainly did contain many valid suggestions -suggestions which I also thought needed to be done to ensure that some of those seemingly endless issues (that have dogged the British National Party underbelly for quite some time) are dealt with once and for all, and I still support tackling some of those issues

The stated needs for greater financial transparency, better accounting (especially to avoid fines we cannot afford to keep paying) and points about ensuring people can pursue their chosen roles without hitting up against obstacles and possible internal power struggles were all common sense.

It remains my belief that there are some relatively simple problems which need to be nailed once and for all, and we should not cower away from or delude ourselves that everything is otherwise rosy and that every voice of discontent out there is wholly invalid or being made by some kind of state plant. Let us get a grip, for goodness sake.

Of course, actions of deliberate sabotage (in many forms) and malicious gossip which solely aims to rock the boat, sow discord, and put the British National Party into turmoil (because despite all the churn lately and the desires of the opposition, I do not believe for a moment things are in such "turmoil") are not welcome, and hopefully it should be easy to spot the constructive and cohesive criticism from the nonsense which aims to do the party damage and only serves to feed the rumour mills.

We have taken a bit of a fall lately, what with Collet's somewhat bizarre actions having to be reported to the police and Simon Bennet walking out days before the election, combined with the later loss of seats  after the election (despite our overall gain in votes). People are tired from the election rush, a bit crushed that expectations did not materialise, tensions have been high within the scene, and various things have happened as a result of all this.

However, it is vital that we do not allow ourselves to be part of squabbles, or spread around even more garbage and speculations - otherwise things will mushroom beyond all realms of sensibility. I cannot believe seasoned Nationalists are falling for the same kind of self destruct buttons. I remember the previous few splits and wrankles, and all the failed crazy parties which they set up, and I also remember the techniques used to 'ramp up' minor issues into the fever pitch of having to take "sides" and thus escalate factions.

Do not fall for it. Keep open minded, keep balanced, and only accept constructive criticisms which are built on the framework of maintaining stability.

Security and stability are the key things to achieve, and then these somewhat trivial matters {which are tiny matters in the grande scheme of things} can be dealt with later. If certain things were true (and I do not know either way), I believe pressure will have already been put on certain individuals to change, that some matters will become increasingly untenable and that the issues caused as a result of certain actions will have been acknowledged - and I think that people should be patient enough to see any internal problems ironed out.

Whilst I would never blindly support anybody 100%, I am supportive of the British National Party and I trust any such matters will be sorted out if space is given to do so. We have had a lot happen in a very short space of time, and it has magnified an otherwise small situation. If people cannot control themselves (and cease the endless pushing of divisive issues on all sides) people will start getting giddy and then the absurdities and abnormal behaviour is never too far away. It is sadly human nature.

We have been through much worse before, and if we can survive everything that's been thrown at us  before now (in the last 5 years especially), I am sure that with all your help to keep things calm we will roll through whatever is happening now too. I have faith in the British National Party, and I have faith in the ability to sort any issues out amicably and rationally.

Those who do not play sensibly or rationally should be avoided, for they are forgetting that Nationalism (and the last throw of the dice) lays with what we have. Ego's and personal squabbles have no place in the fight for our survival as a country. There are ways and means to achieve things, being egotistical and divisive not being some of them. Sitting around on the internet like some old women's knittng circle gossiping and speculating are not methods either. It is the duty of us all to cease the engagement in perpetuating squabbles, to cease making wild accusations, to cease being part of digging up dirt for the opposition, and generally stop getting peoples backs up.

Armchair critics who just like the entertainment and the popcorn factor are ten-a-penny. If some of these idiots are not careful, their actions could make all us genuine Nationalists have to redouble and triple our efforts and they could be the ones responsible for securing our fate as a people, as a nation. If they had any sense, or genuine Nationalist sentiment, they would look beyond the immediate furore, realise they are largely insignificant, and start to work things out properly and perhaps more importantly, privately, like adults.

We need to stop "talking up" and wallowing in these rumour mills and start to work towards what strategies we need to take next as an overall movement against the new government formation, the political landscape, and decide how we are to handle what they will all  throw at us.

We need to learn to move on, come up with new ideas, figure out how to promote our cause. A good article commenting on this can be found here: How can the BNP improve its electoral prospects?


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  1. Totally agree. I am 100% certain that much of the discontent is genuine, whilst much of it is being fomented and hyped by our enemies.

  2. Which article did you remove and can you say exactly why you did? Cygnus.

  3. Hi there Cygnus.

    The piece I removed (the one mentioned in this article) was a copy of an (apparent) email from somebody pretty well known within the British National Party hierarchy.

    It was going around a few forums last week or so (with their knowledge/consent)and was supportive of the British National Party in tone, whilst aso laying out a few valid points which need to be addressed within the party.

    These included such things as a greater need for financial transparency (and to set up some more stringent accountacy so that we are not facing these fines all the time, which ordinary supporters who donate their "spare" cash should not have to keep shelling out for), along with a restructure of organisational flow which would allow roles within the party to develop without people facing obstacles that are basically seen to be treading on others' toes/territory, etc.

    It was all common sense stuff, and I supported almost every aspect of the mesaures that were described in the email, and hence put it up on my site.

    However - my direct support and allegience for it had to be severed when I was informed that it *may* have been part of a campaign for something which I believe would destabilise the British Natonal Party at this delicate time after the elections.

    Stability is important to me at this time, and I would not like to risk being part of anything which would cause instability, or possibly be part of some internal campaign being waged. The allegation may well be completely unfounded, but I like to try and keep my nose clean all the same.

    Other than that aspect, I was supportive of the measures that were being put forward, and would still like to see some of them taken up by the party internals - but in a way which is gradual, calm and sensible to ensure we continue to move forward.

    I hope this helps.


  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I know the email you're referring to and like you i agreed with most of the contents. But it cant just be me thats sick to the hind teeth of all the rumours, back-biting and in-fighting thats going on at the moment? Surely the cause is more important than the ego's of certain individuals? This does us no good whatsoever and the behaviour of certain people recently has given our opponents more ammunition to use against us than they could generate themselves in 6 months. Cygnus.