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English Defence Leagues and Civic Nationalism

I placed this on a comments section on another site, so apologies for repeating it. However, perhaps for my own use at a further date, I thought I may as well add it to the blog.

The original article and comments  to which I was responding was essentially one suggesting that the EDL were a good thing and worthy of a degree of support. However, being the grumpy stick-in-the-mud that I am, I couldn't help but pose another side to the argument, for I am not in defence of the EDL.

I admit that I have not poured over their websites recently, but I have debated with a few on forums and in chat rooms, I have read material of theirs and material about them in international and national news (often not mainstream, as I do not trust those, but more independent outlets instead). I have not liked much of what I have seen.

I have also not really enjoyed coverage of them on TV news, you tube, etc regarding their style and their methods. I was also keeping an eye on them when they "shot up out of the ground" out of nowhere into being quite an organised collaboration - something which I personally found highly suspicious at the time, and still do.

Anyway, from what I have gathered about their stances, the EDLs initially stated aims and directives do not even make sense to me. They claim to be only against "Islamic Extremism", and  (essentially) that they are okay with Muslims if they "do as we do" and don't "change" our society in the future - which is a complete nonsensical argument given our demographic predicament.

For them to say (and I have heard them and their supporters say this often) that they do not have a problem with "normal Muslims who are law abiding" etc shows a huge ignorance of what Islam actually is, how societies work and evolve, and what we have already set in store for in the future.

Without wishing to rile or condescend EDL supporters (I do not wish to cause offence, and when it comes to the crunch I'd rather Nationalists have their support than for them to be opposition), the bulk do appear to be a group of people who have been whipped up by the tabloid papers like the The Sun and the Daily Star in between football matches, and take umbrage at the noisy and extremely visible extremist element of Islamics in our society, which is the easy target to vent frustration at.

They then seem to go out with all this "black and white unite" 'civic patriotism' rubbish to "confront" Islamic society itself on the streets, emphasising the 'black and white unite' to be seen as 'anti racist'. Hence inadvertently (or purposefully) making out that the BNP was, or is, racist.

I would like to point out at this point that the British National Party was NEVER a "racist" party in its ideology - despite its "white only" membership. Although some people cannot seem to grasp how that could be possible, it IS possible and WAS possible. Ethno-Nationalism is NOT and never has been "racism" in its most used understanding of the word - and I am getting heartily sick and tired of newer people (in general) inside the BNP membership and support base suggesting it ever was, especially in light of the recent membership constitution change.

EDL, parading its multiracial credentials, are NOT true nationalists. They are more describable perhaps as being "civic patriots" - who do not seem to give a monkeys chuff whether this land is devoid of whites in the future and filled with all manners of the worlds nationalities, their descendants and mixed race amalgamations of these nationalities, as long as at some point in the future they wave a Union Flag sufficiently well, sup a few pints and smoke a few fags like they do after the football on a Saturday afternoon; and as long as they aren't Islamic enough to tape Semtex to themselves, naturally.

This position of the "johnny-come-lately's" regarding the racial element to the future of our country is not acceptable to me.

Anybody who has studied demographics to even a cursory level will understand why I say this mushy concept of civic patriotism is far too late if we wish to remain intact. That's why it also irks me personally at times when I hear this civic patriotism nonsense coming out the mouths of BNP members too just lately, not just the EDL. But that's another matter.

Anyway, the EDL and the Casuals etc seem to take action to the streets to confront Muslims and the UAF clowns - as though that will change anything. It wont. It is the government and the EU that has created and perpetuated this situation in this country - and whilst EDL are stood yelling footie slogans from train station platforms and annoying the great unwashed crusty deviants from the UAF etc, there are hundreds more Islamic an non Islamic people arriving into this country every single week and the next potential "Generation Jihad" already skriking in maternity wards from Aberdeen to Exeter at five times the pace of everybody else.

As such, we have less and less hands on the levers to change this situation, and change it where it matters - "from the top".

Whilst we all like to rail against more mosques being built - surely to goodness all sane people will understand that trying to say "no more mosques in England" (for just one example)  is totally useless in country with expanding Islamic demographics that can command such a proliferation of mosques in the first place.

Already there are thousands of Muslims who use spaces above takeaways and restaurants, end terrace houses, etc without an actual mosque building. If those people were to have mosques, and if others were a tiny bit more adherent, I am sure the number we already have could almost double overnight.

With this in mind, it is not going to get any better, and any "victory" against a mosque being built is temporary and just slowing the inevitable. Try stopping a Mosque being built in somewhere like on the edges of Brierfield near Burnley (where Muslims are the majority) and you will NOT succeed. It is their territory now and it is almost at the stage in various pockets of the country where it has become a case of "who are we to say they can't?". This is because these places are devoid of our people, and the boundaries which the Muslims hold tend to push further and further out in all directions every decade that goes by, faster and faster.

In the middle of this situation are often a whole swathe of 'other' racial and cultural foreigners who don't care that much either way what this country was like before, or where it will end up, or what a travesty it is to be happening.

So, from my perspective, not only are the EDL ignoring what Islam is and what demographics mean in a democracy, they are supportive of our slow ethnocide by embracing a new "multiracial" definition of "English-ness" (something which the state has tried to engineer for decades), they are attacking and blaming the wrong people who are responsible - and to top it off they are also a liability to us achieving any political power.

This is not only due to them peeling off the gullible 'wafer thin' patriotic sense out there who feel there is something wrong with our country (regarding its Islamification) and taking them into a ride into nowhere.They are also a problem in my view because (even if they are not 'state' or 'state managed') they are going to be the test bed of legislations to ban and curtail freedom of expression and political groupings which are deemed to be "extremist".

The government "banned" Islam4UK after Choudary caused them a problem (or was used by them to bring about test cases in the law), and the government ministers and commentators labelled both the EDL and the BNP in the same breath as being "opposite sides to the same coin" as  the Islamic extremists and fundamentalists such as what comprised Islam4Uk.

This assertion is not true.

Not only are the British National Party not the same as the EDL, but the BNP is nothing like Islamic extremism. It is a bloody insult to have Nationalism in our own God damn country presented as being "extreme". This is our country, and we are just defending our race, ethnicity and way of life in it.

We never wanted Muslims here, were never asked, and were never given any means to stop them. It is our right to save ourselves in all aspects against a foe that (via the government) is implanting itself onto us demographically and through obvious violent jihadist tendencies, tendencies which only serve the purpose of making this steady process of Islamification seem even more apparent.

The BNP is a political organisation that aims for the reversal of our situation by diplomacy and steady peaceful change rather than itching for a bloody conflict. The EDL and Islamic extremists do not appear to be moving in that direction at all.

The media and government are trying to lump us all in together, and I am concerned that it leads the way for a whole can of potential legislative worms to be emptied upon Nationalists, free thinkers and the BNP in the future.

The EDL is a proscribed organisation for British National Party members, and I think people should bear that in mind before going to join in with them or singing their praises whilst wearing a "BNP hat".

Although it is interesting to see things "ramp up" in this country in these ways, I think we need to keep it safe and sound for the time being. If the shit hits the fan in the future, I realise things will be different, and collaborations would obviously be needed to fight for our futures.

In that regard, maybe an EDL type organisation could be the spark that sets off a change in this country, and maybe that is what some of the followers seek to achieve. But I cannot help but ask myself questions such as "a change to what?", "under what terms?", "Who will be in command?" and "are we ready for it?", "is it in our long term ethnic best interest?", "what will be a result of such a spark one day?", "What will the state do?", "What will the wider public do?", "What will Europe (Union) do?"

Do EDL even know? I do not think so. I do not know answers to any of these questions, and I do not like unknowns.

In the meantime, I will personally tend to keep an arms length away from such groups. I do not share their ideologies on the face of it, because it is nonsense to me at its core.

Perhaps they do uphold something deeper than I am led to believe from the outside, yet at the moment, I have yet to be convinced about any real positive aspect of the EDL up to present.

The only one I can think of is injecting some stimulus into debate and in the media, thus keeping Islam in the picture and  showing that there are many people uncomfortable about it. But are their style of actions turning off whole sections of the country, even though they may not like what is going on in the country? Are they even for real? There is just something about it all which I simply do not like or trust.

The proliferation of debate along the lines of this civic patriotism is an extra factor which grates on me. To me, the hijacking of the British National Party in such a way (and the general slide towards attitudes in the EDL which are not truly Nationalistic) is of great concern.

I think premature action without longterm thought of consequences is a mistake, and I think a slow civic based death by "pretence" we are still "British" in this way is perhaps a more sinister and crueller fate than that of going out with a battle.


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