Sunday, 18 April 2010

Test Video - Lost Voices Of Britain

The following video was compiled and edited by myself, from a range of sources, to make a single documentary piece regarding the views some indigenous people have about Britain and how it would change, how Britain is today, and how they feel about the future.

The video may not be here for long, for I am new to video hosting and I am still learning the ropes. I reserve the right to remove the material at any time.

Any comments should be posted here, and they will be approved or rejected according to taste.

Some of the contents will have been seen by some people before, but the material has been edited together in such a way to try and create a new documentary piece which aims to tell a story, or rather, a perspective of modern Britain - in general terms of the Multicultural / Multiracial experiment and the immigration heavy nature of what has been engineered to compose of the country today.

Nothing is said about matters such as congestion, crime, Islamification, police state tactics, environmental concerns - these are just general views of society and the country. To include those other things would have made the video far too long, even though I think they are matters which would warrant another documentary piece, should I ever find the time.

The website will only allow 50 concurrent viewers - although looking at the stats for my blog viewership, I cannot see that being a problem at the moment. If I remove the video, I will update the blog accordingly.

Thankyou for watching.

British Activism

Now to be found here:

British Activism: Lost Voices of Britain


  1. Thank you for posting this excellent video!
    The outcome of the recent May 6th election just shows how much people need reminding of the dire consequences of uncontrolled immigration.
    I have reproduced it on my site and linked back to you.
    Many thanks!

  2. I have to second Red Squirrel's comments: brilliant! I'm not sure if I'll manage to watch the whole video tonight, but I will certainly do so tomorrow evening. This deserves to be viewed as widely as possible, so I hope that you don't mind me posting it on my blog?

    If only we could be allowed to speak freely as these people did in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I remember the first time that I read Powell's speech in full, and was as stunned by its prescience and honesty, as I was with the utterly unjust opprobrium that had been heaped upon him for its delivery. It is a tragedy that he never became Prime Minister. Still, we must take inspiration from the past, and seek to undo as much of the damage as we can.