Friday, 7 May 2010

Election Musings

I think we have had a bit of a drubbing today (from what I have seen, councillor wise) even though there have actually been quite a few positive things to spin. I think it was the high expectations towards the end which made us forget ourselves for a moment and just led us to wish for the best to come true.

I was quite pessimistic well before the elections and warned often enough in the last 6 months that people were getting far too carried away (delusional, in my view) and that we would be lucky to keep the seats we have and the kind of support we got at the EU elections - especially seeing as it is a different election method.

I think people focussing on ballot papers which were not there, or people being locked out of polling stations etc is for the most part just misguided sour grapes, because it still would not have delivered us any significant breakthrough in my opinion. Let us, for once, try and keep it real for a change because we need to pick up the pieces. Fooling ourselves and having Nationalist blogs and message boards blustering with scathing rhetoric is not going to change anything and nor will it solve the problems we have had.

Some of those problems are out of our control - the media bias, the newspaper media slurs, the multi-million pound funded ethnic voting schemes, the Unions, the Searchlight affiliates and Union members who go outside of their remit and meddle in the election process, the vote frauds, the postal voting, the commonwealth voting, etc...........but there are things which ARE our fault and ARE the fault of some internal British National Party structure and people. These undeniably need to be dealt with, once and for all.

We cannot control the swathe of state sponsored aggression against the party, but we can - and we should - be honest enough to acknowledge that certain ideas, certain projects, certain publicity stunts, certain "styles" of language and fund raising do need to be looked at, and certain things which cause sour grapes within our own ranks to be tackled. Nothing needs to be watered down, nothing needs to be given up, no battles need occur - but a few different ways of putting things over might be in order for a start.

We have a cracking ideology, we have a cracking manifesto, we (had) have a cracking website. We are seeing a lot of people step up to the plate and stand as councillors - whereas 10 years ago it was almost unheard of. Despite some quite damaging losses (and poor results from where we had higher expectations) we are slowly getting the messages out there regarding our ideology and why we are here. There are undeniably positive things to work on.

In a society that's largely hedonistic and individualistic, in a society where people do not really understand what we have to say, in a society where we are demographically being swamped out of the ability to vote in vast swathes of the country - it is always going to be an uphill battle using the electoral system.

I think expectations have been artificially set too high for us - both by the media (as they usually do, so they can rub it in after the elections) and by our own members and nationalist websites. I realise we have to be more positive than I am, and I realise we have to be more encouraging and forward thinking and seeing the bright side to create a forward momentum, but for a while now I have thought people are deluding themselves - and so has a certain other Nationalist I know; who was often being mocked and berated for being "negative" more often than not. There is being negative and there is being realistic. I think there is valid difference.

Although nobodies ever really interested in what I have to suggest, I do believe that if I sat down and thought it out I could offer some quite simple critiques and observational things that would be relatively easy to change and would ruffle no feathers - providing the will was there for them to be done. I already have some general comments and critiques to make, but, who am I to say anything? Nobody.

On the positive side, I have just read that in 2005 we had 192,000 votes, and this year we have lifted the number to more than 500,000 nationally in those 5 short years, or about 2 per cent of the vote. We should not all believe the hype of the "far-left", and remember that whilst being against all the odds (and the "left" mobilising like never before to scupper our chances of a breakthrough) we are sending out a few roots right across the landscape from which tall oaks can grow. A change in the electoral system could be interesting too - should that ever be allowed to happen without some absurd caveats to make sure we cannot make gains.

There are good things to take away from this election, and whilst it may be hard at the moment (because of not achieving what many expected) we can and we do need to carry on. Momentum is still building. Look at the whole Clegg thing, they did nowhere near what they were expecting and also lost many seats. Labour have been hit hard. All small parties have been squeezed with the 'manufactured' three way split. The future is not certain, and we can have a stake in that.

Now is NOT the time to give up - now is the time to keep pushing forward, and that's coming from me of all people!

We do have some positive things to take away with us, and we should remember to point out the whole picture of the political landscape and what has been happening to other parties.

Of course, although I am by nature a bit less "enthused" with things in general than other Nationalists - "defeat" is not really in my dictionary, as I happen to own the British Nationalist Edition of a dictionary; and I cannot find that word anywhere inside it.

Our mission rolls on, we know damned well we are right and have valid points to make. We know damned well we have a fine manifesto we believe in. We know damned well we are "righteous" in the face of evil, and we know damned well that WE are the LAST major generation in this country to turn it all around - and that "defeat" in terms of our battle for this country is simply not an option to even consider.

The more there is trouble, the more we must feel we need to muster up strength and re-double our efforts. The country's fate lies with us - it is not something we can shrug off and pass down to the next generation to deal with just because we haven't had the best run of it and haven't had it "all our own way" lately.

For that reason alone, anybody who feels like distancing themselves, feeling defeated, that "its too late" and pointless - {and heaven knows it can get that way when you live somewhere like I do} - they need to snap out of it and stop being so soft.

We have a country to win back, a civilisation to save, our descendants to save from a horrific fate, and an ethnicity to secure the future of on planet Earth. We have communities to build, we have skills to be founded and built upon. We have the will, the desire, and the dedication to try and salvage this country - which is a sentiment built on something that none of the other parties can ever offer.

We have much to be proud of, and my thanks go out to all candidates who stood in this election and stood up for Britain and the British people. I give thanks to the teams that have supported the candidates like Simon Darby, who has certainly put in a superb effort and dealt with the rather nasty media quite brilliantly too. Well done to all those who put their necks on the line.


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