Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Mental Asylum

British Activism at Activism Towers' Command Chair.

Well, I think I seriously need a holiday. That is the conclusion I have come to. However, the problem comes when I remember I am not Douglas Quaid / Douglas Hauser and realise it cannot happen. Quite a problem it is too. For those who forget who the fictional character is, it was the lead character in Total Recall.

You see, what I really need is "vacation" from my own mind like they offered Douglas Quaid, because no matter where I go, or what I do, I cannot unlearn the difficult realities which I have come to know. Believe me I do try, and have tried many times but it just cannot be shaken from my mind. 

Primarily I feel this is due to scarring of valuable brain tissue, a process brought about by living in the worlds largest open air mental institution.

Yes, that is right, I actually said mental institution - call the police now, in fact, don't bother, as I suspect somebody already has, to try and arrest me for prejudice against mental cases and for the use of non-correct language to describe people of a "deficient cerebral functionality". But therein lay the problem, there seems to be nobody sane left in Britain today to come to my aid if I was ever taken to task by the ever cumbersome authoritarian state and its libtard lackeys.

We band of nationalists are probably the only sane people left in the country, and I think even some of us are going nuts because we have been driven to it. Despite this, we do have a certain grasp on reality of what is taking place, and that is why we see how truly bonkers it all is whilst the rest of the country are primarily just spectators in ignorance, milling about their own lives and perpetuating the insanity as they go.  Either that, or they are very good actors and like to play the part of being totally insane to not stick out from the rest of the herd.

Some form of mass mental illness seems to have taken charge on a nationwide scale. I don't tend to use the link that often, probably because of the horrors of the Soviet Union (who I am led to believe labelled all their dissenters to be clinically suffering mental illness). However, how can you possibly look at the state of Britain today and say the country is sane, in full charge of it's own senses?

I don't think you can. It is a complete mad house and totally out of all control.

Perhaps it is due to psychological loss of identity and place in the world, perhaps it is due to having our societies transformed racially and culturally and made alien to us, perhaps it is due to moral "wrongs" being made into "rights" (in both meanings of the word) and common truths stated as being lies. 

Perhaps it is the fragmentation of our own communities in the malaise (people that have become somehow absolved from it all), perhaps it is the lack of defined role models which are true role models (ie not Pete Doherty or other 'celebs'), perhaps it is lack of defined family and societal structures and everything else the purveyors of communism/cultural Marxism has foisted onto our nation. Perhaps it is some form of loopy juice being pumped through the water supplies and we nationalists have a gene that makes us immune?. Maybe it is all of them, and much more.

Every day I sit and catch up with the news which is relevant to Nationalism. Everyday, there are scores and scores of articles and issues in the papers that exemplify the insanity we now live in. The news is so fast rolling that the nation cannot possibly act or take it in. The pages are turned over, and the same happens the next day, and the day after. 

It is impossible for society to step back, to absorb it all and recall the lunacy coherently enough to act on it, and as such nothing ever gets done about it, the craziness just gets ever more embedded into the country, evoking more craziness to follow! 

Like a sinister merry-go-round ridden by Stephen King's Clowns, the topics come around, and around, and around, and each time they are more freaky and more frightening, more rabid, more intensified, more unable to be controlled. You can almost set your watch to some of them coming around. It feels we can't do anything but watch, be fixated by it, even hypnotised by it in a frightened state.

Roll up! Roll Up! The Lib-Lab-Con-Kip Carnival is in town.

Let us make no mistake, we are currently in the process of losing our marbles, losing our country, losing our freedoms, losing our rights, losing our racial groups ability to even survive. Every year, unless something is done that is drastic, it will be more intensified, more "unbelievable", more horrific, more authoritarian, more utterly, utterly insane and unbearable. 

Time is running out. We are handing the lunatics the keys to permanently lock us into a fate they and their masters have prescribed for us. Scary? "You bet your ass it is".

If I was coherent enough, I would assemble a whole book or video on this madhouse. But alas, living in the madhouse, the seeds of thought are often scattered to the winds.


  1. As Enoch said:

    "Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. We must be mad, literally mad..."

    He certainly wasn't mad! Enoch Powell - a short biography.

    "I cannot unlearn the difficult realities which I have come to know. Believe me I do try, and have tried many times but it just cannot be shaken from my mind."

    Sound like you need a lobotomy! ; ) But seriously, I feel the same. However, what can one do? In practical terms one can get involved with the BNP - donate, write and get active. Or you could turn to drink.

    If you are a believer you can pray. Here's a good one: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” LOL

    Illegitimi non carborundum!

  2. I neglected to say that was a bloody good read! Rather melancholic, though.