Monday, 10 May 2010

Another "must see" video from Mark Steyn.


  1. Dear BritishActivism,

    I am writing to let you know that I've replied to your courteous reply left in the Comment's section of my blog. I decided to put it up as an article on the blog, due to the reasons that firstly, this long reply will need to be broken up into multiple replies and secondly because I feel it also explains my change, which many people have already asked and many will no doubt continue to.
    You can read the reply here.

    I will also, through politeness, reply to this article on Mark Steyn and would ask that should you wish to discuss with me, you can of course continue to reply to articles in my blog or you can contact me on my email, available on the blog in the top right corner.

    Anyway, quickly about Mark Steyn, I do understand and agree with much he says regarding the Islamisation of the West. It's a fact I hold very close that should another culture gain a foothold in another country and be allowed to grow, unhindered and with, worse still, preferential minority rights over the majority and their culture, then you have a serious problem unfolding.

    I am certainly of the understanding, from my study of Islam and its history (as you will know) that Islam will, given the opportunity, continue to Islamise lands on this globe. So in effect, what Mark Steyn is saying is very correct. The Islamic population of the West is certainly growing and fast. I won't even begin to deny that, but my question I put to Mark Steyn is a simple one: "If we know of Islam's history; if we know of our struggle, especially in the Middle Ages against the Ottoman Empire and the Moors; if we know subsequently understand of Islamic birthrate and growth, then why do we allow Islam a foothold in our lands and give it total freedom to grow and preach, on many occasions its radical teachings?"

    Mark Steyn may answer that it's because of Liberalism, but then he will fail to mention anything whatsoever about Zionism/NWO and the very fact that the indigenous peoples have had no say with the allowing of migration to their lands from Islamic ones, even though we know Islam's history of colonisation, enforcing of it beliefs on others and the very fact that our governments are allowing the continuing influx of Wahabism from Saudi Arabia to be promoted in schools, mosques and madrasahs.

    Mark Steyn is certainly warning us of a possible future, regarding Islam, that is if Islam continues to grow as it is and seek dominance as a majority, but then I'm now very much of the belief that the anger and resentment will certainly start long before this happens and hatred for Islam, thus creating public support for strikes on Iran and the Muslim nations, in effect the start of WWIII that would draw in Russia and China, resulting in massive deaths not just of Muslims, but an already dwindling population of the caucasian race in the West. The first and second world wars were constructs of the NWO and they took away from us our ability to reproduce on the scale we were. This was the genocide of the white peoples of the west and no one batted an eyelid or even questioned the real reasons behind these events.

    Mark Steyn, certainly offers a possible future, but as I said, he is not mentioning anything of "why" and "who is behind it" reality of the situation. He is also forgetting the main player/players here and that is of course the NWO and the many factions that make it up.

  2. Hi Winston, as you will see, I have responded to your piece on your site.

    A quick note about what you say about Steyn though, is that I believe that whilst things have seemingly been set into motion for the purposes you allude to, it can often seem to me that once they have been set into motion these things tend to grow their own legs and just do what naturally comes to them - as the instigators knew well.

    In this regard, it is perhaps like a wrecking ball on a crane - some mischievous people have sought to destroy and level the landscape of what we have built for ourselves, and they simply released the lever. The wrecking ball swings, builds up momentum and does all the rest by itself with the original mischief makers long since gone or watching from the sidelines.

    All the public will see, is the crane and the huge wrecking ball swinging ever closer - and point the finger of horror directly at that which they can see, rather than ask themselves who set up the damned crane in the first place.

    Regarding blaming liberalism - is it not the case that the ideologies of the people you now (like me, to some degree) lay blame for this state of affairs are actually to some extent the backbone of what Liberalism in general is founded upon?. Ie, inclusive of Social/Cultural Marxism, rampant egalitarianism, racial nihilism, cultural and racial relativism etc..?

    Whilst Mark Steyn and others will never soil their hands digging deeper into these matters, it remains true to me that what they say about blaming "liberals" - only I agree with yourself that you really have to look at what ideologies define the foundations of that viewpoint itself.

    I am not sure what some of the more "neoconservatives" have in mind for the future - because as an ethno-Nationalist I can only subscribe to their notions "so far" before I fail to agree with their positions.

    I believe in homogeneous societies of similar ethnicities securing their own destinies and continuations in their own historical homelands, so therefore I do not believe in multiracial or multicultural societies (no matter whether it is Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamic, African, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Indonesian, even Russian, etc all thrown together in one land mass) - because that is all part of something which I believe to be a "stepping stone" to the destruction of all diversity and a stepping stone to the border-less, interchangeable, uniform serfdom under a global governance (in addition to the inevitable annihilation of European peoples).

  3. (Part2)

    Some of the people who sound the siren against Islamification seem to ignore the peril which lay at the feet of a much wider situation, which includes the eventual outcome of where things are going for the future should this "melting pot" continue to simmer.

    It is often the case that the focus is put too heavily on "Islamism" and "liberalism" whilst forgetting the rest of the picture - and them still somehow believing that the west can remain being the European West without any actual European people left in it.

    They seem to believe that all other additions who are now here (and still growing, and still coming) will be the new "Westerners" that "uphold" our "civilisation" - if only the Islamification factor was checked.

    But alas, I am not a "civic" Nationalist or 'neo-con'. I am here for my people, for preserving our people, for preserving my fellow European people and preserving the integrity of nation states everywhere as much as possible - especially European and the Occidental world.

    I am here to reject the NWO, to reject the loss of liberties and freedoms (which are bound to be lost in such a chaotic and dangerous society structure they are creating), to reject the rampant capitalism and globalisation and to uphold the underpinnings of a more Libertarian society - something which I believe only homogeneous nations can produce to a satisfactory degree.

    It is therefore the case that I use whatever I can to stake the claim for Nationalism, and I think Mark Steyn is wholly correct in his video - and he even mentions the demographic catastrophe that is coming - something that the others often omit.

    The Islamification of Europe is real, and I will always believe it will happen, irrespective of what historical chess game was set into motion to lead us there.

    So whilst we are both of the opinion that it is not the whole picture, the Islamification issue is still heading for its eventual outcome and still has to be addressed all the same.

    The Muslims, at the behest of their Islamic systems and teachings (as you know) will set their own stall out and think all their Eids have come at once - for they have now managed to achieve something in less than 60 years, what it had previously taken many hundreds of years of defeat to try and achieve.

    No longer is it even a battle, it has reached the absurdity of a "well, why the hell can't we Islamise your country, what is wrong with that?" - and people just shrug.

  4. (part3)

    The original pushers who opened the gates to sowing chaos within and between nation states for their own purposes could even be argued to not be fully in control of the situation any longer, for the situation has taken on its own legs to some degree.

    The fleeing of some of the said people from some European cities is a small testament to this, and so is the demographic evaporation of certain diaspora's through their own trappings of multi-racialism and their falling victim to their own inspired legislations to shape society.

    However, despite Steyn's (and such other people like Melanie Phillips) concerns over the more "Islamist" threats to our civilisation - I think it is important to also tackle the racial aspect and the wider "multiculti" aspect which will see our Nation totally transformed in the upcoming two decades.

    I will tend to use their material for what it is, and continue to try and warn of the general NWO project (as I see it), along with the ethno-Nationalist importance I place on securing a future for my people in our own homeland (and yes, wider Europe too).

    No real commentator in the mainstream (or fringes of the mainstream) ever puts the whole package together and lay out the whole picture concisely. Mark Steyn has good go, but as you say, it is not all in there.

    Perhaps even if anyone even did, it would be too "fantastical" and "far fetched" that ordinary Joe and Jane citizen would not even comprehend it. It takes years to wrestle with, it is not really something that can be absorbed in a 20 minute conversation or a 60 minute video slot.

    I was at a wedding the other day, a posh affair with full suited attire, country club surroundings, waiters, a mini orchestra and "polite" conversation about new cars, holidays, house renovations, who has been sleeping with who, who has fallen out with who, and all the usual stuff that happens at wedding gatherings.

    Nothing could be further from their minds, or comprehension, than the type of things we are talking about here.

    I did mention to a few people that I was a British Nationalist, and that yes, I did support the British National Party in elections because I believe in what they stand for.

    I got a few blank looks with an "oh, right...." polite kind of answer - but what annoyed me most was the stereotype replies I got back.

    One said "ah, there ain't no black in the union jack right?" - along with some other racial slurs on other people.......and another said something about them having "no niggers here at the country club, but there might be some in the kitchens" - but they were trying to make light of it all, they were not being serious, just trying to "fit in" with what they perceived I stood for.

    "What the hell?" I thought to myself. Very annoying, and very condescending.

  5. (part4)

    How do you even START to explain what it is all REALLY about?.

    They had no idea about ANYTHING.

    The whole thing is that vast I really couldn't even begin to tell them. I just politely told them that it was not about anything like that, and that there was a whole manner of things going on in the world (and in this country) which I did not agree with, and that they were mistaken in their assertions.

    I really wish somebody would devise an introductory piece that allows a Nationalist to start from scratch, and envelope the situation into a five minute conversation LOL.

    When you are dealing with people who live in another world to you, who live in a bubble of their own lives and own trivialities - people who seemingly have no idea what the hell is going on or why they should be bloody well outraged - what on Earth do you say?

    When you have nothing at all to work with other than their understanding of what has been in the papers, or the issues like "banning the burkha" or whatever can be like flogging a dead horse.

    Push too hard, and they think you are crazy. Push too little, and they come away none the wiser.

    Firstly, perhaps they need to comprehend the situation we are in - then, they may wish to ask their own questions of how we arrived here. But perhaps the question which would first come from their lips after comprehending it - would be "what do we do about it?".

    In the past, I have had many a conversation where people just shrug and say "well, there's nothing we can do about it all anyway - just we just have to make the most of it and get on with our lives".

    That is true to some extent - but if people do not start to make some sort of a stand against it all and just shrug it off, we stand no chance.

    All I can feel I can do, is generalise the situation, support policies and parties which aim for what I believe in, alert people to some of the realities, and collect together pieces such as Steyn's video to try and make a picture of it.

    I don't know what else to do.

  6. (cont'd 1)

    The way I'm seeing it, is that you know that the NWO creates order out of chaos, being of course the very people that create that chaos. So yes, your analogy of the ball and chain demolition machine is a good example, with them setting the ball in motion to start smashing everything down around it. However, they've let Islam grow on purpose to be the catalyst that starts WW3. The continuing growth of Islam, more so with even more rights given to them while Christians are persecuted will create resentment. Add to that even more public marches by Islam4UK with Choudary at the front will create more and more resentment. Thus, we have a situation where they've already created the public hatred against Islam which simply never really worked with the false flag attack of 7/7. In the near future, something will happen, possibly another far more drastic terrorist attack, possibly involving the Olympics, which will create even more anger against the Muslims and tensions with Iran will continue to get worse, with their Nuclear program and threatening of Israel. Eventually we will see an attack on Iran and then Europe will flair up with Muslims becoming like the Jews in Germany and the start of WW3 will begin, this will result in the ethnic cleansing of Muslims from Europe, but of course the deaths of millions of (predominantly) caucasians, asians and Blacks also. As the numbers were whittled down in WW1 and 2 and before that in the Boer and Crimean wars, pitting Europeans against Europeans, funded of course and created by the Rithschilds, we will see the white populations fall even lower. Because of this, as what happened after WW2, more immigration will be called for by the ruling bodies from the third world to help rebuild the west and hence yet more multiculturalism of the west. What will then happen is that the war will still be raging on and the people will literally be begging for it to stop as it will be massive death with Nukes. The idea of a United Nations, a one world government and banking system will be proposed which will reel in all the warring factions and bring peace to the world. They tried this back in 1815 with the Congress of Vienna but the Russian Tzar had the common sense to see the proposed League of Nations was nothing but a ploy to seek total control of the world and shattered any outcome of the first crack at the New World Order. This was why there was a Russian Revolution, because Rothschild wanted to get his own back on the Tzar for destroying a plan that had been years in the making. They created the French Revolution for the very purpose to create the first League of Nations/NWO.

  7. Dear BA,

    A well thought out reply and I must say in all honesty (as I am always) that I agree possibly with every word written.

    I think Mark Steyn (possibly) knows of the NWO and the Jewish situation, but also knows that to go down that road in his writings will spell the end for him, hence why he is taking the very possible situation of Islamisation through mere demographics.
    You are so correct in that many Muslims, true Muslims who follow the wishes of Muhammad to spread the faith see the opportunity as an "Allahsend" that hundreds of years of Muslim aggression from North Africa to Spain with the Moors and SE from the Middle East with the Ottomans, couldn't take Europe and the West. They now realise simply that all they have to do is procreate, something that they are exceptionally good at doing. You would have to be braindead to not realise that Muslim families, because of their patriarchal structures, have far more offspring than the matriarchal west, thanks to of course much of what we've discussed and of course a biproduct of that, being feminism/equality/immigration, to blame.

    However, as I have said, Steyn could also very well be playing the part of the NWO shill, creating more public fear against Islam in what he says. I really haven't delved deep into Steyn yet, having always been on the side AGAINST Islam as you know, but now I may look and see who his "handlers" are, that is if there are any.

  8. (cont'd 2)

    BA, this is the real reason why my stance has changed for the simple reason that although intelligent people only have to look at the demographic birth rates and the schools in cities to see the up and coming generation demographics ratios, only a minute percent within the minority actually see that the enforced growth of Islam is there for a reason, to cause civli unrest and support for a war in the Middle East - WW3. If Islam continues to grow and radicalise even more and the NWO can't put a lid on it then there is a distinct possibility that they won't be able to contain it from spiraling out of control, but really, I'm having a vision of the film "Children of men" with the armies rounding up Muslims (Asian, African, Indigenous and Eastern European) into concentration camps and sending them off the UK in boats.
    The NWO has already planned for this. They may have unleashed the locusts on the crops, but they certainly have the means (and much more) to contain them.

    And yes, Liberalism is the ideololgy that will take over the 21st century. Already we are seeing the fusing of Cameron's conservatives with the Liberals and it only makes sense to see the Socialists join also. Considering the blatantly obvious fact also that our political system is nothing but a sham, a play, a pantomime where our politicians make no decisions whatsoever as nothing but mere puppets of Brussels, themselves puppets of corporations, zionists, financiers and freemasons, it is even more apparent that the NWO (via Brussels) has put the next plan into motion and that's the killing off of our political system, creating more and more apathy in the UK until no one even bothers voting at all, seeing as all parties have become one, the death of democracy (already dead) and the British parliament.

  9. (cont'd 4)

    So if anything, I know you're an ethno Nationalist and by no means someone who hates other races and cultures, but believes that they live best within their own lands, amongst their own peoples, gaining and giving the same respect to non indigenous at home and abroad. I understand this viewpoint completely and respect it but then there are those who admire/d our culture so much that they wanted to come over and at least live by and embrace ours. This whole immigration problem has been as much a crime enforced upon them as was to us, if not the same, as they had no intention of their new home turning into the hell holes they are today. Small migration with
    strict, minimal integration is the key here and this has not been implemented. It was inevitable that mass immigration would play out as it has today. I am very much of the belief of leading by example and immigrants shouldn't flee to the UK, but instead adopt our way of life in their lands. Immitation is the best form of flattery as they say. I don't need to go into the immigration story and the pros and cons, because I've done that to death on the Newspaper columns and my own blog.

    Regarding the wedding and the video, well...I was in a pub the other evening speaking to two old locals, utterly oblivious to reality and all they went on about, being the Socialists they were (as my city is Socialist paradise) was Thatcher destroyed Scotland, blah, blah, blah. While I wouldn't disagree, they wouldn't have begun to understand the complexity of what I wanted to unleash on them. They were typical, ignorant, old school working class, who wee trapped in the past, trusted the establishments too much and as working class was their duty to vote for Labour.

  10. (cont'd 3)

    It is and has been hard for me to accept the situation that currently is, as you know because of my history. I have two children to black women. I suppose I love them although I do not know them as it seems very apparent that they wanted their coffee coloured children, but no father, seeing as they were in their late 30's/early 40's at the time. However, I am a man of truth and honesty and that has been a huge problem in my life especially living in today's society. I, although pushing 40, was educated by my elders and associated with people far older than me throughout it. I simply cannot ignore reality and from what I see, read and understand about it, it is common sense to see that should another culture, a minority culture grow in another land, eventually they will seek dominance. This has been repeated throughout history and the end result has always been the same - Bloodshed and lots of it.

    Yes, the British people were not asked and it is a crime that's been thrust upon them. It's sad to see places in the UK that used to be so beautiful, with community spirit and friendly neighbours devolve into ghettos and multicultural hellholes with multicultural violence to boot. This is happening all over the UK, more so in England but it's moving north across the border, as Glasgow's growing Asian population is anything to go by and of course the horrific torture and murder of Kris Donald.
    I also see as well that the problem arises when the incoming immigrant chooses to repel the indigenous culture and laws and instead live by his/her own, whether that be African tribal, Asian or American gang. Then again, this was all perceived by the NWO and exactly why they allowed immigration on such a huge scale here.

  11. (cont'd 7)

    Having moved back to my hometown in Scotland from London I am beginning to feel very isolated here. I am unable to meet anyone who is able to challenge me on debate and it is frustrating. There is no one out of the friends I've made, remotely on my level and blissfully ignorant to much. A friend I tried to speak to got visibly emotional when I tried to tell him of the fabrication of the amount of the amount of Jews who died in WW2. He, a Christian, is like the people in the box. He can't comprehend for the simple reason that he hasn't broken free and unable to think outside of his fixed, indoctrinated, closed mind. He is not alone. I think TV does this to you and stops you from critically thinking. This I will also look into.

    It's hard trying to tell people of the situation. It's a catch 22 situation. If you try to tell them they look at you like gormless golums. Yet if you don't tell them they'll be none the wiser. I say what I can. The recent topic I discussed was the Hollie Greig scandal. That opened up a few eyes.

  12. (cont'd 6)

    It's odd but I spoke around 3 months ago to a man who must have been in his late 50's/early 60's who had studied politics and I pretty much dismantled much of what he said, to the point that when I got up to leave he asked my friend if I'd studied or was studying politics. Upon mentioning the future for Scotland, he did say to me, "You're not going to tell me to vote for the BNP are you?" to which I replied; "It is not up to me to tell people whom to vote for, although I would suggest you digest all manifestos and choose the one most appropriate, of course taking into consideration that Conservative and Labour have jointly bankrupted the UK and the Liberal Democrats, well, the less said of them the better."

    People are unable to even comprehend the gravity of what's going on. They are all and I really mean this trapped inside the box and unable to see outside. I particularly liked this quote on the Jahtruth website that said: "The cry of 'anti-Semitic' is a standard one and almost automatic from ill-informed, if often well-intentioned individuals who have little background knowledge of the vast history and consciousness of the perpetrators of the 'world revolution'. The majority of people remain drastically unaware of the conspiracy because a vital aspect of the conspiracy is to hide itself behind many walls of secrecy, as the following information will show. Those that would call 'anti-semitism', or say 'there is no conspiracy', are amongst the greatest victims of the very conspiracy they vehemently deny.

    Someone who has lived in a box without windows for their entire life might genuinely cry out 'there is no sun, it is a myth, a vicious lie and anti-boxism'. There remains, however the unalterable fact that there is a sun and those that point this out to the one in the box, in an attempt to enlighten and free them from self-imposed ignorance, are not automatically 'anti-boxists' or feel any sort of hatred towards boxes or those who live in them at all."

  13. Well, British Activism and Winston, this is an interesting discussion. I do realise of course that there is certainly a Zionist agenda at play with respect to the 'War on Terror' which seeks to engineer a military entanglement of Western states in Islamic countries. However, this does not detract from the very real existential threat that Islam poses, and always has posed, for us.

    Yes, I concur that Zionists have certainly used 9/11, 7/7 etc to generate support for their agenda, but Winston, I must say that I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories re Mossad's hand in these deeds. Those who subscribe to Islamism have motivation enough to commit such atrocities, and I'm all too aware from the practical experience of people I know that Muslim violence against us is widespread and underreported. Still, I do not think that we should fall into the trap of militarily intervening in Muslim states. Such an approach aids Islamists and Zionists alike. We must also not neglect to factor in the eschatological fantasies of the American religious right which see the return of Jews to Israel and their destruction as the precursor to the second coming. They too wish to engineer such a conflict. Although an atheist myself, I am astonished by the inability of many allegedly educated people to see what a powerful role religion plays in shaping the psyches and existential universes of many believers. People with different belief systems do not share a common view of the world. There may be such a thing as universal values, but they are not universally shared. Nor should we seek to impose them.

  14. The ideological components of national enslavement, decline and subservience to a nascent globalist new world order amongst the Caucasian peoples are predicated upon the following: multiculturalism, political correctness, ethnic self-hatred, globalist corporatism, cultural relativism, anti-rationalism and dhimmitude. These are continually drip-fed through officially endorsed popular culture so that our people have to a significant extent become narcotised; most have lost consciousness and the ability to think critically and independently. If you wish to add an ethno-confessional hue to any of the forces promoting this eventuality, that is your right, but I would caution that there are plenty of people not from such a background who actively espouse and promote it. Furthermore, not all of those who happen to be born into the afore-alluded-to ethno-confessional background are agents of this globalist dissolution of national cultures and freedoms.

  15. The solution to the Islamisation problem lies in nationalist policies at home and in other Western nations to control immigration and reverse multiculturalism. If Muslims were not to find the new reality here convivial, they would be very welcome to leave. The greatest threat though, comes from our people’s loss of confidence in themselves and their culture. Yes, much of this arises from the values of the Frankfurt School Marxists (who happened to be from a particular ethno-confessional background) which have filtered out from the universities into wider popular culture through the mass media, and fused with a sense of misplaced post-imperial guilt and a similarly unwarranted guilt for the ‘Western atrocities’ of the twentieth century (particularly the Holocaust). This self-flagellating psychology and culture of ethnic self-hatred and concomitant adoration of the noble savage in the form of the ‘tiers-mondiste’ other, particularly the Muslim, is the post-national ideological substrate upon which our rapid national decline is founded.

    The Holocaust, although of course an act of cruel mass murder, has undoubtedly been put to dubious political uses and used as a cosh to beat Western peoples since the end of World War II. Why is this given such prominence when the Slavic peoples suffered more at the hands of the Nazis? What of the Poles and the Russians? Their losses ran into the tens of millions. And what of the mass murders committed in the name of Communism? The famines engendered by collectivisation in the former Soviet Union, with the seemingly deliberate use of starvation to bring the Ukrainians and Kazakhs to heel in Stalin’s state? What is even stranger is that our children are being taught to feel guilty about these historical events, even though it was our people who fought and defeated both Nazism and Soviet Communism!

  16. 2. Islamism growing overseas is obvious. Continued support for Israel not only for it being an illegal state with its inhabitants, overwhelmingly being Ashkenazi Jews whose ancestry is not of Semitic peoples and no relation whatsoever to Juddah of the House of Israel, but also becuase of the west's support for the illegal expansion into true semitic people's land. Add to that the continued bullying by the West of many Islamic countries. Do you know that teh last aggression of Muslims to the west was under the Ottoman Empire and the Moors in the Middle Ages? Yet look at the expansion of the West into Muslim lands? Look at the many bases of the Americans? Look at the military coups that the West has funded and supported in Muslim lands? And then compare that with Muslim on the West? You will find that Islam has stayed in Islamic lands while we've pretty much stomped all over their lands with zero respect whatsoever. The illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have swelled the numbers of Islamic radicals all over the world. The hatred for the West, not just through Western Imperialism, but also through Muslims' own fears of their cultures being destroyed by predominant American feminist, civil right, matriarchal, culture being promoted on TV's throughout the world. Then take a look at the UN, a Zionist puppet if anything. I'm sure the Muslims know all too well of the threat of the NWO and a one world bank.

    And what happens? Now we know all of the above, we still allow immgration into the west from Muslim lands? We are in Afghanistan fighting against the Taliban, yet are quite happily allowing the promotion of Wahabism and anti British literature in the UK by Islam? Do you not find that odd? Do you not find the promotion of Islam in the West while we attack Christianity odd? Do you not find it odd they promote a Muslim as the Head of Religious programming on the BBC?

    The situation is really simple. All of this is happening for a reason. The attack on Islam outside the UK, while we promote Islam inside and make people think that Islamisation is inevitable is to make people angry so we all support the up and coming war in Iran which will start WW3 and the acceptance of a one world government because Nation States only cause war and we all can't look after ourselves with our separate governments.

    To show this more simply, imagine a street with 10 houses in it. Then along comes a family who lives in one house and wants control of all the others. Before they arrived everything was fine, but then the houses all start fighting with one another. The new family that's moved in says "If you let us look after the street and your affairs we'll stop the fighting." The fighting stops because the family who now controls the street has been creating all the trouble with agent provocateurs. And of course the families in the other nine houses pay the family in the tenth to keep the peace.

    This is just like the protection rackets of the gangsters in the Mafia - "You pay us money and we keep you safe..." ergo "You pay us money and we don't beat you up."

    This is the reality of what's happening. It's so simple when you see how and Judaism, Talmudic worshiping Judaism that is - the "traditions of the Elders" whom Jesus called the Synagogue of Satan has been controlling and instigating this for centuries, led by none other than the Rothschild banking cartel amongst others.
    It's so obvious it's unbelievable. But this is reality and you won't ever see this in the newspapers, because that's controlled and owned by the ethno minority you like to talk about.

  17. Durotrigan,

    I was in the middle of writing a very long reply to you and I then deleted it. I thought f*ck it.
    I can't really tell you anything because regardless it's entirely up to you to make your own assumptions on Judaism/Zionism and Islamisation.

    I used to very much believe as you on the inevitability of Islamisation but that was before I started peeling back the skin of the Jewish onion. I was about to go into it again right this minute and had to stop!

    And I will quickly answer your question on the rise of Islamism because it's an easy question to answer now I know why:

    1. School of Frankfurt (from Protocols of Zion) Immigration used to flood the west and destroy the Indigenous cultures and Nationalism - UK begins to import Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh in the 70's. It continues through the 80/90/2000's. Add to that fast growth of Islam through procreation. Thus the Muslim population grows far faster compared to the low growth in the west thanks to the promotion of second wave feminism, predominantly promoted in the USA by Jewish women in the 60's. Indigenous population get angry with the growth of Islam. Moreso they're angry because the Muslims, as part of the minority get preferential treatment when it comes to benefits and being allowed to live by their cultural way of life, even though it goes against the indigenous way. The original mistreatment of Muslims in the UK by the British, because they were scared their culture would disappear, a perfectly natural fear starting now to happen creates a defense mechanism in Muslims. As young children being bullied they grow older and fight back. They may live in the UK and have been born here, but they're Muslims and Islam and its cultural habits are what they are. Thus Islamism gains even more to its ranks, the more Indigenous Britons fight against it. It's a catch 22 situation, that was destined to occur the minute they allowed Islam onto these shores. And the Zionists knew this from day one, along with the Freemasons and the rest of those organisations with the NWO.


  18. I have to say that I agree with both stances, because the way I see it is that both positions are valid and that both angles are 'in the mix' at the same time.

    Therefore, I do not think you are actually all that different and it is just the case that you are both looking down upon the very same issues; only from different perspectives, and choosing to tackle them in different ways.

    Winston perhaps finds it important point out as to where it all derives from (and who was deriving it), maybe believing that the truth of this information will set the average citizen of this country free.....

    .......Whereas Durotrigan, more like me, tends to put it more into the context of dealing with the ideologies and such which are now prevalent (and working) in society as a direct result of what Winston speaks; and then trying to find ways to counteract it all as best we can by promoting the values and virtues of Nationalism (and through winning people over on those merits).

    Whilst I do not personally pursue the stronger lines along those which Winston takes (and thus I only go so far down that particular road), I do understand the general concepts and mechanics of what it is all about. The knowledge of that was enough for me.

    Like Durotrigan, I also tend to separate the concepts and ideologies from that of "who" predominantly instigated them, because I feel it is now more a battle of ideas within the public sphere (and also that Durotrigan's last paragraph and last sentence obviously rings true).

    We have no option but to work with the situation we have, and the general public that we have.

    On that score, I think British Nationalism is a winning formula, something that is common sense and something that people can get behind to solve the problems we face. It is something real in which I feel I can work with and prove the merits of.

  19. Regarding the matter of Islam in society, I think I fear the slow societal and demographic Islamisation first and foremost at this stage (over that of any 'extremism' or any single 'atrocities' being carried out).

    Being cheek by jowl with Muslims here in my Northern former mill town, I have seen first hand how the town has changed, and how it will roll out across the country like ink on blotting paper.

    I have a video by a local film company which was shot in 1962. It depicts life and society in my town - and although we have not had any "Islamism" as such thrust at us, the change of society and the nature of town has been breathtaking - not only in regards to ethnic composition and Islam, but also the decline of "White" society and our values.

    It really is like watching another world now.

    I am getting lazy in my older age, sick and tired of it all I suppose, and therefore no longer tend to bother going too deeply into swinging either way on this stuff.

    I see the overall picture from both sides - the plan, and the resultant we already have to deal with in this country.

    I do not think we can concentrate on either thing to the the point of ignoring the other. Whilst it is vital we wreck the long term plans being set up against us and vital we understand the tactics being employed, I think we also have to tackle the nightmare that is manifesting itself directly in the here and now in front of our noses.

    Whichever way, something has to be done. I never do find an answer other than what I described much earlier on this comments page.



  20. BA,

    I think there certainly is an age gap between the two of us. I am 39 and I'm presuming you're a good 20 years older than myself. Correct? Therefore I'm looking at you as being a generation, perhaps even two above me. I've noticed a huge difference in the way people who are older than me think. The intelligence is there, without a doubt, thanks to wisdom, but then there's also the stubborness of not wanting to believe the situation different. Of course I am certainly not aiming this at you, although I will say that previous commenters on DoB were "stuck" in their ways and really were unable to realise that much of who they love/loved within the British establishment was very much part of the problem we in the UK face.

    The love that you, Durotrigan and other nationalists have for their land and the wishing back to the good old days, when people were friendly to one another, there was a great deal of respect, loads of liberty, non interfering into people's lives by the media and people in general and good British sportsmanship, non arrogant behaviour and a completely stoic, reticent, non materialistic and selfless society, has sadly gone. No matter how much you wish this to be, simply will not ever happen ever again. This is a reality that you must face.

    The definition of Britishness has now greatly shifted. The classic definition of Britain as above, predominantly made up of whites is nothing but a page in a history book. That won't ever be again, ever. It's really that simple. Because of immigration into the UK over the last 30 years and the total subversion of our society over the last 60, there is nothing and I truly mean nothing can be done to bring back what Britishness is. The new definition of what it is to be British is:

    1. Pro liberal minded.
    2. Pro homosexuality with freedom for gays and lesbians to become bishops, not forgetting parents and have children.
    3. Anti liberty as hate speech and the "you must be nice to everyone all the time" ethos has been imprinted in our society.
    4. Being born in the UK or choosing to live in the UK regardless whether you want to follow tradition and culture will automatically make you British.

  21. (cont'd)

    In all reality, there really is not much that can be done. Hockheimer of the School of Frankfurt stated that "we'll make the west so corrupt that it stinks." It's worked. Within 13 years of Labour government, they've managed to change the British ethos from being indifferent to homosexuality, to pro homosexuality, even supporting gays adopting children over their own grandparents and backing homosexual clergy, even though the Bible frown against it. This is brainwashing of the masses and they think no differently about it. They believe the status quo and what the media, controlled and owned by Zionists, tell us to believe.

    I have always been a bit of an agnostic/atheist in my life but I've started to re-read the bible and Revelation 13:16-17 says: "when the antichrist is revealed he will force all small and great rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their forehead, so that no man might buy or sell except the one who has the mark:

    Or the name of the antichrist or the number of his name.

    This was written ages ago and yet this specifically warns of the RFID chip, already in use. Of course, it's promoted as being able to save your life, locate you in the world when you get lost, have all your medical details on and of course will make you safer because criminals won't attack you for money because you won't be carrying any. Of course it also advertises to parents that their children will be safe from paedophiles because they'll be able to be detected by satellite wherever they are.
    This is about removing all money in the world, or should I say, removing the need to have gold and silver stores that represent the money on the streets. It gives the Zionists even more license to make money and get even richer. It worse still gives the government total control over everyone who wears a chip. If they don't behave then they turn off the chip.
    This is where our youth are going - one people, all mixed together, one culture, one religion and a world of total control by a small powerful elite, unelected and evil. Liberty will ever exist when this time comes about.

    This is reality and the future BA. Nationalism is about to be wiped off the face of this earth and our history rewritten as Winston Smith's job in 1984 for the ministry of truth proves, until no one know any the better of what reality is all about. Total control and we're moving in that direction. Negative? Of course but realistic? Without a doubt!

  22. (cont'd)

    This is abhorrent and sullies British people and their identity, but sadly this is how the majority of the younger generations view it and like it or not, they are the future and will pass their way of thinking to their children who will look at how you and much of Britain used to be and shake their heads in disgust at the way people used to think. They will for example moan on about liberty but will be unable to understand the basic definition, believing that if someone says a nasty thing about another they should be imprisoned and freedom of speech has limits.
    As I've already said in many articles, it only takes one generation to subvert to change that society incredibly.

    What am I getting at here? Well, I'm simply saying that if people do see what Zionism and the New World Order are getting at and wanting to do, then they may unite to destroy them. This however will lead the path ahead to Islamisation as liberal ideology, fused with cultural and moral relativism will see the UK become no different to the middle east as it fell under Muhammad's Jihad, due to our society becoming more anti Christian with Islam growing and growing.
    Then of course there's the other scenario that the people continue to be brainwashed, seeing Islam as the enemy, follow NWO ideology, support strikes against Iran and the Middle East, launch into WW3, no Islamisation but a society of total control, a one world government and banking system.

    So, call me a pessimist, the optimists definition of a realist, but things are not looking good for the west I'm afraid to say. The overwhelming majority of nationalists do not abide in the cities and the cities are where the highest concentration of ethnics and immigrants reside. More importantly the overwhelming majority of Nationalists are of the older generations. The younger generations are more akin to the American culture of globalism and do not see that this is precisely what the NWO promotes, of course saying that there would be peace amongst all races on this earth and you know where that will all lead to as I've spoken and written to you on that.

  23. It is funny that most people I come across seem to have me down as being aged in my late 60s.....and I take that as a compliment in some ways because maybe I somehow embody some of the good virtues and thoughts of a bygone era, or have 'something about me' that is from the past.

    However, despite my obvious yearn for a time (country) gone by, I am currently only in my early 30s - so I guess that it is possible for newer generations to think and feel the way that I do, perhaps even stronger than I do.

    In some ways, perhaps my geographical location away from the mean cities has helped me feel and think about how the country should have remained and how it should be now and in the future once again.

    I think that different parts of the country are at different stages in the "game" - and places which have been quite quiet (although not necessarily "out in the sticks") have managed to retain some character of what Britain used to be like.

    In combination to this geographical patchwork, people live different lives, have different experiences, have different educations, and come to have different beliefs.

    However, at the core, I do think nationalism is something that some people are kind of naturally inclined towards - and it comes from the heart as well as the head. It is some kind of unexplainable pull that you cannot describe but has always been there within you.

    I may have been a "dripping wet liberal" in the past, but to be honest, I think I always was a Nationalist because I was "old school" in my liberal views and many of those values have not altered. It is something that has always chimed with me, but I just never knew what it was before.

    Although it was on a more tougher stance, there was a recent documentary on Channel 4 in which a camera crew followed an ethnocentric Nationalist (who was 18 years old at the time of filming) for a piece about how young people are turning to Nationalism and the "far right".

    The subject in the film was deciding whether he should join the British National Party or the National Front. The issue of the (then due) court case for membership/constitution change was part of his indecision.

    Many Nationalist sites and the BNP told the regulars/representatives to give the documentary makers a wide berth. It was the same message everywhere - "do not ever get involved or trust the media". Good advice.

    I knew it was being made regardless though, one way or the other, and I just hoped it wasn't some "stereotype" who they found that would "mouth off" on camera and set us all back another 20 years.

  24. Before the programme aired, I was highly sceptical about the media covering this issue - and was pretty much dreading it coming on TV.

    Although it did try to paint some absurd slant story about how he must have gained his views because his father left when he was young etc (which is complete bull), the documentary ended up inadvertently giving a quite balanced account of Keirens views.

    I was proud of Keiren and how he handled himself. Although he was into a different "scene" than me, we are both ethno-Nationalists and I could not really fault anything he said in the documentary.

    He was clean cut, polite, honest, forthright.

    I bet some of the stuff was shocking to some of the general populace, and for sure I did not appreciate some of the backdrops that were in shot at times, but overall I couldn't fault it too much.

    Here we had a very young man, 18 years of age, somewhat educated in these general matters of what is taking place, who had somehow fast-tracked to understanding the basic and fundamental concepts of Nationalism.

    Not only that, but because of those views, he had also gained values which made him an upstanding citizen, and was also looking for stable long term relationships and him wishing to be a good father in a stable home in the future.

    You might wonder why I am telling you all this...but the point is that I am in my early 30's and I have these Nationalist values and morals and have had them for a decade or more now - and find my own personal branch of Nationalism to be quite wholesome and upstanding.

    That means, amongst other things in my personal life, not taking drugs, not rolling around blind drunk, not "sleeping around" behind people's backs, and generally being a traditional 'conservative' meets 'old labour' Northerner.

    I think proper Nationalism ideology (of the morally conservative, 'leftwing' socialist, libertarian values variety etc) contains within it some quite good stuff which creates a stable and safe society, and creates the possibility of a reversal of societal attitudes - and is thus possible of eventually creating a much better society.

    It has taken 60 years to destroy most of the fabric of Britain, and I think that it will take another 30 to 40 years to "reverse" and recoup some of what we had previously.

    I still, albeit naively, believe in the good of the people and that when nurtured away from the "chaos" and when unplugged somewhat from the destructive mechanisms, that we could once again have a much better society and much better country.

  25. Without the hope that things could be different (in this way), I think I would slip into deeper despair and depression.

    As my comrade Unrepentant British Nationalist reminded me a short while ago when I was in quite a lull:

    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference".

    I do not believe the "big boys" can be picked off, or that they would dissolve like wicked witches of the spotlight of truth was shone upon them. I do not believe any party, any institution, any individual or any book or court could bring it down on their own.

    I can do little to collapse the NWO puppetmasters, and I can do little from my house to cease demographic Islamification either. When I step outside my front door - what do I do? What can I do?. It drives me mad.

    The only thing I feel I can do, is try and support Nationalism and promote Nationalism whilst keeping in mind that there is a bigger chess game being waged with our futures. The only thing I think I can do is support policies and parties which may possibly help reshape society and reverse some of the damage, and alerting people of what is coming down the track.

    Perhaps the only people who I feel can defeat both Islamisation and the NWO are, ironically enough, ordinary citizens who come to reject it without even knowing what they are rejecting - through a preference for our policies and ideologies, and of course through Nationalists who consciously reject the double barrel shotgun of what's pointing at our heads.

    Nationalism is the bulwark against "Globalism" - and although it may be said to be dead, I retain faith it need not be dead, but just sleeping.

    Some within the younger end are awakening - awakening with even bolder stances than I take. Nationalism is currently rising in at least three or four European countries and (in real terms) it is also rising here - although admittedly it is less prevalent amongst the young than "liberalism" and "globalist melting pots" etc.

    Islam *IS* and remains an enemy to our civilisation - and I make no qualms about that - but I am also aware of the nature why it is here and what alternative purpose it is likely being used for. The way I see it is that just because it is being used against us for other purposes, it does not mean that the threat from it is suddenly made void. I am not talking about "Al Quieda" or "Islamists" - I am talking about general Islamisation and civilisational change (coupled to the nightmare situation of the religion eventually covering the globe and people knowing nothing else).

    The same with racial/ethnic issues too. Regardless of possibly playing into the hands of a game that's much bigger - we cannot sit back and ignore the perils or the unfolding demographic catastrophe - something HAS to be done about it, right now.

    I agree with all you suggest about how things look likely to end up....and it has got me down for many years, I have hardly been the life and soul of the party the last decade - a decade in which I should have been enjoying my youth much more than I have done.

    I know what their plan is....but the question always comes: how are we to defeat it?.

  26. I have explained (rightly or wrongly) my feelings on how it can be achieved and what little part I can do as an individual.

    Unfortunately, I feel that all the theorising and background information in the world (regarding Jews, NWO, Koranic verses, etc)will not alter the direction of the train that embarked maybe a century or more ago.

    The train has to be dismantled, or at least a lever pulled to make it switch tracks. I am open to any ideas how to do that within the time frame left.

    When I used to frequent a rather "hardline" forum, I would argue with National Front supporters who did not believe in party politics. They would moan and whine about the British National Party, and despite being members of a party themselves, they did not believe in democracy or the route of trying to convert people to Nationalism by support for our policies.

    In light of many years there, before I left, I devised for them some alternative route they should be doing instead of bitching and moaning. Politics cannot solve the ills of society - it cannot stop drug abusers and dealers on their street or estate right now, it cannot stop people right now doing bad things to each other, a political party cannot create a politer or more sociable society. People have to do it themselves.

    All politics can do is put the framework and theory there for it to be made possible. It is up to all of us to make something in society, specifically for our own indigenous people. It is something outside of a party remit.

    Community work, helping each other out, creating a society for ourselves as indigenous people that people wish to support.

    Political parties like the BNP cannot topple NGO's or "charities" which destroy our country. Nor can it (without power) get rid of the mechanisms that have been put in place to destroy this country and its people.

    These are all things which have to be done by nationalists and the (willing) wider public. Without them, the bigger thing cannot be completed. The political route at least conveys information, can measure success or failure (to some degree), and it can win people over to concepts and policies. I believe it is worthwhile and can "rally the troops".

    On a different/wider note - Many write off whole sections of society which have fallen victim to the state of modern Britain (such as "Chavs"). They are often problematic people, and a nightmare to live near or be subjected to their trouble.

    Many have attitude problems, little ambition, take drugs, have no work ethic and little education to pull themselves out of their peer pressure ruts.

    Regardless of how hard it may be, I believe (for example) that these individuals and wider society can be turned around long term. I believe that those Nationalists who reject politics should pull their finger out and help foster a better "white" society -something of which we can be proud of and something which people of this country would actually WANT to save.

    Anyway, other than what I have put forward, I do not see how anything can change. I reject the "reality of the future" - and have to have hope it can be another way, and that total disaster is averted.

    If this means only getting 80% of what I wish to see, then that is a pill I will have to swallow. But without aiming for 100%, and putting faith in the things we CAN do rather than the things I feel we CAN'T - I cannot see anything to aim for or any light at the end of the tunnel.

    Your described future is realistic - but it need not be as inevitable as it seems (hopefully!).