Friday, 9 April 2010

Another sign of the

What never ceases to amaze me, is that little changes are happening gradually throughout the length and breadth of this country, yet it just slides along relentlessly without people really putting two and two together of how things will end up as a whole. Perhaps they do see it, but just do not feel they can do anything about it and still cannot seem to vote for the British National Party.
This very issue is happening at my local KFC outlet, and whilst a protest was apparently held outside about the proposals for "Halal only" status here, the same sorts of changes are happening all over the country - and on this particular issue, it is not just KFC either. Nando's restaurant chain has already established Halal only outlets across the country, so has Subway and virtually all other typical high street "fast food" eateries are ethnic owned and therefore most likely to be Halal sourced.

As the indigenous English man in the video found out, the area he lives in has become so deluged with third worlders and Muslims that he is now not demographically viable for the interests of these conglomerate brands, and is told by the ethnic staff that he is the one who must go elsewhere. Yet, before long, the "elsewhere" will also be the same. This is how the situation shakes down.

The same slow motion effect is happening with churches being turned into mosques, historic buildings being pulled down to make room for refugee settlement centres, tower blocks and estates being transformed from English to a third world ghetto..... piece by piece, month by month, little issue by little issue, the country is engulfed and eaten alive from the inside out and from the outside in.

I have forgotten the quote, but there was something once said about our civilisation not going out with a bang, but with a whimper. Living where I do, a currently 32% Asian Muslim former mill town, I can testify to this. Those people who are on the fringes of "enrichment", those who are still in leafy suburbs that feel English, those people in areas like Newcastle or Cornwall where it is still pretty much unaffected cannot, in my view, fully appreciate how this situation just "rolls out" before your very eyes.

It is like driving into a foggy evening. You set off fine, and gradually, over a space of time, you get used to the wet and the drizzle and before you know it you're thinking about having to put on the windscreen wipers. You travel a few hundred yards later, and you find yourself having to put on the headlights and the wipers, then you think 'bloody hell' and switch on the fog lights because it is getting a bit dodgy even though you can see what is immediately in front of your screen just fine. Around you, the fog is thickening and you start to wonder whether it is safe, whether there is going to be a good ending to the journey, and if it was worth driving in the first place. You want to get out of the car and tackle the fog, to make it clear. Only you know that is absurd, as you will just be flailing around trying to grasp at an overall situation with nothing to get hold of.

Other people will just moan about the foggy night and how bad the weather is getting, and rely on the comfort that the fog will end somewhere and that somewhere else is clear. It is just a 'local' issue, something that 'just happens'......... but the tragedy is that the foggy situation is smothering the country, and everywhere becomes that 'local issue'. 

Can you imagine the populace of 1950 standing for such a situation to occur in the above video? Could you possibly have told a local indigenous community here in Britain that what's going to happen is the area they live in is going to be deluged with foreigners, blacks, Asians, Muslims, that almost everywhere to buy food outside of their own homes is to be Halal, that all the staff are going to be non-white, and that they will be the ones told they have to drive a few miles to find somewhere else 'if they do not like it'.......   Forgive me if I believe there would have been riots or mass civil unrest over such a proposal.

Yet, "small changes" applied over "time" - as some kind of mathematical formula would go - has led to this fog effect taking shape, where we have somehow reached this destination out of nowhere, and are saying - some forty years too late - that we do not like it all that much......

When the local Halal KFC issue has quelled, and when it has inevitably gone to Halal status (as future demographics of the area will command it to be so) will have been forgotten, it will be just another piece of history, and a new mini local issue will have taken its place, such as, perhaps, the library being converted into an Islamic reading room, or the local historic landmark being earmarked for demolition to make way for a car park for a new "Multi-Faith" centre's needs..........and again, we will see some indigenous residents taking umbrage to these developments as a local issue, they will wave a few placards around to show their disapproval before the demographic weight (which would be commanding the venues) render their wishes entirely irrelevant.

On, and on it goes. Every town, every city, all over Britain. Eventually, these towns weave into each other, and they then weave into cities, and cities weave into being the definition of the country.

Trying to do anything about it by means of stepping out of your back door seems futile and useless. In fact, to push the analogy from earlier, it is like trying to plat fog. Yet, at the same time, it must be tried anyway, to make it known that there are people out there unhappy with what is happening.

Overall, some things can only be tackled from a nationwide status. If immigration was ceased and hefty numbers returned, the process would at least slow down. Without tackling the nationwide policies, it seems hard to bring about change in local areas. What does this man (and others like him) in the video do about his situation? Is there anywhere he can go to to change it? Is there anybody he can see? What rights does he think he will have to overturn the development, when he is marginalised?

That is the problem.

Everybody should be voting for Nationalist parties if they wish to change this situation. Voting locally, and voting appropriately in national elections. Whilst the saying is true "look after the small things and the big things will look after themselves" is also important people come to realise that we also have to look after the big things which prevent the smaller things from ever happening in the first place, at the same time.

I do not know who the man in the video is, or who he votes for, but it would not come as a shock to me to find he might be the type of man who says things like "I am not racist, I have not got a problem with races or Muslims, but I think we should be allowed to have the choice in KFC"........and "well, I think they should do as the Romans do when they come to this country"......and "No, I could never vote for the British National Party, some of my best friends are Gay/Black/Muslim/Asian/etc"  - yet people with these kinds of 'live and let live' attitudes often fail to realise that they are perpetuating the crisis for the whole nation (and everybody else in the future) via their terminal short-sightedness. 

I do not know this man's mind, but obviously he was cheesed off enough to purposefully videotape and tackle the issue at the KFC counter. Good for him. Well done. My only pessimism would be that 3 minutes after he had gone, it will be the next customer and he will be forgotten, as the ball just moves along relentlessly - regardless of his wishes or his views.

Collectively, we must assert ourselves and reclaim our country. On a piece by piece basis, our civilisation and our people will die a "death of a thousand cuts". We need to mobilise, wrestle the control of our destinies back, take control of the situations 'as a people'.

It is our country, and we should never forget that. It is up to us, nobody else will do it for us.

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  1. Good article. It's very true and very depressing. I wonder what reason our govt will use to justify the continued mass-immigration now? Will it still be "good for the economy"? I don't think even the most stupid and gullible will fall for that anymore. I feel that people are now getting serious;y annoyed about what is happening.