Sunday, 23 May 2010

Demographic Transformation

 If only stopping the demographic tidal wave was so easy.......

I don't know why, but I have had something niggling at me lately about a project which I intended to start at least 6 or 7 years ago. With one thing and another it never did get done, as you may guess. Another project I wished to start was a book about British Nationalism, the state of affairs we find ourselves in as a country and why I became a Nationalist. That too, has never materialised, although I did write a good chapter or so at the start.

However, as a couple of years rolled by, it seemed that the things I foresaw for the future, things which were quite revolutionary to speak about at the time etc had already materialised and become a more 'general consensus' by the time I would have completed the book anyway. Ironically, in the meantime, on various sites and comment sections I have undoubtedly written enough material to comprise several paperbacks!.

Perhaps if I did not work for a living, I would have had more luck with the two specific projects much earlier........but on the other hand, I think it has been going to work (and actually liking my job) which has kept me sane and off medication! God forbid if I ever lost it, cos I would probably 'lose it' too.

Anyway, it will come as no surprise that the aspect of immigration and demographics were to play a major part in both projects which I intended to embark upon.

I currently have a swathe of articles and documents which are relevant to immigration and demographics, and quite frankly it has become a bit of a nightmare to try and compile some of them into some meaningful order.

Within articles are various figures;  for estimated illegals, for those who have come on permits, for eastern Europeans, for demographic increases in different regions of the country, for those who arrived in such and such a quarter of the year compared to the same time the year before, and more vague figures which would be hard to quantify in terms of original national origins or actually cross reference to any other report or article.

Perhaps this overwhelming of disconnected figures is on purpose, so that it is quite literally impossible to figure out the scale and pace of what has been taking place.

In addition to that, you have important things hidden from you in the figures, such as the term "net migration" - which means that if 50,000 Somalians arrive to the UK and 49,000 white British leave the ship, immigration is measured as 1,000......something which totally skews and obfuscates the monumental demographic composition change taking place and its effect on the future.

Also, it is important to remember that "European" immigration may not be what the government  and British media portrayed - take for example an article in the Washington Times from 2005 which included data of the estimated 20,000 "Dutch Somalian" (Muslims) who had left  the Netherlands since the year 2000 to come to Britain. The government would have us believe they were in fact Dutch people - ie actual Dutch people - white, European, western. The same kind of phenomena would have happened for other nationalities from the Netherlands (not just Somali's) and also would have happened with non-whites from Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.  

The Labour government has done almost everything it can to skew the data, to hide what has been going on, to lie and cheat and con the public at every turn - including their excuses for continued mass migration and including the inane rhetoric from its ministers when they appeared as spokespeople on political programmes like "Question Time".

These spokespeople were (and still are) claiming "we have always been a nation of immigrants" and that "we have always been a multiracial and multicultural society". It is only thanks to unplugging myself from the Matrix that I came to understand their glib claims as being total utter bollocks - for want of a better word.

As I said earlier, I have been pondering on whether to kickstart some sort of project again - albeit not on the scale or theme as I intended several years ago - and have been delving though a few articles and PDF documents which I have saved over the years to try and extract some information for it.

Not all of it is good material, but these two following pieces I collected have always interested me. Therefore I thought I would do a new blog piece and add them to the site.

Whilst I am sure they are contestable figures to some people (although I actually do not know how!), the sheer scale of what has taken place in this country never ceases to amaze me.

Have you ever heard that we have always been a multiracial and multicultural society, that we have always had significant numbers of black people here for hundreds of years (residing since the Romans, according to the myth), and that what has taken place is nothing really out of the ordinary?

I have often heard these things said. Prior to New Labour being threatened with the British National Party rise (and thus suddenly starting to concede there was a problem with immigration), the afore mentioned remarks would fly out of their mouths all the time. I believe it is still being taught in schools up and down this land.

Here, just for reference though, are two pieces which refute this notion. Two pieces which show the absurdity of the situation we have been through (and are still being subjected to).

This chart clearly shows that in 1951 the estimated size of the non-white population was around the 94,500 figure......yes, just 94,500 throughout the whole of Britain........and shows how just 40 years later they number over 2.5 MILLION.

That is approximately a  whopping 27 times increase in the figures over that very short time span.

That is quite a jump in numbers by anybodies measure, and we can only begin to comprehend what has taken place since 1991 - as in the meantime, especially since 1997, we have had the biggest demographic change in our Island history since the thawing of the Ice Age.

This is something which has been purposefully engineered by various British governments and those ideologues who they are aligned with - Labour being the most prolific and most disastrous party this country has ever seen. 

To try and back up the figures, I will throw in another image. This is from a separate document I rediscovered recently, a document which was formerly restricted and marked "secret" in the government archives.

The short document is filled with critique and anecdotes on the effects of the immigration laws that had been brought into effect some years previous to the report. The other contents of the document are worthy of including in another article, but that will have to wait.

However, here is the piece I wish to associate with the chart above:

It clearly states that the total coloured population of Great Britain in 1958 was approximately 180,000, and that, astonishingly, the year previous to that was some 40,000 less, hence a figure of approximately 140,000 in the year 1957.

Given the first chart, with figures derived for 1951 (some 3 years since the Empire Windrush arrived at our shores on 22nd June 1948) that showed an approximate 94,500, I would suggest that the figure is quite proportional to the estimated measurement of 1957. A measurement which by that point had allowed almost a decade's worth of immigration since the Empire Windrush first docked, plus births from those who had come on the first wave.

I am willing to suggest, therefore, that the population prior to 1948 was absolutely minuscule and also spread out across the country in various ports and such, which were then hubs of world trading, and that many were arguably not even permanent fixtures.

I also know that a certain margin of error lay with the census data around that time too, where children who were born to British parents in the empire (such as India) were often classified as being "Indian" origin upon their return to this country (because of their place of birth on the form) - much to the annoyance of parents at the time, who were hostile to such notions but felt compelled to fill in the forms properly because of fines and legalities of submitting false information.

Regardless of this, and assuming it was roughly 94,000 in 1951 - to put the value into context, in a country of approximately 50 Million people at that time, the entire non white populace all lumped together would have probably fitted into a mill town the size of modern Burnley. If these numbers were spread out across the length and breadth of the nation, and the door had been closed, I think we could have managed to quell the situation.

However, as we know, the numbers have grown dramatically, and have consolidated their numbers through the government advocating they set up "communities" - in the aftermath of it being obvious in the mid to late 1950's that these people were not going to integrate.

Roy Jenkins, from the labour party, was responsible for advocating and promoting this idea  of "multiculturalism" - and was responsible for putting the onus onto the British people to change to suit the immigration, not the other way around like it was previously. If anything was going wrong, it was no longer the fact of immigration or the immigrants being a problem - it became we indigenous British who were the ones responsible - despite never even wanting such immigration in the first place!

In a matter of just 70 years from 1951, we are due to be made ethnic minorities ourselves in at least three of our major cities.

In 2005, 1 in 3 babies born in Britain were non-white British from mothers who were themselves born outside the country - and as such, the 1 in 3 figure does not include second, third, or even fourth  generation non-white births from "settled immigrant communities" - and thus certainly quashes any proportion of 'Eastern Europeans' which may linger in the figures.

Tracking ethnic demographics is not an exact science, but it is hard not to gasp in awe at what has taken place and how things will end up in the future.

Regardless of some "liberals" who still scream in your face that "it will never happen" (often followed with a blasé quip about how it "wouldn't matter anyway") - we are being ethnically cleansed from our own country, colonised, transformed, wiped away and knocked into the history books.

The cross over point is no longer a case of "if", but "when". Estimates are around the year 2030. Those who do not believe this have not studied the data and have not studied demography and factors such as the implications of age structure. The Mark Steyn video (from a previous posting) at one point describes in simple terms how it only takes a few generations to have the majority and minority figures reversed.

Given the margin of error in most government figures, with them usually airing on the side of underestimating (and considering they stopped counting people in and out decades ago, never mind further unaccounted illegals and their descendants over the last few decades), it is not unrealistic to say its at an even more advanced stage of decay than we are currently led to believe.

I am sick of having to qualify my beliefs and having to dig up facts to dispute liberals...... I wish they were just honest, said they did not know and that they do not even really care what happens. At least it would save some time.

I am fed up of dancing around the issue of our ethnocide whilst they try and trot out information from ultra-leftwing thinktanks and such to "prove" it is not taking place - when it is plain obvious to anybody armed with research material and anybody with eyes in their head as they walk around this country.

What they often mean is, it is taking place - but they just don't give a rats ass, and hey, that it will all happen sometime decades from now, so why should I worry it?

It is that aspect they never seem to understand......and thus the cycle repeats.

However, feel free to use those images whenever you come across these nihilists. They may come at you with some refuting garbage, but at least it will make them work for a change rather than just shouting "Racist!" "Fascist!".

British Activism.


  1. "Britain has always been a mutlicultural and multiracial society.."
    Yes, IBN, it's Goebbels lie theory, that's told over and over again, continually being promoted in the main stream media, by multicultural and globalist supporting lefties, who are doing nothing but promoting falsehoods.
    The fact that the figure of 94,500 immigrant, non indigenous lived in the UK, proves even more overwhelmingly how the people of the Uk have been lied to about immigration.
    Immigration really started after the war, when thanks to the Rothschild's orchestrating of yet another war, hundreds of thousands of young British men were killed along with wounded, wiping out the male workforce as well as those younger generations which would cause future demographic problems.

    The usual reply from people who say Britain is a nation of immigrants harp on about the Romans, the Angles, Saxons, Huguenots etc etc, yet fail to see that European Caucasian cultures mixing with one another is completely different to non European cultures mixing with one another. Hence why WW2 happened. It was a conspiracy that would start the ball rolling of mass immigration into the UK, due to deaths and a country needing to rebuild i.e. here comes the classic NWO situation of creating the problem and offering the solution - "how do we get mass immigration into the UK in order to start destroying the culture? Simple, we create a war, that will not only make us hellishly wealthy, but once the war is finished, the amount of dead in the workforce will need to be replenished and this will come from the colonies of the British Empire in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd worlds. This will help us yet further to the goal of a one world government, because we will be mixing cultures, that will eventually destroy the indigenous one and make them an ethnic minority within their own land."

    As you correctly state it was Roy Jenkins who was responsible for the multiculturalisation of the UK although himself merely a puppet for the European Union and New World Order. Remember that it was Heath, the Tory, who started the destruction of Britain by beginning to sell her off to Europe. The arrival of the West Indians was miniscule compared to the immigration of Asians from Africa (Uganda) and of course Pakistan and Bangladesh in the late 70's who went North to work in the mills. However, to be fair, the Asians who came from Uganda were skilled workers compared to the unskilled from Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are also Asians in the UK, such as the Hindus and the Sikhs who bring up their children very much under the British ethos, who are at the top of the exams results in most schools today. There are also Muslims who don't follow the same path as many Muslims in the UK and have a good education and job.
    However you'd have to be dead in the head to not see that the indigenous population is dying and that by the third quarter of the 21st century we will be a minority.

  2. Well, I may be but a decade older than you, but when I was at school the lie that we had always been a multicultural and multiracial society was not peddled (although it may have been by ‘progressive’ teachers in the schools of our larger cities). It was a lie that just wouldn't have washed, particularly in an area of rural England such as where I grew up. My childhood and early adult years were spent in an English environment that demographically more closely resembled the England of Stanley Baldwin than the colonised country we inhabit today. I mourn its passing. It was a fundamentally good place.

    Although multiculturalism and its attendant ills were present beforehand, the advent of the New Labour administration in 1997 saw a massive ramping up of the multiculturalist ideological assault, and one incident in particular - the Stephen Lawrence Enquiry - was used to devastating effect by the Blair government to bludgeon opponents of this ideology. We are still living with its nefarious consequences today.

    You make a very important point in your article relating to our government’s disingenuous abuse of immigration statistics, classifying third-world and Muslim immigrants as ‘Europeans’ simply because they happen to have gained passports in other EU states. The ‘Dutch’ Somalis are a notorious case, and much the worse our country has become because of their admission. They should be in Somalia, not here or in any other European country.

  3. Winston has written that the years ahead are likely to see an intensification in the process of indigenous flight from hostile immigrants, with our people increasingly moving to areas such as the West Country and rural Scotland. The problem is, most of our people (myself included), cannot afford to do so, and we wait with a sense of dread for the day that the first houses in our streets fall to Islamic colonisation. Emigration to our daughter societies is no longer an option, for Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all bedevilled by the same processes and policies that we are facing, although there is much more space in which to hide in these countries.

    If we the indigenous people cannot escape from this hostile demographic tide, what are we to do? Our kind are already attacked by packs of Muslim youths in areas adjacent to their extended colonies. If they corner us and our government still refuses to protect us, civil war is the likely outcome. It’s sad to say it, but I’m beginning to understand Radovan Karadžić. Multiculturalism is an apologist’s term for Balkanisation, and if it is not reversed, we shall be looking forward to the ugly prospect of a Balkan denoument to this attempt to destroy our people.

  4. Ah yes, the Stephen Lawrence enquiry which saw the removal of the Double Jeopardy law, of course meaning that a person could be tried again and again regardless whether he was found innocent before hand by a jury of his peers. We also saw Nulabour try to remove the Jury system itself!

    Durotrigan, already I've seen a much larger English population in my home city in Scotland, which 16 years ago was pretty much non existent. I mean literally, there were NO ENGLISH people here! They are already leaving, but I agree with what you're saying that many people won't be able to.

    The war in former Yugoslavia would have probably already happened in the UK, had our country been more Christian than it is. Yugolsavians along with most Eastern Europeans, if they're not Muslims, they're certainly Christians. I remember speaking with Serbians who had been involved in Yugoslavia and they simply say to me "you didn't know what it was like. They [Muslims] hated us and our culture and respected neither. Milosevic was a hero along with Karadzic and others." This one particular person I'd spoken to was ironically working in a nightclub called Sahara Nights, in Kings Cross which has an Arabian feel to it and predominantly Muslim. They did have quite a lot of Muslim only nights. I bet he loved those!

  5. There is a nation to save and you want to write a book?!

  6. I think a book would be an excellent idea. Truly there are only two ways out of the Destruction of Britain. The first is to educate the people by either writing books, taking back the media and education system from the left and bringing back a critical thinking public. The second is full on civil war, which I don't think would work for the simple reason that the civil contingencies bill would be put into place and European police and armed forces would come marching in to totally obliterate the dissent. However, if the Nationalist movement didn't just get big in the UK but ALL OVER THE EU, then there would certainly be a possibility of victory.

    So to IBN, I'd say go for it, write it and let's start educating a very ignorant public.

  7. Winston, you are correct. I know many English people who moved up here to get away from the enrichment, although some are reluctant to admit it until they have had a drink or three.

  8. lol @ Abu Abdullah.

    I cannot tell if you are joking or if you are not, errrm, here is a reply anyway, just in case!

    Yes, about 7 or 8 years ago I wanted to write a book about what I had discovered - much like any recent "convert" to something, where after a few years of finding a new interest they would wish to tell all their relatives and friends how good it was and what they had discovered, and how important it was - only in this case, it would be how bad it was.

    It certainly wasn't borne from some position of trying to acquire fame or fortune - it was purely intended to be something to try and inform a wider audience in a concise manner.

    The only thing I have ever been able to do quickly is write my thoughts, and I thought that it may help both myself and others if I stitched a concept together into a format which an average Joe Citizen could understand and appreciate.

    I hoped it would help the cause.

    Anyway, it never did happen - The book idea was short lived, never got much past the first chapter, and it certainly isn't on my plans for the immediate future!

    There is a nation to save, you are dead right....but if I go outside my house right now, what do I do? Who do I see? Where do I go? There is nothing - and nothing on offer for me to do.

    I can do no more than offer my services to the local party representatives (which they do not seem all that keen or interested in picking up on), write a blog, donate to and support the party, make a few videos, and do some random leafleting, meetings and stall manning etc.

    In the absence of knowing what else to do, writing is all I have at the moment. But a book is not on the horizon, I would rather try and get something else done that's actually 'real' and of 'real world' benefit.

    When/if the proverbial hits the fan out there, I am ready to pitch in with my pitch fork, don't you worry! lol.


  9. Cheers for the support Winston.....I had put the plans for a book on the scrapheap.

    It is a hard topic to cover too, for the pieces of the jigsaw to fit together and make sure it does not get stale or trapped in a time-warp because society and situations evolve.

    Maybe one day I should have another bash at it after all?

  10. Abu, I think that you are being somewhat harsh on BA. BA has outlined his efforts to spread the message and bolster British nationalism in our country, and he has tried to become more involved in the activity of the BNP locally, but the pity is that they have not taken him up on the offer. This is a great shame, as BA is just the sort of dedicated, moderate and intelligent patriot who should be at the forefront of BNP activity. We all possess different talents, yet our opportunities for realising them are often constrained by circumstances beyond our control. As Winston notes, we can choose between two primary routes in attempting to save our nation: a peaceful one which relies upon changing people’s awareness of what is happening through the persuasive arts of the written word and rational debate, or the violent route of igniting civil conflict.

    I am a peaceful man and thus choose the pen (or, more accurately, the keyboard) over the sword. I’m sure you’re all peaceable chaps too. Other than writing I can do little other to make a difference than boycott Muslim businesses and those which offer halal products, refuse to use Newspeak and speak honestly about issues with people. The latter isn’t as easy as it seems (as I know Winston all-too-well appreciates), for the truth is unpalatable for many, and even old friends can be deeply discomfited and look askance at you for voicing such concerns.

    Things are beginning to stir across Europe, and nationalistically-inclined parties such as the PVV and Vlaams Belang are growing in strength. Winston is right in drawing our attention to the necessity of such movements and parties taking an ascendant path across the continent. All is not yet lost. If the peaceful route fails, Europe could plunge into the worst religious conflict since the Thirty Years War, but we would be far from guaranteed of emerging as the victor.

    If you have the time and inclination BA, I say write your book, but it’s probably best to defer this labour of love until you are confident of being able to write a positive concluding chapter.

  11. Winston and UBN, thank you for confirming that many of my co-ethnics are fleeing to Scotland. I think that it is this desire to escape from ‘enrichment’ that also causes the affluent middle classes to purchase an idyll in rural France, but as we know, France has a massive and growing problem with Islamisation. Enrichment will soon reach them too.

    A couple of years ago I happened to visit Nice and was there during the Bastille Celebrations. The atmosphere was relaxed and festive amongst the native Niçois and the tourists, yet there was also an element present in this city that did not partake of the holiday spirit. On the afternoon of 14 July I was walking along the promenade, when I heard a commotion and espied police walking behind a group of demonstrators. Now, I will not claim to possess a great facility in the French tongue, but I knew that their chants neither bore the distinctive Gallic inflection, nor that of Occitan. I had my suspicions as to the likely identity of the demonstrators, and as I ran up to look, these were confirmed: Arabs. Their chants were punctuated with “Allahu akbar!” and the devices emblazoned upon their banners were all in the Arabic script, so I am in no position to afford you a literal translation. However, I think that we are safe to conclude that a literal translation is unnecessary.

    Through their use of an alien tongue, their Islamo-supremacist chanting and the twisted expressions upon their angry visages on the one day of the year that the French celebrate their national identity, I could discern that they were saying: “We hate you! We hate France and its values! This land will fall to Islam!”

  12. Do it, BA. It doesn't have to be a full book. You could make bitesize sections in pdf format. Cheap, easier to distribute and easier to consume. If it's a tome, you'll have trouble getting people to read it.