Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Understanding Racial British Nationalism (Re-published) - Part One of Two

Okay, let’s talk about race and demographics. They are the first things that generally come to mind (or to conversation) when Nationalism is mentioned in the general public arena. Mention the BNP for example (which is but one manifestation of Nationalist ideology out there) and the topic will often immediately turn to that of race and "racism", hatred, thuggery, with suggested imagery of uneducated and unthinking peoples picking ‘scapegoats’ for downturns in the economy etc. It is the most famous issue despite a wide range of policies, principles and concepts under its banner.

So, just what is behind this low level simmer of race and national identity? Just what are these peoples’ objections to people with distinct different backgrounds coming here? What is this alleged hate fuelled Nazi’ism that supposedly fills its entire existence really about? Hopefully, this text may provide some kind of clue. Nobody need agree entirely to what is put forth, and I certainly don’t expect anybody to suddenly alter their views, but even if a few people come away with a better understanding of what the situation is it will have been worthwhile. It isn’t as though this kind of thing is mentioned in society’s every day interactions.

Many outlets are scared to tackle the topic due to the 'hot potato' nature of it all, yet it is an important issue for many people in the country, especially ethnocentric Nationalists like the author of this piece. It is not something which I believe should be marginalised, or something which must be pre-packaged into a pro-multiculturalists frame (of trying to extol the virtues of multi racialism and multiculturalism) before one can speak critically towards the issues. There is nothing necessarily nasty or "racist" (in a horrible way) about the topics concerned, and as human beings we need to be able to identify some basic truths of what is taking place in the world regarding these issues if we are ever going to acquire an informed opinion about the future that they will derive.

It may not be an exciting topic, but it is a serious one to anybody who cares for society after they themselves are dead - and to anybody else who values the efforts of those who have gone before us and laid down their lives to give us our civilisation which we enjoy today. Demographic trends shape our future worlds’ destiny in many ways, so it should not be something that is brushed aside as being completely immaterial.

Whilst an ethnocentric British Nationalist is chiefly concerned with the indigenous peoples of this land, a genuine Nationalist does extend out his hands and thoughts to his fellow European counterparts and the Occidental ('Western') world which was created by European peoples. It is important to remember therefore that the context of race, culture and demographics (from an ethnocentric British Nationalist perspective) is also placed upon the knowledge of what is happening to European peoples as a demographic around the globe, and not just ones immediate location.

We are told we now live in a "global village", but in our view that global village has a two way street running through it. If others believe we should accept this "globalist" construction and always look outwards rather than gaze inwards, they should therefore give Nationalists the right to do this too and let them look beyond their own particular nation state so that they can put their situation into context with the wider world around them. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. When we do look beyond our immediate borders, we see that our counterparts in various European nation states are all under the same conditions as we see ourselves to be in, so naturally we take on the larger picture of this when facing the future and its implications in our own country.

What comes across so profoundly throughout the undercurrent of many of these European societies is the simmering frustration, depression and anger that people feel about their loss of national identity, the growing social fragmentation that's occurring under the weight of third world colonisation (which none of them never asked for by the way), and the utter abandonment by both the political classes and the media to such a degree that it has led to a situation where the normal levers of power are no longer there to give the ordinary people of Europe a means of halting the processes.

It isn't just devout Nationalists who feel this way, people in general are upset about it and it manifests itself in all sorts of ways - consciously, subconsciously, semi consciously. The feeling that a society is in decline is a strong one, and a demonstrated justified and real one which has many different outcomes as to how people adjust or react to it. The process of “White Flight” is just one typical outcome which has been documented as taking place all over Europe and the Occident, and whilst these individuals might not be fully aware of why they have abandoned their traditional location (or rather the fundamental psychology of what lay beneath it or what has caused it) they will move away all the same. Things will have just ‘gone downhill’ to the point they feel alienated, out of place, unsafe, or subject to decaying societal bonds, litter, crime etc that make the idea of a move away to somewhere nicer (almost always more whiter and homogeneous, as it happens) all the more attractive for their own mental well being, and in the case of younger couples there is natures subconscious desire to raise a family in surroundings which suit them better as a nest.

Like it or not, race is a large factor in all this and its affect on the country. It is not only physical but psychological too. If we no longer feel we wish to bring children up into the world around us, because it is “going to the dogs” it has an effect on indigenous future society demographic trends, and if we look at various studies about community interaction it is found time and time again that the more diverse an area is on racial, religious and cultural backgrounds, the more people do not involve themselves with each other, the more they do not contribute to society, the less trust they have for others, and the less charitable they become. Of course, there are exceptions and isolated incidents where this is not the case, but in general it is the truth of the matter - no matter how much people would wish to pretend it isn’t (or shouldn’t be) that way.

Rather than open up all of these issues and offer sensible and practical measures which could have been implemented over many decades to ensure the multiracial and multicultural experiments were working out (or simply stopped to allow adjustments), things have gone the opposite way and escalated the experiment to the point where any raw and honest discussion of this issue is becoming a crime which carries a weightier sentence than paedophilia, rape or murder in today's justice system. Doesn't this just seem truly bizarre? Isn't it odd to anybody else that the crime of holding a different outlook (and the verbal or written expression of that outlook) can be subject to such severe punishments and societal ostracism? People, who support unorthodox views even though they can be well intentioned, are treated with more scorn, disgust and hatred than convicted violent criminals.

Yet what is happening around us now is so extreme and so damaging for Europeans and European civilisation in the future that it means silence is no longer going to be an option.

If we are to avert what we Nationalists see as a grave situation occurring, we have to start addressing these things without fear and without submitting ourselves to the hysteria led circus act that usually accompanies the discussion. That isn't an easy task. There is so much ignorance (and as such, apathy) out there that I often feel intellectually mugged whenever these topics do manage to be broached in the public arena. Those that do take the time to properly investigate and who still do not care about what happens in the future are entitled to their position - but why should the future of European peoples and European civilisations be solely under the auction hammer of those who openly admit they do not care for it, are indifferent to it, or indeed those who are actively hostile to it?.

Let’s not be mistaken here, we are talking about the slow extinguishing of a continent of indigenous peoples, their racial grouplets, and eventually their languages, traditional cultures, religions, outlooks, systems and values along with them. If that sounds far-fetched and not possible, then you haven't been paying attention to the world. If that sounds lunatic, outlandish, and something which only some scary Ku Klux Klan member would say to justify some sort of hate fuelled supremacy movement, then you're definitely wrong to jump to those conclusions. This is real. This is happening. This is something that should be of at least some importance to a great number of people. Yet, despite this, nothing is really said about it in the mainstream. If you have an open mind and the ability to rationally talk about contentious issues, the more you discover about this, the more it becomes truly bizarre that there is this dual world going on which operates under both a cloak of silence and a sleight of hand to make it seem either invisible, inevitable, untouchable or unstoppable.

Let’s not be under any illusion - Caucasian peoples originating from the European continent only account for approximately 12% of the worlds make up – down from about 35% before the first and second world wars. Yes, that 12% figure includes Europe, Canada, New Zealand, America, Australia, South Africa etc. It is going down in percentage terms very fast indeed, and will in some of our lifetimes be around the 8% mark. In every traditionally white country - be it France, Denmark, Britain, Ireland, or wherever - massive scales of immigration and disproportionate birth rates are making the inhabitants of these countries into minority groups in almost all the major towns and cities in the very near future. Some in this country are a mere 5 years away from this; it is not some theoretical projection long into the distant future. We no longer have our own environment from within which we can remain intact, and under such a massive and rapid onslaught of colonisation (via unprecedented people movement and birth rates) there is no way we can possibly secure a future for our own peoples survival - even in our own respective historic homelands that we have all spent many hundreds of years defending.

If we are in a ‘globalist’ world now, as we are told quite often these days, then surely it is ridiculous to speak of Pakistanis and Bangladeshi's, or Chinese or anybody else as being ethnic minorities? There are more non white people in the Asian subcontinent of Pakistan and India alone than there are white people around the entire planet’s surface. Not only are a combination of the worlds other races and cultures expanding quadruple the rate of Europeans, they are also moving beyond the confined boundaries of their (often failed) countries and moving into ours, thus making the indigenous white minority group minorities in their own lands. The lands from which they came remain as they were ethnically, they remain failures because people flee rather than bring about change, and in addition to the negative impact there this also has a negative impact on the societies which they come to – often by means of gradually bringing about the very same problems that they had fled from.

In less than 10 years time, at least three major cities of England will be majority non white. It is estimated that Leicester and Birmingham already are beyond the "Plural" stage, where no group holds a majority. Before 2025, and going up to 2045, white people are due to be ethnic minorities in every single city in the country, and by the end of the century we are to be an increasingly insignificant remnant of demographic - or fully consigned to the history books as a "once lived" group of people. The tipping point will be around 2050 for our total demise from planet Earth. This is it, there's no second chance and no going back, as it will not be able to be reversed in the future. In other countries like France, the Netherlands, Germany etc it is already accepted by those who study demographics that they could be succumbed to Islamic State status before 2065, and a general ethnic minority status (amongst various third world descendants, Islamic or not) well before that time. This is not a fabrication or a joke; it is reality of what is already in the pipeline as things stand today - even if immigration to Europe was stopped tomorrow.

To put the scale and pace of this change into perspective, in the Britain of 1951 - when immigrants were first starting to arrive in significant numbers -there was an estimated "Visible Minority" population fewer than 94,500 in the United Kingdom. This comprised of approximately 30,000 Indians, 30,000 Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, 12,000 Chinese and 21,000 Africans and Afro Caribbean's. A mere combined total fewer than 94,500 people in a nation of many millions, but at the time this was certainly a shocking change in itself. It is also worthy to note that many English peoples children were classified on their census forms as being Indian or of other commonwealth extraction even if they were conceived and born by ethnically English, Scottish or Welsh parents resident in the British Empire - much to the annoyance of the parents upon their return to this country. This is likely to make the numbers of supposed 'visible minorities' even less, or will at least take into consideration a margin of error for greater numbers which would have arrived ‘off the record’.

This means that during the space of approximately 100 years, we will have gone from a pretty much homogeneous white European country of common history and ancestry - with ethnic minorities just starting to appear in their low thousands - to a majority non white country, wiping out the thousands of years worth of ancestry in this comparatively tiny time frame. Yet nobody seems to find this odd, or worth mentioning at all? Not even a well intentioned "Whoa! Hang on a moment!!"? Of course not, for that would be "racist" and "hate fuelled xenophobia" etc, naturally. Only we don’t think so in the slightest. We do not believe that it is right for this to happen, especially in the way it is being done.

Those minority demographics went from under 94,500 in 1951 to over 2.5 Million in 1991 (which is one hell of a jump by anyone's standards) - and that was well before the wide open door was propped even further ajar by the Labour party since coming to office in 1997.

This push by Labour in the last decade alone has given us the biggest population change on the Island since the thawing of the Ice Age. This is how monumental and significant it is. Yet we aren't supposed to notice? We aren't supposed to comment about it? We aren't supposed to care, object, or be negative about it in any way - and we are instead supposed cheer about it, glorify it and embrace our total replacement for all time in our own country? I’m sorry but I find that to be truly insane.

What's more, as stated earlier, each Nation state of Europe is suffering the same fate, yet this is never reported either. Every nation appears to be purposefully kept in the dark about the alarming situation of their European counterparts. If it wasn’t for the advent of the internet, those of us who are currently ‘in the know’ wouldn’t be in the know. Don’t expect to see this subject on the 6 o’clock news schedule any time soon. Jigsaw pieces are randomly scattered around from time to time, but never in a way which explicitly completes a picture of what is happening to Europe as a whole. People naively believe that things will always remain the same as they have been and currently are, and that there is always "elsewhere" to go to if things got uncomfortable. They are in for a shock when they wake up to reality.

In the meantime (whilst this country witnesses this process of ethnic replacement) we see our cohesion as a nation decline in the short to midterm - as can clearly be seen all around us week by week by regular instalments of knife attacks, gang warfare, Islamic fundamentalism, segregation and moral dilemmas about how to recreate and define “Britishness” from this chaotic situation.

It may be tempting to treat each episode of these things as a one off, something local to somewhere else in the country, or such other “chip wrapping” event that passes for news in this fast paced and ever more chaotic world, but what we are experiencing overall through both the major issues, the minor issues and repeated 'isolated incidents' is the beginning of the end to our country and its transition into something else.

The cost of this is dear in material and monetary terms, but taxation, violence, crime increase, increase in deadly disease, over stretched resources and infrastructure collapse are not the sole reasons upon which we should be objecting. It is something much bigger and much more worthy than that level of debating arena, although of course they are all absolutely worthy and justified reasons in their own right and something we also wish to address.

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